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Philips Series 3000 7-in-1 Multi Grooming Kit $27.83 + Shipping (Free over $49 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Try out a new look any day of the week with this durable all-in-one trimmer
Self-sharpening, skin-friendly blades for a perfect trim
Trim and style your face and hair with 7 tools. The kit includes 2 stubble combs, 1 hair comb, and 2 beard combs. An ear & nose trimmer attachment and storage pouch are also included
Run time: Up to 60 minutes of cordless use per charge
Simply detach and rinse the blades and combs under the tap

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  • +1

    Sack safe?

    • Depends if he loves you or not

    • +25

      Username checks out

    • If you use the guides it’s not a problem.

      The blades can jam up a bit if you have thick bush

    • For the joy that is a shorn sack, I feel the risk is worth the reward.

      Besides, these balls aren't going to shave themselves.

    • +3

      If that's what you're after, consider: https://au.balls.co/products/balls-electric-trimmer

      • Is it really reliable though

        • I am… Reliably informed… by people i know… That it is exceptional. Charges via USB, trims close, doesn't cut. Apparently

          • @mingofmongo: closer than a gillette ? interesting….

            • @slowmo: Not as close as a Mach 3… But pretty good for a trimmer. (Apparently)

            • @slowmo: How is a comment regarding unrelated product warrants neg on this deal?

              • @Pricebeat: neg? i didnt neg this deal?

                • @slowmo: You did and it was removed by mods

                  • @Pricebeat: i see, i have no idea, might be a fat finger problem. doesn't make sense to neg this deal anyway. I report deals more than neg them. feel free to stalk my profile. I don't see the point of negs and I recall being one of the vocal ones who pushed for the 5 negs a day limit a long time ago.

      • +2

        Lol, "beautiful shining balls"

        Finally my carpet will match the curtains.

    • Serious question, are there sack safe ones? If mine ever goes near my sack I'm bleeding.

  • +1

    Can use while charging?

  • +1

    Excellent price, anyone know if this differs from the 5000 other than the included plastic attachments?

    • +1

      Battery life, water resistance, build differs.

  • Is this coming from the UK? Won't this take ages to get here?

    • 14 - 16 Oct on Prime International orders

    • 10 days on average.

    • I recently purchased a phone from Amazon UK. Two weeks since order. Hasnt been shipped yet. Do not trust their delivery times at the moment.

  • +2

    i've got this one it's pretty good

  • +1

    Is there a way to browse Amazon UK items that ship to

    • +3
      • Thanks

      • how about Amazon UK Book but coming soon (not available yet)

      • That's cool, thank you.

  • +4

    AU Plug?

    • Actually it looks like the longest comb is 5mm, so I'm out. Not a beard trimmer, it's a stubble keeper ;)

      • i dont think that's right, i own this model and it has a 1 mm, a 3-7 mm, a 9 mm, there might be others but i would have to go dig them out - the point is there's definitely more than what you mentioned.

    • +3

      yeah, lack of AU plug is a nuisance, by the time it goes into the vertical wall socket in the bathroom with an adapter, these things somethimes fall out.

    • -1

      If it’s not does uk plug fit in au plug?

  • +3

    Amazon always kills the deals with freight to me.

  • How do I get to $49?

    • +1

      Buy 2

      • Something weird going on - abort.

    • +1

      Buy two, then split the body in half at the belly button. Once you have finished that cut, use one for each half. If it was a vertical split you can do two legs at once. If it was horizontal you can keep one for the face and one for the plums.

  • Aaaaand its back to $144.75 yikes

    • That's a different seller.

      • Oh, I see

  • Trying to purchase, but the price says $144.75 ??

    What's the go ?

    • +12

      At that price, I'd prefer to just pluck my pubes one by one.

      • Haha… $2 for tweezers, and you're good to go !

  • Says $144 price, am I missing something or is this Amazon's agile pricing algorithm responding to being Ozbargained.

    • +5

      Amazon looks to be OOS and the $144 is a different seller who is very optimistic.

  • Back in stock for $28.36.
    Arrives: 15 - 19 Oct

    • Showing $110 for me

      • It's showing a different seller again.
        Maybe check again later in case it comes back.

  • Even if you click different seller and pick the $28.36 I put two qty's I don't get free delivery option. The shop that was giving free delivery for over $49 spend must be out of stock.

    • +1

      free delivery for over $49 (Amazon global store)

      For prime members.

      • oh ok, ty,

      • -2

        I just got free delivery without having to spend $49 with prime 🤷‍♂️

        • ok

        • Interesting, how?

          Didn’t work for me.

  • +2

    Back in stock! Got this and the recent Amazon UK deal on the 8 pack of AAA Eneloops to get free shipping :)

    • +1

      Exactly what I did! 👍

    • How did you add an item from Amazon UK to your Amazon AU cart?

  • +1

    at $28 a pop, and free shipping for > $49 spend, why is it when I add 2 x $28 = $56 that i'm still being charged for shipping, no matter what i do. ?

    • What is the shipping cost?

    • +1

      Updated title. It's free delivery over $49 with prime.

      • ahhh i dont have prime. that explains it.

      • +1

        Also, can add something else then cancel that addon, delivery stays free

  • Can it shave just regular small growth of beard hairs and make it clean? Using it without the attachments? Usually just use razor.

  • -1


  • will this work on pubs?

    • +15

      Yes, also in taverns, bars and restaurants.

      • +1

        It will take years to shave a pub, let alone going to all those other places.

  • anyone use this downstairs for the ballz and **** i need one for that :)

  • Would have bought if it was 8 in 1

  • Anyone in Sydney CBD wants to go halves for 2?

    Only need One

    • Hi Im keen to go halves

      • Cool bought 2. Est arrival 6 to 27 October

        PM me when your free

  • Won’t accept prime free shipping

  • Hi when you add extra items go through payment and delivery and cancle the additional items before finalising the order the shipping cost comes back. It seems to be about $11.50 or so for standard delivery.

  • Bought this and the Lodge L8SK3 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/568296) for $56 with Prime free Expedited International Delivery

  • +3

    Is this model approved by Jordan Schlansky?

  • Does this work the same as a razor?

  • cool no need to go go hairdresser after this

  • After I place the order I received an email saying:

    Dear Customer,

    We're writing to inform you that your order from Amazon UK has been cancelled

    Your payment card has not been charged for this order.

    If you're still interested in this item, please search for it again on Amazon.com.au.

    • I'm getting the same. Unfortunately

    • My order has gone through this morning! I'm yet to receive a cancellation email.

  • Price is back up to $102?

    • +2

      Back in stock

      • +1

        It's showing $101.42

        • Yep showing $101.42

  • +1

    The shorter the grass, the taller the tree?

  • This is good for manscaping. My one has been running great for years.

  • Batteries 🔋..? What .!

    • Amazon advised:

      Frequently bought together…

      Philips Series 3000 7-in-1 Multi Grooming Kit and Panasonic eneloop AAA Rechargeable Ready-to-Use Ni-MH Batteries, Pack of 8.

      Definitely Ozbargain targeted advertising.

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