Hot Chicken Sharing Platter $25 @ Woolworths (24 Hours Notice Required)


To order a platter or two, simply complete this form and hand it to our Deli and Seafood team.
We only need 24 hours notice to take care of it all.

  • 12 x White Bread Rolls
  • 2 x BBQ Roast Chickens
  • 1 x 400g Woolworths Coleslaw
  • 1 x 400g Woolworths Pasta Salad

Caters for: 5–12

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  • 24 hours notice? 3 of the items are always on the shelves, and the Chooks pretty much available all day as well.

    • Yeah I find it a bit odd you can't just pick up these items yourself and they all scan up to be $25 total

      • 12 x White Bread Rolls $2ea x2
        2 x BBQ Roast Chickens $8-10ea(?) X2 (haven't bought there in a while)
        1 x 400g Woolworths Coleslaw $4.50 
        1 x 400g Woolworths Pasta Salad $4.50 (current special)(rrp $5.15)

        ~ $29 + $2-5(?)

        Someone below said the platter chicken is cut up, so there's that..

      • It seems obvious to me they want to be in control of what they put in the bundle, like maybe pasta salad and coleslaw from the day before. I can't think of any other reason.

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          Selling expired food is against the law and Woolies would risk huge fines if that was the case. So I think not.

          • @callum54: No one said expired. There is a best before date on most foods on sale. Give an explanation of why we can’t put 2 chickens, 1 pasta, 1 coleslaw and the bag of rolls in the trolley and have the $25 price then since you are such a thinker


              @Laziofogna: I don't know if I should even give your comment the time of day. I didn't mention anything about why they shouldn't be bundled… I'll repeat myself it would be illegal for Woolies to sell food past its "best before" in addition to its "expiry date". Use your brain

              • @callum54: You can sell past best before, as long as it's clearly declared as "short dated" or "past best before". They cannot sell past use by or sell by dates, but the producer of a product can issue a notice extending the use by date if it's safe to do so.

        • For the same reason you can't just grab a pack of snags and a pack of meat patties from the chiller and have it scan as $10 BBQ pack. They pack these in specific packs so that everything has a consistent sell by date (so that they don't have situations where some things expire so they have to throw out some stuff that is otherwise saleable) and they can manage inventory.

          What you say is only "obvious" if you know nothing about supply chain management.


            @Kyanar: Imagine going to open your roast chicken bundle to see a label saying "past best before date". Woolies aren't gonna do it, personally after working for Woolies for 7 years I have never seen one single product sold after its best before date (even if by law you can)…. Technicality versus reality…

            • @callum54: You did say it was illegal though, which it isn't - that's how some of those discount places like Golden Circle Factory Outlet can sell past best before food for really cheap. You're right that Woolies doesn't though.

    • It helps them manage their supply chain. Given a promotion like that, the demand will be high so a day's notice will help ensure sufficient supply.

    • Looks like it's cut up chicken, so the idea would be it's ready straight away to eat. Having pre-prepared cut up chicken would dry out and if it was cut up on the spot they'd have a rush of people at noon or 6pm looking for it and swamp the deli staff.

      • But they do 1/4 and 1/2 chickens all day long as well.

      • It's bloody Woolworths. They should be using some of the billions we give them to invent a machine that will cleanly quarter a chicken in seconds. Instead of asking us to fill out a form and hand it over the deli counter 24 hours before hand, what a joke. What are we paying these huge margins for if Colseworth can't solve simple problems like this. In China I bet they have machines that will form the plastic tray in front of your eyes, and then a robot does a little jig at the end and bows.

    • Cutting a chicken takes more time and effort than it really should. I used to work at Coles.

    • 0 chickens on display at the 2 woolies I just stopped in today. Can see the benefit of knowing my order is waiting for me

  • I saw this on social media this morning as a 'hack' to get cheaper chicken.. now seeing it here I think it was more of an advertisement than a 'hack'.

    • Are 'Hacks' even news? Or is it just the media's way of feeding you fluff so you don't follow the real stories of corruption and crime happening right now with the current government.

      • Media watch (ABC) put out a recent segment on this topic. To sum it up, basically companies put the information out there; in the example media watch used it was a new form of Cadbury violet crumble, and then news stations pick it up and air it of their own choice. I suppose they believe their consumers want to know, so they're not actually paid to advertise even though it seems so blatant.

        • Well there's also editorial for companies that happen to advertise with you a lot… it may not be directly paid for, but it's more the editor's way of keeping an advertiser happy…

        • More specifically they were pitched as "fluff pieces" to add a bit of "feel good news" to take up news time. Except that Violet Crumble recipe, that was a blatant ad.

    • yeah i saw in a group Coles had some platters too

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      Well it's a cheap way to get hacked up chicken :)

    • not really a hack, more likely scissors or a guillotine i think

  • Any way of ordering online?

    Edit: link to online

  • Probably a way to use up small birds. Can't tell the size when it's cut up so they got creative and packaged it up as a thing.

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    A real ozbargainer would come right before closing time to get all those items on heavy discount

  • Most bizarre thing I've seen in a while.

    • I'm not the target, but I wonder why you'd say that.

      • It's two chooks, a pack of rolls and some tubs of salad. Fill in a form, go store to hand in form, go back to store 24 hours later to collect items. Alternative is to pick up a bag of rolls, a couple chooks and a couple salads. I know for one that I have pickup up that combo before for a lazy weekend lunch. Does it really need to be a deli selection? Just seems a bit weird. It's like placing an order for a loaf of bread, a tub of butter and a jar of jam all placed nicely on a platter.

        • At regular prices:
          12 White Rolls = $4 ($2 x 2)
          2 Roast Chickens = $20 ($10 x 2)
          2 400g Salads = $10.30 ($5.15 x 2)

          Total = $34.30

          This platter containing the above items is $25. So I guess it needs to be a deli selection to save $9.30 ?

    • Really? This has been around for ages and is just another of their catering preorder options, I've used the service regularly for catering work lunches. Pre ordering so I can pop in at X time and quickly pick up platters of precut chook and straight out and onto the table, at a discounted price, is gold. No prep, no mess, no stressing that there'll be no chooks or rolls left etc.

  • Lol… Im not going to print and fill out some paper work. Then go to Woolworths to preorder and hand in my paper work, then come back the next day to pick up some chickens 😂
    This is rediculous..

    • You've never ordered catering before? It's a pretty simple concept. Pre-cut, ready to collect, discounted price..

  • Can anyone help shed any light on the rough prices for the same items at Costco would be? Would head down to find out myself if it was within my 5km zone.

    2 x roast chicken @ $7 = $14
    1 x bag (25?) dinner rolls @ $10? = $10?
    1 x (600g?) Tub coleslaw @ $? = $?
    1 x (600g?) Tub pasta salad @ $? = $?

    Total cost(guestimate) = $?

    - Higher cost(but lower cost per serve?)
    - Requires Costco membership
    - requires you to hack your own chook

    - Costco roast chooks much jucier and larger than anything I've ever had from Colesworth
    - no pre-ordering
    - Can grab a hot dog and soft drink on the way out

  • This is silly.

  • Entrapment for Victorians?

  • Caters for: 5–12

    Are we feeding tiny babies? Looks like a meal for 3 people max!

  • Would be decent if you could just pick up the items and it would reduce the price to match. Like every other bundle deal. This is way too much effort to save $5 or whatever. And doesn't make any sense.

    • This is the time of year people plan parties (Melb Cup, Christmas, etc). So primarily aimed at that market.

      Staff go to the effort to cut up the chicken for you, presenting it as a platter ready for you to pick up for your party etc.

      So it includes added staff preparation costs, & it's still cheaper.