This was posted 1 year 2 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Pizzas to First 1,000 to Register @ Domino’s (Facebook Registration Link Available Oct 25)


Good luck! Stay safe, and enjoy :)


Key Terms:

  • Promotion opens 3.00pm AEST 25/10/20 and closes 11.59pm AEST 26/10/20.
  • Promotion will involve a woobox link being made available on Domino’s Australia Facebook page during the promotional period. At the beginning of the promotional period, one thousand (1,000) prizes will be available to be claimed.
  • To win a prize, the entrants must, during the promotional period: (a) Accept these terms; (b) Operate a valid Facebook account; and (c) Be one of the first one thousand (1,000) entrants to visit the promotional link and enter their email address.
  • Prize is one (1) voucher for the pizza (being either Mega Meatlovers, Chicken & Camembert, Supreme, Garlic Prawn, Loaded Pepperoni or Hawaiian), valued at up to AU$18.20. There are one thousand (1,000) prizes to be won.

Found via Facebook.

Note: For NSW and for regions on UTC+11 time zone, start time of this promotion is 16:00 AEDT (Daylight Saving Time)

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  • Facebook link ?

    • Registration link not available until 3pm Oct 25.

      • +1

        but i'm hungry now

        • +2

          But you will be hungry then too.

      • Which timezone, it's 3pm in QLD

  • +8

    Be ready to get some dirty stares/comments when you pickup your free pizza.

    • +9

      Serious? It's always been smiles at my local.

    • +2

      why would the guy behind the counter care about how much you pay for your pizza

      • +4

        Not sure. Me and few other had bad experience when collecting their free pizza.

        • +3

          I copped this too when I redeemed two freebies at the same time once. Guy acted like I had hurt his family or something.
          I think some privately owned stores take every free pizza like a personal insult.

          • +4

            @King Tightarse: It is their baby, they know where the pizza ends up. Every one is made with love, in the back with lots of bodily fluids involved.

          • @King Tightarse: You are right . Its Franchise and head office running promotions less harm to the HQ. Just like 7-11, Caltex, etc. I think thats why the faces are grumpy .

    • +5

      My local has the same indifference of my existence whether I pay for a pizza or not lmao

    • It's the 'special sauce' you need to worry about

      • Should be okay if applied before it goes into the oven. If there is a chance they apply it after then you are in big trouble.

      • How many herbs and spices?

    • -1

      i get a double-take of the receipt from them at worst

    • I haven't had this experience yet, especially with their 30-minute delivery promise, would be stupid if they did. But this is seen EVERYWHERE. Not just these guys.Just humanity having a brain fade, we are weird like that.

  • Your profile is worth more than a pizza..

    • Why they post?

    • +5

      Your fake profile isn't :)

  • +7

    Bots will have these snapped up in seconds.

    • +6

      hello, I am bot and I like pizza nom om nom

  • +2

    I don’t exactly remember date but last year during AFL i went to dominos Bundoora and there was a guy with SUV and he brought so many pizzas. His boot was full and they had to put them on back seat. Don’t know he actually brought or used this offer coz this offer was active on that day.

    • it's one per person isn't it?

  • Spam by email and cold calls incoming

    • +16

      Wow, a little entitled. A free pizza and still complaining? Be thankful :)

      • +3

        Reminds me of the person who was in front of me at McDonald's yesterday: they got a free SMALL frozen coke and they had the audacity to say "my local normally gives me a large" when the actual ticket says a small frozen coke.

        • Someone needs to be feeding the sewer fat berg. With the pending financial cliff of reduced JobKeeper, JobSeeker etc.

      • +1

        Technically though its not free, you have handed over information as well as time. Plus if the promise was for something of a certain level or quality then thats what you should get unless stated that the free version is of a lesser quality.

        Saying that I dont really expect much from dominos or pizza hut pizzas anyway. I am not sure what that pizza in the pic was.

        • On Facebook you are already sold. It just depends on whether you sell it for a free pizza or Facebook gets the money.

          • @netjock: I thought these kinds of deals mean you need to like the page or perform a registration etc which means extra information is allowed from facebook to the company.

  • -1

    who is TA

  • +9

    Should be more like:

    Promotion opens 3.00:00 pm AEST 25/10/20 and sells out 3.00:01 pm AEST 25/10/20

  • now to find who is giving out free garlic bread

  • Thanks TA, love these free pizzas

  • +1

    If you aren't in QLD, watch out for daylight savings…

    • Thanks will make sure I wear a hat.

    • So is it 3PM QLD time or 2PM?

      • Aest, which will be QLD time only by then

  • +1

    ooooo another round of hunger games

  • Yeah, let me just set my calendar for 23 days time.

  • +3

    Prize is one (1) voucher for the pizza (being either Mega Meatlovers, Chicken & Camembert, Supreme, Garlic Prawn, Loaded Pepperoni or Hawaiian), valued at up to AU$18.20. There are one thousand (1,000) prizes to be won.

    Meat is cheaper than vegetables (vegetarian pizza). Unbelievable times we live in.

  • +5

    what's the link to get the free pizza when 3PM?

  • +5

    This deal was posted by Domino's on 30-Sep when DST had not started, so AEST = AEDT as of that date.

    Given that the promotion is for a later date, 25-Oct, and knowing that Domino's are usually very good at their T&Cs, I'd expect them to have correctly mentioned "3:00 PM AEST" (which is 4:00 PM AEDT).

    Also, the Order confirmation email that comes when you place an order, carries Domino's Pizza address as Hamilton, QLD, 4007, so by all means they would be following AEST in their business.

    Registered Office. Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited Level 1. KSD1 485 Kingsford Smith Drive Hamilton QLD 4007.

    I'm however not taking a chance, and keeping an eye out at both times: 3:00 PM AEDT and 3:00 PM AEST.

  • +4

    Dont see any links on fb

    • Most likely it is 3:00 PM AEST, that's 4:00 PM AEDT for you.

  • No link posted as of 3:01PM AEDT, so must be avail at 4:00PM AEDT

    • As per T&C it is 3:00 PM AEST, that's 4:00 PM AEDT for you.

  • So another hour then?

  • Can't see any links

  • Haven't seen anything yet so… probably another hour?

  • Yeah, me thinks 4pm

  • No pizza yet

  • Let's see how this one pans out. I get this is the feeling that it's this 'deal' all over again.

  • Nothing, will they post at 4pm?

    • AEST, not that weirdo daylight saving nonsense.

    • As per T&C it is 3:00 PM AEST, that's 4:00 PM AEDT for you.

    • 2:07 pm
      Sunday, 25 October 2020
      Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

  • Woobox?

    • should be.

      I see they have posted a similar deal yesterday:

      Want to score a dinner deal in time for the footy this weekend? 🏉🍕
      Head here for the chance to get your Facebook exclusive code:
      Get in quick, we've only got 1,000 codes to give away!

      • Oh would it be available on the same post as OP linked?
        Or is it a fresh post on the dominos Facebook page?

  • Amazed by the unending appetite for these deals.

    I remember the Pizza Hut deals which lasted almost microseconds, lol.

    • who doesn't love a free pizza? ;)
      (even though i've had heaps from that August giveaway, and the free pizza from downloading the app)

  • Who's the winner though?
    Mega Meatlovers or the Supreme? Do you recon this will work only for the winning flavor or for any Premium / Traditional Pizza as has been observed earlier?

    • +1

      why don't people ever read the comments?

      • Because they didn't go to Specsavers!

  • +1

    T - 5

  • t-2

  • T - 1

  • T-0

  • t-0

  • where is my pizza

  • +5

    wheres the link in the post lol

  • +1

    Where’s the pizza?

    • Link please

  • +6

    Where is the Link?

  • +8

    what a waste of time…

  • This isn't a competition.. seems like it's just voting?

  • No link

  • +3


    1. The Promotion opens at 3.00PM AEST on 25 October 2020 and closes at 11.59PM AEST on 26 October 2020 (Promotional Period). Entries before or after this time will not be included.

    2. The Promotion will involve a woobox link being made available on the Domino’s Australia Facebook Page (Promotional Link) during the Promotional Period.

    I think this means the link will be made available anytime during 3pm AEST today and 11:59 AEST tomorrow ????

    • +2

      Here we go again.

      • To be fair it's not very clear

        • they have these like promo for a few times here now and start time always right on the dot

        • -1

          It is very clear.

          Term 3: The promotional period is from 3PM AEST 25/10/2020 to 11:59PM AEST 26/10/2020.
          Term 5: The promotional link will be made available during the promotional period.

          • +1

            @alvian: Perhaps, perhaps not - if lots of people are expecting something different then maybe it's not crystal clear to everyone

          • @alvian: At the beginning of the Promotional Period, one thousand (1,000) Prizes will be available to be claimed by Entrants.

            • @dilbot: Sure, Domino's Pizza has made 1,000 pizza available for claims at the beginning of the promotional period, but the promotional link will be made available (anytime) during the promotional period. There is a difference between the pizzas being available and the link being available.

    • +2

      Would think that the link will be released when the voting for the winning pizza is finished, whenever that is. Honestly no idea, its so unclear.

    • Post from Monday

      Tune in this weekend for the final round of flavours battle against each other to take out the MVP Premiership!
      (Don't forget, we'll be giving away 1,000 pizzas of the winning flavour!)

      So should be by 11:59pm today at latest.

  • +4


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