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10,000 Qantas Points (or 20k Everyday Rewards) + up to $50 off Shopping a Month + Pet Insurance from $58 @ Woolworths


Woolworths has Pet Insurance. You have a pet. (Note they don't ask for proof of your pet, so you could theoretically make one up?). If you sign up for pet insurance with them (Standard or Comprehensive), with the code BONUS20K, for $58, you get:

  • 20,000 Woolworths Everyday rewards points (convertible to $100 shopping or 10,000 Qantas Points).
  • pet insurance for two months
  • Get free access to VetAssist† and chat to expert vets - it's exclusive to Woolworths
  • 10% off your grocery shop, once a month, up to $50 off a $500 shop
  • you'll need to be an Everyday Rewards member for all this too.

So steps:

  • visit the Woolworths Pet Insurance Page
  • follow the steps, using the code as well (BONUS20K)
  • select your pet. I don't know if this is the cheapest but the test pet I used 'BTF' was a desexed female cat just over a year old. Prices vary depending on your animal's breed, age, etc.
  • Insure (Standard or Comprehensive) paying monthly.

Now on the choosing insurance page, it states: "Your Everyday Rewards Points will be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards card within 30 days of the first premium being paid". However on the linked page above, it says "Everyday Rewards points will be loaded within 45 days of the first premium being paid in full, as long as the policy is still active and the account is not in arrears. ". So your best bet is to watch your account, and then if you only want the points and not the insurance, once the points arrive, cancel the insurance. Note that this means theoretically if it is 30 days, you may only have to pay for one month, but I can't guarantee that given the contradictory terms.

Also if you keep the insurance, they claim it's the cheapest pet insurance in Australia and will beat any other prices, just FYI.

Evidence of monthly price: https://imgur.com/a/QCh9KW7 (there may well be cheaper, that's just what I could find)

This deal was published on Beat That Flight. For other ways to earn Qantas Points without flying, see our latest roundup.

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        Got an update, just got a call, pretty friendly lady said she'll put the points on my account within 5 days. No mention of why I didn't get them, was in a hurry so happy with the result without going too much into it.

        • nice

          • +1

            @Meovel: And another update. Received my points, though they're still being processed according to the app.

    • +1

      Just realized it's Day 43 for me. Contacting now as well.

  • Anyone else do basic cover instead of standard? Apparently its standard only?

    • Standard or Comprehensive

      From the OP. Basic won’t net you the points.

    • Yeap I did that once as well. You won’t get the points.

  • +3

    44 days for me and no points yet. Emailed them at [email protected] as chat was not available at the time.

    • Let us know about the outcome

    • +1

      It’s 45 days to get the points.

      • Up to 45 days.

        • Yes the wording says that but from past experience it's normally credited 45 days or later.

          • @nightelves: It's not wording it's T&C, if later then violates the terms.

            • +1

              @Meovel: It's happened before just go through AFF and you'll see the amount of people that's complained because the points didn't arrive on time for them.

              • @nightelves: Ok thanks for the heads up

                • @Meovel: Not sure where OP got the within 45 days from but I did call them up and they said points to be credit between 45-60 days. Even I could not find the within 45 days on the pet insurance portal.

                  • @nightelves: It said 45 days in the TCs

                    • @Dealseeker21: When you ring them up they tell a different story.

                      • @nightelves: I ended up emailing m, gave me the 45 to 60 day lies

                        It is 30 to 45 days from the terms and conditions

                        In waiting to hear back again now

  • Day 46 now
    No points for any of my 4 pets for the family

    Time to reach out

    • +1

      Any update?

      • Told me that it will be up to 60 days.. so trying to get a screenshot to send back to them to say yeah NAH

        • +1

          I think they just botched the T&C for the pet insurance.

  • +3

    For anyone who hasn't received their points yet, you should contact them asap. I emailed [email protected] and received the following response

    "Thank you for your response on Dex’s policy.
    We apologise for the delay and inconvenience experienced on the bonus points. The 20,000 Everyday Rewards Points should be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards card within 30 days of the first premium being paid. As this have not happened, a follow-up has been sent. Kindly expect an update within the next 5 business days."

    Will update when I hear back again.

  • Anyone have a screenshot of the 30 to 45 day timeframe for points

    They have told me to wait 60 days

  • +3

    Just heads up, tonight I just checked my woolies app, and the 20k bonus points for this promo have finally been credited. Time to cancel the policy I guess.

    • +1

      I just checked my account and the 20000 points have also been loaded. I emailed them a few days ago with no response. I was charged for 4 fortnightly premiums.

      • Yeah 4 fornightly still works out cheaper than the monthly.

    • Yep same goes here!!!
      Expect high call volumes tomorrow when calling to can it due to ozb’s tying up the phone lines hehhe

    • Yes, mine have just loaded too - i'm up about $40 by my calculation, at 1c per point.

    • I just have an icon saying 100 off next spend but not the points. Looks like it got automatically redeemed for Woolworths dollars.

  • Nice! Same here! Time to cancel.

  • +2

    Yeah mine loaded too. RIP Fido

  • +1

    Thank you. Hang tight. Your points are being processed. Will cancel on live chat. Less painful than having to call in.

    • chat isn't available

      • Thanks for letting me know. Last time I was able to cancel contents insurance using live chat.

    • Have you seen the points processing before? I was gonna wait until they were confirmed but that seems to have happened already. $100 off my next shop.

  • Anyone else go for 2 pets and only get points for one?

    • Yes same happened to me - only got points for the one.
      might give em a call as i do recall it said max 2 policies with 2 x bonus points

      EDIT.. well i can see the following in my woolworths rewards app points history:
      Sun 15 Nov Bonus Points +20,000
      Mon 16 Nov Here's $100 Everyday Rewards Dollars
      Mon 16 Nov Here's $100 Everyday Rewards Dollars

      Last night when I spotted it my points balance was +20,000, today thats gone (not transferred to QF points yet), but then a 2nd line of 'Here's $100 Everyday Rewards Dollars'

      Might wait a few days and see what happens in my QF points balance, the last debits for both insurance policies was on 11 Nov so technically i should be okay to wait another week before calling/cancelling them.

      • It’s either Qantas points or EDR points which get converted to money off your groceries (2000 points or $10 at a time).

        If you’re using the app, on the Card page it shows you how much money off you’re next shop you’ll get. Mines is $110 (I already had $10 and got another $100 from this) my points balance has gone back down to 462 now.

  • Points on all 4 of my accounts all separate accounts. However they are showing as $100 instead of Qantas points.. will give it a few days to see if they then transfer over

  • +1

    So I emailed them on Sun as per this advice - I got the following response;

    Thank you for your recent enquiry in to your Pet Insurance policy.

    The 20,000 points will apply after 45-60 days of first premium payment. The first premium was successfully collected on 30/09/2020 so by last week of November the 20,000 points should be credited into your Rewards card number.

    Just need to verify your Everyday Rewards Card number is xxxx. If in any case you still have not receive the 20,000 rewards points after that time frame, please send us an email so we can escalate this to the appropriate department.

    I hope that this has answered your questions, however if we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact our Client Services Team on 1300 101 234 or reply to this email.

    But, this morning my points have been credited so everyone please keep an eye out.

  • Strange, in the rewards app, it says I have 2x$100 everyday rewards. But in the Qantas app, my FF points have increased 10k, though not mentioned in the activity tab. Will probably take the rest of the day for them to finalise everything.

  • Just received my points. First payment on the 5th of October (+19th, 2 Nov, 16 Nov). Looks like they managed to squeeze in another instalment today just as I received my points. Have emailed them and see if I'm entitled to a refund of the final payment for "insurance not used"

  • Anyone know if the $100 off can be used at Big W?

  • All 4 accounts got the 20,000 points and all have now transferred to Qantas for 10k each

    • Are the points for Qantas higher value than Woolworths?

      • I'd say probably not if you're planning to spend cash at woolies anyways. Last I checked conversion rates was about .6% from qp to dollars which works out to be 60 bucks worth.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if they will accept cancellation via email, given that the live chat is not available?

    • +2

      Please try and let us know :)

    • +2

      Email [email protected]

      I emailed them with all my details and requested to cancel my policy. I have received confirmation of cancellation in an email response from them

  • +1

    Taken from the productreview website:

    You can cancel your policy by calling our Service Team on 1300 10 1234 between the hours of 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday (EST) or email us at [email protected] with your request, policy number, full name and state.

  • Thanks everyone for keeping us updated.

    Received the points on the 15th and just cancelled via email.

  • Got the $100 off next shop icon showing in my account now. Anyone know if it needs to be used in one go?

    • +1

      You can adjust the amount in de/increment of $10

  • Will cancelling immediately remove the 10% for the month?

    • Probably

  • +2

    I emailed them to cancel the insurance and was offered to keep the insurance for 3 months for free instead. I took them up on the offer as it means 3 more months of 10% discount at WW.

    • No response from them via email after 2 days, called them (waited for ~20mins) and got offered the same - 6 fortnights free.

      • Just an update, I was told and given confirmation via email that my first payment would be on 16th Feb but upon checking the portal my next payment is 6th Jan. If you got a similar offer from them, just be sure to check the portal or call them again to double check so you're not slapped with a couple of additional payments before cancellation.

    • Did it take long for a reply via email? I emailed on Monday and haven’t heard back…

      • I have received a reply on the next day. Try giving them a call if your payment is coming up soon?

        • Not until the 2 Dec but I might call them next week, just gotta be prepared to be on hold for awhile…

          • +1

            @sween64: Never got a reply via email too so I just called.

          • @sween64: I received a reply last Thursday. 3 months free. I then sent an email asking them to confirm my next billing date, no reply to that yet…

      • I got a reply the next day.

    • I emailed them on 26/11 to accept the free three months. I was then charged another monthly fee on 2/12. I’m quite annoyed and have asked for that to be refunded.

      • Received an email back. They won’t refund the charge on 2/12. They’ve given me 3 months free still. I’ll just have to make the most of the 10% off your shop.

  • +1

    I just received an email about this deal, with the same code saying it was available until 30/12. Not sure if it's targeted.

  • Its been a total nightmare for me. i'm at 5hrs of phone calls insured for 72 days and no points!

    • Did you try emailing them? I received a response to cancel within 1 or 2 business days.

      • emails, calls, total nightmare.

  • +2

    I know most of y'all made up a pet, but I took out a policy for my real life cat who actually ended up needing a vet visit, so I've ended up with great value out of this deal!

    • I actually have a cat. Does the policy cover annual vaccinations?

      • +1

        Not sure, check PDS but I have a feeling it doesn't include routine check ups.

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