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Repco Car Battery Charger 9 Stage 5 Amp $89 @ Repco


Repco Battery Charger 9 Stage 6V/12V - 5 Amp for $89 (30% off)

Has a 5 Year Warranty
9 stage charging
6V/12V - 5amp
Weather Proof
Multi Chemistry Charging
Spark Protection
Auto Diagnostics
Set and Forget Charging

I have had this charger since last year, I use it all the time great product.

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  • Does anyone know if this is any good and have any experience with it?

    Thanks for sharing your experience OP, keen to hear from more ppl.

    • Does the same things as the more expensive CTEK chargers, can't fault it.

      • Cheers

      • It wont be built with the same quality but I dont think that matters…. it has a 5 year warranty :o

    • I bought it hoping it would fix my dead car battery which was only 2 year old. Didn't fix it and I needed to buy a new battery. I don't know if that means the charger is bad or not. I will leave it upto you.

      • Even with the C-Teks they can't charge a battery that is dead flat. Best bet is to jump start it, drive for 30 mins, then put the charger on to do the rest.

        In saying that, car batteries do not like being let go flat, let alone staying in a flat state for some time. This can cause irreparable damage to the battery.

        During ISO, many car batteries are going to have shortened life spans from cars not being driven much and batteries sitting in half-flat states for long periods.

  • Dunno bought one 3 days ago so time will tell

    • Thank you :)

  • Just noticed the 2.5amp version is $79 with the same functions.

    Not really knowledgeable about these things but is the 5amp version an inflated price with a discount price?

    • +1

      For $10 I'd get the 5A version. Will do the job in half the time and have more grunt if the battery is really discharged.

      • Oh yeah, for sure!!

        My question however is.. Does the 5amp rrp of $129 justified for double the amp of the 2.5 version.

        Call it a gut feeling but, $89 looks like what the rrp would normally be.

        Again not sure and keen to see what ppl think if 2.5amp rrp of $79 and a 5.0amp rrp of $129 sounds correct.

        • I don't think it's inflated. A 5A CTEK is worth around $150 normally so $129 for the Repco branded knock off would be about right.

          • @whitelie: Ctek is usually 129ish, and often just under 100.

            I find RRP at REPCO is 30% high on most things. Their sales are often in the ballpark of competitors normal price

            • @Tuba: $149 is the RRP from my reading of most reviews. Yes, plenty of places sell it cheaper and it's very easy to pick up under $100 at the right time… some even try and sell it for more as is the case here

              • @whitelie: Dick Smith has it for 99 now. Plenty have it at 129 as a standard price.

    • +1

      If you don't care about how long it takes to charge the battery I would get the cheaper 2.5amp version. It will just take twice as long to charge

  • I'm thinking of getting a new car battery charger due to lockdown.

    I'm surprised that my battery still starts first time due to all the short trips (under 5km) since Covid.

    I know CTEK is well regarded.. Wondering if I should get this Repco or spend $40 more on a CTEK MXS 5.0 12V 5A Smart AGM/Gel Battery Charger.

    How big is this Repco? Can't really tell from the photo and it doesn't say on the product specs.

    The one I use to have was the size of a large tissue box. Old man threw it out when he couldn't get it working, but he didn't check to reset circuit breaker :(

    • +1

      It's about the size of my Samsung s10+, it's not a huge charger

      • My old old one is the size of a small car battery.. can't get over how small it is.

    • +1

      I would go CTEK or the Chinese branded ones in the previous deal seem to have good ratings

      • Not sure if I should use a non-branded one.. prefer something more reputable.

      • I agree, when on special C-TEK is pretty much this price anyway.

        • +1

          Dick Smith has the CTEK 5.0MXS for $99. Didnt check delivery.

          • @Tuba: Thanks very much.. Will pick one up from Dick Smith/Kogan.. same same.

  • Cant comment for this product but for their oils its rebranded Penrite, same products

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