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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G 128GB $0 / 5G $149 Upfront on Telstra $99 150GB P/M 12M Contract (New / Port-In Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


Greetings everyone, just spotted that JB have placed the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G 128gb on promotion on their $99 Per Month 150gb Plan.

Considering that this plan has a $594 Early Termination Charge, you could essentially get the phone for $594 (+pro-rated first month charge) if you cancelled the plan early :)

Seems like an awesome deal for a brand new phone which is $799 on the Samsung Education store.

The 5G variant is also available for $149 Upfront.

I believe this may also be eligible for free Samsung Galaxy Buds Live too. May need to confirm with the store staff when ordering, the advertisement doesn't include this, however the bonus has been eligible on JB deals in the past.

As always, enjoy!

Note: In Store Only, may exclude some Victorian residents.

Edit: You can signup today 8/10 and pick up the phone when it starts tomorrow. See comments.

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        • +1

          Tell them to check their own website, every single S20 FE has the same bonus offer


          Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Bonus Offer*
          Purchase this selected Samsung Galaxy S20 FE handset and get a bonus set of Galaxy Buds Live (White)! Both items must be in the same cart transaction to receive bonus offer, delivery fees apply.
          To add your Galaxy Buds Live (White) Click Here.
          *Offer available for purchases between 09.10.2020-14.10.2020 of Galaxy S20 FE or while stocks last. Buds Live colour is fixed and may not be substituted for an alternate type of colour.

        • +1

          Not that it would change a stubborn salesperson's mind but doing this deal you technically are buying it outright for $1150 and using a $1000 gift card according to other people above.

      • Thanks - I went back and 30 mins of to and fro later I walked out with some buds. The dude tried to tell me it was a redemption thing and I showed him the web ad that had no mention of by redemption only. I got there.

    • Can you be a dear and check if your new phone has eSim?
      Many thanks.

      • No can do - wife has confiscated it until my birthday

  • Given VIC lockdown ends 19/10, the buds deal ends 14/10, and that JB Hi-Fi aren't doing plans over the phone at the moment, are people getting others interstate to purchase the phone under their name and then ship it down to them?

    • Unlikely to be possible - you need to show ID when setting up the account as a credit check is done.

      • -1

        just get from ebay they will be plenty.

  • Hi there are many posters here who got the deal for only $89.
    Is the cancellation price still $594 as it is on the $99 plan or is it a lower due to it being a slightly cheaper $89 plan?

    • +1

      I got the $89 deal, however, I can't figure out how to cancel it from the app/website. Live Chat has been waiting for a member of a team to join for ~10 minutes.

      Telstra support has been useless too lol


      • Could you port out of your new Telstra number?

        • I can, but I would prefer to cancel rather than have to port and still cancel

    • It's still the $99 plan, just with a $10 monthly discount. So the same ETC applies.

  • +2

    Cancellation is still a maximum of $594. The $89 is as a result of a $10/month credit applied to the account. Seems to be mostly automatically included when purchasing this plan.

  • Just checked. Apparently no one in WA has the 256gb model.

    • As far as I know it's exclusive to the Samsung websites

    • Also the buds were also a mix and match apparently. So I'm getting the phone and the buds now! thanks OP

    • The JB rep I talked to today said the 256gb wouldn't be out for about 2 weeks when they get stock in

  • Have people had luck signing up for a new number with this deal? If they decide to stick with the port in only argument what is the best way to quickly get a new number and port over?

    • +1

      I sign in with new number. Porting is not required. Just got the call from JB that phone is ready. Will update you soon

    • +1

      Lycamobile. No recharge required.

  • Went to jb and during the final stage, showed error with address? Anyone with similar issue.

    • +3

      buy new house

      • +1

        Going to!

  • +2

    Got it today Marion SA. 5g, buds, $10 monthly discount on a new number. $149.

  • +1

    New number with Budds $89/month- $149 FE 5G Chermside QLD.

  • Has anyone cancelled the plan successfully today and can you pls share how it was done? I could only see it as a static procedure on my Telstra app; no active web link, chat box or phone number to contact on. Thanks.

    • +1

      Live chat with Telstar customer service. Tell them you'd like to terminate the plan Early and they'll do it for you. You'll have to pay the remaining fees when the bill comes.

  • +1

    Just got back from Indooroopilly, QLD. $89/month $149 FE 5G with new number and white Buds included. I casually remarked on the low ETC on the terms and conditions and the sales bloke said "Yeah, you're up already!". Snork :)

  • Got this epic deal today. Got even better in store. Paid $150 for the 5g version and Telstra are running a limited time offer for $10/month off for new sign ups. So I'm paying $89/month for 12 months months and getting 5g speeds. Data is shaped after 150GB unlike optus who charge you $10/GB over.

    Even better, the salesman in store contacted his Telstra rep who agreed to throw in the buds (white only). I'm absolutely stoked at this deal!

    • +1

      good adam, but "Got even better in store. Paid $150 for the 5g version and Telstra are running a limited time offer for $10/month off for new sign ups. "
      that is BS the $10 been around for ages

  • +1

    My local (Toowoomba) wasn't shipped any Red 5Gs :( has anyone else run into this in store? I notice on the website there's meant to be a delay.
    Does anyone think I could sign up for the plan/phone today and get the phone when in stock?

    • Also keen on Red :(

    • FYI can't be done because they need the IMEI number to issue the gift card

  • +1

    Picked up today Belmont, WA. Got a new plan for $89 (no porting, $99 with $10 credit. Will cancel it later today) as well as bronze buds.

  • signed up new number at hurstville store in Sydney. 5g 128gb white with white buds for $149 and $89/month. the blue one was out of stock. was asking about the 256gb version for $249, the staff was kind enough to check with other colleagues and their system a few times but confirmed its not included in this deal. but they mentioned they heard there might be more upcoming deal shortly to include the 256gb version, but not quite sure when or real. overall, still very happy.

  • Signed up at Chatswood today, was informed the Galaxy Buds Live was included as long as stocks last.
    Chatswood Chaise didn't have any stock left, but they were kind enough to reserve one from Chatswood Westfield, so I walked over to the other JB hifi store to pick up the buds after I received the phone.

  • -2

    Waiting for someone to confirm they've successfully managed to cancel with only the ETA to pay for this deal before I risk it..๐Ÿ˜

    • ;-)

    • +1

      It's been posted here a few times and people have been successful across different phones.

      doweyy wouldn't steer us wrong

      • -1

        Perhaps. But there's also an outside chance they tightened up their policy after hundreds of people canceled their contracts.

    • Soooooo. No one able to confirm cancellation yet?

  • Signed up at Chatswood Westfield, there did not seem any rush or queue for this, thought the stocks were less, 5G FE only available in Orange color, I ended up with 4g one.

    • Can you be a kind soul and report back if the 4g vestion has eSim?

      • I did a quick check and don't see "Sim card manager" as an option, which is probably the first step to look for an eSim. Let me know if there is any specific steps and will confirm.

  • Went in store today, galaxy buds + $10 off. Great.

    • +1

      ETC is still $594

      • I checked this too! A shame but still a great deal.

  • Has anyone bought the phone, and then cancelled the next day? Whats the total cost? $594?? with buds???

    • +1


  • Anybody trying their luck on downgrading the plan or even better changing it to M2M? I know that was a thing when s10E was around.

    Also, anybody cancelled it yet?

  • Called up, after a long wait the consultant said that it was instore only…

    • If this is online deal, it will be gone in a flash…..

  • Bought at World Square, with buds also with a new burner number.
    In terms of cancellation, is it best to get a prepaid Optus card and transfer? Or via chat? (I am really with optus)

    • +1

      Depends on who you get on chat. I was stuck with them on chat for 2 hrs just to cancel, they kept trying to keep you on their plan. Kept telling them I just want to cancel, they just keep you hanging. I probably would just port out not to deal with them on chat.

      • I'm in the midst of this process now. It is exhausting

        • I am chatting now to terminate. The support replied it will take about an hour to get resolved. And they will contact me back on the same chat. Told me to about in the meantime. Is this normal?

          • +1

            @Raskids10: It took about 15-20 minutes when I was on last night when the rep stated he was going to initiate the process. However it seemed that he was juggling multiple chat enquiries due the long waits between responses, and that's likely to be responsible for the long wait.

            • @Benoffee: Yes. Took about 20 mins for me. Now waiting for the termination email and bill. Thanks for the reply

  • +1

    trying to cancel via online chat and was told by the bot to use the app … can't even log into the app as i'm getting an error … sigh

    • I tried to register for the app and it errored out enough times that I now need to call the helpdesk. Deep joy.

    • +2

      Call 132200 and they should generate an active online chat session for you through a text message to your registered mobile number to cancel the plan. Worked for me today. Good luck.

      • Got registered in the end. Now it's stuck waiting on the live chat - "Your conversation will start shortly". I think they've been Ozbargained…

  • Question about the $594 ETC. Is this a fixed amount or will be reduced if for example I am using the plan for 2 months? (Of course paying the $89x2)

    • It will reduce but 50% of the remaining $99. Credit wouldn't count

      • So it will get reduced prorata then stop at 50% of $89x12 ? Yeah no credit counted.

        • No.
          You are already paying for 2 months 99*2

          Then termination: (remaining months of the 12 months plan)
          ETC= 10 months * $99 * 50%
          Provided you terminate on the first day of the 3rd month.

  • Thanks OP. Bought 5G version, buds and $89 plan.

    Is there an email confirmation sent after cancellation? I cancelled the plan via chat but received no emails.

    • Which store?

    • +1

      I asked for and Telstra emailed me an estimated ETC after the online chat.

  • +1

    Got one from Adelaide City, SA. 5G (red), buds (bronze), $10 monthly discount on a new number. $149.

  • Got 4G blue with bronze buds with $10 credit.

    Was told today last day of $10 credit?

    Got ported across from amysim and new telsta sim working within 10mins.

  • Signed up the last Cloud Navy instore last night. Tried the 5G speed last night and it reached 800mbps download and 100mbps upload at peak. It is way beyond my need so happy to use a 4g network in my S20 FE 5G. Now I found the cheap cases for S20FE in some stores are out of stock on eBay:(

  • Are people mainly upvoting this because of the ETC trick? What about it as a standalone deal with an $89/mo plan?

    • I'll break it down for you…

      Yes, at the full price it's not that great of a deal considering this is a midrange phone (albeit a great one at that) - $149+12 months @$89/month=$1217 โ€” vs $149+6x$89=$683.

      Don't forget with this deal you could also sell the buds if you're not looking to keep them, which would bring the overall cost down even further.

      You don't even need to do the maths.

      • +2

        Minor correction, the discount doesnt apply to the ETC - so it's still $149+6ร—$99 = $743
        Still a ripping good deal!

      • Thanks guys for the feedback!

        • Wait, dont you have to pay the $594 for ETC? plus the monthly costs?

          • +1

            @db2k: Nope, the $594 replaces the monthly costs if you decide to cancel immediately which I believe is the main appeal of this deal. If you choose to keep the monthly plan it is $99 or $89 (if you get the discount) for the 12 month period of the contract.

            • @DOGGYWOWWOW: I called 135244 - they seemed confused, but eventually someone had insight and I was told if you cancel in the 1st month, you pay 1 month in advance so it would be $99 x2 for the current month and 1 month in advance … (doesnt sound right?)

              and then $594/12 = $49.50 ETC pro rata, so 10 months left (after 2 months on the plan)

              2 months @$99 PLAN = $198
              10 months @$49.50 ETC = $495

              So the total cost for 2 months usage is $693 … and UNAVAILABLE for Vic metro as it's instore only since 100 points ID is needed …

              • @db2k: I transferred to another phone provider within 24hrs, so was only charged 1 day pro-rata (circa $3) + ET fee

    • I think it depends if you need that much data. $1217-$743 = $474, which is around $40 for 150gb a month. I dont know a plan that offers that much data (normally $1 per gb). Personally I'm getting rid of my internet ($60 a month) and hotspot off this plans.

  • I picked up the 5G model at Top Ryde today with the free buds. Seems the $10 offer every month offer isn't available anymore but I dont think it matters with ETC. Thought I might need to haggle for the free buds but seems like it is included as I didn't even need to ask before they told me about it.

    • Yup I was told $10 credit expired yesterday.

      • Me too

  • Do you get the free earbuds in-store or you need redeem online?

    • +1

      Came with free buds in store

      • Thanks for the info ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • which store ?

  • -1

    Just picked up a blue one with the galaxy buds, cheers op.

    Edit - anyone know what's stopping me from getting a refund on this, and getting a pixel 5 when it comes out?

    • Whats your reason for a refund? Businesses do not have to provide refund for change of mind by the consumer

      • +1

        What's your reason for telling lies? JB offers a 30 day change of mind refund. I'm asking if there is any caveat with this deal, not if I can physically return it.

    • The god of Samsung will stop you from abusing the system

      • Lol, samsung should make an os that isn't complete trash then. If they had normal android I'd keep this, may just do that anyway.

    • Might do similar, not sure if theyโ€™ll refund the 1k gift card tho

      • Can't see why they wouldn't. It's a normal receipt as far as I can't tell. I'll give it a try on the 15th and see how it goes!

        • I was told i cannot get a refund or exchange.

          • @Rock32: Interesting. I was told I couldn't get the galaxy buds, but got them anyway ;)

            • @brendanm: @brendanm

              How did you manage to get the buds? Did you involve the store manager or something? I was told I couldn't get the buds either, the staff member didn't budge.

              • @wisdom: Showed them on the website that it is no longer specific to the pre order, and that the phone is simply being purchased outright, therefore should come with the buds.

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