1.5GB Unlimited National Calls and Text 28 Day Plan $3 for First 4 Renewals @ amaysim


Just found this deal while browsing. This would be good option for those who prefer using small data. You will be charged $3(every 28days) for first four renewals which means $12 for 112 days. After the four renewals, the plan auto renews at the cost of $10 every 28 days.The deal ends on 31st Oct.

Plan details

1.5GB data

Unlimited national calls, SMS and MMS to mobiles & landlines.

Additional data top up $10/1GB

If you run out of the included data in your UNLIMITED plan, you’ll be switched to the casual data rate of 7.2c/MB, however you’ll only be charged this rate if you have additional credit in your account.

Referral Links

Referral:  Krism or random (514)

$10 credit to both the referrer and referee.

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  • Awesome find … Amaysim is still good with cancellation, right?


    If you run out of the included data in your UNLIMITED plan, you’ll be switched to the casual data rate of 7.2c/MB, however you’ll only be charged this rate if you have additional credit in your account.

    doesn't mean auto-charge on credit card, right? Just credit that has been applied to the account.

    • Tnx mate. Yea, you are right. They won't charge on credit card for additional data unless you set an auto top like the 1GB/$10 option.

    • Yes they are good with the cancellation. Just ask ASIC and the ACCC. Once a court order was made against them they sent my ,$143 refund straight to the public trustee so I have to jump through more hoops. GOOD LUCK EVERY SUBSCRIBER.

  • $21 cashback how? referer a family member get $10 credit both too.

    • Hmmm, good question, neither show Cashback for 1.5GB. Keen to know as well.

    • I think cashback is $2 via cashrewards

      • +1 vote

        Yep and 3.50 for ShopBack (just received into account)

        • That’s good then, via shopback means you get one free month and 0.5 profit

          • @fozzie: It looks like the shopback cash back was changed to $2.10. So no profit anymore!

            • @lorikeet: Well you boys and girls are cutting it fine, dontcha think?
              If there werent a pandemic, would think this was a waste of time!! Even in a pandemic its a waste of time hehe

              So for $12 you get 5.50 back….

              Amaysim must be desperate company to try to inflate their membership to show they are viable

  • Im just confused if i buy them now what's the last date to avail this offer (4 months)

  • Is there an expiry date? Like latest date to activate the code?

  • Can we cancel membership before end of 4m?
    Do they ship simcard with this deal?
    Any cashback available from anywhere on top of $3? :)

    • +1 vote

      Yes - remove the auto renew option just before the 4th month (28 day period) ends

  • Yes - remove the auto renew option just before the 4th month (28 day period) ends

  • Does the sim come pre activated?

  • looks like the groupon cheap amaysim offer will be soon avaiable too

  • good deal, deserve a upvote.

  • Thanks OP. Got to choose a sick number. Didn't know they had this.

    • They have great numbers. I choose one for myself 2 years ago and then changed providers.

    • Yes! I just activated a sick number too. I don’t need the new number as yet, but I didn’t want someone else to take it (just means I will loose a couple of weeks really as I have another sim). However, at $3 is a very good bargain!

  • How does the referral work? do we get $10 credit to the account and will it be deducted every month from that?

  • Is it possible to buy it now and port your existing number to this in one month?

    • While ordering the SIM, you have to choose whether you want to port or a new number. You wont be able to change the option later on.

  • oh well, looks like exisitng customer can't get this deal.

  • thats what i call a deal! this is perfect for someone who uses their phone mostly for phone calls but a few gig of internet to check mails, whatsapp and light social media. Thanks op!

  • For porting from another network , it's need to be done only while buying?

  • Thanks OP, great deal and one I've jumped straight on. 1.5GB is a sweet spot for me, particularly during these WFH times. I haven't been on Optus infrastructure since Woolies were last an MVNO. Hopefully things have improved since then.

  • The way I read it is "$3 for the first 4 renewals" which means $3 for four renewals (112 days). What do you think guys?

    • Promotion Benefits
      Eligible Customers will receive $7 off their Eligible Plan for the first 4 consecutive renewals. On-going is $10/28 days. Valid until 11.59pm (AEDT) on 31 October 2020.

      • Yes, you are right. So "$3 for first 4 renewal" and "$3 for THE first 4 renewal" both are completely two different thing.

  • Good find OP. Will get closer to end of promotion as I don't need a new plan till next year for my daughter starting HS. After 4 months likely will change over to Woolworths mobile which whilst only 1G/month for $10, contract is for 30 days instead of 28 and has options of data banking if you don't use up the monthly data.

    • HS girl won't fully use up 1GB in a month , yeah dreaming

      • +1 vote

        Yes we will see and I'm aware about their social media pressure. However, there is Wi-Fi everywhere she is at, school, home, and she won't be taking public transport so the time she will need data is very rare. I am a moderate user and last year I used 6gb of data. If she is using more data, then we can have a discussion on that after.

        • Please note that most of the schools don’t allow to use the wifi on phones to students. And that is where the kids use it the most (during breaks and while waiting for bus etc).

          You can’t compare your usage to your teen. My kids use approximately 20gb (that’s the 17 yo, knowing it’s not unlimited) and 10gb (the 14yo)

          • @fozzie: Don't disagree with you in your last paragraph.

            Her current school does have some blockade to some apps and sites on the ipad which they use heavily as an educational tool, so it will be interesting when she moves to grade 7 in HS.

  • Thanks op, ordered one through the referral link so that will bring down the cost to $2 ($12-$10 referral credit) for four months. Does anyone know if we can use the $10 referral credit for paying the $3 next three renewals?

  • I have just purchased the kogan deal for $10 for 3 months. I wonder if i can activate this after 3 months.

  • How to use referral?

    • need to create an account and order the sim by clicking on the referal link below the post. You will earn the $10 credit when the sim is activated.

      • If I click the link, it takes to the plans, so just buy it from there?

        • that's right, if we go through the referral link then the referral code will be automatically applied to the order. I couldn't see any referral code in my order but i reckon that the referral link was recorded somewhere in their system.

  • I was just about to activate the free month we got through cash rewards https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/564077
    So to get this after my above 28 days are over, I have to order another Sim?

  • Hi all please note that ShopBack tracks @$3.50 :)

    • Wouldn’t it be better if we use the referral link as we can get $10 credit, ending up paying only $2 for 4 months?

  • Can anyone share how long it took to receive the sim? Cheers

  • just to be clear, can I order this on Oct 30th and activate (port) in mid Nov ? Also if I use referral link for $10 credit, would the total cost for 4 months be $2 ?