Clearance - Lacie 2TB Rugged Portable Hard Drive Thunderbolt and USB 3.1 $199 (Was $279) @ Officeworks


(WA - Midland Officeworks)

Went in to buy the standard LaCie Rugged USB-C Portable Hard Drive 2TB and saw this one sale.
Website only says clearance but not available online.

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  • I don't think this would be close to a deal. maybe if it was SSD.

  • Just checked, Specs for STFS2000800 says only USB 3.0 compatible on the Lacie Website.
    And the only difference between this and the STFR2000800 Model listed at $163 @AmazonAU is the lack of Thunderbolt.

    I get the rugged build is good for some people, but these seem to be seriously high in price for this amount of storage on a mechanical.
    2TB drives can be had for half this price.

  • They used to be great and highly reliable, but after being taken over by seagate and having one failed on me for no reason I can not recommend them anymore.

  • Just get an SSD and it’s more rugged to begin with (shock wise anyway)

    • Was going to post this, SSD doesn't have moving parts and is much more rugged to medium level impacts .. and if I need it really rugged I would also get a rubber case to go around your portable ssd case ..

  • paperweight really. a spinning drive? in 2020? external? wtf
    get a bigger internal SSD

  • speed usb 3.0 vs thunderbolt for large file transfer >10gb