This was posted 1 year 4 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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27.75% off Sitewide on Some Full Price Items with Coupon Stacking @ Dell AU


EDIT: It looks like the code DELLEPP15 isn't valid anymore. :-(

Been searching for a good deal on a Dell monitor and played with the many coupon codes that are currently around, including the DELLEPP5 (thanks to
this comment).

It turns out that DELLEPP15 works too and stacks with AUAFFILIATES15%OFF to give you 27.75% off, but only for full price items or is only useful for items with 15% discount or less. The SITEWIDE codes don't appear to play nicely alongside DELLEPP15, unfortunately.

Some examples:

It pays to mix and match coupons. YMMV.

NB: this is my first post, so please let me know how I can improve things!

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    Wow… this deal should be combined with the laptop one as it works on the laptops too

  • I have achieved coupon stacking with SITEWIDE15 too. You lose the cashback but it was only 8% on what I was looking at rather than 15% off with the code.

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    The desktops are still around $500 to much after the discount.

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    Also works with the XPS15

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    Tried the alienware 51m - beast version with 3 years warranty for $4.7k.

    Not bad at all - want the new imac though…

  • Blimey, that is a BIG screen

  • Wish that 43" was curved or else its neck cardio day every workday.

    • and talk about viewing distance and how much you will need to not overwhelm your eyes…

    • A true Ozbagainer re-purposes a 43" TV as a monitor ;-)

    • I use three of these for work and when arrayed in a curve it is very tolerable

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    Goddamit. I ordered an LG ultrawide and waiting on it….

    Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor - AW3420DW -
    Adding DELLEPP15 gets it to $1,593.11

    • 12% cashback from Cashrewards

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        No cashback if you use undocumented coupon codes.

        • Does it specify that somewhere?

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            @R3XNebular: On the same page…
            Special Terms
            Cashback is ineligible if using coupon codes not listed on Cashrewards.

            Cashback is ineligible for purchases via the Dell Outlet Store.

            Negotiated offers (phone/email/chat) are ineligible for cashback.

            Alienware monitors are classified as Alienware for the purpose of cashback.

            • @Satirical: Damn it, oh well 2 Years Price Protection Coles Mastercard pretty sure It'll drop significantly

              • @R3XNebular: is coles mastercard the only card that does a 2 year price protection?

                • @bleckdemon: Yea I believe so. Not sure if it's still available but I've been milking the shit out of it! Best tactic though is to ensure you purchase it from a store that will continue to sell the item. Purchased an iPhone X from goodguys and they didn't sell the same model/color/size soon after so I lost out…

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      I'm tempted, but going to wait for the 34GN850-B

      • That's what I've ordered haha

        • I have it on order too :)

          • @foursaken: When did you order? I put in an order a week ago - been looking at ultrawide setups in preparation!

            • @Jaded: Three weeks now with I've been doing rain dances each day.

              • @foursaken: So I might have awhile to go then. I ordered through Mwave for pickup :/

                • @Jaded: I'm guessing that there has only been a single shipment so far, and that it was pre-sold out. I'm also guessing that another shipment is due any day (hopefully a bigger one!)

                  • +1

                    @foursaken: I hope so!

                    • @Jaded: In stock at AusPCMarket (just ordered)

                      • @foursaken: Damn I missed this message. Mine's still on order… Still no ETA. Might cancel and change to a site that at least has an ETA!!

                        • @Jaded: Ah bugger, sorry mate. It's an awesome monitor too. :)

  • +6

    Dell G7 17 Gaming Laptop $3,499.00

    Applied Coupon: SITEWIDE30 - $1,049.70
    Applied Coupon: DELLEPP15 - $367.40

    Subtotal $1,892.64
    GST $189.26
    Tota l$2,081.90

  • I just bought a monitor yesterday. Will they cancel an order just made?

    • Yes mate just speak to support. Ideally sort this before 5pm today so you can order before this deal ends.

      • Chatting with someone now fingers crossed

        • How'd you get on? I ordered a U2719D this afternoon for ~$530, could get it for $475 now :(

          • @miarn: They said they will cancel order and refund. May take up to 5 days depending on how you payed etc. call then tommorow and make up an excuse as to why your cancelling.
            I just rebought the aw2521hfl for $451 which is a really good price for 240hz true 1ms ips monitor :)

            • @Roastyleg: Yeah I did the same, called up and cancelled. Just said I'd changed my mind.

              Nice purchase btw :)

  • This is great! Too bad I got myself a U2520D last week. Wanted to get two anyway, so just ordered another one now. Thanks OP.

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    U2720Q for $690 with the codes is a great deal for a USB-C 4K monitor.

    • how bro? which codes did you use?

      • The two in the post - at least it worked when I tried earlier.

    • S2721 comes at $505, better deal?

      • If you don't need a USB-C hub, yes.

  • Any recommendations for a 24” monitor? Non-gaming.

    Will split screen it for Word/Excel etc.

    • Kogan 27 inch ones are on sale for $199 looks pretty good

    • For actual work, get a 16:10 ratio, not 16:9 movie screen

      • +1

        The one in your link is also 16:9

        • It came up in the filters for 16:10, should have checked

    • Unless you are very picky with your display, I wouldn't recommend Dell as they are comparatively expensive.
      I would go something like this LG for $169

    • +1

      If you want a 24" just buy it 2nd hand, they are often sold on gumtree/ebay/auction sites for like $20. Anything less than 27" these days has about as much resale value as a CRT.

      • I suspect I meant 27" then… haven't bought a monitor for maybe 12 years.

  • +1

    Bought a xps yesterday. fml

    • Does it actually apply? If so I’d get onto chat immediately and cancel the original order

      • +9

        Just tried.. already shipped doubt i'll be able to cancel at this point…. Tbh I bought with a work credit card…even though its not my money or for me.. I still feel the pain of missing a good bargain 😂

        • This is a late reply but they have a Price Guarantee for 60 days or something, go on chat or call them and see if they'll refund the difference?

    • Same, got a refurbished XPS 17 for 2100 and I can get a new one with better CPU and dgpu (although I don't plan to use it) for 28xx now

      • Boys i got the XPS17 2060 GPU for $4k. Thats the aim.

  • +4

    dont do it dont do it dont do it

    Me: Buys dual monitors for my new setup

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    I'm trying to track down the S2721DGF monitor but still getting no hits. Has anyone got a link ?

    • +4

      They're months behind in back-orders so they removed the product for the time being unfortunately.

      • Damn - thanks for that

      • Mine was ETA 19th Oct. Got delivered today… No notification until after I received it

    • Mine has an ETA of 22nd of October. They probably won't be taking orders until around then

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    Been eyeing out the DellXPS 17 for quite some time now. Finally the 2060 model made it to Australia.

    Just got it for ~$4k

    + some $20 dell advantage code i had in my email

    Its hefty, but its a business purchase under my company.

    Definitely not cheap, but hopefully worth it.

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    The 49" superduperultrawide comes in at $1,587.33 which is about $200 cheaper than elsewhere at the moment.

    My wife would kill me.

    • +3

      You should do it.

      • +2

        Hahaha that's what my best mate said. And my work colleague. And my other mate.

        We're about to buy a house. She would really not be happy…

        • +5

          But think how sexy it will look in the house! :P

      • The curvature is actually really mild - 3800R.

        I want a 49" for driving/flight sim so it probably wouldn't be so great for getting around into my peripherals.

        I know triple screens is better for it but I also want something I can move/rotate to a desk and use for normal gaming too

    • I got the Samsung recently, really is a great piece & for productivity I wouldn't trade it. Gaming has been very cool too.

      The very shallow curve is what put me off the LG and Dell though (same panel), even with 1800R I would like a bit more maybe not quite the 1000R of the G9 but yes curve is good on these things.

      • Yeah I was thinking if I could find 1500 that would likely be ideal. 1000R seems kinda insane

        • +2

          1000R is because you usually sit from your monitor 1 meter. This way all the pixels on the monitor are roughly the same distance from you. I don't think that's insane.

          • @lubos: I went and looked at pictures of the G9 again, and it’s funny how the memory tends to exaggerate things.

            I was initially recalling my reaction to the LTT video thinking it was quite curved but seeing it in a few pics setup in my primary use case (driving and flight sims) it’s actually quite reasonable.

            So the decision between a 49” and triple screens continues to be a thing it seems.

    • Awesome, which coupons did you use? Ive used AUAFFILIATES15%OFF & UNSW5 and it comes down to $1774.

  • $1587 for the 49" wide USB-C U4919DW.
    Epic deal.
    Down from $2197 on Dell or $1959 at Scorptec for more realistic RRP

    Great work OP!

    • +1

      Did u sell many face masks during Covid or something? Thats $$$$$$$$$$

      • +1

        Got to keep the country going! WFH likely for rest of year, might as well make home office space nice if can.

  • $1588 for the g5 se with 4800H processor and 5600m

  • Any cash back applicable with these codes through cashrewards or shopback ?

    • +1

      Cashrewards applicable codes:

    • "Cashback is ineligible if using coupon codes not listed on Cashrewards." - does that mean if you stack with an unlisted code your transaction is ineligible?

      • Yeah from what I've read in the comments from other posts, the cashback isn't tracked back to your account so in essence the txn is ineligible for any cashback.

  • +3

    Cheers, purchased a 49inch for $1587.33

  • +2

    Any good monitor to use with macbook pro 16?

  • Cheers OP, got a U2721DE for $561 stacking both of the provided coupons.

    • This is exactly what I was thinking of doing but I keep telling myself that I already have a perfectly good 24 inch Dell monitor and that I should save the money! Great price though.

      • My Kogan 24" FHD has a fixed stand, works alright but is a bit meh right now.. time for an upgrade!
        This is definitely the lowest price I've seen for the U2721DE.

    • Dammit would have definitely jumped on that deal for that price. Surely Dell could still offer at that price and make some decent $$$$

      Should have let the coupons run 24 hours I’m sure they would receive a tonne of orders

    • Any chance you could send a copy of the receipt with your details blacked out? Trying to get Dell to match it

  • +1

    Thanks OP bought the Alienware Monitor AW3420DW $1593.11.
    Was contemplating the LG 34GN850-B but no stock. Also AW3420DW has proper G-SYNC. 34GN850-B has HDR but supposedly it sucks cause its HDR400?

  • +2

    Damn, grabbed 34'' D3419W last week and was delivered yesterday for $1119, now it is $1002.10, any chance I can claim the difference?

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