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Ozito Power X Change 18V Compact Drill & Impact Driver Kit - Pickup $99.98 @ Bunnings


Same as previous deal:

° Drill
° Driver
° 2.5aH battery
° Compact fast charger

Seen at SUNBURY, VIC. Plenty in stock

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  • Would this be available at all store? Or could a Bunnings store price match another Bunnings store?

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      It's discounted on their website. Discounted VIC wide at the very least.

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    • They have price matched in the past, but my recent experiences are they don't do it anymore..YMMV

      The drill is pretty crap. The impact driver is decent though.

      • Crap because its 18v? How would it compare to a similarly specced Ryobi?

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          I'd say because it has a 10mm plastic chuck and the no load speed maxes out at 550rpm. It's also not a hammer drill so not suitable for masonary work and the torque rating is pretty low. A better drill will have a metal 13mm chuck and spin to 1500 or so with no load.

          Plenty of 18v drills on the market that do the job, can't blame the voltage….but I mean it's a cheap drill, can't expect a lot out of it for the price really.

          • @whitelie: Agreed. I have no attraction to it, but it was ideal for my hermit sister's usage… And with her described budget of 'zero', this kit is perfect.

        • It just feels gutless. Slow speed and not much torque.
          Ok for soft woods like pine.
          Will struggle on hardwood and any type of metal, even with decent drill bits.

          Definitely cannot do masonry at all.

          I only use this as a backup. I have the toolpro brushless hammer drill driver too and it's much better.

          I'd guess the Ryobi would be better

        • Just to add more details to this, I have both the PXC compact drill and the bigger 2 speed. The compact drill is handy for quick jobs and use as a screw driver in assembling furniture as it is lighter. The bigger drill is much more powerful (still nothing special) and allows to adjust between torque and speed, this drill can drill into much thicker and heavy duty material.
          If you want anything serious you have to go with the brushless range, but then they are expensive and you are almost better off going with a more premium brand (obviously at a higher cost).

          • @OpayuOnam: Oh I just realised I have that two speed drill not the compact one.
            My comments remain the same. It's pretty average.

            • @edrift: I have the 2 speed hammer drill (PXHDS-180) and it looks like it would be a compact drill of another brand. It's a couple of models above this deal's "compact" drill…. They are designed for DIY after all.

  • I'm in the market for a power tool for home use only. Will this be a good choice? Would prefer a big name brand but they are more expensive

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      I think that this is good value proposition for home use.

      However i would look at the range of tools when making your choice as you are buying into their eco system.

      I have bought most of my Ozito 18v tools when on special thanks for OzB.

      However i'm now locked into the Ozito eco system, which is a pity cause the Ryobi v18 range is a lot bigger and has many tools that i would love to have (soldering iron, string lights, air compressor, car charger). But this comes at 30-40% price hike.

    • If this is your first drill and in general you want to not have to buy too many (until the bug bites hehe) get a decent brand hammer drill.
      Like when a Ryobi or Bosch kit goes on clearance special.
      It's like jack of all trades where you can do a bit of everything, maybe just need a bit more effort compared to the dedicated counterparts.

    • I have this set I think it is a great addition to a “proper” drill (one that also has hammer drill function). It would be unlikely if you want to get into even some light DIY you can avoid needing hammer function. The drill is great for light work and the impact drill has some decent power. I’ve found the best value was having my main drill, plus these 2 in hand so I don’t need to constantly swap out drill / driver bits.

    • With no batteries, I saw the better drill (PXDDS-180) for $40 (more torque, larger chuck, has speed options) and the hammer version (PXHDS-180) is $50.

      I would say the hammer version is like a compact drill from other manufacturers, but is fine if you don't abuse it. Also you have a 5 year warranty.

      Since I had some Ozito batteries from a hedge trimmer kit, I bought the drill without battery.

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      different products. OP has 1x 2.5Ah

    • Got one like quoted in this deal from Bibra Lake (WA) last night. As others said, the drill is different (weaker compact version) and there's only 1 (however slightly larger 2.5Ah) battery comparing to the $169 kit. They had 6 or 7 boxes left in stock. There's only price tag left on display shelf, need to ask staff to get them from scaffolds.

    • Yes this deal ($99):
      is for the 18V Compact Drill And Impact Driver

      But the regular one ($169):
      is for the 18V Drill and Impact Driver

      Bunnings don't appear to sell the compact drill separately. (and when you look at the regular, even hammer version, you can see it's "compact" by most standards)

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    Some details here about this vs other Ozito drills:

    Without battery, the price of a better unit (PXDDS-180) $40 (more torque, larger chuck, has speed options) and the hammer version (PXHDS-180) is $50.

    • Also missing charger. So two totally different audiences.

      Personally, if you've already started with another Ozito kit, I'd get the better skins you mention. Otherwise, bite the bullet & get into Ryobi one+.

      • Ah yes, forgot that they don't include chargers with batteries. I got mine in a kit, and the cheap clipon charger included would only be a few dollars, but they don't sell that separately.
        If someone is considering Ryobi, they may want to also consider their bigger brother, AEG. Of course it's always the case for a bit more $ you can get a better product… Just a matter of making a budget.

  • good deal but not brushless!
    has anyone seen any Ozito brushless deal around ?

    • Brushless doesn't matter on a $99 kit.

      Horses for courses, as they say.

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      I've recently asked Ozito about brushless kits. Their response was; "Our promotional PXC kits are usually aimed at getting a great value PXC collection at an affordable price point so do more often pair brushed models together. It has been a while since we've used Brushless pairings in kits but it's not off the cards!"
      So let's see.

  • i looking for a drill etc for everyday personal use. is this worth it?

  • Has the listing been removed from the site? Or is this unavailable in QLD?

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      When I change store to a QLD one, the link doesn't work. Returns to homepage.

      • There's a pile of them here at Bunnings Maroochydore, though. Marked $99.

  • We have ozito 14.4 from 5-6 years back. It's totally dead in sense that takes 12 hours to charge and then lasts about 30 minutes and also not enough power.

    I was holding out for the boach sales.

    Would you guys say it's worthwhile to get this or wait to the boash sale and get it when it's $150

    • 90% of my cordless stuff is Bosch. It's lightyears ahead of this, but so is the price. And for trade, it has to be.

      But I'm really unsure what kit you're referring to. $179 combo?

    • No offence but sounds like you don't know how to look after your tools. If you don't maintain the batteries properly they will get wrecked.

      If you buy Bosch and treat the batteries the same way, they'll also die a similar death.

      If you have the cash to burn, always buy Bosch over ozito.
      If you want to save a little money, go ozito. I have lots of ozito tools and they are generally good for diy stuff. Definitely not trade quality.
      Bosch green is only a bit better I would say.
      Bosch blue would be much better.

      But ozito has a very good warranty policy anyway.

      • What's the best way to maintain the batteries for a long useful life?

        • Don't drain them till they're dead/flat, charge them before storing them, and just use them.

          Charging circuits are pretty smart these days. The worst thing you can do is run them dead and/or leave them dead

  • link doesn't work, but here's the 18V Impact Driver Kit

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