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Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD 21:9 FreeSync Gaming Monitor $598.95 Delivered (AU Stock) @ Allphones eBay


Hi All

OZB popular monitor - Xiaomi Mi Surface Display $598.95 (w/ $30 checkout discount)


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  • I can wait, bro. I can wait.

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    Same - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/569388
    You can do better OP :)

    Under $500 will be a deal now - this is normal

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      Hi b0nd

      I will love to do under $500 if I could ;)
      I already tried my best for Au stock to matched with Grey importer stock,

      • Can't you delete the middle man nonsense and just sell it at the best price?

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          We can, however, we choose to deal with local distributor to ensure all products are compliant with local safety requirements, which I believe will be in better interest for consumer and even resellers. We are working hard to bring the best value to our customers, such as in this deal our price already matched with grey import stock, hope you can see the additional value.

  • OP, can you bring more of the JBL Go 2 speakers you had for $9 on eBay plus sales? I am really interested in getting another one for $9

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      Hi jayboi

      Thanks for asking, that was ebay coupon code deals, $9 no where near our cost.

      • Oh alright that’s ok, BTW great service from allphones and delivered very promptly next day with express post when I bought the JBL Go 2.

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          Thanks for your great feedback, I will definately pass your message to our dispatch team;)

  • I got the Dell 27" 144hz deal recently and missing my old widescreen setup.

    Is it a downgrade going from the Dell to this monitor?

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      Short answer - ye
      Long answer - yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssss

      • I just had a conversation with a mate talking about the Dell 27" vs this monitor.

        The key takeaways we had were:
        Dell: IPS panel, 16:9 aspect ratio
        Xiaomi: VA panel, ultrawide

        In terms of GPU horsepower required, the Xiaomi would need ~30% more power from the GPU calculating from no. of pixels + refresh rate.

        Price-wise they're quite similar so it's all about which you value more: the panels or the widescreen. Happy to hear other people's thoughts as at the moment I'm leaning towards the Dell for my use case.

    • Widescreen —> Ultrawide !!

    • I got the Xiaomi on the $499 ebay deal a few weeks ago.

      I'm not loving the ultrawide screen experience and I probably would have jumped at the Dell 27" 144Hz deal.

      • what is wrong with the experience?

      • two different uses though
        UQHD for compatible games + productivity

        I am looking for a 34'' for productivity right now too, hmm
        I recently purchased the Dell 27'' its pretty good!

  • Been gaming on a 34" Ultrawide (1440p) for many years now - the bomb diggity!

  • How does it compare to Gigabyte G34WQC?

  • I just bought the Gigabyte and am very happy with it ($689 scorptec)

    Gigabyte has G Sync(as well as free sync), is brighter at 350 nits. the HDR 400 isn't worth it, the bluelight isn't worth it. Gaming has been a dream with this panel at 144hz

  • Want an ultra wide with USB C. Exist?

    • Plenty exist. I January I purchased an LG 34UC99-w off gumtree in near new condition for $550. Haven't seen it that cheap since. It's got thunderbolt usb c, freesync with 75hz, and it's IPS.

  • $628.95 now?

  • Am so glad that I got this on the eBay sale for $499, absolute steal. Loving this thing!

    • Hi kensaiD,
      I have been trying to research without any success, what this monitor is capable of if using hdmi 2.0. Do you have any knowledge about it?
      I am currently waiting for a second response from Xiami as the first one they told me I could achieve 4k at 60…. hmm.
      Appreciate the help and time.

  • As someone that just built a new gaming setup for a friend with this monitor I finally got to see it in person after being curious about it for a while now. I bought the GL850 from Amazon for $699 a while back from ozbargain and ever since this came out I was quite curious to how they compared.

    Short answer is I'm glad I got my GL850 the IPS panel IMO seems much better than the VA maybe I'm just being anal but all in all the panel does look significantly better in my eyes. Also I don't like the black bars on the side when watching content that's not 21:9 optimised however I can say that productivity on this monitor is good given that it is wider. Hardware unboxed got this monitor in and reviewed it a couple days ago for those who are curious.

    Really short answer: 27" 16:9 IPS>34" 21:9 although YMMV

  • This Xiaomi Monitor is not compatible with my iMac. After I updated macOS recently, the DP1or DP2 connection is no signals at all, totally a black screen!

  • I switch between wanting 2 of these or 1 49" LG.
    Hard to know which way to go. Bezel or no bezel. $1200 Vs ~$2000. I can't really picture the 2 options. Anyone had a similar predicament?

    • I don't think you'd really notice the bezels that much at that size, since most of your field of view would already be taken up by a single panel.
      I'm thinking of buying one of these and stacking it on top of my current 34inch.

    • Is the LG two grand? I thought they were on sale on and off for $1600

  • Anyone have expertise on the best priced 49" inch 1440 res ultra wide monitor with USB-C docking?