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Kingston A2000 1TB 2200MB NAND NVMe M.2 SSD $137 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Kingston A2000 1TB 2200MB/s 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD

G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB (2x16GB) 3200MHz CL16 DDR4 Desktop RAM Memory Kit $159


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Shopping Express

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  • Does Amazon ever price match these guys?

  • Must wait for prime day……

    • I paid 200 for this back in March, was considered a good price then. I'm not holding much hope for prime day.

      • I am waiting for Prime day even if it cost a few more bucks on Amazon, I prefer to buy them
        for ease of return and no question asked, done it a few times even the return pack got lost as long as I have tracking number
        I just contact them and they refund right away

        They just so amazing with after sale support

  • Both links are for ram

  • the last deal took 3 weeks to delivered Melbourne.

  • That’s a great price for that SSD, I just bought it for $163 delivered (CPL).

  • Kingston NVME, Was $395. Absolute rubbish.
    $11 Melbourne delivery erodes most of the value. (Based on historical $150 delivered deals being a benchmark)

  • was 137 when I bought 1tb Kingston

  • Bought SSD Thanks

  • +1 vote

    feel like there is a major price drop after the Chinese NAND manufacture joints the market competition

    • Also a major quality drop. These are simply not as reliable or as fast in sustained operations as other offerings.

  • My 2c here, I bought 4 the Kingston 1TB A2000s a month back, so far 3 of the 4 have died (each in a slightly different way) and been returned on warranty (usage was within mini desktops).

    • Wow that's crazy - what were the problems?

      • All worked for about 2 weeks, then issues started happening. First one stopped one day and would just keep heating up (would get to 100C+ with heatsink), next one went into read only mode due to errors and was thus bricked. last one just stopped showing up.

    • Did you purchase them from shopping express? That’s crazy for such a popular drive.

    • Samsung EVO is golden standard for flash storage devices. My flash storage brands of choice are Samsung (also SD cards) and Crucial.

    • Sounds like they must've had a bad batch you had the misfortune of getting, these drives are very well regarded.

  • +2 votes

    Should I pull the trigger at this shop for the following or wait until Amazon Prime day or Black Friday or Boxing day sales?

    $229 - AMD Ryzen 3 3300x 4.3GHz 4 Cores 8 Threads AM4 CPU
    $137 - Kingston A2000 1TB 2200MB/s 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD
    $149 - Asus PRIME B550M-A (WI-FI) AMD AM4 WiFi 6 mATX Motherboard
    $78 - Cooler Master MasterBox MB520 Tempered Glass Red Mid Tower ATX Case

    Get free postage for the above.

  • Anyone have a recommendation for a good external nvme enclosure? This seems like a good candidate for an external ssd for the Xbox series x. DF just showed that something like this works almost as well as the ridiculously expensive seagate expansion cards.

    • Remember that the external nvme drive is only for backwards compatibility though. You will still need the PCIE4.0 expansion card for Series X games.

      • Yep all good I’m aware of that. I will consider the expansion card down the road once the internal is filled up. If I get all back compat games off the internal it should take a little longer. The price for the expansion card is ridiculous atm. DF have shown that using one of these for back compat gives almost the same results as the expansion card.

    • I've found this one to be good so far - can achieve close to 1000MB/s on the right USB port. https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07NPFV21K/ref=ppx_yo_d...

      • Nice. Thanks for that mate. Given the series x only has 5Gbps ports, that would be more than enough lol. Might even be able to get away with a slightly cheaper and slower one given the slower ports.

      • Yep that one is great - I've recently just gotten that exact one with the A2000 and can get 1000MB/s on it. The case is solid and doesnt look or feel cheap at all.

        I've slowly built up a collection of UGreen products and they seem to be pretty decent so far.

    • I found Kingston M.2 to have limited compatibility. Purchased 3x Kingston last week for Dell 10th Gen Inspiron's and could not get working in BIOS had to return and exchange for Crucial M.2 was left with opened pack Kingston M.2 non returnable and tried to use that in a NVMe encloser running M.2 Samsung and again would not work with my enclosure. A lot of time wasted so hope you have better luck!

      • Hmm jeez that doesn’t sound good..

        • +1 vote

          This day and age you assume everything pretty much compatible and maybe my inability? …plug in Samsung M.2 works fine in Dell PC, plug in Crucial also works fine. Then try again with the Kingston and nothing!

  • I currently have a Samsung 960 evo, nvme… it's 500gb and want to increase storage… will I notice real world difference with this drive?

  • hi, looking to upgrade my imac drive speed with an external boot drive. Just wondering how these compare to
    - WD Blue 1TB
    - Crucial P1 1TB

    Is it worth spending a bit more on the SSD (about $250) and buy either
    - Samsung 970 Pro
    - Sarbent Rocket
    - WD Black

    Note: all of these are to be used in a portable enclosure and hooked up to the imac using thunderbolt 3 / usb-c port



    • I'm as well looking to extend my laptop memory but for as less price as possible. It has a spare M.2 NVMe slot.

      This deal sounded goo but Crucial is at $139 and I'm wondering if that's a better one.


      • I wouldn’t consider the P1 because it is QLC I think

        • Sorry i'm not very clear on these TLC vs QLC thing but what's the real world differences between the two? is it speed and/or endurance?

          • @MrFCBargain: It’s endurance, TLC has longer life thang QLC plus the Kingston has a fast write and read speed

          • @MrFCBargain: Endurance is worse.
            Also, after the cache is filled, QLC writes much slower than TLC (~100MBps vs ~600MBps).
            The cache fills up when you continuously write about 120GB when the drive is empty (not likely to happen), or when you write about 10GB when the drive is full (could happen).

            Given the prices are pretty similar I'd advise the A2000 or WD Sn550 over the P1.
            For the vast majority of people, that will be enough and you won't notice any difference stepping up to a Samsung 970 or WD Black.

            Also, if you're using these externally ideally look for a thunderbolt 3 enclosure, as USB 3 will bottleneck the drive to ~1.2GBps or ~0.6GBps (depending on USB 3 gen 2 v gen 1).

            • @jdoa00: Oh thanks. I didn’t even realise the enclosure linked was USB 3.1 and not thunderbolt.

              The thunderbolt version is $136 from Wavlink. Will think about that and/or attempt to swap the drive out and install it to the internal slot.

              • @MrFCBargain: Oops, didn't see that you had linked one already. That one is gen 2, so will do 1.2 GBps (compared to about 2.2 natively from the drive).
                In reality, that's actually not too bad since you'll rarely be exceeding ~1.5GBps anyway with real world usage, so its up to you whether or not TB3 is worth the premium (didn't realise they're so expensive wow).

                There's also lots of great repair guides and videos out there if you want to have a go at installing it internally!

    • Speed-wise, you won't notice a difference in loading speeds etc. You will see the difference in benchmarks.

      If you are using them with a TB3 enclosure and transferring large files (from memory, over 20GB per transfer), then the 970 Pro, Sabrent Rocket and WD Black should show some difference.