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Huon Salmon Iso-in-Style Pack - $67.04 (Was $94.49) + $10.00 Delivery @ Huon Salmon


Good to see that NHK42 was true to getting this lowered. Thanks!
Don't forget the SALMONSEP code for 10% off

Huon Iso-in-Style pack includes:

  • 1kg Fresh Huon Salmon Fillet (Premium Grade)
  • Reserve Banquet Slice Cold Smoked Salmon 250g
  • Reserve Smoked Salmon Pâté 150g
  • Reserve Wood Roasted Salmon Honey Cured 250g

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  • **drooling noises***

  • Only clicking to see what da fudge this is

  • Isnt this a Dupe? You have literally linked the still-active post with this deal. Am i missing something?

  • Good deal OP. I eat a lot of salmon…
    Huon salmon "sashimi" grade (i.e. previously frozen to kill off parasites): $40-50/kg at local fishmonger
    Huon smoked salmon (not the "reserve" stuff that probably is better): $8.50 per 100g at Coles. The cured one with Gin and Kaffir lime is $9.00. On occasion they are $1-2 off at Coles (maximum I've seen in the last few years anyway)
    Smoked salmon is therefore worth at least $40 (more because of the "reserve" grade)
    The pate I would probably value at $6-7. So this is one great deal for $77 delivered.

    BTW please add this to description:
    1kg Fresh Huon Salmon Fillet (Premium Grade)
    Reserve Banquet Slice Cold Smoked Salmon 250g
    Reserve Smoked Salmon Pâté 150g
    Reserve Wood Roasted Salmon Honey Cured 250g

  • Yep…updated and I missed it…..remove as dupe if you like

  • will try this… love salmon…

  • Is the fillet ok for sashimi? Given that it's not frozen?

    • https://shop.huonaqua.com.au/products/fresh-huon-salmon-fill...

      This fillet is Sashimi Grade but must be consumed as sashimi within 5 days from the date the fillet is packed, and must be consumed on the day the pack is opened. Fresh fillets older than 5 days’ post pack date must be fully cooked before they are consumed and provided that the product is still within the stated shelf life it must be consumed within 3 days once the pack is opened.

      • I wouldn’t even bothered eating them as sashimi on the 5th day, it gets a little fishy by then but your taste buds may vary of course. No problem pan seared them of course and they’re nice as.

        • So if I couldn't eat it all as sashimi in the first few days then freezing it and eating it as sashimi later is not recommended?

          • @derp1234: you could but the texture won't be as good, after several cycle of freeze - thaw the structure is damage and won't taste as nice when raw.

    • Highly recommend turning the fillet into gravlax.

    • Yep….perfect for sashimi…..first two days are usually sashimi and/or sushi and then the remainder is cooked Oregon style or whatever takes your fancy. Also tends not to have as much "brown" nerve tissue along the lateral line as a lot of salmon tend to.

  • Anyone have a line on sashimi grade tuna?

  • Bought a kit, stacked with my birthday code makes this $69.49 a bit of a bargain. Now @NHK42 can you please pull some strings and have it delivered by this long weekend…lol.

    • The reserve banquet is awesome so hopefully @NHK42 can help you out so you can enjoy it with poached eggs, avo and hollandaise for bfast…… :-)

      • I know right, this arvo I was craving for them and paid $32 for a 250g pack from David Jones. Perhaps I should organise a monthly drop from Huon.

        Hey @NHK42 can you please talk to your bosses to reduce the delivery fee for regulars/monthly drops?

        • Huon also sell the banquet in 1kg packs….you have no idea how hard it is to stop me from buying that because I'd scoff it all….guaranteed!

  • We normally grab Huon, as being burnt a few times at local fish store and buying from deli section. decent looking salmon being not that fresh and falling apart like they are 2nds after just handling it a little.

    • Sounds like it's been frozen or has water damage….flesh starts to undergo a process similar to autolysis, which makes the texture very unpleasant. I've never experienced it from the salmon we've purchased from Huon.

  • Anyone have a good oven bake recipe for fish? I used to wrap whiting fillets in foil with a bit of soy sauce and sesame oil, sprinkle some chopped spring onions, garlic and chili flakes. Comes out similar to the steamed fish you get at Asian restaurants. Bake at 200 C for 25ish minutes.

    Looking to try other unique home recipes with salmon or whiting.

    • I make a simple breadcrumb Parmesan crust and bake in the oven, like this
      Always a hit with the family, and doesn't take too long to prepare.

    • I like to do it the "Oregon style" which usually uses Chinook or King salmon. Lightly grease sheet of aluminium foil, place salmon skin side down and sprinkle flesh with lemon zest, salt, pepper, parmesan cheese and mixed herbs (not too much). Pre heat BBQ hot plate, wrap the salmon up in the aluminium parcel and place skin side down on the hotplate and cook for 10 minutes. The fat between the skin and flesh melts and cooks upwards through the flesh. Open the parcel up and cook for further 3-5 minutes until cooked to your liking…..personally I prefer medium rare! Remove from heat, slide a spayula between the skin and the flesh, leaving the skin on the foil. Enjoy with a green salad and wedges…..bloody magnificent! Wrap up the foil, chuck in the bin….easy peasy clean up.

  • Reserve Banquet Slice Cold Smoked Salmon is divine, and well worth getting on its own btw

  • Thankyou! Ordered 😊

  • Ordered, thanks Op! Also the Mrs loves caviar so popped one each of the salmon ones to try into the order for her. Hoping for massive brownie points…

  • received today, and baked the fillet with a miso/honey/paprika paste

    Gotta say, that the Salmon is so much better than the supermarket/prepacked stuff, and better than the stuff from the fish market here in Sydney. Although not cheap at about $38/kg (vs fish markets at ~$27/kg) it's well worth it and will be reordering some more soon !

    • Exactly….and I bet your fillet wasn't 1kg…..I like the combo of miso, honey and paprika….nice!

  • Received this morning. Our fillet was 1.13kg and was the freshest salmon I’ve ever eaten! Baked ours in miso, honey, soy and lemon; to die for! Off to order another pack for Nov and Dec! 😀