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Extra 30% off Outlet @ adidas (Ultraboost $127.40, Stan Smith $63.70) (Stack with 8% Cashback @ ShopBack)


Stack with existing 30% off outlet (51% off in total).

Shopback 8% cashback

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    Thanks, been waiting for another ultraboost sale. Will try to paint the black and lime green ones to look all black.

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      Use Angelus dye and paint. I've did it before on my UB 4.0s. Now they look triple black :)
      I think it would be easier to get the black and gold UB20s and just paint the gold bits black if you're going for the triple black look.

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        Hijacking this thread but thanks for the tip - any recommendations of where to pick up this paint?

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          I got my angelus products from https://www.leffler.com.au/. Make sure to pay $1 (was $29.95) for membership to get the discounted prices. And if you’re painting boost midsole it’s recommended to dye it first then paint it black. A lot of YouTube vids on it. Good luck!

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            @Lionchu: Thanks for your help. I’m thinking of just painting the gold part black. Still worth picking up both dye and paint?

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              @kainomac: I recommend buying both :)
              It may flake off if you use only black paint. The reason why people use dye first then paint is just incase it flakes off it'll still look black.
              But since the gold bits on that UB20 are minimal, you might get away with just using the black paint and doing touch ups when necessary.
              In the future though, for other ultraboosts, when you want to paint white/worn/dirty/stained boost midsoles black then you're FOR SURE gonna need both black dye and black paint.
              For my UB4.0s midsoles I used Angelus Jet Black Lether dye and Angelus Flat Black Acrylic Leather Paint as recommended by most youtube how-tos.

        • If you're in brisbane, Laced in the CBD stocks angelus products

      • Pro tip!

      • @asa79 because they weren't on sale and this is ozb ;)

        • Oh didnt notice that, my bad

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    $98 for NMD sales as well.

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    Thanks OP

  • Seeing the UBs at $182. Anyone see $127?

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      Put the code at checkout :) Just got the solar reds

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      yes, apply the code 'shopback' on checkout

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    • My goodness they are so fugly.

  • Great deal been waiting for this 😊

  • Looking at the Stan Smiths, if my feet are wider than most people, would you recommend going up 0.5 or 1 size?

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      Stan Smiths usually run a size large. Your normal size might even fit but maybe 0.5 to be safe?

    • Normally a size 10 with wide feet
      (10 in ultra boost)
      I'm a 9.5 in Stan Smith
      I bought 9s and they are too narrow but the length is fine

    • Yes they run large. I have wide feet and wear 8.5US 2E (wide) in New Balance but only 8US in Stan Smith.

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    Doubt there is many on here with a ShopBack account after their recent fracas

  • Good deal. Thank goodness during the big last sale I bought UB20 for $109. So I feel better for skipping this time as I have too many shoes as it is

  • Keep forgetting with shoe size, is it AU to US sizing?

    Edit: It's US

  • Is there a difference between the men and women’s UB?

  • Copped 2 pairs, cheers

  • Hi any 4E wide shoes on the list?

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    • Thanks got a pair

  • You snooze you lose! Wanted a triple black or atleast gold metallic nil US 12! Missed out again

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    Wonder what the creator club sale will bring. They have emailed out starts soon.

    • Most l likely 40% off store wide or something like that is my guess.

  • Never been able to find imdoor boots for mens reduced 😢

    • Stay away from Adidas indoors, they often have very different sizing compared to their runners. Bought one a half size larger than I normally do and it ended up being way too small. The indoor boot was very narrow and shorter than usual shoes should be.

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    Very ordinary selection of colourways. Normally there is at least a few decent variants.

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    Not much in the kids part unfortunately, slots the same been there since last sales

    • yeah kids section has been pretty bad since august

  • Is it also available in store?

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    Cheers OP - was waiting for one of these sales for some new running shoes. Shame Adidas take a million years to post. Up to 28 days FYI.

    • Hopefully they’ll be a little faster than 28 days… 🤷‍♀️

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      How can they still have postage delays? Surely it won't take that long to send something out…

      • Believe it’s from their agreement with Toll. The specifics I don’t actually know but took a month last time I ordered.

    • They're taking even longer to process refunds. I've been waiting for over 2 months.

    • Yeah, I was just about to post a comment saying beware of the delays:

      Orders placed from 5th October to 31st October: Up to 28 days to dispatch.

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    Be warned ShopBack refused to process my Cashback with the last deal like this even though it appeared legitimate.

    • I think purchases are not traced if a code is used for further discount.

      • I take this comment back. I just received email to confirm my purchase was tracked.

        • +1

          I don't know anyone who does that. The rich asians in my area of sydney usually wear it to buy milk from Woolies lolz

  • Why does the Website show different numbers of colours for each colour shoe? eg Men's running UB20 black with gold trim says '23 colours', but then on the next row down is a black with green and 3 colour sole and it says '26 colours'?
    Aren't these all the same shoe (Men's running UB20) just in different colours? How does a shoe in a different colour have more colours then the same shoe in different colour (if that makes sense)?

    • Further to this, if I click on a pair, then filter through the different colours, each one then says different amounts of colours.
      eg click on black with white sole and pink trim it says '24 colours', then I click on it and it says '12 colours available'.

      • website is designed terribly.. just be careful because some of the other colourways aren't inclusive of the discount so you'll get rejected at the cart when entering the promo code if its not flagged as 30% on the website

  • I am only getting one if the NCAA UB is on sale. :b

  • Ultraboost over 300g…no thanks. Anything that heavy feels like running in a pair of cinder blocks. But there are a few in the low 200's in the sale.

    • which ones?

  • Am I missing anything on why this is a good deal? my previous UB19 purchase was $80 and that was even before cashback.

    • +1

      That was rare because codes were stacked. I don’t think we will see a deal like that for a while.

      • any idea how much UBs are at DFO? I've always had the impression that you can get better deals if you go in store.

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          No sure, but highly doubt that. Can't beat some of these online deals since a lot of the time certain discounts aren't meant to stack the way they do which is why we get awesome deals.
          That never happens in store.

          Maybe on boxing day? I went last year and the deals were not that great.

        • Have got for under 50 at DFO, can't believe mugs are paying over 100

  • Just keep in mind the delayed shipping at the moment. I ordered a pair of Ultraboosts 4 weeks ago and they still haven't shipped.

    • I noticed Adidas have always been slow when ordering from their online store. Imagine even worse in these times

      • Still waiting for my masks that I ordered a month ago..

  • are UB 20s as good as the original ones?

    • They are better, I've owned UB's for a long time with different models etc. The 20s are my favourite so far, but as they say DYOR.

  • Not really a Big Sale as most of the colourways are full.price excludes the discounted rates but I found this as an awesome one
    Adilette 3.0 @$39


    • you mean $49. How do you get $39?

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    Thanks OP. I was able to use cashrewards for 6% cashback.

  • Thanks OP. GOt a new pair for $117.60. It's more than 50% off with the 8% cash back.

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    I plan on using ultraboosts for running, but are they good for gym as well (when they open again)? Need a good multipurpose shoe.

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