R5-3500X GTX 1660 Gaming PC [B450 Mortar/16GB 3200]: $828 + Delivery @ Tech Fast


Good price. Enjoy :)

Spoke to rep Luke about shipping times and he said they're waiting on October RTX 3080 cards to arrive for those orders (no confirmed arrival date as yet for those wondering), so new PC orders will ship very quickly, just a few days.

  • 3500X 6c/6t processor
  • Galax GTX 1660 6GB
  • MSI B450M Mortar Max motherboard
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM
  • 240GB SSD (upgrades available)
  • 550W PSU (Allied 550W)
  • Leaper Flair RGB case

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  • Getting back into the world of PCs and I'm a bit lost, hoping someone can help. Looking for something entry-level for casual gaming which could be potentially upgraded later on and this seems like a really good option at the price, do people agree?

    • it looks great and is at excellent value - my only concern is the PSU.

      • That's the sweetener, the thrill of not knowing when it's going to die or explode

      • +4 votes

        For those who prefer branded, the Giga P650B is guaranteed for the 650W Bronze upgrade, and has been dropped to $79.

      • I had a similar system from and old deal, the system barely pulls more than 200w from the wall under gaming load, good chance it will be fine with the stock PSU

        • The issue with cheap power supplies isn't that they can't supply the claimed power, its that they are not as reliable and when they do break, they're more likely to take out other components with it.

          It's kind of like putting cheap no-name tyres on your car. They'll probably perform fine when they're new and in the dry, but when it get wet (e.g. a power surge), you're going to have problems.

    • In the current market, it's not bad. However, you can still buy the parts yourself for cheaper and build it yourself.

    • This is a pretty decent build for entry level.
      I bought parts for a b550 with wifi, 3600, 16gb ram, and a 1660 super mini itx, few case fans, case, and sfx psu, all for $1100. I built my own because I wanted specific parts to fit in a tiny case. Otherwise if you're just after functionality, you can purchase something like this techfast build which is good value.

    • I'd wait a month or so. We are gonna get cheap next gen ryzen cpus and 3060gpus.

    • Get yourself a Dell Optiplex mid tower and throw in a gtx 1660 super. Will cost you about $500 in total, so you save yourself ~$328 when compared to this “deal”. Plus you will get an activated Windows 10 OS.

      • The ancient CPU in an optiplex can't compare to a 3500x.

        This is also new. Don't assume an old optiplex will be 100% trouble free. People whinge about a generic brand 550 watt PSU, but are ok with the generic brand 220 watt PSU in the dell optiplex which has already been used for 6 years

        • This is also new.

          Sure. But Optiplex is much cheaper. Best way to get a decent gaming rig for $500.

          …generic brand 220 watt PSU in the dell optiplex which has already been used for 6 years.

          Not comparable. Dell PSU are high quality.

    • You probably want at least 3600x if you plan on upgrading (presumably gpu), a better PSU and also more storage.

  • cooling looks pretty shit to be honest.

  • Is this any good for MSFS2020?

  • I bought this end of last year. But with crapper case and crap biostar Mobo. Looks like these don't need replacing in this.

    What I'd do by order but overtime.

    Replace CPU fan (must) stock way too noisy at idle and at gaming load.
    Replacing PSU (also noisy)
    Upgrade ram to 32gb
    Replace case fans with Arctic fans 12cm
    Upgrade SSD

    • Yeah I got the gammaxx a few months ago for under $30. Was getting temps of 85°C now have trouble getting to 71°C. It's so quiet too

      I'd be more worried about the PSU burning my house down or frying the rest of the components than the noise of it.

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  • Do these come with video card?

  • My 3500X build from techfast experience.

    Arrived on time
    Graphics card DOA
    Sent it back FOC
    Got replacement graphics card with no DVI input
    Had to buy a converter…


    System lacks space for wireless card
    No SD card reader
    Bit loud but cheap
    Front LED fans do not turn on automatically

    Other than that, good cheap system.

    • My 3500X build from techfast experience.

      Arrived on time
      …7 months later
      …Graphics card temperatures sky high
      Sent it to TechFast
      FAuLt NoT FoUnD
      Sent it to MSI
      FaUlT NoT FoUnD
      Repasted, add washers and remove backplate
      I'm finally happy

      Apparently a junction temperature of 110c at 3500rpm is normal.

  • Watch out for the their tricky returns and refunds policy where they claim as soon as their courier picks it up it is your title (ie not their problem if lost by courier) https://techfast.com.au/pages/refunds-returns-policy

    • I dropped it off at Australia post.

    • Well that sorta changes things a little. I was contemplating getting my boy a y12 graduation pc off them on release on new amd.. i really couldt be assed taking them to task on the way they look to try obviscating their responsibilities .. will just build it with him ourselves now after reading that.. thx for heads up

      • Buy the components and build it with him. It's quite easy to do (I've built 2, just rebuilt the first one now I understand everything a bit better). Not only will you save money and get the components you want, but it'll be a great experience to do with him

    • You are misunderstanding.

      Title to the product(s) passes to you when TechFast delivers it to the carrier and risk of loss passes to you when the shipper delivers product(s) to the address you designate

      • If carrier says delivered but it is not… ???

        • For something like this I would think that they require signature on delivery.

          Whenever I'm unsure about an online purchase, I just pay with credit card, lodge a complaint with the bank and do a chargeback if things go awry.

  • Great price. The Mortar is a very nice board.

  • I'm new to the PC game but I always wanted to play age of empires and civilisation games. My current monitor is 1440p ultrawide resolution. I got caught up in the hype and was going to get the 3080 PC that techfast offered but was told it would be overkill, would appreciate help from someone who knows what the ideal spec for those games would be, would this be it?

    • You will need a minimum of a gtx 1660 or similar graphics card for high resolution gaming with your monitor. I made an earlier comment above on how to build one yourself for cheap.

  • Someone comming from a Pentium 3 era with Vodoos, and does this tower run games like deadspace 1 and far cry 1 on maximum setting smoothly? If so how will it handle cyberpunk?

  • Where to find a good deal on the o/s, like Windows 10?

  • +3 votes

    I just received my PC today from Techfast.
    It took about 2 weeks from purchase with postage taking one of those weeks.

    So far so good. This is my second PC from them and I'm a happy customer.

  • I'd rather spend less on the motherboard and more on the power supply.

  • Any idea if the MSI B450M mortar max in this is going to support the Ryzen 5xxx series?

  • Got this for my Sons bday, turned up today.

    One of the ram sticks was floating about in the case!.. I had to talk him through how to install it over a video call..

    I thought Techfast run tests after they build?

    Also, the CPU is idling between 55 and 61c which seems high, but I haven't used a 3500X before, so maybe that's normal.