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Dell S3221QS 32" Curved 4K UHD Monitor - $543.44 Shipped @ Dell AU


Original Coupon Deal

Good price for 32 Curved 4k Monitor

Not as cheap as the previous deal $503.20 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/566100

4K UHD (3840 x 2160) at 60 Hz
Curved 1800R screen
VA display with 99% sRGB and 90% DCI-P3
AMD FreeSync™ technology.
Premium sound: built-in dual 5W speakers
Flicker-free screen with ComfortView

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  • +32

    60hz VA panel with 4ms response time… Just to save anyone the time looking through the specs. Happy shopping :)

    • -8

      Huge help.

      Also disgusting specs.. 60hz, 4ms and VA (major puke on the 60hz and 4ms)

      • +2

        Double to quadruple this price

        • +2

          $1000+ - Yucky :P

  • $543.44 with SUPER7

    Edit: can't read, already in title….

  • Bought one, thanks!

  • All these Dell monitor deals and still no love for the 38" UW crew :-(

  • Looking to play games, code and general web browsing - would this be a good monitor (have been looking to get a 4k monitor for a while as well)?

    • +1

      60hz is a no go for me, especially for fps.

      VA panel is also a downside compared to an IPS panel for colour and viewing angles.

      • +3

        What do you mean especially for fps?

        Having experienced what Samsung can do with VA panels now I much prefer the brightness and contrast to IPS.
        This would be perfect if they made a 120hz version for around double or a bit less the price.
        I don't think viewing angles would be a problem either as with a curved 32" you'll be infront of it.

        • Yeah there's like a 5% kill rate using an awp on CS GO with a 60hz panel

      • Ah should've mentioned it was some light gaming (e.g i'm playing on a console) - 60hz might be sufficient for me?

        • 1440p would be sufficient for you lol

          • @krisspy: Is 32 inch 1440p a good combo? Only going to be running 1 monitor so I want as much working space as I can on the screen.

        • Yep, would be sufficient however remember that the new consoles will be able to push 4k/120hz so you'll be missing out on that if you get the new Xbox/PS5.

          • @hotpants: Good luck finding a monitor with hdmi 2.1 in this price range

            Get a tv

          • @hotpants: Ah that's a pretty good point - thanks for informing me, I didn't know that. I might keep a look out for a higher hz monitor

          • @hotpants: I've decided to buy this for my PS4 Pro and general use for laptop extension

            I don't need more than 60 Hz as console don't go over 60 Hz for 4k, plus I'm not buying ps5 at least for few years

            I will be attaching this to a 4k HDMI switch for multiple inputs eg. Wii U, Switch, PS3, Android box etc

      • Any recs for a 4K 32 inch 120hz IPS display? Something below $550 would be good.

        • You're dreaming my friend lol
          4k 32" 100hz is around $2,000

        • Doesn't exist at that price range

        • Take a look at some 42" 4K TVs

    • I'd get a 32" ultrawide 1440p monitor TBH. I use one at work and home for software dev and it's amazing. Install Microsoft PowerToys and it gets even better.

  • How does this compare to Samsung U32R590C ?
    I order the Samsung on ebay and still waiting for delivery

    • +1

      I used U32R590C (returned) for few months and S3221QS for one month. Will recommend Dell because. S3221QS has adjustable stand. One more hdmi. USB hub. Inbuilt speaker. P3 colour.

  • Bought one!

    Estimated delivery is 30 October.

  • I have a 32" 2k curved VA panel S3220DGF sitting alongside the 27" IPS S2721DGF.

    Haven't tweaked the IPS 27" much yet but at this stage the VA 32" looks just as good an has a bit less light bleed.

    I suppose the curved panel might help with viewing angles?

    Thinking of selling the IPS 27" and getting another curved 32"

    • You noticed much colour shifting with the VA panel?

      • +1

        I hadn't in normal usage. Ran a few diags and the IPS performed marginally better for color shift and banding. The differences were subtle, but for a color critical workspace eg video grading probably worth noting.

  • Quick question,

    For the programming purpose, do you think getting this one or getting two 24'' monitor will be better?

    • I personally find using a single monitor right in front of my eyes easier than looking on left or right to see two side by side screen. I use a 27” 4K monitor for productivity work, and my 16” MacBook Pro as secondary screen for reference, email or MS-Teams. I find this best for my use, YMMV. My arrangement is kind of -\ instead of /\ , if you know what I mean.

    • VA can be a problem as when you scroll text against a dark background (IDE in dark mode), it can look smeared. I'd personally look at IPS if you want to code on it.

  • My dell monitor order from last week is still pending for some reason

  • My S3221QS arrived last week. It's awesome! Once you play with the colour settings the picture is very very good. In my eyes equally as good as my IPS U2515H. Having a curved VA panel of this size makes perfect sense. This will pair very nicely with a next gen console while we wait for the price of OLEDs to decrease a little.

    • when did you order? and when you did was it in production or shipped? as my says its still in production and due in november…..

      • Ordered on the 15th and was delivered on the 29th (Sept).

  • I forgot Cashrewards, D'OH!

    Oh well, thx OP, ordered one.

  • +1

    If you have made a purchase with dell recently, you can use your Dell Advantage coupon. The deal a couple of months ago for the S2721DGF at $507 should get you a $60 coupon send to your email. For me that bought this down to $483.44. Not bad! Now please stop posting monitor deals. I can't afford to go on like this.

    If there are some generous souls out there who got the S2721DGF deal but aren't planning to use their coupons, perhaps they could post here to help those less fortunate. They expire after like 3 months or something.

    • +1

      Be awesome if they could. I just find it surprising people are buying more and more monitors instead!

  • -2
    • My calculator.exe is borken 404.

  • Received notification that it's onboard with courier for delivery today (Bris). A happy surprise after the order confirmation email said 4 November.

    • Mine was dropped 5 min ago. Supposed to be scheduled mid Oct. Super fast. Woohoo!

      Can't wait to open it, stuck at work still ugh.

    • My order shows 2nd Nov, and still in production…..not sure how you got yours that quick

      • Yeah that's strange. I didn't get shipping notification, just an invoice by email. Checked the website which said it'd been dispatched on the 6th. Delivered by Startrack from Syd to Bris overnight.

        • Well I ordered on 3rd October stuck on in production

          • @neonlight: Order placed 2 Oct at 12:07pm.

  • yeah, I got mine too just today, does anyone know what would be the best setting for this big boy? (working from home setup and slight gaming)

    • Options are pretty limited. The presets aren't exactly subtle, lol. It only lets you adjust brightness and contrast in anything other than Movie and Game, which give a bit more flexibility as far as saturation and colour but it's really basic stuff. Movie would be my option if you could adjust warmth but it's just too cold for my taste. So I've stuck with Normal or sRGB and dropped brightness to 40%.

      • thanks :)

        • I've done the same. sRGB, set to 30% brightness though. HDR turned on (via physical button menu, the option isn't there in Dell Display Manager).

  • Supports HDR content playback to elevate your entertainment.

    Excuse my ignorance. My PS4 says my TV is not an HDR monitor. What gives?

    • did you try in game mode? is your HDMI cable the right type?

      • Found the fault. It was my 4K hdmi 4way splitter. When connected directly it works, but it doesnt with this crap splitter.

        • excellent good to hear!

  • Do Dell offer business account where you can buy now and pay invoice later?

  • Order this last Friday, delivered yesterday. Very impressed!

    • Ordered Last Fri ETA Nov 2nd

      • i ordered on sunday with a ETA of 5/11, think it will come sooner?

        the guys that got it early was it listed as in production?

        • The delivery date I received when I ordered on the 2/10 was 4/11. It arrived on the 7/10.

          • @TooFarr: :/ did they tell it was shipping or get a tracking number?

            • @HannibalK1ng: I received a copy of the invoice from Dell on the morning of the delivery. But nothing specifically about the delivery.

  • You guys who've already received them - could you share some first impressions?

    These apparently have a long lead time (spoke to someone at Dell today) so late Oct or early Nov is likely with 2,000+ orders, or so he said


    • +2

      All arrived in order, and was super fast delivery in my case. Performance is good from PC Win10, Movie, and normal gaming looks good. Haven't tried FPS games as yet.

      Tried on Xbox one X for 4k HDR and I get "your tv setup does not support hdr10 for gaming" - which is a bit annoying, not sure what can be done, tried all three modes on the monitor. Can't see an override. Anyone know how to resolve this?

      Lots more details here: https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/dell/s3221qs

      • +3

        @pbaz Awesome thanks man. Downloaded and applied rting's calibrated ICC profile using this guide and the resulting image is a notable improvement over stock.

        Viewing angles are poor but it's a non issue if you're sitting directly in front of the screen. I was unsure about the curvature thing but it's not overly pronounced and doesn't take long to adapt. Even coming from a 27 inch panel I'm finding content so much more immersive. Divinity Original Sin 2 is ridiculous on this thing :P

      • have you tried in game mode?

        the right hdmi cable?

        • Yes, the monitor has three modes under Smart HDR, desktop, game mode, and movie mode, tried each with full restarts of the Xbox - no change. Cable is the one that came with the monitor but I tried the one from the Xbox also, both I believe are HDMI 2.0

          • @pbaz: you tried turning RGB range to full on xbox, automatic is standard but not correct…. see alot of people have this issue on the ps4 and i think with xbox as well

            • @HannibalK1ng: Not sure what you mean by that….so automatic doesn ot work you need to set manually to RGB?

      • So you can't use 4k hdr on consoles or is it Xbox only? Want to know if anyone got ps4 pro and try to see if hdr works

        • i know from my own research on the PS4 you need to set RGB on the ps4 console to full which will enable HDR to be turned on…. so im guessing it might be the same for xbox

          • @HannibalK1ng: Just got back from work, the setting I tried was the PC RGB setting which warns of full colour and some TVs don't support blah blah. No issues for this monitor. Didn't make a difference. Also tried changing the Colour Depth from 8bit to 10 and 12 bit. No change still no support detected in the 4k setup for HDR gaming

  • has anyone tried with a ps4 pro and got HDR to turn on?

    you would need to set RGB range on the PS4 to full and not automatic

    • I want to know too. If this moniotr cannot support PS4 Pro with full RGB on HDR I'm going to cancel the order as I haven't got it yet. Please anyone?

      • Yeah full rgb and hdr all works.

        • Great thanks

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