[Orders Cancelled] Free Pair of Men's Boxers Delivered @ Step One

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Looks like code is generic. Free boxers for everyone! (thanks Scatman00 and others for confirming)

Changed to new code. (thanks Hintswen)

Update: All orders cancelled with unique 50% off code provided to those who used the free code

Code 29%OFFCHR for 29% off multiple pairs if anyone wants.. Seems generic. (thanks Mario1234)

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  • Genuine question - once a company has made an agreement with you and confirmed your order, can they unilaterally cancel it like this? (Legally?)

    I would have thought the agreement took place and upon cancelling they would need to compensate up to the agreed value.

    There were no terms on the competition that said the coupon code couldn’t be shared….

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      The problem is less with taking/cancelling an order. This is borderline. An order is just a request until accepted. They sent out an email "confirming" the order. Is that acceptance? Maybe not.

      The problem is with the competition. They seem not to have obtained a permit or complied with legal requirements.

      • Just comparing the order confirmation email with something from the web:

        Email: “Keep a lookout for our next email, it’s even better than this one. It will tell you that the most comfortable underwear in the world have been sent to you.”

        Web: “To put it simply, an order confirmation is a way of communicating that an order has been accepted. It is used to ensure the customer that you will deliver the product and/or service under the conditions that had already been set out. This is binding – as soon as the order confirmation has been written and sent to the customer, you are then legally bound to complete the order.” (Source: https://www.ionos.com/startupguide/grow-your-business/writin...)

        Obviously not taking the website as pure legal advice but looking through different pages seems like an order confirmation is accepted practice as acceptance of contract.

        • You're quoting US law. Our law requires offer and acceptance. The confirmation might be acceptance, but it is automated and subject to another email, so again maybe not.

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    I'll accept cancellation, as the product is overpriced at 50%, but:

    As well as an IT expert, they need a lawyer. They seem not to have complied with the Community Gaming Act 2018 (which is intended to prevent issues like this) or to even be aware of it. That's NSW - other states will have similar laws.

    Amongst other things,

    *they seem not to have complied with the approval/format requirements

    *it is an offence not to award a prize to a winner and there will be genuine winners amongst those orders.

    • *it is an offence not to award a prize to a winner and there will be genuine winners amongst those orders.

      In this instance, there was only one genuine winner (OP), and the coupon code was meant to be unique.

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        Everyone who “genuinely” won from the spin got the same code as OP - not just him/her/them.

        • I'm confused, are you being sarcastic about the word genuine?

          I think it's safe to assume that only the OP actually played and won, then as a result, submitted a deal.

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            @magic8ballgag: Multiple people played and won. In fact I never even used this deal as I already own a few pairs. The code was provided by one of the people who played and won.

            • @Ryballs:

              Multiple people played and won.

              Did they really though?

              • @magic8ballgag: Yes because the original deal didn't even have a code, it was just a hack to guarantee you win. Whether that makes their winning any less legit is up for debate.

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        "there was only one genuine winner (OP)"

        where do you get that from?

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      Yup I won my free pair before even coming here, still got cancelled.

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  • I also wonder what the payment processors stances would be on this for people which have ordered the higher priced items and / multiple items.

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    Step One Team - I was never a customer; and was a customer until my order got cancelled. Please refund me my $2 and I’ll be on my merry way to never being a customer again.

    FYI - I spun the wheel, got my code legitimately, screenshotted the pic (as directed), sent an email with it, yet, still got the cancellation.

    Good luck with your future endeavours - there’s one more reason to find Step One ads annoying from my perspective.

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      Why don't you order the trial pair and get a refund since you don't like them?

      The reason you don't like them is you have already been inconvenienced to the tune of what the company paid for the item, this is fair compensation, and paying for undies you won for free on a competition the company offered would be an insult to your values (as an Ozbargaineers, if nothing else).

    • Do you mind sending me the screenshot? I made an order and I paid 29$ but it was cancelled anyway. Now they are asking for the screenshot but I didn't take one :( If you can help that would be great!

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    I don't think anyone should be supporting this behavior and buying from them but if anyone really wants a 50% code PM me

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    Let us know if this was the most significant event of your Sunday. 2020. The year keeps delivering.

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    H7LHGZ8N. 50% code.

  • If anyone has a spare 50% code plz dm many thanks :)

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    Step One failed. Maybe they should have step two to make us happy.

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  • Wow looks like I missed a tone of drama.

    I wear these undies, they are pretty great. Only issue is each time I buy a pair they aren't exactly the same, so some colours fit better than others. I guess each limited edition colour comes from diff factories or something.

  • If anyone wants a code, pm me

    • Actually no don’t pm me 😂 I’ll write here if someone needs it

      • I'll take it if that's cool. Cheers.

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    To all ppl asking here 50% coupon, the least Greg can do is to generate code and DM them directly.
    Personally, Never again this company.

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    I'm trying to see both sides of the story here.

    A mistake has been made and forcing them to honour those orders would be a very harsh punishment. Not sure about the financial position of those guys, but I wouldn't want to drive a business into bankruptcy over this.

    If they wanted to keep their reputation intact they probably should offer a pair at cost price to everyone affected. At $15 (with 50% off code) there still is a large margin in it for them.

    Postage should be no more than $3 (large letter), product won't cost more than $3 either. Stuffing an item into an envelope and attaching an address label will take hardly more than 5 minutes, so perhaps $2 in wages if they pay their logistics team well. Adds up to $8 at most.

    As much as I don't want them to go bust because of a mistake, they don't deserve to profit to the tune of $7 a pair as a result of their mistake. A 70% or 75% discount coupon would have been fair.

    • -10

      You've just pulled figures out of your arse to suit your opinion.

      Their reputation isn't at stake here. They haven't even made a 'mistake'. They ran a promotion to their direct customers. OzBargainers hijacked their promotion and took them to town. This was never posted by them. Sure; their system shouldn't be so basic that single use code for these promotions are a thing, but it's not fair to expect them to honour this. They've made good with the 50% off (which is more than they needed to do) in my eyes, and anyone's with reason who can see outside this website.

      • +10

        It's totally up to them how they react. And it's totally up to us what their reaction does to their reputation in our minds.

        If, as you wrote, this promo wasn't intended to hit OzBargain, you can equally say, they should not have had any of those OzBargainers as customers.

        As it stands right now, they are using the free marketing they received to create a profit. That's why I don't agree with you. They haven't 'made good with the 50% off', they are doing good out of this for themselves.

        As to the figures: do you know anything I don't? Perhaps they pack their undies in gold leaf and express post them? If so, I'm sure people would forgive them if, in conjunction with a 75% voucher, they'd send them out in plain envelopes sent as regular mail letters…

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      Lol you think their margin is over 50%?

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        Yes because if you buy in large enough bulk you can get them for 50% off

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        @Pacify: All brand name clothing sold at RRP has a margin a lot higher than 50% when you only look at the direct cost of incremental sales.

        Of course they have other costs to run the business: marketing, administration, rent for offices/warehouses and the like.

        Since this inadvertent advertising though OzBargain generated unplanned additional sales they don't necessarily have to help cover those extra costs. Only to the extent that sales here cannibalize sales they would have made anyway.

    • Most balanced comment on the entire thread. Nice.

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    50% off code:

    • Many Thanks.
      Gratefully accepted, and used!

      • +1

        No worries.

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    I have a code, PM me if you'd want

    • Looks like you don't have PM setup, can I take it if it's still available? Please send me a PM

    • Awesome, just used. Thanks!

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    • thank you!

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    The tin foil hats are out in force tonight.

  • Maybe if they post a pic of the true Culprit .. their IT Guy .. wearing a pair of the Boxer while getting a Turbo WEDGY might satisfy some peeps!

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    X6396P5S 50% off if someone wants it!

    • Thanks for that.

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    Have code … PM if wanted…. Gone Now :)

    @Step One … with so much negativity around, you can keep my data, thousands of websites already have it :)

  • 50% off code first come first serve


    Please reply if you used it to save others time

    • Thanks.

  • W23HG3FZ

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    Wow, this debacle turns out to a winning strategy for the company. Who would of thought offering 50% discount code can generate more sales than a 50% off sale.

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      How many of the people using the 50% off voucher will end up explaining that they would like to utilise the promised 100% money back guarantee I wonder?

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        I think you can only do that for your first pair so if you already have a pair that wont work. I took the 50% off offer as $15 is about right IMO…even though I won a free pair before coming here.

      • -3

        100% return on 50% code means company is loosing $14.5 ….
        100% return on 100% purchase price means company is loosing $29 …

        You think Greg is stupid ? 😂

        • I'll give you 14.5/50, or 29/100 marks for that bait, whichever best satisfies your inner troll.

          But you obviously caught someone. You scored a neg at least.

          Well done.

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    Step one and Greg are full of lies, today I am getting spammed with marketing emails from them, and also my YouTube is getting filled with step one ads too, Seriously mods, please ban this lying and dishonest store.

    • Marketing emails is thr fault … may take them a while to clear up the mess … youtube ads depends on your cookie's i believe …

      • +3

        My web browser blocks trackers and cookies but they keep on coming. And the same gmail I used to buy them was the same gmail I use on YouTube, hmmmmm.

        may take them a while to clear up the mess

        Greg said he already deleted all the info from their database

    • +1

      I've received multiple marketing emails as well.

  • Anyone have a spare 50% off code? I've been wanting to me try them but not at full price… Please PM me :)

  • 29F4DDGR 50% code if anyone still needs one

  • has anyone who ordered actually had it shipped?

    • Got a shipping confirmation and tracking number, but the tracking number seems incomplete (AUP and 7 digits)?

      • Try entering the tracking number into a universal tracking searcher such as Track My Parcel. It checks if it was sent via another carrier.

        • No luck, tried a few. Thanks though - didn't know these were a thing

      • Did you get it for free? or the 50% off one?

  • +2

    Got my 50% off pair today and I'm not gonna lie, I'm actually really impressed with them.

    • Good to hear. Did your tracking number work?

      • Nope. it just showed up

  • Arrived 👍 Tracking number didn't work. So far they're awesome

  • Still waiting for my 50% off pair to be delivered. Tracking number doesn't work.

    Link in the email to view order, when clicked shows anonymised data like they have deleted all our data (as advised they would do).

    My expectations and opinion of them aren't great so far.

  • any spare 50% off code please ? Thanks.

    • +3

      Not worth it, even at 50% off.

      My pair arrived yesterday, yeah, bearable at $15xx and change, absolutely not at $30+

      Even at $15, I'm not overly impressed.

      Tried it, can't make an informed decision till I did, won't be ordering any more

      • Took long enough in coming .

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    I just got sent a marketing mail that came from my user data in this scam

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