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99% Ethanol / Ethyl Denatured Alcohol 5 Litre $20 (Pickup Penrith or + Delivery) @ Sydney Solvents


Currently reduced by 33% & by far the cheapest I've seen for quite some time. During the height of the Covid-19 crisis these were over $100. For me delivery to Melbourne was $15 for 1 to 4 of these. Can be used for cleaning, sanitising or as flammable fuel.

Warning: This is not drinkable alcohol as it is denatured with an extremely strong bittering agent called Denatoium Bensonate. Without this added you would be paying around $400 per 5 Litre bottle in taxes!

From the site:

Ethanol >99% Water <%1 Denatoium Bensonate 5ppm MIBK <2%
Contains denaturant
Industrial grade
Australia Made
Other names: Ethyl Alcohol

Ethanol is a clear colourless liquid made from a natural sugarcane process. The ethanol boiling point of ethanol is 78 °C and the flashpoint is 11 °C. The product is commonly found as ethanol fuel in e10 fuel, often referred to as grain alcohol or ethyl alcohol. Our ethanol is 99% with a 1% denaturant in it so it is not food safe or suitable for drinking. Ethanol can be used to extract oils, disinfectant, sterilise medical equipment, as a window cleaner, and there are many more uses. Additionally, ethanol is perfect for indoor or outdoor ethanol heaters.

Ethanol mixes well with water, and you will find that ethyl alcohol is a common ingredient in cosmetics, cleaners and fuels. When using ethanol on the skin as rubbing alcohol it is recommended to dilute it down to about 70%. You can also add in a fragrance to mix with ethanol to make as a disinfectant to use around the home.


The Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) has two approved formulations that can be used for hand sanitisation one being Ethanol. Ethanol is highly recommended for sanitising surfaces to kill germs and bacteria that stay on kitchen benches, bathrooms and doorknobs etc. Ethanol can be used at a rate of >70% to be effective.

Cleaning & Household Uses:

Window cleaner
Used for cleaning paints

Industrial & DIY Uses:

Oil extraction: Our ethanol is not food grade safe. It can be used in the extraction of oil however in terms of the processing and how to do that you may have to do more research. Food grade Ethanol requires a license, and we do not stock the product.

Use for fuel in Ethanol Heaters

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor heaters
Burns clean, leaves very little fumes or black marks
Alcohol smell is burnt off in heating

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  • Tas $39 delivery

  • Is this any different in usage as a substitute for Isocol for cleaning cuts?

  • Delivery charge kills the deal for me and really wanted to order one.

  • Can that be used to clean computers components? Thx

    • absolutely

    • I use it for cleaning discs as it evaporates with no residue on an even surface. I've also used it to clean electronics but you would be better off with a 100% alcohol solution to ensure the small amount of water present in this one doesn't cause problems.

      • This. Any trace residues can potentially cause a short circuit, damaging the component.

        • Really? Jaycar sells 99.8% IPA so i doubt this is true

        • 99% is fine.. with the miniscule amount of water present, the alcohol would attach to the water and assist in its evaporation. More of a concern is leaving behind flux residue which can be conductive.

      • Ethanol absorbs moisture from the air at any concentration above 90%. 1% water isn't going to cause problems.

        • It's under 1% so I have no issue using it on electronics occasionally. However if I was using it all the time on electronics I would definitely pay the extra and get 100% Isopropyl Alcohol. This doesn't contain Denatoium Bensonate which is a salt that will not evaporate. Even at this tiny concentration of 5ppm I'd definitely prefer it not to be present for such work.

    • 25 years ago i liked to use it to clean my snes cartridge contacts

    • I use acetone for this personally. Yes, more expensive but no dregs

  • +1 for the comprehensive description/info

  • CAUTION - This isn't the standard ISOPROPYL Alcohol you typically see on the internet - Do your own research before jumping.

    Here's the typical one most people are familiar with - https://www.sydneysolvents.com.au/isopropyl-alcohol-ipa-isop...

    • That one's no good to drink, gives me nasty tummy ache.

    • Why would it be isopropyl? This is Australia. We normally use ethanol, unlike the US which is known for Prohibition and isopropyl.

      BTW, if you are desperate, I hear people use pool-chlorine to oxidise the de-naturant. (Do I really need to warn people that pool chlorine can be dangerous?)


      • No idea what you're talking abt. All I'm saying iso is what we typically see on ozb and what's been recommended for hand sanitizer etc. And iso is still readily available at the same shop so not sure why anyone would be desperate to use chlorine.

        • I keep seeing people looking for isopropyl because they read something on an American website, when ethanol would have done the job.

          I was guilty of the opposite, hunting for "metho" when I was in North America, when it turns out I could have used isopropyl from the nearest hardware store :-)

          what's been recommended for hand sanitizer

          Wrong. It is recommended in the US because it is more available. Here we use ethanol.

          so not sure why … chlorine.

          "BTW" indicates a change of topic. Chlorine is allegedly used to remove the denaturant from metho for drinking purposes, or used in commercial premises to avoid paying excise. Never buy cheap cocktails in Bali, stick to beer.

    • Why do you need the big CAUTION when the deal title is 99% Ethanol / Ethyl Denatured Alcohol

      Why do you need to warn people that this is not isopropyl alcohol?

      • Public service for those who don't read or misread or think it's a bigger bargain tban it is (ethanol is cheaper than iso). In hindsight the caution should have been not to drink this stuff. Although I'm a firm believer in natural selection so my bad.

      • Hello you seem knowledgeable,

        Is this more safer to sniff than nangs?

        Looks to be much cheaper maybe more than 50,000 shots! A little in a water balloon and weeeee here we go again ! Circus music

    • Not that I'm going to, but would this be drinkable if you redistilled it?

  • is this for racing cars?

  • Can I use this with Braun Electric Shaver Cleaning Station as Alcohol refill for cleaning is too expensive

  • Got it when the pandemic just started off eBay. 30 dollars and free shipping.

  • Or better known by its consumer name, home brand ALDI vodka!!

  • It seemed you can have 4 bottles delivered for $15 in Melbourne. Decision, decision…

  • Technically still ok to drink, assuming you can overcome the bitterant somehow and as long as it doesn't have Methanol. And it's Denatonium Benzoate not bensonate

    • Distill it.

      • Also contains MIBK <2% which may not be so easy to separate out

        • With a fractionating column with enough theoretical plates… easy peasy… however people shouldn't do this without knowing what they are doing and equipment to test the product (ie a GC or GC-MS). This is how people poison themselves and you know… die.

          • @lunchbox99: Wouldn't it be easier and safer to buy cheap plonk and distil that?

            • @manic: Easier yes, safer yes, cheaper no.

              You often don't need to distill cheap spirit to improve it. Just pass it through activated charcoal or something.

              • @lunchbox99: Your comment is highly appreciated. I had some friends give me a bottle of homemade brandy but they had added some spice to it which i didn't really like. After reading your comment i ran it through my water purifying filter and it has removed at least 95% of the smell it had to it. It actaully made the brandy not even "burn" when drinking it. I had a bit to drink tasted like water lol, now i can feel the alcohol kicking in.

            • @manic: That's what I do, or homebrew. Frankly I'd be better off without alcohol, surprised they don't do plain packaging on it yet, just like cigarettes.

              • @alxjpow: You're saying you actually would distill this product? Nice, I thought it would be toxic. Have you made any type of liqueur/brandy using this alcohol or just drink it the way it is?

    • It also contains MIBK <2%

      Methyl isobutyl ketone is not something you want to consume

  • Is this ok to use for cleaning electronic parts with?

  • Is it OK to use with small camping stove? I'm thinking this may be cheaper and lighter than using gas canisters

    • do you mean alcohol stove like Trangia? i'm interested to know too

      • Pure ethanol will not produce a steady strong flame. You're best off getting Shellite. I use this for my dual fuel camp stove & lantern. Runs extremely hot & steady. Unleaded petrol works when I'm out of shellite but isn't as effective.

      • Yes, this is exactly what you want for a Trangia.

        You're best off getting Shellite.

        Err, What???? You need a completely different burner for petrol. Noisy, smelly, horrible stoves.

        Experienced hikers use gas or alcohol stoves.

        • My sincere apology. I wasn't aware that a trangia was an ethanol stove. I'd imagine this will burn quite well then. It is one of the uses mentioned on the page.

  • This is normally called methylated spirits, meths, or metho in Australia. (C2H5OH)

    It is not Isopropyl Alcohol (C3H8O)

    • I use 99% Isopropyl to clean glassware. Would this give the same results? Sorry, not a chemist.

    • This is normally called methylated spirits, meths, or metho in Australia. (C2H5OH)

      No it isn't.
      Methylated spirits is ethanol denatured with methanol, this product is not denatured with methylated spirits.
      However, products sold as "methylated spirits" are often denatured with bitrex (like this product) as it is safer in the event someone drinks it

      It is not Isopropyl Alcohol (C3H8O)

      That should be extremely obvious when the deal title is 99% Ethanol / Ethyl Denatured Alcohol
      Why do you even need to point out what it is not?

      • Methylated spirits is ethanol denatured with methanol

        Sorry, you'd think so, but no. They stopped doing that a long time ago, but the name has stuck.

        In the same way, distilled water is not actually distilled, and a camel-hair brush is not camel.

        However, … often


  • Does anyone know what kind of alcohol
    I use if I want to mix it with my flavoured smell natural perfume?

    • This is denatured. So it has foul smelling chemicals added that induce vomiting.

      • Foul tasting bittering agent when consumed orally yes. No smell though.

        From the site:
        Perfume Grade Ethanol is referred to as 95PGF4 Ethanol that is designed to be suitable to use as a perfume base. The reason for this is that this ethanol, unlike regular ethanols, has very low to a neutral odour. Perfume grade alcohol has a flashpoint of 11ºC with a boiling range of 78-83ºC and a specific gravity of 0.8. The perfume alcohol is 95% and contains 5% water and denaturant so that it cannot be consumed. The F4 solution means that it has an additive that is quite bitter and unpalatable for drinking, but it is designed to work with other fragrances.

    • You would want the Isopropanol if you want to add in smells;

      Use on granite, wood floors and upholstery: 1/4 Isopropyl Alcohol, 3 drops dish detergent, 1 cup of water and a couple of essential oil.

  • So basically just a slightly purer form of methylated spirits https://www.bunnings.com.au/diggers-methylated-spirits-4l_p1... which from the diggers msds has 95% ethanol and this one is 99%…

  • $15 delivery kills it for me