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Sony WH1000XM4B $381.65 | GoPro HERO9 $509.15 | Ring Doorbell (2nd Gen) $125.80 | Breville BES870 $636.65 @ TheGoodGuys eBay


Good price for these items. Let’s hope uncle Jack doesn’t pay a visit.

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  • Pretty good price on the XM4s, really do hope they don't jack up the price :(

  • must resist 381 xm4s.
    must wait for 398 momentum 3s

  • I have heaps of Harvey Norman gift cards, waiting for a breville deal. Wonder if they will price match tgg ebay deals. Anyone had luck with this?

  • Can the Ring doorbell connect to a Google Home Mini to act as a simple doorbell (in addition to the mobile phone alerts and video etc), or do you need an Amazon Echo for that?

    • Not sure about other but I’ve had bad experiences with the Ring doorbell. Delayed videos, takes ages to load when someone rings the doorbell, video feed is patchy.

      • Having the same issues with ring bell 1.

      • So, there can be multiple reasons why:

        1. Internet is not great, so if your internet speed drops a lot or just isn't that fast then you'll have a lot of issues with the doorbell.

        2. Connection isn't great, so if you put it outside and your internet router is all the way on the other side of the house then your signal will suck and hence all the issues, so you'll need a wifi extender or mesh system (Which I recommend). Alternatively, you could just move your router closer

        3. You may have a faulty device, if none of the above are issues (i.e you have fast internet and stable connection in the app) then possibly there is an issue with your specific device and you should get Ring to replace it.

        I have a battery powered ring doorbell 2 and I have 2 other family members who have the device as well, download speeds on those houses are 10-15 (very unstable), 25-30 (pretty stable), 80-90 (Very stable).

        The 25-30 and 80-90 have no issues, but 10-15 have every issue you described.

      • Hmmm…ok…any recommendation on an alternative doorbell?

        • Eufy. It's dearer than Ring but it has 2k video and free local backups. Been at my door side for 3 months now and I'm very satisfied with it.

          • @gosund: Cheers - will look in to it ;)

          • @gosund: Are you in Victoria where no one is visiting your home?

          • @gosund: Do you connect yours to a google home device? If yes are you experiencing any major delays because I am. There's about a 20second delay when viewing on google devices and maybe a few seconds on the mobile app

            • @pippohippo: Sorry I have no experience with google device but 20 secs is bad! I just use the Eufy app, which almost responses to the event instantly every time. 1-2 secs tops when connection's a bit weak.

              • @gosund: I just googled and apparently it's a know issue and same with Arlo as well when viewing via google device. It's been a year an no updates! I like to say it's a google issue, but My Reolink indoor camera delay is maybe 5 second tops…

                I mainly use the app as well and have about 1-2 sec delay which I think is somewhat acceptable - haven't had instant yet maybe it's due to the fact I'm connecting via an extender instead of the main modem router?

              • @gosund: Agreed. At the 2 second mark the Aus Post card is already filled out and by 10 seconds the van is on the road so 20 seconds is waaaay too long.

        • Nest doorbell

    • It sort of works with Google but not really.

      I highly recommend if you buy a Ring that you buy the ring chime to go with it. Missed so many rings because I had no phone on silent before getting one.

    • I have a ring 2 and the short answer to that is no, they are built to work in the amazon echo system (being owned by amazon). As the below states there are times it may lag but overall i haven't had too much of an issue with mine.

    • The nest doorbell will, that's what i'm using.

  • What is the equivalent of the Breville BES870, but without the built in grinder? Is it the Breville BES840 Infuser? I already have a Breville Smart Grinder.

  • Good deal, But still hanging for a sub $500 price tag on the Breville.

    • That'll be awesome but has that price popped up in recent months? I'm wondering if the prime sale on Amazon would be any better. Would anyone know? Thanks!

  • So the GoPro Hero 9 has been out for more than a week now. What's the verdict on it? YouTubers say it's great, Redditors say it's buggy. I should probably hold off until the bug fixes. Answered my own question. Thanks OzB!

    • YT'ers are paid marketers - Redditors are users.

    • awesome. Been using for 2 weeks now.

      • Any issues with overheating / shutting down? I was looking at getting one for some timelapse and high quality recording around 3D printing / CNC, yet read quite a few reports of them overheating in static air, and shutting down within 30min (at 4K/5K).

    • I'm waiting for a great deal on the hero8 which usually happens when the new one comes out.

    • There was a coordinated troll campaign on r/gopro , some of the negative comments weren't from real users, https://www.reddit.com/r/gopro/comments/j2pw56/something_is_...

      Having said that, there do seem to be some bugs and GoPro have confirmed they'll fix them with the next firmware release this month.

    • I think it should be good because it's trying to outcompete the DJI Osmo Action and probably the next iteration of the Osmo Action too. The DJI Osmo Action still has incredible value for money. GoPro is like Apple catching up by adding back the removeable lens and adding in a front screen. I can't wait to see what happens when GoPro 10/X is released. They'd better do something mega then.

  • Hi dealbot, how about adding 1 more item. Eufy door bell with base for $296.65. Thanks


  • Looking for a cooling only 2.5KW Fujitsu or Mitsubishi Heavy Industries but can't see any on their eBay store

  • Does anyone know about their refund policy? Can we just take it back to a physical store or do we have to pay for shipping to ship it back to their online venue?


    • Years ago I ordered via their eBay store and arranged pick up in store (the item was in stock at that store so it was next day). Our plans changed and I could no longer accept the goods, however they wanted to charge a 20% restock fee from memory. Luckily I had a chill sales assistant on my side who was happy to waive it, but there’s always that risk.

  • XM3 or XM4 for normal user?

    • Depends on the price difference. I'll go with the 3 as no use case for those fancy new features for me

  • I like the idea of a fancy-pants doorbell with camera, microphone and self-rolling red carpet, but our front door gives almost straight on to the street.

    What stops passers-by from stealing the doorbell? We're renting, so bolting it in place isn't really an option. (My wife dryly suggested setting up another surveillance camera for the doorbell.)

    • +2 votes

      Nothing is stopping them, however, it shows you the last thing the camera captured before your doorbell went offline.

    • If you get a Police report, Ring will replace your doorbell if stolen. That was everyone’s fear when they first released them and that’s how they countered it.

      I bought the first version at a tech show before they were released here and it is slow. It’s sitting 2m from the router so range isn’t the issue. Hopefully (and most likely) this 2nd version is much better than mine.

      That said, it has been great. No one has made it to my door without me being made aware of it. It even caught a lunatic urinating on the front door once. I knew the lunatic so could report it to the Police.

      • The ring pro I had worked perfectly for about 2 years and then when it was taken over my Amazon, i could never have a live view and call quality was terrible. I have since upgraded to Arlo video door bell and no such problems.

  • Is it possible to PriceBeat with OW on the headphones?

  • What is the chance of doing a click and collect on the XM4 today in Victoria?

  • Waiting for Amazon to price match the GoPro9.

  • Got the coffee machine (in silver instead though). Very excited for tonight/tomorrow :D

  • Ordered WH1000XM4B, Click-and-Collect. But can I collect in Victoria during these restrictions… 🤔

    Subtotal AU $449.00
    Coupon, Voucher -AU $67.35
    Total AU $381.65

  • Right on 10am, clicked on the GoPro 9 and got it for $509, 😁great price😀, thanks O.P.
    Now I have to explain to my😱 partner😥 why I bought a GoPro!!

  • I am getting this message when trying to buy WH1000XM4B This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired.

  • Able to get a xm4! Thanks op

  • The LG OLED55CXPTA 55" CX OLED TV is now on sale for $2545.75 plus postage (Melbourne $35.00). That's the lowest price I've seen it go for!!

  • Got the XM4! Interested to see how they'll compare to my much loved QC35 2's.

  • Cheers for the heads-up on this sale. Got a 55" Sony X9500H for just under $2k delivered - a very decent discount :)

  • Not sure why but they charged me $8 postage for xm4 even i hold ebay plus

  • ordered xm4 and within 20mins ready to pickup!

  • can i subscribe to gopro for a month and get the discounted accessories and cancel after?

    • yes

    • Yes. I did that previously. The issue with GoPro themselves is that you can only buy batteries with the purchase of the camera and that the most popular items will be sold out so check that before, too.

  • What features make the pro better for the extra cost. NEW Breville BES878BTR4JAN1 The Barista Pro Espresso Machine - Black Truffle

    • Did some quick research on this yesterday.

      Main difference is digital vs analog display/buttons.

      There are some small changes e.g. heats up a few seconds quicker, more varied grind options, improved steaming wand.

      Don't seem like huge differences so I'm leaning towards the express plus find digital displays on kitchen appliances often date really quickly and seem average compared to screen we're used to on smart phones, watches, etc.

      • Yeah. Just read the other thread on the Pro. Has no guage which is probably better than the LCD of pro. OK Ordered a stainless sleel one. Less likeky to show scratches and marks. Thanks OP