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27.75% off Sitewide on Some Full Price Items with Coupon Stacking @ Dell AU


EDIT: It looks like the code DELLEPP15 isn't valid anymore. :-(

Been searching for a good deal on a Dell monitor and played with the many coupon codes that are currently around, including the DELLEPP5 (thanks to
this comment).

It turns out that DELLEPP15 works too and stacks with AUAFFILIATES15%OFF to give you 27.75% off, but only for full price items or is only useful for items with 15% discount or less. The SITEWIDE codes don't appear to play nicely alongside DELLEPP15, unfortunately.

Some examples:

It pays to mix and match coupons. YMMV.

NB: this is my first post, so please let me know how I can improve things!

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