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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE $799 4G/ $919.20 5G 128GB/ $999.20 5G 256GB (Extra 5% Discount if Transaction > $1000) @ Samsung EPP Store


Just announced Galaxy S20 FE available in 4G and 5G variants. Comments below note that the 4G variant comes with Exynos 990 processor, whilst the 5G variant comes with Snapdragon 865

Don't forget the $50 voucher when signing up for marketing email. Additionally Samsung EPP has a deal where you get extra 5% off at checkout if your cart has more than $1000 value. Might be good to get an accessory to get it to more than $1k (5% valid until Sep 30)

EPP Prices below
* 4G 128 GB Edition $799
* 5G 128 GB Edition $919.20
* 5G 256 GB Edition $999.20

Also available for Pre-order on the Samsung website and comes with pre-order bonus of Galaxy Buds Live. Prices below
* 4G 128 GB Edition $999
* 5G 128 GB Edition $1149
* 5G 256 GB Edition $1249

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  • +10 votes

    From my understanding, the 4G variant comes with Exynos 990 while the 5G variant has the Snapdragon 865 chipset.

  • But does anyone know if this is dual - sim? Hybrid-Sim? Or e-sim?

  • S20 fe 4g exynos 990
    S20 fe 5g Snapdragon 865+

    • As a rough fyi for sustained performance:
      2015 S6 -to- Note20 in 2020

      (worst) QSD 810, Exynos 7420, QSD 820, QSD 821, Exynos 8990, Exynos 8995, QSD 835, Exynos 9810, QSD 845, Exynos 9820, Exynos 9825, Exynos 990, QSD 855, QSD 855+, QSD 865, QSD 865+ (best).

      Those Mongoose Cores used to be great, but the standard ARM Cortex A76 cores have really caught up and surpassed it. So now they hurt performance more than helping. To the point where even Huawei is competitive with the Kirin 820, 980, 990, and 990+.

  • Tempting

    • Same here i am just hoping it has dual sim.

    • Yeah especially if the 4G version used the SD 865 instead of the Exynos 990 at that price would've been a great deal.

      But the 865 has built in 5G so that wouldn't be possible.

      Maybe they could've gone with a 765G instead?

  • I'd consider this deal if it were the Fan edition S20+ 5g version.

  • "To access the Samsung Education Store, you must be an eligible student or employee of an Australian educational institution and have a valid email address ending in .edu.au."
    So how do you guys normally get around this? Asking for a friend.

    • Apologies I can't actually link the Samsung EPP store as I believe it is unique per company that participates in the EPP (Employee Partnership Program) so I've linked it to the Education store similar to past EPP deals. Access to EPP store requires that you are employed by one of the participating employers or know someone who can buy it for you

    • requeet your student friend to buy it for you or for your friends.

    • There are some free Tafe courses that you can do that come with an email

  • Samsung finally learnt shit and knee down to us for providing SD865+ chip.


    • I'm wondering if the next S21 will release with Snapdragon chip for Australia. If it's exynos, hopefully Samsung will have addressed and fixed the issues from the 990. So that it will atleast be on par with the 865 variant.

      • More likely S30..

      • Not sure but I am doubtful. They are going to be manufacturing Snapdragon chips using the same process as Exynos I believe so they should be similar in performance besides the different GPU.

        Unfortunately we have to wait till 2022 for the AMD partnership to bring their GPU to Exynos :(

      • They are changing to ARM IP so not much difference coming up. Will still be Exynos named though. Most likely next one will have ARM cores and ARM GPU with AMD GPU possible in the future

    • SD 865 correctly

  • +3 votes

    Next Samsung should make a Note20 FE edition with Snapdragon too, that would be perfect.

  • So is this the best available samsung phone in Australia now?

    Finally giving us the snapdragon

  • There is a watch stream on Samsung website about s20 FE and they explained everything except the chip that which one they used snapdragon or Exynos.
    They did not mention about Sim


    LINK - https://www.samsung.com/au/smartphones/galaxy-s20/galaxy-s20...

    It has 6.5 inch Super Amoled
    120HZ screen refresh rate

    8GB ram with 256GB Navy Cloud variant
    6GB ram with 128 With all colour varient

    1TB expendable
    32MP front
    12, 12 and 8 MP 3 back camera's
    Stereo speaker
    4500mah battery with 25w fast charging facility
    Wireless charging as well as reverse wireless charging


    • +10 votes


      Gorilla glass 3v instead of Gorilla glass 6v
      Back Camera 4k video recording instead of 8k
      Display resolution
      1080×2400 pixels (FHD+)
      instead of 1440 × 3200 pixels (WQHD+)
      comparing with S20 5G

      • Display resolution is a good thing.

        I've an S20+, if I want to run it at 120Hz, I cannot do it at native screen resolution - stuck at FHD+ anyways.

        I'd rather native screen resolution, high refresh rate.

        And if one thinks upsampling doesn't matter at that DPI, then I don't want to pay for a more expensive QHD+ panel.

        • what if an software update unlock the QHD+120Hz using together?

          Then FHD+ screen has no further to go.

          • @ghostdom: Cannot.

            Its a bandwidth issue related to the display cable to the screen, not enough lanes for that much information to flow through in time to refresh that many pixels that quickly.

      • Anyone who had the s20+ would run it at 1080p anyway.

        Also is 2020, some people have Bluetooth now, or even the adapter.

        • Can someone recommend any good usb c adapter for 3.5 mm jack or which can expand to charging port and 3.5mm jack

      • Gorilla Glass 3 instead of Gorilla Glass 6 feels like quite the trade-down. it's fair to say I've managed to scratch my Gorilla Glass 6 a fair bit so…

        • I don't think that's necessarily the case. Scratch resistance might in fact be better on GG3.

      • The way they dealt with the refresh rate and screen resolution on the main s20 line is terrible IMO. I think the combination of screen resolution and refresh rate on the s20 FE is how they should have done it on the s20 and note 20. For the s20 line, forcing people to run 1080p on a native 1440p to get the high refresh rate is just a terrible idea. At least have an option for 1440p at 90hz

        I've had a couple of 1440p samsung phones, and whenever I switch to 1080p on power saving mode, there is a noticeable amount of pixels cut off/missing. I don't own and s20 phone, but I'd imagine that's still an issue

    • Proof of 865 chip see pic


  • What are people adding to make it $1000 for the 5% off?

    • I added a S20 FE Clear Standing Case to make it $1,000 then got the 5% discount plus used $50 voucher as well. So paid total $928 for phone+case.

      • $928.88 ;)

        It's a shame that the 256GB is only available in the navy blue. Was hoping to get my hands on one of the other colours.

  • I don’t need this but want to buy it because it’s a good deal

  • Hey all, a bit off topic but does anyone lbow if the A71 has Snap Dragon? I can't find anything about it on Samsung's website. Samsung online chat claims it is Snap Dragon, but I thought that's only for the overseas model.

  • Oh what, Government store is more expensive than EPP :(

  • Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128gb coming out as $926.65 for me on Government store (with $50 voucher). 256GB is $958.57

  • 1080p..

    • Some people run their S20/N20 Ultra's at FHD to get the 120Hz… so they've just implemented that to reduce the cost.
      And yet, it has a better processor than those 2k phones…

  • It would have been a perfect fan edition with headphone jack, still not ready to give up on headphone jack.

    • The S20+ came with a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack in the box. Maybe this is a non issue for you then?

      • USB-C adapters are a "solution" to a problem that shouldn't exist, there's literally no justifiable reason to remove the headphone jack. Some people like to charge while using earphones/headphones/plugged into speaker system, try doing that with an adapter. Also, adapter break over time, just being yet another thing you have to replace, when it shouldn't exist.

      • I genuinely didn't know my S20+ has the USB-C headphone jack in the box, I guess I didn't open it very well!

  • do you have to be student? any other way to get this ?

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmm this or wait for Pixel 5…….

    • If pixel 5 will come with 800 series Snapdragon I'll be all over pixel

      • 765G unfortunately

        • Unless you're into hardcore gaming or want to record at 8K (when there's lack of affordable displays to present the content on as well), not sure what the real benefit is of the SD865 is? For most situations and usage I think the 765G should suffice.

          Also latest leaks suggest that the Pixel 5 will have Gorilla Glass 6, IP68, reverse charging, wireless charging, 4K 60fps recording and an awesome camera for around $950 AUD.