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[PC] Left 4 Dead 2 $2.90 (Normally $14.50) @ Steam


Left 4 Dead 2 is on sale again.

It's an old game, but perfect for the lockdown.

They've also recently updated the game with a new campaign and maps.

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  • +9

    Love this game.

    Boomer !! pooof ! splat !

    • +12


      Careful now, them be trigger words around these parts, haha… oh god, don't even get me started on "poof"

      • +3

        omg so true, cancel the game!!! #CancelCulture #WeAreTheLeftSoWeMustBeRight #Sarcasm

        • +2

          That's why it's called Left4Dead and not Right4Dead.

    • Old but still good! Bring me back to the memory days when playing with school mates over night , such great memories

  • +4

    Great game for a bit of lock down co-op!

    • +1

      great game for sure
      great for getting some rage going too.. heh.

  • +7

    There’s new content? Awesome

  • +1

    great time for the new content too

    • +5

      To be honest, if they jsut updated this game with new maps and campaigns I would be happy to pay for it and keep playing it with the current graphics.

      Don't need any fancy 4k quality.

      Just need fun gameplay with no lag.

      • If? First of all, it has always been kept alive with new maps and mods. There are thousands of them and new ones arrive all the time. This is why it has been a consistent top ten seller for over a decade now.

        That said, The Last Stand Campaign made by the community and Valve came out a couple of days ago. A new official campaign. It is literally why this game has been put on sale again and made free to play over the weekend.

      • +2

        Yeah, personally, if they are willing to make dlc for it, I'll buy it. Any new game doesn't really capture its magic.

  • +1

    this is a pretty good game. thanks OP

    • +1

      People getting back into L4D2 has almost made lockdown enjoyable for me

      • what are the most fun modes to play?

        • +4

          I think "versus" mode is the best, especially if you can pull together a group of 8.

          Campaign mode is good too, especially if you have a group of four. If you put it in expert mode it forces you to cooperate more than you normally would.

          There's a bunch of alternative modes/"Mutations" which can be played with anywhere between 1-8 players depending on the mutation. I think "Room for one" is great - you play the end stage of a campaign, but only the first survivor to the end wins. You work together right until you start shooting people in the back.

          Survival is also fun!

          It's such a great game! When you get sick of one mode, you can try different ones, especially if you have differently sized groups.

  • -1

    10/10 for annoying your neighbours!

  • +1

    Thanks op, my friends have been bugging me to get it, had to wait for it to come back down to this price first though..

  • +1

    The new update is pretty good too.

    “ the update includes over 1,000 changes to the game, including 26 new survival maps, new weapons, new enemy types, new animations, and unused dialogue. There are also several new achievements, many bug fixes and a handful of user interface enhancements to make the game feel fresh again.”

  • Does that money go to Gabe Newell trapped in new Zealand, or is it to low for he's tastes.

    (┛ಸ_ಸ)┛彡┻━┻ ┻━┻ミ\(≧ロ≦\)

  • why I can see one is free and the other one is $2.9. whats the difference?

    • +2

      It's free to play for this weekend. So you can download it for free and can play for the next few days. The one you pay for is to keep forever.

      • +1

        get it. thanks.

  • -3

    Not a fan of this game. Never understood it's popularity.

    • +19

      Works a lot better if you have friends

    • +2

      Depends entirely on who you end up with. In the early days, no one gave a crap about each other, no one would revive each other, and it was unheard of to give another player a healthpack. The people left playing now, by and large, are much better.

      Nowadays, every female player has like three simps hanging around her throwing healthpacks at her and saying "cool kill Christine!"

      • Nowadays, every female player has like three simps hanging around her throwing healthpacks at her and saying "cool kill Christine!"

        barely any girl gamers….all boys - internet never lies! Also, simps are fake…

    • +1

      Don't understand why this got negged. It's an opinion. I didn't enjoy the game.

  • +1

    Is the AU version still censored given the change in ratings a few years back?

  • +1

    Perfect thanks!

    Picked one up to play with my partner.

  • +1

    oh no, great game but there were a few times in lan i probably was close to having a heart attack

  • rn its noob heaven coz of the new map

  • +1

    actually its free on steam, for 2 more days

  • The memories of taking the risk to crown The Witch

    • +2

      Just use shotgun..1 shot kill

    • It's funny how scary it was to me despite how consistent I was at it. I have a tiny freak out each time cause a hunter can get me at any second.

  • Re-downloading it today, hopefully this deal/free weekend will bring players back. I really loved this game.

    • i play on the usa severs anyway. no body plays in aus

      • So not true.

        • now there is after the update. but usually there isnt for versus

          • @striker5950: Nope. I only play campaigns and there's still plenty of players before the update.

            • @CVonC: campaigns is for beginners, versus is where all the fun is at

              • +2

                @striker5950: Expert realism only. And customs too. Each to their own mate.

  • I'm using this opportunity to ask, any discord for aussie l4d community?

  • are you serious Gaben?!

    just give this as F2P

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