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Apple iPad 7th Gen (2019) 10.2" Wi-Fi 32GB $429.99 (Free Delivery) @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


7th Gen iPad 10.2 Inch 32GB for $429.99 at Costco Online

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  • Any clue as to how much the new iPad Air will be at Costco?

    • $899 likely. Maybe they might offer it at the education price of $829 at best.

      Either way, if you're not willing to pay over $800 like me for the Air, then maybe sit out this gen and hope next year they bring the price down a bit. My main complaint with the new Air is that it's so close to the Pro in terms of pricing, but missses out on the one key feature I want which is the 120Hz display. Either way, it's a good tablet, but I might sit it out just to see if we get 120Hz screen next year in the Air or if a new Pro comes out with an A14X which I'm willing to spend over $800 on.

      • Also the backslide of Samsung from the s5e AMOLED screen to the s6 lite garbage LCD screen at still premium price is a farce.

        • S6 lite is cheaper and offers stylus. The S5e is better if you don’t need or want stylus.

          • @Ronnnie: S5e is out of stock everywhere. Or I would have purchased. Ended up overspending $900 on a S6 tab as I missed the OW pricebeat before they went OOS.

  • Price Match iPad 8th gen at OW with Studio Proper to get it for $456.

    I'm sure $26 for double the performance is worth it.

  • Don’t get this one. It’s not just last year’s model, it’s actually running the now outdated A10 chip making it 2 generations behind the 2020 iPad (which runs a chip which isn’t the latest and greatest itself either - the new iPad Air runs the A14 chip).

    • Still a good chip the A10. Most people who get this iPad just need a tablet either for school or just as a consumption devices. So they look for the cheapest.

      iOS 14 runs great so far in my iPhone 7 so would be no dramas on this iPad.

      However if you can’t spare $26 then this is a good deal. But if you can spare the $26 then the OW price match is a better deal.

      • If you currently own a 2018 or 2019 iPad, sure, these are still wonderful devices. Paying 7% more to go up 2 generations in processing power really is a no-brainer and should mean you get an extra 2 years out of them. So I still think you should not go for this particular model.

        • Yep, I am currently using this model, it works fine. But completely agree for the small price premium buying the newest model you get “future proof” 2 years of use. Seems like a no brainer to me too.

          • @cloudy: Whilst the two years isn’t guaranteed i also would reach the same conclusion since it just brings that much more potential useful life or at the very least residual value upon selling.

    • I don’t think it really matters. I am using a 5th gen iPad (A9 chip) and it runs perfectly, not slow at all. Latest and greatest is really unnecessary for most people - technology has reached a point where even a few year old tech is still great.

      • ipad 4th gen - 1gb ram only
        ipad 5th,6th gen - 2gb ram
        ipad 7th gen - 3gb ram
        ipad 8th gen - 3gb ram

        If you have 7th gen or newer you can make much better use of the newish iPadOS multitasking features.
        Doubly so if you have a pro model as even the first generation iPad Pro had 4GB RAM.

    • I agree, people saying the A10 chip is good are ignoring the negative effects on performance from future updates. The A8X chip is still good in my old Air 2 but iPad OS 14 has had a noticeable negative impact on performance. I’m glad Apple won’t update it anymore but in a new device I wouldn’t want anything that was older than the A12 for long term use. Especially considering the small difference in cost. Two years newer tech is huge.

    • Having owned both 7th and 8th gen ipads, for me the performance difference was fairly obvious between A10 and A12. I noticed quite a few apps and multitasking was choppy on the A10 whereas they're smooth as silk on the A12. I really think the processor let the 7th gen ipad down and would highly recommend spending a bit extra to get the 8th gen instead.

  • The 32GB is far more of an issue.

    • It depends on use but yeah 32 gb can be quite limiting.

      • I don't have an iOS device but was helping someone clean up some storage on her 16GB iPhone to update it to iOS 14, iOS 13 was using 6GB of storage so you are actually left with around 26GB usable storage right from the start. Once you add in the storage size for pages/keynote/sheets it will probably leave you about 20GB for other apps/media.

  • Just got 8th ipad, much faster than my 6th one, paid $259 after trade-in, couldn't be more happy

  • If only it was minimum 64gb

  • Hi , looking for a tablet for pregnant wife,iphone user & I , google pixel user ,80/20 use in her favour ,for on the go and general tablet/very light office work/entertainment
    use .
    Something that's gonna last 3 or 4 years and probably hand down to kids to keep them quiet , I seen the galaxy lite has expandable storage where ipad doesn't , stuck between galaxy 6 lite ipad 7 or 8th gen ,budget $400-800 , bit concerned with tablets with only 32 storage tbh ,any preferences

    • Ps No pencil needed , just a keyboard would suffice we think

      • I'd recommend iPad 8th gen + brydge keyboard/case. I use this combo for entertainment/light productivity use and it works flawlessly. A12 chip is a beast and should last quite a few years before any noticeable slowdown.

  • Main usage is consumption (not creation) of news and forums like reddit and ozbargain. Would you buy iPad Air/Mini (2019) 64gb for $715/$579 at OW or iPad (2020) 128gb for $646 at OW?

    • They’re all A12 iPads - the screen is a tad bigger and the front camera is better on the Air vs the 2020 iPad. To me, $715 for a 64GB model is a bit too expensive - perhaps wait for a better deal if you can live with 64GB? If you insist on 128GB, I would go for the 2020 iPad. The iPad Mini is a beautiful device as well: if you tend to mainly read on it, go for the mini. Netflix etc is just nicer on a bigger screen.

  • I'm pretty upset with myself for not pulling the trigger on this iPad Air 2019 deal from a few months back OzBargain
    Whats the best way to keep an eye out for these types of deals in the future? (other than watching OzBargain deals thread)