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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H $99 + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Cheapest so far for a 2H. Grab it while you can for Spring Hay Fever Season!

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  • First 300 customers only

  • very old model

    • only model without RFID sensor for filter.. Im assuming with RFID sensor it monitors the hourly usage of a filter and deactivates it's operation once hours exhausted ? anyone confirm ?

    • The 2H isn't that old compared to the 2. I wouldn't say it's a bad thing either. Still works the same and doesn't have the RFID/NFC tag so it doesn't force you to swap filters even though you can trick the newer models. The lack of screen makes no difference on performance either.

      My Air Purifier 2 works flawlessly and I paid a lot more back then when it was already obsolete so it's an excellent deal.

      • The 2H is missing all the sensors compared to the 2? Pretty crap in comparison then.

        • The sensors in the new version are hardly accurate anyway. The PM2.5 is consistently <5 where I live (unless bushfires) so no amount of sensors is going to change that but my Air Purifier 2 still succeeds at removing odours and improving air circulation.

        • Mine shows the standard sensors temp, humidity, air quality in the App.

      • How can you trick the newer models?

        • Put something between the RFID reader and the filter like foil to block it from reading. You can just manually reset the filter usage with the button on the rear if you think your filter still has plenty of life left.

  • Op might want to mention that deal is for 3 hours

    ends 8 October 2020 at 8:00pm (AEDT) unless extended or sold out

    • On the App, I can see my other 2H shows the air quality, temperature and humidity. It just doesnt have an OLED screen panel though but should show these in the app.

      • does the app show the air quality as it does on the v3 models, using some Laser Particle Sensor (seem to be quite sensitive and good from review, I know you don't need it but good info though)?

  • +2 votes

    Break the internet Deals!!
    Quick search and they had it for $119 late last month….
    Still a decent price but no where near a bargain price to Break the Internet with IMO.

  • Here's a quick comparison

    Product Xiaomi Air Purifier 2H Xiaomi Air Purifier 3H Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro
    Clean Air Delivery (m³/h) 310 380 500
    Coverage Area (m²) 21-37 25-44 30-60
    OLED Display No Yes Yes
    True HEPA Filter Yes Yes No
    PM2.5 Sensor No Yes Yes
    Humidity Sensor No Yes Yes
    Temperature Sensor No Yes Yes
    LED Ring No Yes Yes
    Auto Brightness No Yes Yes
    Laser Particle Sensor No Yes Yes
    Phone App Connection Yes Yes Yes
    Dimensions (cm) 24 X 24 X 52 24 X 24 X 52 26 X 26 X 73
    Price $249.95 $299.95 $399.95
    Compatible with other Xiaomi Air Filters Yes Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter Antibacterial Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Anti-formaldehyde Filter Yes Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter Antibacterial Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Anti-formaldehyde Filter Yes Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter Antibacterial Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Anti-formaldehyde Filter
  • Regarding purifying the air, does it do the same job as the $800 Dyson and Phillips air purifiers.

  • how much are replacement hepa filter for this model?

  • Ah! I have been waiting for this! Bought 2, thanks!

  • bought 1, and signed up for kogan free delivery trial.. will cancel before they charge me.

    Should i buy a spare hepa filter , kogan selling A$35 delivered.

  • damn its gone

  • all gone now damn

  • it's gone unfortunately. I would have bought two, too. WD blackpizza and everyone else, pretty good unit. Makes having a wood heater a lot better, clears up the smoke when a bit escapes putting wood in and the wood isn't fully burning without smoke production. Handy after cooking smoky or smelly meals, too

    • Thanks bliz! This is will be my 3rd and 4th air purifier units at home. I am putting one in each room instead moving the 2 around! ;) It really works wonders for me as I have severe hayfever.

  • How long do the filters last? Roughly of course and without things like bush fires

  • Not sure if this helped other people but i used it for a year in my bedroom, and it doesn't make any different. The room still got a lot of micro dirt.

  • I have the pro and still sneezing like crazy… Have it for 3 weeks now, any idea if I needed to buy another filter

    • how long have you been using that filter?

    • It works really well for me. Its more effective than 6 different very serious hayfever meds.

    • if your place is mouldy at some part, purifier won't help. Same goes to the vacuum cleaning theory, if your place is dusty, you still need to get a vacuum cleaner!

    • if you have a window open, or a crack under the door or louvers or windows/doors with brush seals where constant stream of outside air can come in, or people coming in/out often and opening the door to outside, then these units will barely keep up with the influx of pollutants.
      Only way to get good result from this is to keep windows/doors shut tight.

      Also depends on where is the purifier situated in the room/house. If you want clean air in your bedroom for sleep its best to keep the thing in the bedroom with the bedroom door shut.
      If you want clean air in general in all living areas then position the thing in an open spot in a room that has direct access to all other rooms so air can move freely to it.

      Also cleaning all surfaces of dust with damp cloth and vacuuming thoroughly and regularly -> under furniture and on top of cupboards aso helps (Y)

  • I've got the 3H, I live in an inner city apartment so thought my air quality would be quite bad. It rarely ever reads higher than 001 (like once a week if that), is that normal?

    • Fry some meat in the kitchen and see if the reading goes up. If it doesn't, you've got a dud.

    • Same here, rarely over 0.1 in the bedroom but does ramp up when the window is open or if we spray deoderant

      • I've got mine in the bedroom, day 1 I had it in the lounge and it was getting higher numbers, might move it back out there see what happens. Or spray some deoderant near it hahah.

  • Oh crap I really wanted one of these.

  • Dam i missed it :/

  • always miss the good stuff

  • If anyone knows what the next cheapest 2h for sale is, id be happy to buy for a similar price.