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Omen Sequencer Mechanical Keyboard $122 (Normally $319) @ Officeworks


Saw this strolling through Officeworks.

Looks like clearance as I cant find it on their site. According to StaticIce this is quite cheap with it normally around $220-$240:


Amazon has it for $179.

Here's some specs on the keyboard:

HP Omen Sequencer Keyboard maneuver at the speed of light and gain an edge over your competition with industry-leading optical-mechanical switch technology. Built for gamers with customization and durability in mind. Optical-mechanical Blue switches enable a 0.2 ms response time 10 times faster than traditional mechanical switches plus a 70 million click lifetime. Individually backlit keys offer up to 16.8 million RGB colours to choose from with unique effects, all customizable from Omen Command Centre.

*Built for gamers with customization and durability in mind
*Optical-mechanical switch technology
*Optical-mechanical blue switches enable a 0.2 ms response time
*With 70 million click lifetime
*Individually backlit keys offer up to 16.8 million RGB colours to choose from with unique effects

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  • $122 is a good price - but FYI it's $159 from Centrecom & $179 from Amazon.

  • Which OW would you happen to be strolling through?

  • Not listed on their website so we won't be able to see how much stock they have nationwide sadly.


  • Is this a good keyboard for production instead of gaming?

    • I have this keyboard for WFH ATM. It hasn’t onboard memory, so I can’t save profile for using on other computer which hasn’t Omen software.

    • I use this keyboard for production - it's great - the roller bar is good for adjusting sliders, the keys are great weight for typing but not so loud as to annoy colleagues, and at this price it is a bargain.

    • Check out Durgod K320.

    • I use mine for both production and gaming, and the only gripe is the Omen key where the Home key is.
      Have hit that so many times, and then had to wait for the app open up, that I uninstalled the application.
      Once you've set your desired colour pattern, there isn't much else you'll use the app for, and the patterns can be cycled using the Fn +1-6 keys anyway.

      Also required is Win10 to install the app, but that won't be an issue for most people, but installing from the Windows Store might be.

      Overall, a good solid keyboard which has some weight but not too much heft.

  • its hp - worse build quality than razer now - also 12 month warranty for 70 million clicks.. interesting how that works

    • Who can ever be worse quality than razer? Razer seem like they don't even have a QA dept, with how many of their stuff are defective.

      • Well razer actually uses some decent switches in some of their keyboards, unlike hp in the majority of theirs. Razer doesn't need much QA, it has a highly effective marketing department, supported by a lack of QA in review sites.

        • Razer has gone out to the mk community and asked/implemented the feedback they received I to their new line of keyboards.

          They have done really really well IMO and are major contenders for the best prebuilts you can buy.

          If they can shed the gamer aesthetics, I wouldn't hesitate to buy one.


        • I don't know if they've improved since, but a few years ago I bought the Lycosa keyboard, and had to return it for an exchange 8 or so times, These were issues brand new out of box:
          1. Keys got "stuck" signal - repeated keypress until USB was unplugged, even though the physical key was not stuck. 5 of the keyboards had this issue.
          2. Keys got stuck physically. 2 of the keyboards had this issue.
          3. Some keys just didn't register. 1 had this issue.
          If a company QA's their product, they should not have 8 keyboards in a row show different defects.

          • @jkim: I returned a tarantula 6 times…never again

            • @petry: Then what do you mean by "Razer doesn't need much QA"? Of course they need QA. Just between the 2 of us, we have 14 returns for 2 purchases…

              • @jkim: I meant their marketing department covers up their lack of QA very easily, because these days people are paid to post on sites like this how great things are , and to attack those who post the truth about products.

                Some sites do both themselves, and its pretty obvious. Marketing is far more than advertising these days, its about destroying cheaper competing products, talking up products, and ridiculing complainants.

                razers lack of build quality has been successfully concealed by their marketing department for many years.

  • Anyone know what switches this one uses? Not a lot of detail on the HP web site.

    • Says Blue in the post.

    • They're LK opto-mechanical blue switches but I haven't been able to find the manufacturer either. LK is only a type of optomechanical switch not a brand name to my knowledge

  • Still happy with my G613 wireless mechanical. Crazy how in 2020 wireless mechanical keyboards aren’t mainstream. Yeah yeah, ‘pro’ gamers need 0.000000002 second lag. Cool story.

    • I like having backlight keys, and don't want to have to change batteries or plug it in to charge it up all the time.

    • lol I hate that keyboard so much, not the keys but the damn function keys on the left, I had it before and wanted to cut the left side off.

    • +7 votes

      The reason why wireless mechanical keyboards aren't as mainstream as wireless mice is more than just input lag. One big reason is that it's mostly unnecessary as opposed to a wireless mouse - you don't move your keyboard even close to as much. Another biggie is the battery - optical switches, for example, are just not feasible with a wireless design. You'd run out of power really quickly. That said, I've never had an issue trying to find a wireless keyboard, so I'm not really sure where your comment stems from.

    • Some people don't mind having a cable at all, and in return, they don't need to worry about batteries, can connect to a PC without bluetooth, can connect to a usb hub switch for quick computer switching (eg I switch my mouse and keyboard between my personal PC and work laptop all the time).

      I have a HHKB BT which I love, and it's solid almost all the time, but once in a while I'll have to re-pair it, or the input gets delayed slightly, etc.

    • You know, for those of us that use these for work… Wireless is a no-no. Generally very easy to eavesdrop. Unlikely to be a problem for the receptionist at the local building company, but other environments… No thanks.

  • What’s the purpose of 2 USB connectors? Can it connect to 2 PCs at the same time?
    Can you connect a mouse to the USB port of this keyboard and use it on 2 PCs?

    • No, it's not to allow you to connect to two computers at once. One plug is for the keyboard and the other is to connect the hub that's built into the 'board itself. In essence, the second just turns the keyboard into a USB extension cable.

  • No, one PC connection only. The other USB cable is for USB port on the keyboard use purpose, so it’s a USB extend cable.

  • Good price for this specific product, but the legends on those keys makes me wanna barf. Not really worth it for me since I'd spend probably another $80 on keycaps and at that point I could just get a ducky.

  • are these even cherry keys?

  • Here's one alternatives from same OMEN range $69 maybe worth looking at?


  • -1 vote

    This or the Rezer BW from last deal?

  • as much as this is a good bargain, i still rather get a good 60% mechanical keyboard personally.

  • Had mine for months from the last HP deal on OzB

    The keyboard itself is great , heavy and solid

    I like the two USB connectors as it for keyboard connection to PC/Mac and another one for the USB port on the left upper corner of the keyboard body. ( great when you need to recharge your wireless mouse with continuous usage , or , plug your yubiKey for second factor authentication without moving your butt )

    The 5 Macro keys on the left is ok, better than none and distant enough to avoid mis-clicking

    The RGB backlight is awesome, along with the cool volume roller bar in red .

    The only downside is really the home key which was mapped to launch the Omen Center app and there is no easy way you can change it. ( there is a GitHub thing for this but I didn’t bother to try it out )

    Since Mac does not have native home key , so I kinda got used to that and didn’t find it too annoying but could be a deciding factor for some one heavy in editing workloads

  • I own this keyboard and it is not good.

    1. The Home key is missing.
    2. The labels are wrong for the + key, - key, ~key.

    The price should be around $50 for this keyboard.

    • I have this keyboard, and the build quality is only matched by the very best keyboards. I'm buying another one at $109 right now.

    • The missing Home key annoyed me at first, particularly when using Rockstar social club where you need to press Home.
      Having said that, I got used to using the num-pad Home key instead and you can also bind the Home key to a macro button.
      I don't understand why they didn't just add an extra button if they really wanted the OMEN command centre button.
      Overall though, 100% worth it for this price.

  • Is this wireless or bluetooth?

  • Just wait for click frenzy, it was 79

  • Doesn't seem to come with a wrist rest, useless for me without one!!

  • Thanks got the $109 one for when my Corsair RGB dies.

  • I have this. It’s very good

  • Been using this keyboard right now, sorta unrelated but I dunked a full glass of water into it. Left it to dry for two days and has been working perfectly (been 6 months since now). I guess that could be a selling point, but for the most part, this is a ripper deal and the quality of this keyboard is amazing. Favourite keyboard I've had from 2 previous mechanicals.

  • Thought it was for dj's…

  • Not bad for the price @ $109. got one thanks.