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Dell 32" VA Curved 4K Monitor with AMD FreeSync (S3221QS) $503.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Not as good as the last deal, but Dell seems to be pumping out monitor deals.

300 cd/m²

Contrast Ratio

Input Connectors
2xHDMI, DisplayPort

Display Position Adjustments
Height, tilt

Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand
70.92 cm x 20.7 cm x 44.81 cm

3 Years

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  • VA panels gives you true blacks. IPS gives you backlight bleed. I watch netflix on my PC at night, I know which one I'd prefer.

    • IPS?

    • VA panels have colour shift, that's why previously they became less popular. With HDR, due to its darker blacks, VA has better contrast ratio making it easier to fulfil the minimum HDR requirement.

      It really depends on whether you can stand colour shift. I don't like colour shift. However, OLED also has colour shift.

      There is a reason VA monitors are cheaper. It may be less of an issue when you look at VA monitors straight and the curve helps. My brother is fine with VA monitors, he doesn't care. I am not comfortable with VA monitors.

  • This is not that great, the Samsung version is currently $440

  • Amazing deal, this monitor was only recently released.

    • I got this monitor in a deal a few weeks back for a similar price. When I first received it I was really disappointed. I switched from the Dell S2719DC which is an IPS panel but only 2k. I didn't think viewing angles mattered when you sat in front of the screen but on a 32" monitor they do because the screen is so big and you sit very close to it. The curves help a bit but I had to push this monitor back an extra 20cm to ensure that the loss of colour wasn't so obvious at the edges. Luckily the extra real estate and the 4k sharpness makes it comfortable from the extra distance.

      I'm happy enough to keep it now and for $500 it is a bargain in my opinion.

      It will be tax deducted at 40/40/20 for the next three years so I'll probably keep it for a couple of years and then go for an IPS 4k 32" monitor. They are all $1000+ right now though.

      • You realise that the tax reduction doesn't make much difference for such a small amount to your take home pay

        • Give me $60.

          It's such a small amount, why don't you just give it to me?

        • It depends which tax bracket you're in. You will be able to claim the income tax portion of the purchase price over 3 years. 40% in the first, 40% in the second and 20% in the third. If the purchase price is less than $300 then you claim 100% in the first year. If you're you're in the second highest tax bracket then you'll receive 37% of the cost of thr product back in either the first year (less than $300) or over 3 years.

          Pretty amazing to me. You don't get to do that in New Zealand or the UK, which are other countries I live in. Before COVID it was a rort but now I agree with it as most people work from home and most employers expect employees to buy their own office equipment.

      • Thanks for the info mate. I've been using a u2515h for the past 4 years and I bought this monitor last night.

        Since there aren't any meaningful reviews on it yet I was a little hesitant. The price was too good to pass up on so in true OzB fashion I followed the "buy now, think later" approach.

        I'd love a 32" 4k IPS as well, but at twice (or 3x) the price of this, I think we've done well. This should serve me well for the next 3 years or so.

      • Wouldn't think there'd be a viewing angle issue with VA - has something changed with it in recent years? Like perhaps a cheaper variant of it that's possibly being used here?

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    Waiting for the 3818DW to do on sale

  • I really wish there was an option on ozbargain to not display monitor deals for 12 months

  • What do you mean not as good as last deal? last time it was $573.10:

  • Can someone explain why the Dell 32 Inch S3220DGF Curved Gaming Monitor FreeSync Anti Glare QHD 144hz is a more expensive monitor than this one?

    Dell 32 Inch S3220DGF QHD 165hz
    Dell 32 Inch S3221QS 4K 60hz

    I would have thought being a 4K monitor would be much better than the QHD.
    What features make the S3220DGF more expensive?