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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G 128GB $0 / 5G $149 Upfront on Telstra $99 150GB P/M 12M Contract (New / Port-In Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


Greetings everyone, just spotted that JB have placed the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G 128gb on promotion on their $99 Per Month 150gb Plan.

Considering that this plan has a $594 Early Termination Charge, you could essentially get the phone for $594 (+pro-rated first month charge) if you cancelled the plan early :)

Seems like an awesome deal for a brand new phone which is $799 on the Samsung Education store.

The 5G variant is also available for $149 Upfront.

I believe this may also be eligible for free Samsung Galaxy Buds Live too. May need to confirm with the store staff when ordering, the advertisement doesn't include this, however the bonus has been eligible on JB deals in the past.

As always, enjoy!

Note: In Store Only, may exclude some Victorian residents.

Edit: You can signup today 8/10 and pick up the phone when it starts tomorrow. See comments.

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                • @brendanm: Bummer, I didn't know this. I don't think he will accept it now that I have walked out the store with the phone…

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                    @wisdom: Worth a try, you have your receipt, just point out on the web page where it says you get it. Nothing to lose!

        • My receipt says 'Cannot be refunded or exchanged for another item'

  • been using a red one the last two days, love 120Hz screen and the battery easily last a day without compromising the high refresh rate :), pity it is only single sim :(((

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    I just signed up for the $500 gift card from the last deal, is there any way to cancel it or transfer it to this offer?

    Or do i just get a new number and then cancel afterwards and pretty much pay $149 + $594 and get the 5G version + the earbuds?

  • What's the option most people are choosing? Cancellation or Port-out

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      I did cancellation, very painful process, started it at about 3pm yesterday, finished at about 11.

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        Jesus christ. So all done now? How much did it cost in total?

        • Yep all done. $598 for the etc, and I assume one day pro rated, so probably $601 all up.

      • How did you manage to contact them? I tried live chat and it just hangs on a grey window forever. I called and it sends me an SMS telling me to use … live chat.

        • Get the Telstra 24/7 app, click help, click message Telstra. It will be a bit to start with, then will connect with a person. The first person I got seemed quite irate, asking why I wanted to cancel, how much I paid at JB hi-fi etc. I ignored that and told them I just wanted to cancel. With its drop outs and disconnections, ended up going through 3 or 4 people. Fun times.

          • @brendanm: Thanks mate. I'm in that early "why" questioning now…

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              @jje: Buckle in for the long haul!

              • @brendanm: Ah man this is painful isn't it. If they insist I'll just tell them Telstra reception here is awful (not a lie, no signal bars!)

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                  @jje: Just tell them you changed your mind and no longer want the plan. I told them I haven't even put the Sim in a phone, as they want to send you an authentication SMS, you can just use your account number instead.

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                    @brendanm: All good now, was pretty quick in the end, the SIM stopped working immediately and final bill for $596 is coming in a month.

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            @brendanm: I must have been lucky, I got connected to live chat immediately. After I said why I'm cancelling they cancelled it for me within 10 min without any troubles.

            • @DOGGYWOWWOW: What was the reason you gave for cancelling?

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                @W0nderb0y: I ended up not giving a reason, I was just polite but firm and said I just wanted to cancel. Went ahead smoothly.

  • I'm an existing Telstra custom customer and want to keep my number, can I just port out and then in? Can they see I only just ported out and reject me?

    • You'll need to port out for minimum of 30 days before jb can port your number back.

    • Genuine question, why would you need to port out number if you're planning on cancelling and paying out ETC? Just get a new number, terminate and you've got unlocked device to use your old number?

    • Smartest move is - it's an unlocked phone.
      So get a new number at JB for this plan, then cancel or port out to a cheap prepaid and get rid of the new number.
      Then you're good to go immediately once you leave JB, with the new phone and your original sim.

  • Sorry for the ignorance but how do you get the $10 off? Is this through Telstra Chat after signing up or from JB themselves?

    Also, does anyone know if workplace salary packaging allows people to salary package monthly plan costs or is it upfront only? Will call tomorrow and find out but curious in case people had experience.


    • I got the $10 off but it was prompted by the JB staff themself, didn't ask for it.

      • But the $10 credit I understand is no longer available.

      • $10 credit is for new numbers only, when JB staff did paperwork it came automatically.

  • Have Telstra patched the loophole where you change your plan to M2M and then can cancel with no ETC?

    • Yes they have. Now they can actually see you signed up through JB plan on a contract.

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    I've been told on the chat that my ETC will be $293 and that I won't receive my bill until the end of the billing cycle. Has anybody else received their bill yet?

    • Wow, that would be amazing. Do you have chat logs?

      • I do. I'm just really concerned that they don't know what they're doing and haven't actually cancelled it properly. Spoken to three different agents trying to confirm. Should be okay if I have the chat logs though?

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          I think the staff is wrong, in the past once I cancel they send estimate bill and then few weeks later the real bill came (similar amount)

      • I received my bill and the ETC was $293. Score!

  • So I signed up for the plan on Thursday, the number active right away, but till now Sunday I don't get the phone yet ( no delivery/ stock of 5g blue according to jb staff)

    As I basically already paying for 2 days without not able to use it possible to lodge a complaint to Telstra? Technically fault is with jbhifi but the plan is with Telstra hence my confusion…..

    • They are two seperate things, Telstra have supplied you only the plan, so they don't care. There is nothing stopping you using the plan with another phone.

  • Got the 5G version, however I was I couldn't get the buds. The staff member told me that the buds are only for pre-orders.

    A bit pissed now, given almost everybody else got the buds. Any tips on how/if I could get it anyway? Should I email JB Hifi?

    • The only way I was able to get mine was ringing up first thing in the morning and asking him to include it in the deal for me as I live a 2 hour drive away from the closest store. He only had 2 left and anybody else to sign up to the deal that day missed out.

      • They did have the buds in stock, they just didn't give it to me! Bummer

        • I got one this morning with the buds. Was advertised in store next to the phone. Definitely chase it up as you're entitled to them.

          • @Dave77: @Dave77

            PM'd you mate

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              @wisdom: You can see it in current JB catalogue as free buds when purchase phone from jb till 14 Oct.

    • which store?

    • The first store I went to in Carousel, WA the guy said the buds were only on preorders. I showed him the JB HiFi page with the phone on it and it clearly stated that there was a Bonus Offer of the Buds if you purchase by 14 Oct. I don't think he was happy cos he said they didn't have any white ones in stock (which is what the offer specifically states) so he sent me to the Cannington store down the road. The guys there were happy to oblige, and even let me choose the colour

      • Same here had choice of any colour.

        Only regret is not getting 5g for the $149 more, but haven't opened phone maybe can still upgrade?

        • I'd think you could still upgrade, as long as you haven't opened it

  • can i make an call to order this?

    • Please try and let us know. Thanks 😊

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    Such a great deal - signed up today in store for the 5G model with a new Telstra number and received buds no questions asked. Cancelled contract via Telstra chat in around 30 minutes and sold the buds on Marketplace for $200 within an hour of buying. All up a brand new phone for $544. Thanks op for posting.

    • What's the RRP on these buds, and how much are they going for on Marketplace/Gumtree?

    • @Dave77 - noob questions - when you cancel with Telstra , how long does it take for telstra to de-activate the plan?
      Since you cancelled your service did you insert another sim into the phone and it worked fine?

      • As far as I am aware it was cancelled during/after my chat session - which took about 30 minutes. The plan no longer appears in my Telstra Account. Yep just popped in my other sim and worked fine.

      • Phone is unlocked - so you can pop in any sim on Day 1 :)

  • Does JB sell the 8gb/256gb version?

    • Of course…but not with any deal attached.

  • +1

    Ported out to Optus on a long duration plan thanks to the $5 SIM with $30 value, took all of 5-7 minutes for entire process to complete on a Sunday evening. Now the long await for final ETC bill.

    • Hi I did the same and ported out to Kogan. Do I still need to ask Telstra to cancel my plan?
      Please let me know once you get an update.

    • Same here!

  • +1

    I am loving my new phone. THE best screen sharpness and camera I've had. Buttery scrolling speeds too

  • Picked up the deal this morning

    Called up to confirm buds are included before going in

    Took about 15 minutes as I was already in the system

  • Has anyone tried further reducing the monthly fees or get any other incentives from Telstra for staying connected for the full 12 months?

    e.g. JBHIFI has put me on the $99 Plan and brought the plan down to $89/Month. Just wanted to see if anyone who was trying to cancel was counter-offered an incentive by Telstra to stick with them? Such as providing additional monthly credit and/or any other incentive to NOT cancel?

    • I also got the $10 monthly discount, but I'm already with boost and don't need the large data from this plan.

      From memory, you can actually change the plan on the telstra app. I saw the option but didn't dive into it too much as I was looking to cancel. So that might be something you can try.

      • Awesome, thank you so much for the info. I will definitely check it out.

  • Is it worth paying the extra purely for the Snapdragon chip vs the Exonys? This is for someone that doesn't game and just for web browsing, youtube, socials, etc.

    Can someone explain why no one likes the Exonys?

    • not only about performance but also about endurance

      enuf said

    • +1

      Exynos = Lower performance due to overheating, shorter screen on time from faster battery draining. Probably worse image processing camera wise.

      That is why the Ozbers are crying for the SD Version of S20 series.

      • Thanks for the reply. Ok, I will get the 5G version to get the Snapdragon chip

  • Are you all sure about this?

    Just got told by Telstra:

    "It is the base ETC x number of months hence. it will be $99 x12 = $1188"

    • Tell them they are dreaming, point etc of 594 on contract to them.

    • +1

      they are truly hopeless, took them 1.5 hrs on chat to tell me this, and it is clearly incorrect…

  • -1

    Does anyone know if you are able to return the phone back to JB once you've already cancelled the plan with Telstra ?

    • I'm taking mine in tomorrow to try and swap for a pixel 5. Will let you know how I get on.

      • How did you go?

        • Sorry mate, replies in the other thread. Swapped it out no problem.

  • Can you just port out of Telstra to cancel the plan instead of talking to a salesperson?

    • Yes - I did transfer my new telstra number to a prepaid optus sim, then threw the sim out and put my normal one in. Took 15mins.

  • +2

    Picked up the 128gb 5g version today and got the ear pods included. Great deal.

    I have to say however the ear pods are very ordinary. If I paid $320 for them I would be looking to return them.

  • Sydney World Square has 2 x S20FE 5G left when I was in today - got the ear buds with the offer too. Good deal!

  • Great deal, thanks so much OP!
    Telstra is cancelling my plan as a write this, and as an added bonus, JB let me choose whatever colour buds I wanted, definitely looking forwards to having everything sorted!

  • Has anyone tried this ETC trick at any Tasmanian branch?

    • Do you know if this deal ended on the 12th like some people are saying here, or on the 28th which is the Ozbargain deal expiry date?

      • +1

        I just called my local store to see, and they said it ended on the 28th. I will go tonight to buy one

        • Ok, great! Thanks for letting me know. Remember to get it before tomorrow when the Buds bundle deal will expire. My local doesn't have the FE in stock. I'm hoping I can order this deal with a new number, the 5G 256GB version and hopefully there's no fuss with the Buds promotion.

      • The catalogue says until the 14th.
        I called my local branch, he doesn't know much and said it probably ends tomorrow. Are you in Tasmania?

        • Are you sure that's for this Telstra plan deal? I know the Buds bundle promotion ends on the 14th (extended pre-order deal).

          I'm in Sydney.

  • Anyone know how I can get the digital receipt after I've already cancelled the plan? I have the link but jb sends verification to the new number

    Or for those selling the buds separately, how are you providing receipt? Are you providing receipt?

    • Perhaps JB can help with routing receipt to another number?
      I emailed the digital receipt to the buyer of headphones.

  • Did anyone buy two of these phone/contracts on the same name? Perhaps one for self and family member, or profits?

    • Yes, I did, [thanks OP] yesterday from Canberra (city-store) - no issues, got to select the color as well for buds.

  • I am thinking about this JB Telstra deal. I have 2 questions:
    1. Does it include the free buds ?
    2. If i cancel the Telstra contract, how can i claim 2 year warranty with Samsung ? Does it come up with invoice that I can proof my purchase for warranty ?

    • +1

      1) Yes it does, because you're purchasing the FE directly from JB who is offering the Buds bundle until the 14th (tomorrow). It's exactly the same as purchasing full price, but this has a Telstra plan added on for the discount. Argue with the salesperson if they say no - this deal is $0/$150 through what is actually a disguised gift card promotion (you'll see that on the receipt).

      2) Phone is owned outright and provided directly by JB, as if you are purchasing it full price. You just need the JB receipt (it will show the gift card discount, that's all).

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    Received final bill today and it is $595.xx based on how many days you had thr plan running until you cancelled.

    • When did you pickup your phone?

      • Saturday morning. Cancelled Sunday night

  • Thanks so much for this deal. Tried my luck with the 5G 256GB version, but not successful. I got the 5G 128GB with the Buds included for free and a new Telstra phone number (I'm currently with Boost and not porting). They actually had stock in store! Just gotta cancel the plan tomorrow and will eventually sell my half-broken phone.

    I don't have to insert the SIM to do anything, do I?

  • How much will 5G 128Gb actually cost you? I was thinking to buy one from education store but saw this seems a decent deal with free buds. May i know if i sign up for 5g 128GB with new Telstra number how much i have to pay in total if i cancel it later? As i am with Boost and still have active plan till Dec this year so no Intention to port in real.
    Also if i sign up tomorrow, can i cancel after 2-3 days?
    Will cancellation of plan will have an Impact on credit history check in future especially when u have a loan going on?

    Thanks for Inputs

  • +1

    Anyone ported out instead of cancelling? was it simpler potentially?