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10,000 Qantas Points (or 20k Everyday Rewards) + up to $50 off Shopping a Month + Pet Insurance from $58 @ Woolworths


Woolworths has Pet Insurance. You have a pet. (Note they don't ask for proof of your pet, so you could theoretically make one up?). If you sign up for pet insurance with them (Standard or Comprehensive), with the code BONUS20K, for $58, you get:

  • 20,000 Woolworths Everyday rewards points (convertible to $100 shopping or 10,000 Qantas Points).
  • pet insurance for two months
  • Get free access to VetAssist† and chat to expert vets - it's exclusive to Woolworths
  • 10% off your grocery shop, once a month, up to $50 off a $500 shop
  • you'll need to be an Everyday Rewards member for all this too.

So steps:

  • visit the Woolworths Pet Insurance Page
  • follow the steps, using the code as well (BONUS20K)
  • select your pet. I don't know if this is the cheapest but the test pet I used 'BTF' was a desexed female cat just over a year old. Prices vary depending on your animal's breed, age, etc.
  • Insure (Standard or Comprehensive) paying monthly.

Now on the choosing insurance page, it states: "Your Everyday Rewards Points will be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards card within 30 days of the first premium being paid". However on the linked page above, it says "Everyday Rewards points will be loaded within 45 days of the first premium being paid in full, as long as the policy is still active and the account is not in arrears. ". So your best bet is to watch your account, and then if you only want the points and not the insurance, once the points arrive, cancel the insurance. Note that this means theoretically if it is 30 days, you may only have to pay for one month, but I can't guarantee that given the contradictory terms.

Also if you keep the insurance, they claim it's the cheapest pet insurance in Australia and will beat any other prices, just FYI.

Evidence of monthly price: https://imgur.com/a/QCh9KW7 (there may well be cheaper, that's just what I could find)

This deal was published on Beat That Flight. For other ways to earn Qantas Points without flying, see our latest roundup.

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  • Does the 10% off monthly groceries stack with the existing 10% off if I hold another Woolworths insurance policy?

    • Doubt it, but not sure. I've got 10% thanks to a Woolworths Mobile, I'm just gonna use a different ER account.

  • how soon you get the 10% monthly discount

  • Wondering if the 10% from $28 for 6 months woolies mobile plan stacks with this one.

  • First year policy only

    Does this refer to my first year as a Woolworths Pet Insurance customer? Or first year of my pet's life?

    • +1

      First year of policy.

  • How does the 10% off a shop work? Do you elect for one shop to be discounted / do they provide a code?

    • Presumably just the first one that month. But I'm not sure myself.

    • +1

      At the self-checkout, it'll prompt you when you go to pay whether you want to apply your 10% discount for the month to the current transaction.

  • Dog just got run over by a car last week. Cost $9K for surgery and vet accommodation. Probably should have purchased pet insurance. It's a 5yr old dog.

    • +2

      Sorry to hear mate.

  • No one's noticed the $30 cancellation fee (unless your pet 'passed away')?

    • +7

      Easily sorted then. Four imaginary cats are going to die in one horrific accident in 30 or 45 days.

      • My cats unfortunately are on the same path :)

    • +2

      Looks like that might only apply when paying for the full year (could be wrong). The PDS (p34) only mentions that if you're paying by installments you won't be charged any further installments, or receive any refund of premiums already paid.

      • +3

        Actually it looks like you're right Dizz. I was skimming through the PDS this morning and didn't see that the $30 fee is connected to annual premiums.

    • Wont apply.

  • nearly $70 per month cheapest for my dogs. One 7 year old lab and one 10 year old Maltese cross.

    • Ouch that’s expensive

    • and your imaginary cat named Chester.

      • Wait, you can actually make up pets for this deal? They don't ask for registration or anything?

        • Yup hence the virtual pets. They can’t check

        • Best to read through all the comments.

  • Can the Routine care cover & Consultations be claimed instantly without waiting period?

    • I thought about this too but read the PDS which mentions if you make a claim you are locked in to pay the remainder of the annual policy fee

      • Thanks for sharing, it's very important information. Will avoid claim then.

    • +4

      You must be fun at parties.

  • "0% off your grocery shop, once a month, up to $50 off a $500 shop" - How is this calculated and how do you monitor your spend?
    Are there terms and conditions which advise of a monthly spend or single spend?

    • And how do you claim the money each month?
      And for how many months is this valid?

      • every month (near the start) your account becomes eligible for a code like "Sep2020" which gives 10% off online. you can use it once per month.

        Alternatively, when scanning your rewards card at checkout you will be prompted "do you want to use your 10% off this shop" or something like that. you can use it once.

        $50 is 10% of 500 and is the maximum per month.

    • 10% off your shop once a month when you choose. Scan your EDR card and the 10% promo is offered.

  • -1

    Not really benefiting much, with the $58 fee 2 months, and $100 worth of points back.

    • +2

      Its $58 for two months so net is $42 gain

  • +1

    hehehe , this allowed me to get next 3 months free with my current provider. After I told them how much cheaper Woolies pet insurance was turning out to be a fortnight/month, the lady simply said that she can arrange next 3 months free and after which, I can call them and arrange renewal or go with another provider if not happy. FYI: I am with Petbarn Pet Insurance.

  • Why do you have to opt for monthly premium not fortnightly?

    • I don’t think you have to. Not sure why BTF put that.

  • PSA to people with pets over the age of 7 years - you can't get this deal. It only shows me the Basic cover for my 9 year old cat.

    • +2

      I used my cat I bought in Taiwan. It’s name is Hello Kitty.

    • I don’t think 7 years is the cut off. I tried with a cat DOB in Feb 2012 and was still offered Standard cover.

      • Okay then, i guess that 8 years is the cut off. Either way, this deal wont apply to me unfortunately.

        • But you have a younger cat, right? ;)

  • Wait I selected fortnightly payments not monthly does this mean I won’t get the deal?

    • oh shit… i did the same. Anybody know?

      • +3

        You’ll get the deal. Fortnightly you’ll end up paying less to earn the points.

    • This offer is personal to you, and will be available only when you enter your registered Everyday Rewards card number at the time of purchase. Offer applies to new comprehensive and standard policies only, available for limited time only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Limited to one new policy only. Everyday Rewards points will be loaded within 45 days of the first premium being paid in full, as long as the policy is still active and the account is not in arrears. Points will not be backdated. Enjoyment of Woolworths Rewards is subject to the Everyday Rewards Terms and Conditions available at everydayrewards.com.au and the Terms and Conditions of Woolworths Pet Insurance policy.

      I’m not sure why BTF put monthly.

  • Cheapest price I've found right now is : $10.22 per fortnight

    Female Domestic House Cat, born in June 2020, desexed, I am around 50 years old living in Mount Druitt.

    After typing the code, the next page tells me that: "Limited to 2 redemptions per customer. Your Everyday Rewards Points will be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards card within 30 days of the first premium being paid."

    Might only be able to get charged twice and cancel right away for it to cost ~$20 for the deal.

  • -1

    Probably should give flighthacks some credit considering it was posted on their website the day before you posted the deal here.

    • Lol I saw flighthacks get salty as if he was the only person Woolworths contacted about this deal. Anyone could have posted the deal considering Woolworths likely sent out thousands of emails to Rewards members

      • +1

        It's a long running deal
        Has been posted on ozbargain before…

  • +1

    Can not quote at the moment. Site seems to be ozbargained

  • -1

    Contacted Woolworths as I have my Woolworths pet insurance up for renewal. Told not eligible for the discount as new policies only. Said I was disappointed and would shop elsewhere for a new policy. They emailed me this morning and offered 3 months free insurance, Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.

  • Just signed up but I can only start policy on 15/10 and everything else is greyed out, this seems strange?

    • Is it perhaps related to your pets age? They need to be at least 8 weeks old.
      I had no problems signing up for a policy starting today for my dog.

  • Do the policy documents come by post or email?

    • Email…..

      • +1

        Have you received your yet?

        • Most of my policies straight away. One today…

  • 2nd premium out today for a few of my policies…

    • +1

      No points yet I suppose?

  • Nope.. one of the polices my friend took out for her pet was delayed so they have offered 2 months free premium. Wonder when the points will arrive..

    • before or after the first premium payment?

      • After… :)

        • +1

          that's good, guaranteed rewards points :)

  • I had premiums debited 30/09 and 14/10 but no points yet.

    How long before they usually get credited? I'm setup to receive Qantas rather than Woolworths points

  • Folks it said this when joining (which is also on the ops post):

    "Everyday Rewards points will be loaded within 45 days of the first premium being paid in full, as long as the policy is still active and the account is not in arrears. "

  • +1

    Not able to find the 10% off code for my grocery shop when I check out online?

    • +1

      When you click through the T&C's into another link specific for the 10% off offer T&C's (https://insurance.woolworths.com.au/help.html?id=313), it says:
      "It may take up to 45 days for the offer to be available after you have linked your Rewards card to your Insurance Policy".

      I tried logging in to ensure that my rewards card was linked to the insurance policy and even though I've received the confirmation emails from them, have had the first payment debited and was able to reset my password twice, it still wouldn't let me login. Tells me I have to contact customer service. Have emailed them.

  • -2

    Just had the premium debited but no points yet.

    Has anyone received them yet?

    • Your Everyday Rewards Points will be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards card within 30 days of the first premium being paid". However on the linked page above, it says "Everyday Rewards points will be loaded within 45 days of the first premium being paid in full, as long as the policy is still active and the account is not in arrears. ".

      • +3

        Yup, 3rd premium deducted. I'm hoping points arrive before the next one is charged.

        • Thought you meant first premium…

  • +1

    Well, one month later… the wait continues…

  • +1

    Same more than a month of premiums and no Woolworths points, called them up and they said 45 business days. May end up paying 5 or 6 premiums before we receive the points thus reducing the value of this deal

    • Thanks for the update. Paid for two fornightly premiums but no points yet.

    • No mention of business days at all, they had 30 days or 45 days in the T&Cs depending on where you're looking at. So misleading.

  • +1

    Premiums debited to date 30/09 ($11.87), 14/10 ($11.86) and 28/10 ($11.86).

    No points yet.

    Based on the 45 business days comments above, starting from my first debit date, i wouldn't expect my points to arrive until 2/12/20.

    During this period i would have paid $59.31 in premiums.

    Keep the updates coming, keen to see when people get their points.

  • Anyone have the 10% code for the shop?

    • +1

      I had yesterday

      • +1

        Is it emailed? Or does it pop up automatically when you scan your card during your shop?

      • Where and how do you get it

        • +3

          I had it today - popped up on the screen when I scanned my rewards card at the check out. Asks you if you want to apply the 10% discount to this shop.

          Stupidly I said 'yes', despite only having spent $13. Oh well, $1.30 is better than nothing.

      • +2

        It popped up when checkout at shop.

  • anyone had luck messaging their chat to release points?

    • +1

      patience young grasshopper

  • 3rd premium charged 28/10/20. No points yet.

  • Day 40 for me

  • When is everyone cancelling?

    • +2

      As soon as the points arrive. Not a day after.

      • When did you get the points!!

        • No one has yet.

        • I haven't yet. Just saying that I'll be cancelling as soon as the points land.

  • For people who’ve done this before, does woolies send an email upon issuing the points? I’m either at my third or fourth fortnightly premium and no points yet.

    • No, you get a notification in the rewards app (e.g. Yipee You've got 20,000 points added) - best to keep an eye there.

      • Great thanks!

        • The iOS app doesn’t seem to have push notifications but it has a points activity tab.

  • +3

    Have reached out to woolies on twitter in regards to not getting my points, they're supposed to call me back today. Day 41 for me

    • +1

      Thanks for doing that. Keep us updated if possible!

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