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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G 128GB $0 / 5G $149 Upfront on Telstra $99 150GB P/M 12M Contract (New / Port-In Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


Greetings everyone, just spotted that JB have placed the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G 128gb on promotion on their $99 Per Month 150gb Plan.

Considering that this plan has a $594 Early Termination Charge, you could essentially get the phone for $594 (+pro-rated first month charge) if you cancelled the plan early :)

Seems like an awesome deal for a brand new phone which is $799 on the Samsung Education store.

The 5G variant is also available for $149 Upfront.

I believe this may also be eligible for free Samsung Galaxy Buds Live too. May need to confirm with the store staff when ordering, the advertisement doesn't include this, however the bonus has been eligible on JB deals in the past.

As always, enjoy!

Note: In Store Only, may exclude some Victorian residents.

Edit: You can signup today 8/10 and pick up the phone when it starts tomorrow. See comments.

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  • +9

    Probably worth paying for the extra for the SD version.

    Great deal

    • Is the 5G version the one with the SD SoC only? I thought all variants had the SD865 SoC?

      • +3

        Only the 5G version has SD865

        • Ok thanks!

  • until when?

    • Unsure currently as it's not stipulated in the catalogue, it should be on the website soon. But I'd imagine it'll be this either this sunday, or next wednesday.

  • +2

    Only the FE 5G version has Snapdragon, I reckon.

    • yeap!! Only the SD has the 5G modem

  • the professionals win again

  • 4G isn’t worth (Exynos and 6GB RAM only) so better go for 5G one (SD and 8GB RAM)
    Apparently deal isn’t available as pre-order so won’t include free buds, as free buds are only available with pre-orders.

    • +7

      Only the 256gb Navy Blue 5G has 8gb ram.

      • +2

        Correct. Thats what I have pre-ordered from Education Store in $900 😊. Waiting it to be shipped tomorrow.
        I hope JB is offering that too as part of this deal as most people would prefer to pay a little extra to have additional storage and RAM.

        • $900? I thought 5g 256GB works out to be $999.2 according to EPP store deal

          • +6

            @louuisc: I used $50 voucher and then added a case to make it above $1,000 to get additional 5% off was on offer, that brought order total to $928 ($900 for phone and $28 for case). Then I cancelled the case, to get back $28 so phone costed me $900.

      • -2

        Only 8gb ram? The none fe 5g version has 12 gb ram.

        • +1

          FE is a cut down version, less ram diff camera setup lower res screen.

  • Buds live would make this a huge deal but seems its ineligible

    • You do get the bud live with this deal

      • A friend got the buds included instore today in Brisbane CBD - Terrific deal

  • +5

    I was looking around for Samsung S20 FE 5G deals. There is a deal with trade in. I was checking out to see if I can sell my Note 8. Apparently, I kept getting low ball to below $250. I tried Samsung Trade Up program. They offer $160 for my Note 8 with additional $200 off to Samsung FE 5G 128GB. That would put it at $789 with bonus Galaxy Buds Live (priced around $250). That would mean that for around $539, I can actually get somewhat an upgrade phone!

    • Yup. Definitely seems a better option.

    • I did the same traded in my note9 for $430.

    • Good option with the $200 trade-in bonus and free buds. Got 320 for a basic Galaxy s8, which will otherwise be a paperweight.

      I was a little befuddled when I got two emails yesterday saying Brightstar still hasn't received my trade-in device yet.

      The s20 FE hasn't even shipped yet and my understanding is that you have 14 days to return your trade-in device upon receiving the new one(which will also have a return envelope shipped with it)

      • hmm wonder how much i will get for my galaxy note 3

        • Check on Samsung Trade up app. Not sure if they are taking devices that old

        • I want to know this too. My battery played up recently!

      • How did you get $200 for Galaxy S8, the trade up program gave me $95


        • +1

          There was bonus trade-in offer of $200 on top of the device value(in your case $95+$200). Not sure if it ended today, but it was for S20FE pre-orders only and in addition to the Galaxy Buds offer.

          • +1

            @Wazoo7: This is good, trading in a s8 I end up getting s20 FE 5g for 624, not sure about buds, I'll pop into the Samsung store to check it out.

            • @jhoeyau: Wait how'd you get it that low? Another S8 owner here.

              • +1

                @clanton: my mistake, I tried to apply trade in to Edu pricing, didn't work. Ended up trading in S8 (295 credt + $50 email signup) which worked out to be $804 for the phone + galaxy bud lives.

  • +5

    Wish they include the 256G model.

  • how much is the rrp on both models?

  • If I sign up for the 5G version, does it mean I could get the phone $149+$594 = $ 698 in total? Is there any other trouble?

    • +12

      Your adding up may need some work :)

      Just Port it out immediately to another carrier, easier than dealing with Telstra chat.

      • yeah agree but will need to spend few $ for the simcard from other provider :)

        • What's the way to get this deal? I'm on Boost and not switching to Telstra. Should I buy a cheap Aldimobile SIM and activate a new phone number, port to Telstra using this $150 deal, and immediately pay the early termination charge? I'm a bit confused.

      • $743 seems too good to be true. Almost $500 off from RRP

        • but you dont get the buds

          • @ChiMot: You could buy the buds at full price and it would still be a sizeable discount… And you could use headphones you already had our more budget-friendly ones and save even more.

      • +1

        LOL. $149+$549 works that way. I should get a pair of new glasses.

      • Thanks. Any chance they do simliar work to new iphone would be a great bargain..

    • yes thats it 743 plus few $ depending when you are cancelling the plan

      • What do you mean by "plus a few $ depending when you are cancelling the plan"?

        • +3

          They charge you pro rata monthly rate for each day you're on the plan, so if you cancel on day 1 they'll still charge you ~1/30th of the cost of the plan in addition to the cancellation fee.

    • $743

  • definitely i will get one.
    too bad victorian keep missing this jb telstra deals

  • +2

    What's the go with Vic residents?
    Any solution yet?

    • +4

      no solution yet, please just focus on reducing the covid case, forget about mobile phones they are not essential

      • +13

        Thanks Dan

      • Sorry we're here for deals not to be berated

  • Does the phone get added on to connect with the plan though? So if you cancel you have to pay out the etc on the phone too?

    • No, the phone is completely separate on the Telstra side. You are signing up to a BYO Plan deal and not a mobile plan, so all you need to pay is the ETC of the SIM plan through Telstra.

      • Okay sweet. Just that when I used to work at Telstra, you could still attach a phone to a byo plan and if you cancelled the plan you would have to pay out the remaining cost on the phone. But if the phone is just scanned out at POS and not showing up on your bill or anything it should be fine.

        • +4

          Completely understand, however the phone part is on the side of JB in this case, when you actually go to complete the plan the cost of the phone is full but they apply a gift card to bring the cost down. Essentially, you are "buying" the phone from JB, it's just fully offset from signing up to the plan. Therefore, you won't have any residual requirements on the Telstra side to pay any outstanding phone costs, only the SIM.

          • +1

            @doweyy: Sweet just wanted to make sure as I know Telstra did some shady stuff but if it's done through JB POS should be all good. I'm considering this now cheers.

      • +1

        What is the cost of the phone on the receipt? Can I claim some tax on that?

        • it would show RRP - Gift Card = upfront cost.

          so the receipt shows you paid $149 for the 5G model or 0 for the 4G one

  • is buyinf snapdragon 865 better than exonys.. Is is worth spending the extra $150

    • -3

      well people said only the 256gb has snapdragon, the jb deal is for 128gb only (both 4G and 5G)
      how you are planning to spend extra 150 and get snap?

      but yes, snap worth more than 150

      • +10

        Only the 5G model has Snapdragon. Of the 5G models, there are two variants, 128GB + 6GB RAM, or 256GB + 8GB RAM. Both have Snapdragon, and both only come in the cloud navy colour.

        So you'd be spending $149 upfront to get Snapdragon over Exynos.

  • +2

    Has anybody tried such a thing before? The agreement says the following - You’ll need to pay an Early Termination Charge if you cancel your plan early plus any remaining accessory payments.

    I wonder if they will charge full RRP if you cancel the plan immedietly.

    • +2

      hmm i think around 300 ozb members has tried. so yeah just take it or leave it dont doubt

      • Where did you get that 300 number from?

        • +16

          He's probably conservative

        • -3

          its the sum total of #COVIDAN cases in VIC over the last 4 weeks.. This is our daily job first thing in the morning to see if we will average lower to get a bit more freedom.

          • @skinny: Stop showing ur moronic feature on your comments. Whatever the vic gov does is to stop you from DIE. No need to be a covidiot.

            • @duodeta: you mean stop from dying out of Corona.. all other are ok!

              "The decision to snub ADF help, they say, was partly due to union pressure. “A lot of that comes from some emergency services unions who don’t like the ADF here,” says one Labor MP. The reliance on private security guards, they say, came from the government’s desire to boost numbers in its $500 million Working for Victoria program, an employment scheme aimed at saving jobs during the pandemic (the Jobs Department confirmed to The Age that 1300 security guards were on the scheme’s books)."


    • +5

      If you search for "telstra + jb hifi", you'll find these kind of deals have been posted numerous times.

  • -1

    Only thing is Theres no mm wave or mid 5g band so 5g is not really gonna be 5g its just gonna be like better 4g.
    Also dont forget to consider the charge for unlocking the phone $80 i believe less than 6 months, and 25 after 6 months

    • +2


      phones are unlocked 100001 %
      but agree. all 5g phones sold now is kind of useless its just gimmick

      • Why due to lack of coverage?

        • No because the phone doesn't have mm wave 5g or not even sub 6 5g. That are like essential for true high speed 5g.

          S 20 fe 5g only has max 5g speeds at n78 band, (enough to tell you it won't reach gigabit speeds)

          • @USER DC: Ya, but Pixel 5 supports mm wave. So hows is all phones?

          • +1

            @USER DC: You guys are forgetting lower latency. It'll feel much faster vs 4g even at the same speeds.

          • @USER DC: mmwave bands will never be used in Australia due to our sparse population and terrain, according to the telcos. Wouldn't be effective at all.

            • @Techie4066: Telstra already uses mm wave in Australia.

              • @USER DC: CBDs only?

                Also I need help getting this deal. I'm on Boost and not switching to Telstra. Should I buy a cheap Aldimobile SIM and activate a new phone number, port to Telstra using this $150 deal, and immediately pay the early termination charge?

          • @USER DC: I though FE supports sub 6GHz 5g?

      • +1

        Oh that's great to know Telstra not locking up these phones.

        • Telstra can't lock them because they're provided by JB HiFi. The Telstra terms are separate from the phone purchase, although it is part of the deal offered through JB.

    • +6

      The minimum cost is advertised as $1337 if you fully complete the plan (i.e complete all 12 months), not if you cancel early. The ETC is specifically 50% off the plan cost as enforced by Telstra, JB have nothing they can charge after you leave the store, it's all held on the Telstra side.

      This is essentially a gift card promotion disguised as a cheaper phone, it's provided by Telstra on behalf of JB.

      • +2

        Agree. If you cancel early, you will only pay ETC. But if you keep subscribing and cancelling Telstra plans early, your credit check may fail in future as Telstra does flag such user’s profiles in their system.

        • After how many would they flag you? I want to change from my S 20+ which I cancelled my plan for to the galaxy fold(but to keep the plan for the galaxy fold). Thanks

          • +4

            @fd9: My friend did two early terminations for JB/Telstra deals, and when he went 3rd time to get Note 20 deal, his credit check failed. And surely it was from Telstra and not because of any other defaults etc.

            • @usmanhafeez2000: Thanks for the reply. Okay so I think I should be alright with the second one as I'm planning to keep it and not cancel it.

            • @usmanhafeez2000: Also looks at how many times you applied for credit in X period.

            • @usmanhafeez2000: over what time period did he try to sign up 3 times?

              Did he maintain any active Telstra plan during the period, or did he just immediately cancel them all?

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