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Dell 27 Monitor S2721DS QHD IPS 2560x1440 at 75hz $292.30 Delivered @ Dell Australia


Might be the cheapest this monitor has been so far.

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  • Thanks, got one

  • Thanks bought 3

  • Thanks. Got one to go alongside the S2721DGF.

  • +1

    Anyone know of a USB C dock that can output QHD @ 60-75hz comfortably on a Surface Book 2?

    If I had Thunderbolt 3 I would just get the caldigit ts3 but alas Microsoft a useless.

  • -3

    1440p, but only 75hz? whats refresh rate?

    • You're about $200 too cheap, this one is for casual gaming.

  • +2

    When checking out - it appears as 400+ in price? All gone?

  • Can it be used for ps5?

    • Hard to say for sure. 1440p looks more and more likely to be supported on PS5. You'd still be able to use this at 1080p but most don't like 27" at that resolution. Maybe worth going up to 4k if it's in your budget?

  • I get quite bad eye strain etc. how are these screens for people who struggle with glare etc? Can anyone comment?

    • I'm certainly no expert but I'm real impressed with mine, a significant upgrade from the 10yo Dell 23" SP2309W's I've been using, much sharper and much less glare, to be honest I haven't noticed any glare at all so far.. (I have large windows behind me)

      • Hey mate, does yours have excessive IPS glow? Mine is quite extreme, wondering if it's standard for this panel.

        • I don't think so, I have a black desktop and it's a good black, I cant see any bleed or glow around the edges… (I'm not a monitor connoisseur though)

    • +2

      Owner of two monitors I got from the last $311 deal. No glare whatsoever! Unbeatable monitor in this price-bracket.

  • Huh… when I add to cart and view it, it shows up as the full $449 price.

    • Same here. Anyone else know what we're missing?

      • i think you're just too late tbh

      • They removed the 30% discount.

  • How would this go alongside 34 inch Xiaomi ? Don't really need two monitor but still getting tempted :)

  • Add $50 you will get 4k monitor

  • Is the vesa mount for this and the S2721DGF the same height? I would like this to be mounted next on my arm. However I don't want one to be higher than the other.

  • My order still says processing on the Dell site. Is this normal?

    • I can't even view my order..in my account it says no orders, and when I use the link from the email confirmation it says not found.

      Definitely got charged for it, can see it on my CC. Wonder what's going on.

      [Edit] Scratch that, it's all appearing now. Must have been a temporary glitch. And mine is also on 'Processing' so yeah seems normal.

  • Bugger. I paid $311 in the last deal 2 weeks ago. Still haven't received. Wonder if I can be refunded the difference?

    • I am in the same boat!

  • One day I'll catch this deal.

  • how did this go so quick?? :'(

    • +1

      same boat - hoping the 6pm deal rocks up

      • there's a 6pm deal?

        • dingdong3000 7 hours 49 min ago

          go to page 1 - I don't know how to link comment

        • Deal has passed. There should be more deals coming towards end of Oct i reckon.

  • Anyone's shipped yet?

    • 3 arrived today

  • Anyone using this monitor on Vesa mount and would like to trade the stand for my D version?

  • Mine just arrived this morning. Looks great right out of the box, colours pop and text is sharp without being too small. Checking out this video showed me the superiority over my old Techfast bundled monitor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13wt6cmCRK0

    • +1

      Nice vid. Looks amazing on the monitor.

      • I've bookmarked that vid for any future TV/monitor testing, easily the crispest video I've seen on youtube. Someone in the comments says it was shot on a $100,000 camera :O

  • Both mine arrived yesterday! :D

  • Mine yesterday

  • +1

    Mine today. Surprisingly it was very quick to set up. Took about 2 mins.

    • +1

      Yeah was super easy to set up, all consumer goods should be like that!

  • Stumped as to why an Intel 530, from an Intel i5-6500, isn't able to do 75hz (stuck at 60hz). Updated drivers. The second unit I bought is connected to an XPS-13 with 4K display, and can do the 75hz @ 1440P no issues. That one has an Intel® Core™ i7-8565U.

  • mines eta nov 24 rip…..

  • is there a monitor settings to get the 75 Hz?

    I am currently connected using a DP to DP cable. Display is connected to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 and the Refresh rate is 59.951 Hz

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