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[Refurb] Soniq 75" Ultra HD Google Chromecast TV 100hz (T2N75UX17A-AU) $899 Metro Delivered @ Soniq


75" Ultra HD Google Chromecast TV 100hz + Free Metro Delivery (Refurb) $899 @Soniq

Model: T2N75UX17A-AU
SONIQ NX-Series 75" Ultra HD Google Chromecast TV N75UX17A-AU Smart. Use the Smart In-Built Google Chromecast to stream your favourite Movies and Music straight from any compatible electronic device and enjoy! No need for any additional devices, do it all on the stunning NX-Series 75" Ultra HD Display and be blown away with your next viewing experience.

Perfect size for your Lounge or Theatre room
Google Chromecast Built In
Dual Core A53 CPU, Quad Core Mail 450 GPU and MACE Advanced 4K Colour Engine provide an impeccable viewing experience
4K compatible @ 100Hz
Quick Motion allows 100 Hz Refresh Rate
VESA Wall Mountable
3x HDMI, Ethernet, RF compatible

Smart, Google smart
Use the Built-in Google Chromecast feature to seamlessly stream your favourite movies, music and apps directly from any compatible mobile device to this stunning NX-Series 75" Ultra HD Display. Be blown away with your next viewing experience.

Refresh your viewing experience with QuickMotion
QuickMotion Technology allows for motion interpolation so that your TV can display a 100Hz Refresh Rate on par with upper bracket TVs. Witness dynamic motion on your screen with clarity and comfort

Quality to quantify
Experience more than expected with the provided Quad Core Mail 450 GPU and Dual Core A53 CPU. See more with the super wide Ultra HD 3840x2160 pixel LED Backlight Panel powered by a MACE Advanced 4K Colour Engine

Witness 4K!
The SONIQ NX-Series 75" is fully 4K compatible at 100Hz meaning that you are able to get the best viewing experience on the market.

Screen Size 75"
Display Technology 4K Ultra HD
Screen Resolution 3840 x 2160
Refresh Rate 50-60Hz
Features Chromecast Built-in, Cast button
Stream content from your Web devices to your TV
HDMI (Port) 3
Power Consumption (Max) 310W
Remote Controller QT185
Item Width 1679 (mm)
Item Height 1026 (mm)
Item Depth 289 (mm)
Weight (approx.) 30.6 (Kg)

Instructions Manual -

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    Any reviews or word on input lag? Mainly looking for a tv for gaming. Edit: welp nevermind then


    OOS :(


    Guessing stock was a bit lacking… ;)


    are the soniq TVs getting better? I seem to recall it wasnt that great based on the OZB comments sometime ago…


      OOS. Boo.


    Probably only a couple stock..


    I paid my tcl 75 m8 series for extra 200 bucks couple month ago.


      Where did you get it for that price?


    Anyone keen on this just keep an eye on the site each day stock will come back.

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    That title made me think Google had a new Chromecast 100hz. Nope it's a tv with Google Chromecast


    mine died in 3 months


    12 months warranty

  • +2 votes

    Soniq is the absolute worst TVs sold in Oz. Get an EKO Android TV from Big W if you have to go cheap. Install the Kodi app and you're set.


    The headline is misleading.


    "100hz", as far as I'm concerned, it it can't output 100 unique frames per second, it ain't 100hz. IDGAF about technical semantics "But with interloping, the panel can technica.." no, irrelevant, if I can't select 100 natively as an option, it ain't 100hz.

    This is a 50/60hz tv by any practical measurement. That said, I've owned a few Soniq's over the years, the picture is often fine if you're not picky. Couldn't possibly judge the quality, 3/4 have worked for years up until recycling but that's purely anecdotal.

    My hz rant also applies to all manufacturers as virtually all of them essentially double it because they count interloping for some ridiculous reason. Hoping gamers get more vocal about this now that 120hz is available across several consoles & no longer only the concern of the PC gamer.


    Few more in stock