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Bonus $200 JB Hi-Fi Voucher + $10 Monthly Credit and Install Fee Waiver with Telstra $90/$110 Month-Month nbn Plans @ JB Hi-Fi


Was just in store signing up to the $69 Telstra Plan with $500 gift card deal when I happened to ask if they had any NBN deals on the go.

Scored an extra $200 Gift Card for switching over my NBN connection to the Telstra month-month plan and got the same deal currently on Telstra’s site ($0 install, $10 off for 12mths).

The deal is on both the $90 and $110 Telstra NBN bundles (bringing the monthly cost down to $80 and $100 respectively).
Deal is also available directly through Telstra (with Telstra Plus Points… not sure if the JB plan will come with these or not but I'd prefer the $200 GC anyway): https://www.telstra.com.au/internet/nbn

$90 plan (down to $80) is NBN 50 Standard Plus
$110 plan (down to $100) is NBN 100 Premium

Not sure the exact end date but it looked like 29/09 when he pulled up their internal offers page.

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  • NBN speed?

  • I guess it's not too bad. $63.33 month. But it's not convincing either.

  • 2 years contract?

  • $10/month off promo also available on the Tesltra website:

    … also 40,000 Telstra Plus points on the 100M plan.
    No contract if you have a Telstra NBN modem, otherwise can cancel anytime & just pay back the hardware I beleive.

    • 40000 points would be nice but I have FTTC and they don't offer 100mb/s plans on that anymore. I understand them removing the option from FTTN connections, the technology is crap and I don't know anyone who actually gets the speeds they pay for on FTTN lol. But removing it from FTTC is strange as it's generally more than capable - been with Aussie BB ever since we got NBN here about a year ago, and my speed has never been below 90.

      Shame too because this offer makes Telstra a better deal given ABB is about to start charging me $110 per month instead of $100 to keep my 100/40 connection. I'd be happy to jump ship to Telstra if they actually let me pay for the speeds I already know my connection is capable of lol.

      • They should allow it on FTTN also as long as the people are happy with it. I have a FTTN and a FTTC connection (my house and my parents), both with ABB, FTTN gets about 88Mbps and FTTC gets about 104Mbps. I am happy with those speeds considering i am not on FTTP.

        • do you have more than phone phone socket for the FTTN premises?

          • @Turd: I have 2 phone sockets, but possibly the guy may have terminated the one i wasnt using for the modem as he looked at it first. I am also very close to the node according to the installer. Apparently 50m or so away. But who knows how long the length of the cable is but still 88Mbps i can handle, if it was 65 or lower then i would move to 50Mbps connection. People also say with FTTN its good to get in a professional who will go through every connection and the box outside and make sure its all terminated / connected properly etc and that can increase your speeds too. I havent done this yet as i am not sure if the guy terminated the other socket as it is.

            Can this also help for FTTC?

            • @lonewolf: Yes for VDSL2 technologies ie. FTTN, FTTB, and FTTC all must have one phone copper line connected from this leadin pair.

              Even if you have copper internally connected to the main copper and even of the socket is cut off it is still connected.

              This can cause instability and signal loss.

              What are you DSL statistics given on your modem?

        • Yeah in that case you should be able to subscribe to a 100/40 plan if you want to, 88mbps is a decent speed, especially on FTTN. Must be close to the node, lucky for you.

      • Rumor has it from tomorrow Telstra will allow 100/20 for FTTC.

    • For new customers. Wonder how long you'd have to churn away for to be a new customer?

  • So can we BYO modem and just pay$80/month, or do we need to get the telstra smart modem

    • Didn’t ask about the modem tbh… don’t need it. But wouldn’t be surprised if one showed up in the mail. They said it was exactly the same as whatever was on the Telstra page…

    • All Telstra NBN plans require you to buy the modem. They dont do BYO

  • Contract length in title/description?

  • Signed up to this a couple of months ago with the same gift card deal going, the terms are really confusing as it's a 24 month contract, however confirmed that relates to the modem repayments. No early cancellation fee per se but will need to payout the modem ($9 x remaining months on plan).

    Looking at the Telstra website they do offer a 30 day guarantee that says it waives hardware replacement costs - worded badly but on another page it says just return the modem so best to chat with someone to be 100% sure(https://www.telstra.com.au/support/category/broadband/nbn/nb...)

    JB will call for you to pick up the gift card once it's all activated so you won't walk out with a gift card same day.

    • Thanks. You’ve saved me a trip to the shops. Been jumping around different ISPs, so paying off the modem after 1 month of service isn’t worthwhile for me.

  • Just signed up to this today, confirmed WiFi modem is free.

  • Can you get giftcard if you are current cable customer Migrating to NBN?

  • Why does the Telstra NBN checker say that plans (other than mobile BB) might not be available in my area when I'm on HFC with Aussie right now and was on Telstra cable before that?

      • That's nice. But, as I said, signing up to a 24-month contract and paying for that modem isn't worth it. For the amount of time NBN can go down (never, in my experience, but I understand mileage may vary) you can just hotspot from your phone for those brief times.

        • Or you can get a router with a USB like one of the Asus ones and stick a Huawei 4G card in with an Aldi sim. The Aldi sim only needs to be topped up once per year.

          • @machej: If you choose to go with this option you will need to pay $95 per year. There is also the upfront cost of the huawei modem. Using a hotspot from your phone is probably much more cost effective.

  • New customer only?
    I’m with Telstra but haven’t jumped over to nbn yet. This is enough for me too

  • Was in store trying to get the $69 mobile plan and so I enquired about this too. Unfortunately they didn't let me personally sign up as its not in my name, even though Im a full authority on the telstra account which is meant to allow for new sign ups. But he did confirm that it was $110 - $10 monthly credit for 100/20 and a $200 gift card. Kinda happy it didn't work as it was very spur of the moment and I might have regretted moving from Aussie BB

  • Can existing customers get this too?

  • How do I get this in VIC when all the stores are closed? I've searched their site and can't find any mention of it, I hope I don't have to call up!

  • “ For new customers who stay connected for 24 mths,  subject to month to month plan price changes.”

    So technically, within the 24 months you are paying for the modem, Telstra could increase the monthly plan price you are paying because it is a not a contract.

    • That is the same for any month-month plan. Aussie Broadband is a prime example of this… they emailed me recently to say that my plan was going from 100/40 down to 100/20 or I could pay an extra $10/mth to stay on the same speed.

      • Kogan didn't even warn me, one day my plan was 100/40, the next it was 100/20. Tried complaining to them and got nowhere so I switched to superloop.

      • The difference is you don't necessarily have to pay off a modem if you want to leave Aussie BB.

  • I'm guessing the new discounted nbn plans could be released anytime soon now :-)

  • Last I checked, Aussie Broadband was about $85-90 a month and far superior to Telstra. Both in terms of customer service and international routing (important for latency in games).

    • I'm on $59 pm FTTB with TPG with quoted avg speed of 90 mbps. One of the better deal out there…

      I never had any issues with TPG but I know some had bad experience with their customer service. And I'm aware FTTB is not available to all.

      I did a speed test, and it was 106.4 mbps

    • I'm with Aussie Broadband and they emailed me on Saturday saying they're increasing my plan (100/20) to $99per/month as of November. So the temptation to switch over to Telstra to grab a $200 gift card is tempting

    • If only I could afford Aussie BB. I was paying $69 for 25mbps HTC. Changed over to tangerine and that was $59 for 50mbs.

      Maybe it’s because of their IPO on the ASX, hence they need to raise the prices of their plans to keep their new shareholders happy.

    • international routing and gaming is not a thing that mixes….

      also, theres no way aussiebroadband are better than telstra international routing wise. telstra owns that shit.

  • Telstra's 250 and 1000mbps plans release tomorrow, something to keep in mind.

  • 24 months contract, yuck. I’ll still to my mate $79 thanks