ToolPRO Stomp VK Commodore/XD Falcon Tool Cabinet 4 Drawer 27" $379 @ Supercheap Auto


Hi Guys

I have been waiting for another Combo from SCA for Toolpro Trolley and chest. Its $379 combined.

2 types to pick from. VK Commodore and XD Falcon to celebrate the Bathurst V8's.

Hopefully they have enough. Last few times, they seemed to only have about 1 or 2 in each store. I have just done a click and collect. Hoping my order goes through.


VK Commodore

XD Falcon

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Supercheap Auto
Supercheap Auto


  • I love a VK and fully support this post but is this not RRP?

    • Yes this is RRP but you get a 3 drawer chest for free as a bonus. It is like 30% off.

      40% to 50% off is quite comon for this brand from SCA. After checking listed history in Ozbargain, I would not be interested unless its close to or below $320 for the combo.

  • Tool pro great thanks OP, smoking advert not so good