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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Super Windforce 8G $599 (+ Free Gigabyte 480GB SSD) + Del @ Shopping Express


Free Gigabyte 480GB SSD make this a little more attractive. Discounted price shows at checkout.

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    They’re clearing out. Good price but at this point it’s worth waiting for big Navi and the proposed 3060/ti.

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      I think once you can get a 2070S with a value between 500-550 bucks that will be a good spot for a new 8GB card. The problem with the 3060ti is that the stock levels might not actually be that good.

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    Pretty good value there, roughly PS5 performance GPU. It's only going to get cheaper though.

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      Until they sell out…

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        That's true, but i am assuming there are a huge amount of these gigabyte cards in distribution channels still. They are the cheapest out there, but I haven't seen any deal posted on them sell out. This card also makes up a huge proportion of listings on ebay, so lots of sellers must have them. I'm assuming the fan issues may put people off.

        Gigabyte Eagle RTX 3080 is one of the most unstable cards of the latest release, now patched reducing performance, and their statement yesterday defending themselves wasn't received well. Their reputation might be hurting enough they'll slash and burn on inventory. We're all predicting further price cuts, but I reckon this card is leading the charge

        • I got my copy from the Computer Alliance deal more than a week ago. So far, everything is fine and I have not encountered that fan revving issue.

          • @ju2au: Good to know. The rattling issue was a physical issue, but the revving could be reduced by modifying fan profile manually as a workaround. It's viable they have made a firmware change which may have levelled this?

            From memory the issue occurred around 49 degrees, where it ramps from zero rpm to near full speed rapidly, cools a tiny bit back to zero, and repeats. With no load it wouldn't happen, and very heavy load it wouldn't happen. Medium load was what triggered it for most.

            Glad you got a good one as others said it's a bit of a hardware lottery. Good deal for the money

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    This waiting game is killing me..

    • Thanks to big green N

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    $399 then I will buy

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      Yeah patience now will pay off

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      I can tell you with confidence that this won't happen, maybe beside an eBay Plus kinda deal

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        Then I'm not buying it. Simple.

        • +3


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          A true Computer OZbarginer right here lads.

          Doesn't settle for "Good enough deals" out of impatience.

          It's either, I buy at a price or I don't.

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            @dbmitch: this is actually probably the best way to negotiate prices as well - set a highest amount you are willing to buy at and if they don't come down to it, walk away

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          I like you.

      • Old Technology the longer you wait the cheaper it gets or you get better tech for the same price
        so price has to drop more as simple as that

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          They all have a limit and will often sell stock out first. Or they'll do what they have done with the GT710, GTX 1030 and other budget cards where they only go so low.

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          When you look at the supply, if these 2070 super are $400 new, then how are people going to price used cards like 2060, 1660, 1650, etc.

          The value of the card maybe $400 for what it's offer, but there's no chance for the market to price it at that

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            @ln28909: I agree, but also think that by January when NV 30 series and AMD 6000's are delivered and being installed there will be a lot of people trying to sell their old cards. Logically supply and demand means the used card prices have to fall a fair bit. Ebay used prices today are crazy and selling above new deals we see posted here on same models. I think new card resellers will be stubborn on slashing costs until closer to EOFY, or at least end of March quarter

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    Hopefully price on these keep falling

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    I have this card in my SFF. Nice little unit, this is a great price.

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      What SFF case would that be?

      Interested as I have an old i7 HP SFF but I think the case size, let alone the power requirement, would stop me in my tracks trying to fit one of these in…

      • Yeha you're right no chance stock psu fitting this in a standard dell hp or lenovo sff must be custom make?

        • +1

          I use Corsair SFF PSUs in my SFF builds.

      • Streacom DA2

    • In your first hand experience, how do you find fan noise on this card? I read loads of bad reviews and comments, but heard some cards don't have the issues. Happy with yours?

      • +1

        sorry, missed your comment. It's not quiet. But it's not terrible either. That said, the case I have has lots of holes on both sides, so under load the fans are audible.

        Right now all it's very quiet, as nothing's running. I've got the GPU fans, a 120mm fan, CPU fan and exhaust fan all running and it's fine.
        When I power up a game though, it can kick off, but I use headphones so don't hear it.

  • This is showing as $699, not $599… I actually bought this from PCByte last night for $629 (it was the same on Shopping Express but they changed it. Also note the PCByte is the Gaming edition.)

    I sold my 1070 hoping to get a 3070 but I think their starting price will be around 850 at a minimum. So this a 2070 Super for around $580 (if you sell the SSD).. $300-$450 more for a 3070.. Not worth it for my use.

    Also, doubt this will see 399 soon.. Still a very strong card. Lowest I can see this going is 500.

    • Just curious what you got for your 1070? I have one too I'm planning on selling

      • Sold it at $300… Most still trying to get $350.. I think $325 should be possible but people try to get it for like 250.

    • +3

      Discount automatically shows in Cart and Checkout page. $599 is correct

      • Aahh ok. Sorry about that. Missed that part.

  • This card vs a 1080Ti?

    • 1080ti according to userbench

    • +3

      I'd nearly go this for RTX features (DLSS mainly) and warranty

    • Quite the same, however this would be better due to all the features

    • +1

      This card all the way. 1080ti is 5% faster tops on average.

      But this card comes with raytracing support, has great upscaling technlogy (DLSS2.0) which can provide a 40-50% performance boost for free in some games (which makes it way faster than the 1080ti) and has newer features in its architecture which means in the future it'll likely close the gap on the 1080ti and even get faster, especially with the new consoles being released which now have many of those new features.

      • From what I've read, in many games (mostly DX12 games IIRC), 2070 Super is actually faster.

        • Pretty close. I think larger resolutions 1080ti wins out a little purely because of 11GB Memory over 8GG. That said 1080ti goes for $500ish used and often can be thrashed (bitcoiner mining), vs a new 2070Super $600 with warranty, free ssd, rtx etc.

  • once 3080 3070 available every where these will dropped down a few more hundred bucks only a few months to wait

    • +5

      so you're suggesting $299 for a 2070 super in a few of months? A card that is greater than 50% performance of a 3080 for 1/4 the price? I dont think so, I may be wrong but I highly doubt it

      • +1

        Once people realise that 3070/3080 so hard to get and much above RRP, I think 2070/super price will bounce back, for people refusing to pay close to $1000 for 3070.

      • I don't think it will be $299 very soon but the cost/performance is never linear.

        • RTX 3090 vs RTX 3080 pricing proves that point. Can't understand how it sold out globally so quickly

      • Interesting 👍

  • +2

    There's always something new around the corner, just pay if you want it now. If I took everyone's advice, I'd still be on my 970 just waiting for the next release because it'll bring the previous generation down.

    • good on you for keeping the money rolling in for Nvidia shareholder :-)

      • Gotta get my commission in somehow ;)

    • +3

      I'm still on my 970 haha. Looking to pick up a new GPU by end of this year, either 5700XT equiv or 3070, or whichever gives biggest bang for buck.

      • 960 with 2gb here :( preordered the 3080 with ple. Just the wait now.

      • +1

        I replaced my 970 with 5700xt at the start of year. Could still play all games with 970 at 60fps, but wanted 144hz on 1440p. Payed $600 for it at that time. I think 2070 super is on par with 5700XT and not a bad price.

    • The 20XX -> 30XX jump was the biggest we've seen in generations, that's why everyone's saying to wait.

  • +2

    Good price if you need it now, but appears it will be outperformed by a 3060 according to Galax https://videocardz.com/newz/galaxs-internal-roadmap-confirms...

    The increase in efficiency is one of the most important reasons to wait. Less heat, therefore less airflow needed. Ray tracing appears to be also a superior implementation in the 3000 series.

  • Good price for this card and nice bonus with the SSD. A word of advice, however that while 8GB VRAM is still OK, I'd suggest it won't be enough in around 2 years time, or at best will become the new minimum for 1080p gaming, like 6GB is now for current AAA games. Particularly with the onset of the new consoles finally having decent hardware in them to compete with PC-like performance, will up the minimum requirements for games developed for console and ported to PC. If you play or plan to play at higher than 1080p resolutions, I'd suggest targeting a card with more VRAM to give it an extended useful life. Resale value of a card with not enough VRAM for current games is a value killer. Just look at the GTX 1060 3GB model from 2 years ago. The 1060 card speed is still respectable, but no one would touch it these days for gaming because of the lack of VRAM.

    • Highly unlikely. Everyone is scared because they see MSI Afterburner measuring games at 11GB of VRAM usage. Keep in mind that these programs only measure ALLOCATED RAM, which can be any amount higher than the RAM the program actually needs to not impact performance. There's minimal testing on this but even at 4K you will be very hard pressed to find a game today which actually needs more than 7GB of VRAM.

      Another thing to keep in mind is that we are in for a long cross gen period. PC games have already been running a generation ahead of consoles for a couple of years. System requirements are not going to shoot up overnight but will see a gradual increase. I think 8GB will remain perfectly viable for 1440p for the next 5 years (although the RTX 2070 itself will not), and be fine at 4K for the next two years. Image reconstruction techniques like DLSS will continue to advance and make native 4K more and more a fool's game.

      If there is a value killer for a 2070 super it is in that first gen raytracing performance and not VRAM.

      • +2

        No I wasn't talking about MSI Afterburner, I'm talking real world in-game settings VRAM requirements, like COD MW2 and Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. I just did a test with COD MW2 Remastered. Running at only 1080p with Optimal Video Settings selected, it states that it requires 8104MB of VRAM (see my screenshot https://ibb.co/ftKZ3ky ), below which you'd get unplayable stuttering. That's today and running only 1080p with most of the settings maxed out. For kicks, I decided to then run the same game in 4K resolution and set it to 8K textures. The game stated that it requires 19460MB of VRAM (see https://ibb.co/dQRxZWZ ). Hence the need for the 20GB+ VRAM on the 3000 series cards that have been announced.
        Sorry, but 8GB video cards are not going to be of much use in 5 years time at 1440p for the AAA games of 2025 as texture demands are just going to double or more from today, like they have over the past 5 years. 5 years ago the post popular mid range graphics card was the GTX 960 2GB. Not many of those being used anymore. But it comes down to budget, and this RTX 2070 8GB is a great card to buy at the moment for this price range. Alternatively, a used GTX 1080Ti 11GB card for similar money might be a better buy for some.

        • +2

          Your screenshot for "1080p" settings shows you are running COD at 4x super sampling. Your game is rendering at 4K. Hence the 8GB estimate.

          I can't find any evidence for Shadow of the Tomb Raider using more than 7.7GB at 4K. This is with lots of next gen features like ray tracing.

          Using 8K textures is not a normal use case. Yes, I agree, using 8K textures would need a lot of VRAM. That has nothing to do with my prediction about the viability of 8GB and 1440p. I said 8GB would be "viable" for 1440p. Not running at absolute max settings including 8K textures.

  • +1

    This card seems to have good thermals and acoustics. Seems a pretty decent deal considering a 3070 with similar specs is likely to run at $900 or more.

    • +2

      It’s one of the best value for money GPU out there with good performance. I am waiting for it to drop further. Maybe around the $475 - $500 range by itself. Plenty of stock out there so I am not worried. Also unrealistic to wait for it to drop to below $450.

    • Thermals and performance are decent, but I read acoustics have been universally terrible on this particular card generation from Gigabyte.

  • ended up biting the bullet and buying one of these 2070 supers, who knows when my 3080 evga ftw ultra will arrive. Does anyone know where shopping express post from and what sort of time frame they take to post?

    • When you buy from their eBay store, normally the same day. I think they are usually quick.

    • +1

      They post from Sydney, and for my recent order (RAM kit) it took them quite a while to post it - 5 days.

    • My recent purchase from them was shipped out the next day.

    • I bought RAM and an SSD a few weeks ago on Ebay Plus, and it arrived express post within 20-hours from order (Sydney to Gold Coast). Also included return padded envelopes. I think SE must have multiple different shipping options, but their eBay Plus inclusive postage processing seems extremely fast

  • +1

    Amazon prime day in 2 weeks, plenty of deals coming

    • I don't have a Prime subscription, but do have eBay Plus. Do you know if ebay have run competing deals in past when Amazon Prime Day is on?

      Otherwise I'm holding out for Black Friday sales on Nov 27

      • +2

        Not sure about eBay but every year I get some good deal out of Prime day, this year I am after SSD, CPU, Motherboard and GPU
        otherwise black Friday is bigger and more retailer join the game

  • +1

    Do these have rubbish problem ridden noisy fans like the original 2060/2070s? My gigabyte 2060 is god awful.

  • Damn this waiting game is hurting, Think my GPU has finally burnt out after near 5 years of abuse. This looks so good but uuughhh

  • Anyone having trouble claiming the SSD - getting bad gateway page after submission.

  • In case you missed it in past posts, buy any RTX 20 series card this month, register, and redeem to get Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Seige Gold free.


    • The Gigabyte Promotion Landing Page is here:

      I kept wondering whether my 2070 Super Windforce card is eligible because the page kept mentioning Gigabyte "Aorus" cards but in the application form, there is a drop-down box to select your card and my "Windforce" card model is on there so I am assuming that my card is part of Gigabyte's promotion.

      Note that the last day to claim your game code from Gigabyte is Monday 5th October 2020.

  • https://www.ple.com.au/Products/643466/PLE-GeForce-RTX2070-P...
    Good bundle to get this RTX 2070 and a 650W power supply for $689.

  • got my 2070 Super gaming OC today… Really not a big difference coming from a 1070 and the coil whine.. omf its bad. Think i might end up sending it back..

  • Got an email today saying everything is redeemed and my registration is not approved. I redeemed my code before the promotion was closed too. Not happy at all and something definitely seems fishy to me.

    • +1

      Yea same here.. NOT impressed.. I logged a RMA when I got the card coz of the coil whine so I'm VERY tempted to just post it back and get a refund.

      • Yeah mine has coil whine too. I'll RMA as well. Thanks for the tip!

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