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Dell 27 Monitor S2721DS QHD IPS 2560x1440 at 75hz $292.30 Delivered @ Dell Australia


Might be the cheapest this monitor has been so far.

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Solid

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    Bought it on the $239 deal posted here.

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      Even more solid.

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      That deal was for the 'd' version, not the 'ds', the difference is the stand.
      DS has a superior and more adjustable stand.

      • Ahh I see. But, it's the same screen no?
        Anyways, stand is no issue to me as I'm using a monitor arm.

      • Damn, wish i had waited for this.
        I wanted the stand so i can have it vertical, but didnt think it would ever go on sale :\

        • Cancelled my ebay order and got this.
          The stand is worth the extra $50 to me

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          Nothing lost, you can have North Bayou F80 monitor stand/arm for $44 from Amazon, which IMHO is far superior wrt to flexibility and adjustment. And in true OzBargain spirit you will still have $9 left compared to anyone buying this deal.

          Given Dell's stand looks cleaner if it meets your needs and you value looks more than $9

          • @dr: Unfortunately an arm wont work very well on my desk. The F8 doesnt go forward enough.

            Only solution is much more expensive arms :(

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        Genuine question, is the stand the only difference?

        If so, the $239 'd' deal still looks really awesome.

        • Yes the stand is the only difference.

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          Yes, the stand is the only difference I believe…

          I got the "D" because I have it on an arm so I don't need the adjustability of the "DS"

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            @FLICKIT: So you got the D, huh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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              @Munki: I love to fire back with a good "yo momma" joke, but you've got me, nothing's coming to mind, lol …

              • @FLICKIT: I bet it's hard when you got D on your mind. But hey, we're all happy for you mate! ;)

              • +1

                @FLICKIT: When I gave yo mumma the D she had trouble standing too.

    • D is a much better deal. If you really need rotation can get awesome desk mount which can adjust way more options and looks cleaner on desk. The diffrence is not worth it

  • Thank you, picked one up

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    thanks, $20 cheaper than the ebay 20% sale (which still hasnt shipped yet…)

    • Cancel.

    • Can you cancel these I wonder? Ebay not very easy to cancel sales.

      • he means cancel the order. you request Dell Ebay to cancel it

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    Cheers OP bought one and stacked the $60 off code Dell emailed me with it.

    • Ive order 5 monitors from dell since August. 4 have been delivered. Not one code.

    • Why they gave you $60 code

      • Idk, the only thing I've ever ordered from Dell was the $507.93 S2721DGF which I placed on Aug 2nd and had to wait until very recently to receive it. I received a $60 off code in my email inbox from them yesterday.

        • Must be an automated offer 60 days after ordering. :)

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          Thanks mate! Made me check my inbox and I had one too!

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    There's a deal coming tonight for this monitor. Don't buy just yet!

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      +1 Yep, rep said it will drop late today

      • Is there a thread with this info or have people been asking Dell directly?

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        Link to the where rep said that?

        • +1

          LiMaaa sent me a private message :D

    • Can you provide any more info? I assume a deal not through Dell directly?

    • On where?

      • hopefully not eBay Plus :P

        • If eBay Plus, they will jack the price, then pass on the discount.

    • Thanks for the tip!! Kind of one 1 D and 1 DS so willing to wait and see…

    • really? ffs.
      but there cannot be a deal on it if its all sold out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • I heard the same, I suspect they've just started early, I struggle to see it getting much cheaper?, but I could be wrong…

      • +1

        I reckon be different code(s) and perhaps slightly cheaper with limited orders.

        • how hard is it to cancel orders direct through dell? …..

          • @cumova: Just cancelled after buying last night then seeing this deal.

    • Better than this price?

    • Any idea about the time?

  • I stand corrected

    • If you got the 'd' model, no stand

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        The D has a stand, but it's only tilt adjustable, no shimmy, swivel, pivot, height adjustment like the DS…

    • You can sit if you like.

  • Shows $314.30 to me ?

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      Apply the coupon code!

    • use the code

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      Arh thanks I'd neg myself

  • Even cheaper that I bought 😣

    And D model $429 XD


  • make sure you're ready to wait, this is a "build to order" listing.
    contact dell sales on the chat or call them up to find out the lead time
    once you order it will be built first in their factory in Asia, then shipped

    • Bought from last deal and received quicker than expected.

      • How long does it take?

        • Last deal was on 16-17 Sept and received on 29 Sept. Originally it said Oct.

          • @superforever: Hey mate, does yours have bad IPS glow? Mine does and I'm unsure if it's standard for this panel.

    • How can you tell it's build to order?

    • Just got the order confirmation email, the ETA is 8th October for me.

  • Hoping the the D version goes cheaper in line with this pricing as I'd chuck it on a Vesa mount anyways.

    LiMaaa please do your magic!

    • LiMaaa said before the D would be discounted again later this month… Kinda tempted to get a second one but I really dont need it, lol

    • Does it take VESA standard? I was trying to find it on the listing but nada, and the image provided ~halfway down the page looks like some sort of proprietary mechanism

  • just got two for the wfh setup

  • very good deal,if you are after the stand, then go for it. if you use arm/mount, and you can wait, the upcoming "d" type deal will be $50ish cheaper.

    • there is an upcoming deal?

      EDIT: Sorry - read comments above. my bad :)

  • Got one! Thanks!

  • does this monitor allow you to split screen to mimic having 2 monitors

  • I’ll hold back till y’all hear back from LiMaaa, he msged me late last night regarding upcoming deals on 2 monitors.

    • is there any major technical upgrade on upcoming 2721D or 2722D?

  • +2

    Dell is forcing everyone to upgrade to 2k

  • Pulled the trigger, got the ViewSonic 2k from an earlier deal and am not happy with it. Can't be bothered waiting for a limited eBay offer that may never eventuate.

  • waiting for the D here

    • -2

      don't wait here for the D. Better luck at Tinder.

  • +1

    Thanks, grabbed one as the adjustable stand suits my bunnings table desk more than a vesa arm xD

    Plus 1 more available tonight for someone else ;)

    • you are a gentleman (or woman)

  • Damn I paid $311 two weeks ago.

  • Anyone got a TLDR on what's the difference between this and the very popular non-S version posted recently?


  • Thanks, got one.!

  • What's the $239 deal referred to in the second comment? Anyone know?

    • +1

      It was an eBay deal two weeks ago, same screen but without a height adjustable stand. This one is good because you can rotate the screen

  • Thanks OP! I was bummed out about the last deal as I missed out. I ordered 2 of this.

  • Thanks had been looking for a decent 1440p 27" for a while, missed the last deal. Ordered 2.

  • Thanks, I just bought three!

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