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Galax GeForce RTX 2060 Super (1-Click OC) V2 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $469 Delivered @ PC Byte


Not bad at all, $30 better than the last deal.

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  • Not 100% sure but i believe the LED Fans cannot be turned off :(

    • Just unsolder the LEDs if they bother you that much.

      • Ruin your warranty and possibly the card? A more realistic solution would be to get replacement fans.

        But it would be more worth it to pay the extra for a different model.

        • Ruin your warranty and possibly the card? A more realistic solution would be to get replacement fans.

          Well if you don't know how to solder then yes, just get a card without LEDs.

    • I've not been able to turn mine off. It's a horrible cold light.

  • This card only has 1DP port (and one HDMI)

    So what would be the ideal way to get gsync support on multiple freesync monitors (which requires DP port)?

    I am not sure if using a splitter will work.

    So for the above requirements - this card is a no go then?

    • Hey mate, you're probably out of luck on that front. Nvidia took ages to even allow the user to try enable the adaptive refresh rate options on non "G Sync /Compatible)" and that caveat was support for only DP connected monitors.

      Unless they go back yet again and allow HDMI freesync monitors too then this won't happen.

      Your idea about using a splitter is an interesting one. I am not convinced the nvidia driver will allow the adaptive refresh rate options because of the way DP daisychains the displays together. Then again I don't know for sure! If you try it out then definitely drop me a message please, keen to know how you went.

      Another viable option for you at the moment could be to wait for the AMD GPUs? The mid range GPUs from them will likely be able to perform better than the RTX 2060, potentially be even cheaper, and comes with free sync allowed over HDMI and DP.

      • Cheers mate, not worth the risk, so I will pass on this card…
        Thats why I am not a fan of entry level GPU's specially Galax. Why would they put only one DP port for a mid range GPU like 2060S!?

        I got the recent Dell 27inch 75hz monitor, planning to buy another 27inch 144hz monitor - so definately will need two dp 1.4 ports I think.

        • It's classic oversight isn't it! Manufacturer just assuming the consumer will not attempt freesync/G-sync on their 2060 card!

          Nice monitors. Well HDMI 1.4 onwards should support [email protected] at least, maybe even 144fps, I am not sure! So you could probably run either of those monitors on the HDMI port of the 2060 just fine but that monitor won't have freesync options available. I'd probably still wait to see what offerings are available on the AMD GPU front, the wait is only about a month now, by then the RTX2070 might be this price!

          • @aaronsd: HDMI 2.0b, which most monitors will have a port for, supports 1440p144Hz and 4k60Hz with 8-bit colour, and goes close to that with 10-bit colour. That should cover most secondary use cases.

      • HDMI FreeSync is proprietary. These cards support HDMI VRR/adaptive sync, but not many monitors do right now.

        It's a moot point anyway, because you can't run more than one monitor with adaptive sync at a time on any given GPU.

        If you want that kind of resolution with adaptive sync, stump up for an ultrawide.

    • You're aware that only one monitor can run adaptive sync at a time, yes?

      It's a technology to reduce tearing in games, not something you deploy elsewhere.

      Even if you could, based on your setup, you'd be clamping your frame rate on your main monitor to deliver a remotely smooth gaming performance.

      Either buy an ultrawide or accept the limitations of the technology. Your use case for 2x DP doesn't make any sense. If your Dell 1440p monitor has a HDMI 2.0 port, this card is fine.

      • Hi @jasswolf
        Thanks for your response, no I was not aware of this… I think you provided me some valuable advices before so thanks for that…

        I have already purchased Dell S2721D and planning to buy either a Viewsonic VX2758-2KP-MHD or a Dell S2721DGF like this deal

        I guess I could use the Dell S2721D is for everyday use, and when I buy a higher refresh rate monitor like VX2758-2KP-MHD or S2721DGF, I could use it for gaming.

        So what would be my optimal solution? Setup the higher refresh rate monitor for G-Synch via DP cable, and leave the S2721D without G-Sync?

        What would be the optimal solution for my case? Looking forward to buy a 2060S/2070/2070S or a 3060Ti depends on what deal I can find in coming months…

        Thanks again for your help

        Edit: I don't like curved monitor - so unfortunately I will have to pass on the Xiaomi Ultrawide anyway

  • 2070S for this price and we're talking..

    • I think realistically it'll be around $550, fingers crossed though.

      • Realistically, if the vendors have to sell the outgoing 20xx series cards any lower, they will just simply phase it out and start selling the new 30xx series (once they are readily available) with the usual overpriced, jacked-up pricings.

        So atm it's a waiting game for both consumers and vendors. Fun times ahead.

  • ok price. I think the soon to be released 3060ti for a $200 more will be better value.

  • Has one DOA on me 2 months after getting it be careful with this card

    • Dead on Arrival 2 months after arrival? Lol. Jokes aside, I've been running this card for about 6 weeks without any hiccups. Had to apply a slight undervolt and change the fan curve as it got pretty hot and loud, but apart from that it seems pretty solid.

    • I don't think you know what DOA means.

  • Pretty decent card, not that much slower than my 1080 ti. I got one for my son a few months ago for $549.

    Loving these price drops as I keep claiming 28 Degrees price protection :)