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Dell S3221QS 32" Curved 4K UHD Monitor - $573.10 Shipped @ Dell AU


Key feature
4K UHD (3840 x 2160) at 60 Hz
Curved 1800R screen
VA display with 99% sRGB and 90% DCI-P3
AMD FreeSync™ technology.
Premium sound: built-in dual 5W speakers
Flicker-free screen with ComfortView

Mod: Replaced SITEWIDE3 ($654.02) coupon with DELLEPP5 ($640.53) coupon. - Thanks doweyy
Replaced DELLEPP5 ($640.53) coupen with DEPPEPP15 ($573.10) coupon - Credits to humptydumpty and srcc1.

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  • How does this compare to LG 32UK550 or BenQ EW3270U?

  • Beat me to it :) This is a VA display, apart from that the spec looks good.

    • What about this vs the Ozb fav Xiaomi ?

      • Putting specs aside, the one thing that'll decide between these two monitors for me is 21:9 vs 16:9.

        The Dell is just a big monitor where the Xiaomi is a widescreen monitor.

        • Xiaomi screen is kind of weird for me to play games. Beside I'd prefer 4k instead of WQHD

      • That xiaomi monitor light bleeds everywhere.

        My main monitor is an ultrawide alienware and I actually prefer it. But I imagine the quality control here will be a bit better than the xiaomi and this will be 4k ready for next gen consoles.

    • Most PC gamers these days make a big deal of 60hz too.

      It's not impossible someone spending $600 on a monitor nowadays might try out 120hz sometime soon and realise they really prefer that and be disappointed.

      • Can't imagine many people will have the specs for pushing 4k past 60hz at the moment. Even 2080ti's struggle with that.

  • Really want to see a review on this first before biting the bullet. Damn!

    • Same here - but I really want to try out a bigger primary monitor (24" just isn't enough for me anymore)

  • Looks decent. I bought a Samsung one some months ago and at 32" you start to perceive the corners being further away than the middle.

    Pity it doesn't have USB C for futureproofing - that feature seems to be reserved for stupid money monitors.

  • This or S2721DGF? (I'm still waiting on delivery so maybe this one will get to me sooner? Lol)
    I plan to use it primarily for photo editing and secondly for gaming. I'm assuming it'll work well with what I have (specs below) - Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Ryzen 5 3600, Gigabyte B450, 32GB (2x16GB), 500GB NVMe M.2 SSD, 2TB 256MB HDD and Gigabyte GeForce GTX1660Ti

    • For those two uses I would go the S2721DGF.

      Better image quality and colours and better for gaming.

      Also its 1440p rather than 4k so works better with lesser graphics cards like yours.

  • If this had Power Delivery to charge my laptop I'd jump on it. It's strange that it doesn't because most new monitors tend to have it. I'm guessing that Dell is just removing features to find gaps in their product list.

    Hopefully Lenovo have a sale soon as this seems to have the perfect set of specs for a price that beats the Dell equivalent by about $400


    • I’ve been looking into USB-C monitors for a while now and you have to look for how much power they deliver. I’ve found most brands are cheaper than Dell but only deliver up to 60W, whereas Dell does 90W.

  • damn, bought a dell 32 2k last month

  • I was deciding between the Philips 328E1CA (~$650), LG 32UK550 (~$600) and Samsung LU32J590 (~$540) and stumbled across this deal on Monday night. The monitor is due for delivery today (Melbourne).

    The specs of the Dell S3221QS monitor are equal or superior to the others I’ve noted and I have no doubt that the quality will be better. Previous Dell models have incredible reviews so I wouldn’t worry on that front (this model was literally released last week).

    The monitor ticked all of the boxes I was looking for (32 inch, 4k, curved, height adjustable etc.), is perfect for a home office set-up, has a USB 3.0 hub and looks incredible to top it all off!

    Pretty sure you can get 6% cash back through cashrewards but it won’t stack with the extra 5% off (I opted for 5% in my pocket now).

    Get it while you can!

    • What are curved monitors like for a home office? Its the only thing holding me back.

      (Also I want good speakers & these seem to come with the curved/gaming monitors)/

      • I’m used to a dual monitor setup in the office, so this is a good alternative where table space is limited!

  • Does this monitor have usb-c power charging to laptop?

  • Is this monitor good for PS4/PS5?

  • This or Xiaomi? In general gaming and media usage? I'm not sure about the whole deal on curve monitors….

    Since its got HDR, 4K and Xiaomi doesn't, even though PS4 pro and Switch don't support Widescreen would this be a better option?

    I just need a decent monitor for general PC gaming, Ps4 pro, Switch and media consumption

  • Gulp!

    Damn you OP. Just bought two.

    My twin 10+ year old Dell 24’s have been giving me a bit of eye strain of late. Using the table at https://www.esportstales.com/tech-tips/ideal-distance-to-sit... , I reckon these will be a better fit, even though I don’t sit that far from my monitors.

  • Tempted…..got Phillips 32" right now from Officeworks deal long time ago. Obviously this one is a better one but don't know if I want to swap it to the same size instead of Xiaomi 34"….

  • This or https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/xiaomi-mi-34-wqhd-curved-gaming... for an office environment?
    Two or three office applications.

    • I just went with the Dell.

      I don’t game, so if I’m running massive spreadsheets, I want massiveness.

      Plus that Xiaomi is an oddball size in my mind. I don’t want my YouTube videos with black bars down the sides when in full screen mode.

      Current setup: https://i.imgur.com/eq1zZqZ.jpg

      • I've seen pictures of the Xiaomi with two windows open, side-by-side and it looked good.

        I'm just wondering how multiple program windows will look on the Dell? Tall and narrow by comparison? I'm really not sure how Excel and Access or Xero/Sage will look, side-by-side on that big Dell.

        • That’s why I’m going two of those monitors.

          Actually … I think I’m going to quickly find the limits of my work laptop + universal dock

      • Nice setup.

        If this is not a silly question, where's the PC and cables? Maybe you are using a NUC. My setup is just a mess.

  • Use DELLEPP15 to bring it down to $573.10

  • Like this monitor, but have philips 32" 2k for 4 years, still working without any issue.

  • $573.10 was too tempting pass up :)

  • I have been gaming on 4K 60Hz VA at 40" curved for 3 years now.

    Has been great but I plan to switch to IPS in the near future to improve colours and ghosting, in particular now that 4K options are increasing but one thing I am still yet to decide is if a monitor in the area of say 36" inches is more of a sweet spot with less perpheral vision dead zones.
    40 inches at 1 metre away is perfect in adding to immersive games, and while HUDs and UIs can take some getting use to further out, it is more that pixel density at 4K could see an improvement being slightly smaller. Aliasing is still a thing at this size and being far away from the screen due to it's size means it is harder to appreciate detail as well as taking in the whole picture at once.

  • expireD?

  • Damn. Just about to get two and the damn code’s expired.

    Maybe the Xiaomi it is.

  • Anyone got their monitor yet? I got mine today and swapped out my Dell S2719DC and so far aren't that impressed. I didn't realised how washed out the colours would be at the edges of the screen due to it being VA. The IPS screen on the S2719dc provides so much more uniform contrast and colours. I'm tempted to send it back but am worried about the restocking fee.

    • Mine arrived today. Will probably open tomorrow.

      That’s disappointing to hear :(

      • I've solved the problem somewhat by moving the monitor further away from me. That reduces the viewing angle at the edges. I'd say it's now at a point where I would probably live with it in order to reap the benefits of having 4k. However, it does still struggle when my room is really bright so I will keep using it for a few more days.

    • Change colour space to DCI-P3 can improve the coulor performance. But i can still tell the difference when compare with my u2720q side by side.

  • Anyone received $60 coupon from Dell?

  • How far off Dell IPS quality are the Dell VAs?
    Considering going from ultrasharp u3818dw to this… for the 4k.. but its VA…

    deciding between this or holding ou for the u3219q deal…