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Dell 32 Inch S3220DGF Curved Gaming Monitor FreeSync Anti Glare QHD 144hz $599.20 Delivered (Was $999) @ Dell eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Dell 32 inch S3220DGF Curved Gaming Monitor from $999 down to $599.20

back in stock with likely limited quantity, grab it whilst it's hot

Quick specs:

Device Type: LED-backlit LCD monitor - 31.5"
Adaptive-Sync Technology: AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
Panel Type: VA
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Native Resolution: QHD 2560 x 1440 (DisplayPort: 165 Hz, HDMI: 144 Hz)
Pixel Pitch: 0.2724 mm
Brightness: 400 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
Response Time: 4 ms (grey-to-grey)
Colour Support: 1.07 billion colours
Input Connectors: 2 x HDMI 2.0 (HDCP 2.2), 1 x DisplayPort 1.4 (HDCP 1.2)
Display Position Adjustments: Height, swivel, tilt
Screen Coating: Anti-glare 3H hardness
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand: 70.91 cm x 24.96 cm x 46.87 cm
Weight: 7.63 kg

Full specs here:

Use code PDELLME @ checkout for discount!

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  • Hows this compared to the xiaomi?

    • Personally I don't have it, I would suggest comparing specs and seeing which one suits your needs. Dell monitors are generally top quality and good panels.

    • +2 votes

      different resolution

    • Same panel type, same refresh rate. So overall picture and performance will feel very similar.
      Difference being this is a taller but less wide screen, xiaomi is wider and shorter (i believe its the height of a 27" screen, with tons of extra width).

      I personally quite love ultrawides both for general use (having 2/3 things open next to each other, plus most movies being ultrawide) as well as for gaming where it makes everything super immersive. So that combined with Xiaomi being cheaper would make it a no brainer for me (and did seeing as i bought one, lol). But not everyone likes ultrawides

    • Xiaomi Higher resolution 3440 × 1440 WQHD, larger size (34" vs 32"). Xiaomi higher pixel density 109 vs 91. https://www.sven.de/dpi/

  • Got this for around the same price last time, love it to bits.

    • How do you find the viewing angles for non gaming text and image stuff?

      What about watching YouTube and movies?

      • It's curved so I don't know if it's going to be great for viewing at off-angles. It's really great for everything? I don't think the 'HDR' is anything to shout home about but all media looks excellent, same for text. It's just nice. One downside is I can't put it in portrait, but the stand is quality as well.

  • Va panel only set back other wise great price

    • Also seems to be known issue if you don't use dp plug it can blank out for a second mid game. Google it.

      • super random, mine started doing this today, first time I've had it happened and I've been using it daily to WFH for a few months! Thanks for the tip though I'm going to look into this!

  • +1 vote

    Bought this in the last deal around the same price. It's excellent, highly recommended.

    • What's your experience on using this for work? Is the text clear or blurry if you're working on documents and spreadsheets?

      • For work it's superb, the contrast ratio is incredible. I have it mounted on a VESA arm and it looks great too.

        @SamR viewing angles are fine unless you move to an unnatural crazy angle. I'd say I can move to 45° before I notice any difference and even then it's not much of a change. If I move almost flat side-on it's still plenty visible.

        • Just to 2nd jje, I came into this post to share my opinion - I use this every day for ~8-10 hours to WFH and I've been really happy with it. I'm in a pretty bright room for the most part and it handles that well. I'm just using it to connect to a work laptop via HDMI so it's probably overkill, but it makes me want to move my gaming PC into the office!

    • Yes, i missed out on stock last time round, picked up one this time

    • What are the viewing angles like? It is VA so better than TN but some reports say it is not that great.

      I currently have a Dell U2412M which is also VA and I am OK with the viewing angles.

  • This or the Dell S2721DGF which I've still got on back order?

  • Damn another VA I want IPS

  • Wait for the new 360hz displays if you are spending this much?

    • The likely 24-27" 1080p, TN ones? (to not go drastically above this price at least).
      Hardly even comparable. Those would be solely if you game competitively and these are more rounded, being good for all uses.

      • No the highest refresh ones are IPS now and are in the $1000 range same as this one albeit yes maybe smaller ie 27"

        The point is that this is a "gaming monitor" and the old models are all falling in price

        Colour accuracy is good too on the newer models apparently

  • FYI for those who might not know:

    QHD = 2560 x 1440

  • This or xiaomi?

    Primary use gaming & excel

    • maybe easier to deal with Dell in terms of warranty?

    • Get the Xiaomi if mainly gaming. Its wider but shorter, and will give you better peripheral vision on games where 21:9 is supported. Also won't look as non-sharped as 1440p on this 32 inch 16:9 aspect ratio.

      • Damn, I've looked past the Xiaomi each and every time even at 499, but bit the bullet on this one lol

        • Look sometimes it's worth the premium for a name brand

          • @ln28909: "Name brand"
            Hey its chinese sure, but its a name.
            Some $30B net worth vs $40b for DELL, so Dell is hardly even a 'bigger' company.
            Now if we were talking about Viotek monitors then i'd agree more so.

            • @thearbiter117: Name brand here is referring to the consistent track record of quality products and services

              Xiaomi just makes everything so generally it would always be lower tier products

              Dell on the hand has its area of focus and expertise

              • @ln28909: Which Xiaomi also has, hell i bought my first awesome phone with them like 5+ years ago. Plus they've had many years before that in china and india doing business.
                Anywho i was only semi serious in my first reply, i do know what you mean.

                • @thearbiter117: I've had a Dell latitude and an xps laptop which cost me a fair bit. Both were disasters. Xps overheated constantly and the latitude had the 2 motherboards and 1x keyboard replaced So despite the great specs and pricing I have no very little faith in Dell unfortunately. Xiaomi for me has been great. I only have the m365 scooter and wifi cameras and they're both fantastic irrespective of the price.

    • Yeah i decided this. Because I'll use it for work, it has a taller vertical so more comfortable for what I need it for. I think the 32 gives you fractionally more real estate as well.

      But let's be real, even if one isn't suited so much for work, gaming /media is where you will enjoy it more. I think 16:9 content is a little bit bigger on the 32.
      Having not owned an ultrawide, i stuck with the brand over had experience with. I've had dell ultrasharps over the last decade and a half and can confirm they are top quality monitors.

      I think it's a preference thing where you can't go wrong with either way.

      • Most ultra wides are 1440 tall as well, so this would have identical vertical real estate in terms of pixels. The only difference with this is that it would be physically taller, so each pixel would be larger.

        • Yeah the physical size. I have a 16:10 24" and the 34 ultrawide is only 2cm taller than that. Whereas the 32 16:9 is about 8cm taller then the 24"

          But yeah, between the 32 and the 34 its a hard choice, but if this was a 49 ultrawide then yeah, no question which one you would get.

  • Great monitor for everyday use and fast action gaming up to 165hz (via display ports)

  • Didn't need another monitor, so I bought one

    • Where dem Ozbargain badges at? Make sure you wear your Halo jacket and carry woodworm umbrella at the next meetup.

  • Is Freesync & GSync pretty much interchangeable nowadays?

    • "Since the two technologies are not interchangeable, up until now, it has been important to choose a monitor that uses the same technology as your graphics card. This changed on January 15th, 2019, when NVIDIA released version 417.71 of their driver that enables FreeSync on NVIDIA G-SYNC graphics cards."

      So if ur card and driver supports it, should be fine.

  • I currently have 2 x U2412M-4 dell monitors vertical next to each other.

    1200 x 1920
    1200 x 1920

    I am looking to replace it with one single screen.

    This would just be slightly larger resolution right?
    2560 x 1440

    Measuring it up It will be the same physical width and slight shorter height of the two monitors together.

    I mainly use it for work.

    Would going to UHD be better?

    Allowing space on the screen?
    Probably not because everything will be scaled right?

    • This is 2k so things will take more screen real estate, 4k would be smaller items on screen giving you more real estate.

      • At 4k wouldn't windows suggest the scaling at 200% or something. Then the content would be larger?

  • Shouldn't this one 165Hz?

  • My god… the entire 1440p 144Hz market in AU is about to crash… grossly overinflated.

  • Sweet, price protection claim lodged

  • Three of these for an MS Flight Sim 2020 rig or a 1440p 49 inch super-ultrawide?

  • I ordered the Xiaomi but the Dell also has hdr and thus freesync premium pro.

    Probably would have ordered this one but it's a lol smaller than the Mi.

    I think I'd prefer more screen size.

  • Already have an s2721dgf arrived last week and tempted to buy this monitor as well just because of how cheap it is. Surprised its still in stock, what are you bargainers doing??

    • all waiting for 360hz i bet

      expect to see a lot of clearance monitors

      • Yep but isn't that catering to a different gamers market i.e serious fps players ? And its only 24.5". I assume this is better for most non-fps gamers who play rts/mobas/mmos etc.

    • Yeah i have the s2721dgf arriving october but bought this so can use a dual monitor setup? Lol

  • Would be awesome if Dell release an ultrawide version of this monitor

  • Back in stock guys

  • Grabbed the 2721HGF a couple of days ago with delivery expected mid October. Now I'm thinking of grabbing this instead. How do you think this would compare?

  • I received mine… very quick. The expected delivery didn't even have the earliest date until the 30th.

    I've plugged it in but it seems a bit odd so gonna play around with settings then report back.