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10% off Level Lemonade Online Store


in time for summer we are launching our new Raspberry Flavour.

together with our launch we are giving 10% off of the follow products Level Lemonade Raspberry 24Pack, Create your own Tasting Box 24Pack and Lemonade a day - 30 bottles.

our Lemonade is high in Magnesium, high Vitamin C and low sugar and chilled it is perfect for a hot summer day.

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Level Lemonade
Level Lemonade


  • Highly rate the lemonade. As diabetic there is minimal sugar and maximum taste.

  • The normal price on Amazon is $19…

    I've gotten it as cheap as $13

    • Yeah; same here; have got it a lot cheaper. It's usually around $19 for 6 packs sold by Amazon AU.

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        Hi guys, yes thats correct. Amazon had a midseason sale and they offered Level Lemonade for a good price. however with the 10% off the price is $60.30 for a 24pack (thats $15.07 per 6pack) including delivery to major cities.

  • OP, given Amazon are shipping out the 6 packs for $18.95, there isn't really much of a saving on offer in this deal.

    @ $24.00 less 10%; you are still a few $ off the normal price Amazon sell them for. Hoping you have room for a better deal.

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      Hey, the deal is only Valid for 24pack or 30packs. they are offered in the online store for $67. taking off 10% gives you a total of $60.3 for a 24pack. at the end will be still a cheaper than amazon.