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[WA] $600 Credit to Every WA Household for Power Costs - WA Government


West Australian households are set to receive a $600 credit towards their next power bill, in what will be a signature policy of the McGowan Government’s State Budget, to be released on Thursday.

About 1.1 million households will receive the one-off credit from November 1 — just in time for the next power bill, the West Australian reported.


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Government of Western Australia

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  • +71

    Mark from Rocko’. Gettin shit done. 😎

    • +5

      Technically I don't think he did much as this money from 30 years ago but good on him for giving it back directly

      • +4

        yeah … bell group liquidation

        • +1

          Well its the first time I am reading up on any fine obtained for duping/misleading/cheating customers that is being physically given back to the customers, so well done to him and the WA Gov.

          Its not like the Banks fiasco where they cheat the public/ do not follow rules and are fined and the customers end up paying back that fine as bank charges increase or lack of passing on interest decrease from RBA.

  • +23

    And a 1 to 2 billion W.A state budget surplus next thursday.

    Ripper tune Mark

      • +25

        Thanks for covid China!

          • +40

            @xinyi: Thanks for your propaganda.

            Grounding domestic travel in China but allowing international travel to spread the virus overseas. It's science and it works!

            • +6

              @Vita85: Just wait till the 500 million Chinese population start mixing around over the holiday period. They're going to have to start welding buildings shut again soon.

              • @ProlapsedHeinous: With cheap shitty steel that will fall apart

              • +3

                @ProlapsedHeinous: That's naive, it's not gonna happen. Of the few countries that manage to shut down the virus spread, you have to admire the scale that China was able to pull the brake when the number hit 80k with such population scale. Even with new outbreak they could easily contain it, with a cost to civil liberty but that was small compare to what its citizen has been enduring even before the pandemic.

                • +14

                  @lgacb08: Now who's naive? civil liberty does not exist in china. They are portraying to the rest of the world they are virus free, yet are 24/7 putting out fires everywhere, locking students in their apartments and universities. Lets face it, to the CCP their citizens are expendable and all they care about is kickstarting their economy no matter the human cost, because they know that if anyone complains they will be sent to Xinjiang for free forced labour. I don't have to admire anything the CCP does, they are a bunch of thugs, and unfortunately their people suffer needlessly every day from their bs.

                • +6

                  @lgacb08: Just spread it to the rest of the world intentionally with no remorse, while pointing the figure at others. Yes very admirable.

                  China's attitude is the equivalent of lighting a bush fire around the world and saying it's our fault because the RFS did a poor job containing it. Shameless.

                • +2

                  @lgacb08: You believe their numbers? They simply don't add up.

            • @Vita85: Don't worry, they seem to have a working vaccine for it. No idea if it actually works or not….

        • -1

          You got neg voted for stating fact. SMH.

        • +8

          God knows why you got negged. You simply stated a fact. May be lots of china supporter here.

      • +29

        Those are not free money.. W.A. delivered the Iron.

        This is typical mainland Chinese mentality. When they paid for your goods or services, they think they've done some good deeds and you have to be extremely grateful for that.

        • +8

          Exactly right. Australia didn't get the money for nothing. If China didn't like the terms, they didn't need to buy it. Obviously the price and product was the best option available. There's nothing to thank for.

        • +5

          Then they turn around and expect you to issue a grovelling thanks because they accepted a mountain of money for masks and other medical supplies. Talk about having it both ways. Great country, great people, terrible regime.

    • +9

      Even though all the eastern states think he is a clown .
      I look at the bigger picture of the billions he provides for them :)

    • +4

      Ripper tune BHP, Rio Tinto and FMG.

    • -4

      Funded by a bankruptcy payout from Alan Bond's Bell Group.

      Irony from the same folks who had to pass special laws to protect themselves from going bankrupt vs palmer.. which is probably unconstitutional

      spend it while you've got it I guess

      • +5

        Now you listen here gringo….. ( i have nothing else to say, just wanted to say that line)

        • +1

          I will complete it.
          Now you listen here gringo…………..
          If the grapes are sour over east, move to the West, don't be a cranky pot lol

    • -3

      Don't you mean about $660M and a budget deficit?

    • +3

      I love how the State Liberals are turning the surplus into a negative by saying that it's evidence that the labour party hasn't done enough in this time of need.

      liza Harvey needs her head checked

      • +1

        Nah! I wouldn't waste the doctor's time on her. The doctor has better things to do/better people to heal than Lisa Harvey.

  • +10

    If only Berejiklian would do this in NSW, instead of just giving dribs and drabs to people on welfare.

    It probably costs more to administer in NSW than what they give out!

    • +30

      If you ain’t her mates you get nothing. Oh well.

      • +6

        well since her mates get millions how can she afford to give out much to aussies?

      • +6

        Koala killer.

    • -5

      Sadly NSW voter sold the state to party which believe in work choice and white Australia policy.

      Work choice actively implemented by liberal with different name "TFT"… temporary full time employment contract where people will be engaged on contract with pay similar to permanent staff…! Yes other states also copied it after NSW implemented it under Berry O'farrell …!

      • White Australia? She is ethnic and talks about being pro multicultural all the time.

        Temporary visas are very good for times like this, they can go home and get welfare in their home country and free up jobs.

        • +3

          Technically Armenia is part of the Caucasus so she may be Caucasian in the strict definition of the word.

          • @Icecold5000: White Australia policy was never against european or Caucasus region. Armenia is Caucasus region between europe and asia.

            • @SydBoy: No shit

            • +4

              @SydBoy: They targetted British migrants, Australia was all about being "British"

              British > northern Europeans > Southern Europeans (and probably eastern) > etc > Asians.

              It took decades for people of eastern European origin to be just accepted as normal. The Southern Europeans ie Greeks and Italians coped shocking discrimination and abuse. Some were even Catholics!!! The horror.

              • +2

                @CJ31: I agree. But actually, many British losers came to australian and feeling proud of being British. lol.
                Saw few British boys bullying others from nz/grace/italy.
                I hope they would learn history and know british came and killed the aborigines, and many of them from Britain were actually prisoners.

                By cutting the education funds year by year, the new generations are getting worse and worse.
                I don't wanna see OZ became low qualities.

              • @CJ31: Agree this country accept that they are under the Queen. I won't be surprised if Tonny Abbott comes back from UK and then advocate that Australia should be called " Southeast United Kingdom" … 😃

                Though white Australia policy was about british but they never prohibited or worked against european. As a matter of fact under the policy people were asked to speak in europen language as a test to migrate to Australia.

                In 1973 the Whitlam Labor government definitively renounced the White Australia policy. Labor is the only party that can protect this country's multicultural values.

                • +2

                  @SydBoy: Historically, the White Australia Policy was employed against Europeans who were not sufficiently 'white'.

                  For example, in the early 20th century, there were various theories, including in Italy itself, that southern Italian were part-African, and these theories and subsequent discriminatory behaviour also existed in Australia.

                  In practice, the White Australia Policy was used against migrants from Malta

                  From the second article:

                  "During the plebiscite campaign, the anti-conscription Labor parliamentarians and trade union leaders argued that the capitalists planned to replace Australian workers conscripted for overseas with cheap imported labour. The Maltese were called ‘coloured job jumpers’.

                  The fact that the Maltese in Australia numbered less than a thousand at that time did not deter talk of a Maltese invasion. The Australian Workers’ Union declared that the Maltese were a ‘black menace'…"

                  The introduction of the Racial Discrimination Act in 1975 by the Whitlam government, making void the Racial Discrimination Act of 1901 (introduced by the Protectionist Party and Labor Party in 1901, with only some opposition from Free Trade liberalists) is a cause for celebration indeed.

                  However, it would be amiss to not mention that 'White Australia' policy was being progressively nullified in the 1960s. I myself migrated into Australia in 1971, and though I was a baby, there was no mistaking the fact that I was (and am) ethnic Chinese. One of those involved in dismantling the White Australia Policy was the Hubert Opperman, Australian cycling legend and (Liberal) Holt government minister for immigration.

                  • +1

                    @DavidFong: Like many liberal supporter you believe Holt government was responsible for dismissal of white Australia policy.

                    But in fact Responsibility for officially ending of white Australia policy fell to Gough Whitlam's Labor government, which in 1973 declared the policy dead.

                    The Whitlam government then took steps to strip race as a factor from visa assessments and to equalise the criteria by which all people — whether British, European or otherwise — could become Australian citizens.

                    History can not be changed, but sadly people interpret it to their convenience and political gain.

                    • @SydBoy: I do give credit to the Whitlam (Labor) government for the bravery to formally and publicly change discriminatory practices allowed and promoted by ill-intentioned legislation enacted the better part of a century before.

                      In this, they overcame pre-existing prejudices which defined 'them' (non-white) people and 'us' (white) people, and replaced that by recognizing some sort of commonality between peoples of all nations.

                      In the same way, I'd like to acknowledge that the dismantling of the White Australia Policy was, at least in part, a bipartisan position with commonalities between the two major parties of the time.

                      • This is evidenced by actions taken by a different/'other' government in the 1960s.
                      • I also personally cannot ignore the evidence that my parents, and other ethnically Chinese colleagues and friends, also immigrated to Australia in the early 1970s without difficulty (for myself, in 1971).

                      Being accepted - at least administratively - as a 'strange foreigner' is a gain, and a credit to the peoples of Australia as a whole. I hope, and believe, that the credit is not owned by the 50% with allegiance ('us' and 'them') to one political party or another.

                      • @DavidFong: Political historians agree with you wrt the bi-partisan demise of the WAP David. It was ready to be axed, the great Gough made it happen, as he did with a wealth of other nation-changing legislation. Australia is very fortunate that Whitlam rolled Calwell - a staunch supporter of the WAP - as leader of the ALP.

                • @SydBoy: Gough Whitlam also called Vietnamese boat people queue jumping frauds. Besides which White Australia was dismantled before Gough, he just put a legislative nail in its coffin.

                  Before that the Chiefly government such beauties as "populate or perish" and " "We have 25 years at most to populate this country before the yellow races are down on us."

                  Bob Hawke was just as bad before he became pm, even by 1990 the were still running their version of the "we will decide who comes here and the manner of their arrival" line (Howard picked it) after being spooked by a tiny number of new boat people.

                  Keating introduced mandatory detention. His ministerGerry Hand said at the time, "the government is determined that a clear signal be sent that migration to Australia may not be achieved by simply arriving in this country and expecting to be allowed into the community".

                  Rudd/Gillard reopened offshore detention.

                  They all have skeletons in the closet. The greens used to be the anti-immigration party, now it's Pauline Hanson. The world turns in mysterious ways.

    • shes a liberal

    • +11

      NSW dotards in power privatized coal power plants for peanuts and then bought it back for $730 mill


      • +3

        Don't forget about the Cross City and Lane Cove tunnels for a nice story of quasi corruption. Might as well throw in the Military road ramp, and hell, even tram 2.0 or is it 3.0?

        • Tram was idea of Mike beard who is from melbourne and wanted to destroy our road (more than what it is now) by introducing light rail (tram) so he can recreate childhood memories and also make sure NSW spend billions on infrastructure where tram, rail, bus and metro runs on same route !

          • @SydBoy: As a tourist to your city the light rail was fabulous and packed with locals too 🙂

            • @Flick133: As a tourist you probably don't understand real problem it creates then solves !

        • Cross city, Lancove tunnel were agreed to and started by the labor governments not the libs (i'm not certain if the military road ramp was) I agree the trams are an issue.

          • @jerrus: Add the purchase of the land for the runway in the second airport that has been in the news recently.

            Edit mentioned briefly below

    • +2

      Hard for NSW to do the same because we prefer to use the money overpaying for infrastructure.

      • +13

        Not just that we prefer to buy land from mates with 10 times higher price.

    • +2

      NSW doesn;t have an Election around the corner like W.A does.

  • +1

    No power bills till Feb next year! Awesome news.

      • +8

        Far from it. I actually think it’s great for those in WA. It’s just not a deal per se.

        Similarly, one could post the new governments tax refund eligibilities and call that a deal - I get it too. still not a deal

        Youth allowance, job keeper, job seeker. Not deals.

        • +3

          Youth allowance, job keeper, job seeker

          you have to meet eligibility criteria to obtain those. youth allowance and jobseeker are also means-tested

          in contrast, you just have to have an account with synergy/horizon.

          • @tdw: It's not the difficulty of getting the deal that made it not a deal. It's the fact that it's more a PSA that makes it not a deal.

            As per Ozb deal posting guidelines:

            However income producing programs or social services (e.g. increase to Centrelink payments) should not be posted.

            The only reason this "deal" is getting so many upvotes is because it's a nice gesture from the WA government and an initiative they support - nothing wrong with that. Still doesn't make it a deal.

            I'm not being salty about it because I'm not from WA, and maybe I am policing it, but there is a reason why there are downvotes and why this has been a topic of issue before.

            • -1

              @Jaystea: If there are discounts offered only to VIC and NSW chaps, then its a valid deal. If the WA govt wants to support the local state, its not a deal. I smell burning.

              • -4

                @cosmoxeon: Huh, I never said anything about VIC + NSW. I have no idea what you're reading or sniffing, but maybe you should stop.

                • @Jaystea: I don't need to. I was referring to a meaning of a deal to your intellect. Nevermind, cannot stoop to your level.

                  • @cosmoxeon: Well maybe only after you learn how to read in context then perhaps a discussion can be had. Otherwise, run along child.

    • +81

      Have fun wearing a mask and not being allowed to do anything for another year :)

        • +60

          yeah because they won't have to look at your face. win-win.

          • +7

            @tdw: Any deals on ice? Cos we got a severe burn here!

          • +3

            @tdw: These comments are the only reason I check OzBargain daily.

        • +13

          Better than isolating at home forever alone. We can take local trips north or south and enjoy the freedom.

        • +13

          that's actually what i've come to like about Perth: nothing much to do (for me anyway) so i don't worry about what i might miss out on.
          but i like that freedom of being able to do or not do anything. #PerthIsOK

      • -5

        I live in Sydney, the only place I had to wear a mask was at the hospital. Hahaha people get so defensive over a joke. Bring on the Sydney jokes, I’ll still sleep like a baby tonight ;). Now feed me those negs!!! Delicious.

        • +1

          That may be true, but you don’t have to wear a mask in a sewer either. One and the same I say lol

          • @HelpMeiCantSee: Hahaha. Nice one. I only got 4 negs? Must be an libtard exodus happening on OzB.

            Bait has been set.

  • +14

    What’s the promo code?

    • +23


      • +13

        hard border says 'no'

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