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Dell 27" 4K IPS 60hz Monitor S2721Q - $331.84 Delivered @ Dell Australia


Saw this go up earlier today and got one for my PS5.

Need to apply both SUPER30 and QUT5 EPP2020 (thanks doweyy) to get $331.84.

OzBargainers who bought this previously have confirmed this has HDCP 2.2.

Need a code? Giving away a code? Please use the Dell Coupon code request megathread

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        So apparently they have a large shipment coming in next week to fulfil these orders - we'll see.

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        Ooh… I'll give them a call as well just to make sure this is the case haha. I'm torn at the moment… I want to keep it as its a fantastic deal but I also kinda want one before PS5 haha.

        • Let me know how you go, I had to ask for a manager to get that info. I'm pretty sure now that she was just spinning crap to get me off the phone.

          Just got an email update:

          Good day to you !

          With reference to the order #XXXXX,which is for dell Monitor 27inch
          Order out of stock as of now .

          The product which you have chosen is in demand by most of the customer’s.

          Order expected to fulfill 9/11.

          I will keep you updated has it progress.

          On top priority am following up with your order .

          • @mcpondy69: Just got off the phone with them and they said that most stock will most likely come around early December haha. The lady did say that there are some that might be available early November and they'll keep me updated.

            • @westzod: Did you get an email heading"ANZ_EMAIL_INVOICE"? I believe that indicates you will get it the next day or so.

              • @quill: Nope… got charged on the 19th and got the delay email last night.

    • I got charged yesterday night and received it today so mabye you will get it soon?

      • Is your order status (if you can still see it) confirmed - in production?

        • Up until 2 days ago then it said shipping

  • Did you get an email heading"ANZ_EMAIL_INVOICE"? I believe that indicates you will get it the next day or so.

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    Charged two days ago, then email received yesterday advising delay from 26th Oct to 29th Dec. Called and they stated they had been oversold by approx 380 units. Website has been updated to advise 30 day delivery time. Terrible customer service.

    • I think I've seen reps from other companies post in threads here before; are there any Dell people who pop in?

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        Already advised ACCC re their false advertising of delivery dates (I don't care if they're now delayed, but don't sell to new customers promising 30 days when it's really over 70 days away). The rudeness of the customer service agent prompted me to go out of my way to report them.

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      Same. Ridiculous. Are we able to cancel?

    • I was told there's a part shortage for this monitor. There's a delay in production at the factory and the parts are expected to come in around 10/11. I'll be lucky to get it by late November at this point. Ordered back in 14/10.

  • Guys is there any way to make a 1080p input look sharp on this?

    I haven't tested but from how blurry my nintendo switch looked, it seems like it isn't just quadrupling the pixels but doing some kind of blurring of the pixels together.
    I'm guessing there's no way to change that, correct? I feel 1080p on my LG 4K OLED looks much crisper than 1080p on this dell 4K.

    • I play switch on this monitor and it looks absolutely fine compared to my TV. Switch always has a blurriness about it. Not sure what you mean by quadrupling the pixels? Switch will never display at 4k.

    • Try adjusting the sharpness? It will be pixelated but less blurry.

  • Has anyone calibrated their monitor yet?

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      I mucked around with sharpness and colour presets, but found that I didn't need to tinker with it too much. Comparing this screen with what I came from, it looks amazing to me.

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    So after being told that my monitor won't come til December… it shipped today! Ordered on Oct 13 so if you're one of those waiting check your status!

    • Omg mine says it shipped yesterday! Why would they not email me??

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        I know right… I didn't get an email as well checked my Auspost account for another package and saw that something was coming from Dell lmao.

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    Yep mine has shipped too. Even though I signed up for notifications on shipping changes, there was no notification.

    • Same here. Big trust issues with Dell ..

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    Got my invoice 2 days ago, check the order status today, it's shipped and at Mel Startrack Depot already, maybe getting it tomorrow. Got be happy with that! It was delayed until 23rd December. Hope many people will get theirs sooner

  • Is anyone else waiting for their monitor to arrive? I ordered on the 16th and haven't had any updates since.

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      Same. I ordered on Oct 13th and my expected time of delivery is still Dec 23rd. Every time I ask Dell I get a different answer that is anywhere between end of Oct, mid Nov, mid Dec. Absolutely useless, but given the price paid there is nothing to do but wait.

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      I ordered October 14 and it was originally estimated to ship November 24, arriving on the 30th.

      Order page says the status changed yesterday (Nov 15) to Shipped (ETA Nov 17, Startrack express from Sydney), but I've been checking every day and didn't see it last night, so I think it was actually just updated earlier today.

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      Still waiting for my order placed on 15th October - it was supposed to deliver by today (26 Nov), but calling Dell they've now told me 15th or 20th December! It appears Dell are shipping recent EBay sale orders ahead of existing orders.

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    Unfortunately I am cancelling my order, just got update update that it will be delayed to the 31st December, ordered on the 19th October, wtf? It was a nice cheap 4k monitor, but its not worth waiting 2 and a half months for!!

    • can you cancel after it's in production?

      • To be honest I am not sure it would work with everyone, I requested the order be cancelled when the delivery date went from 24th Nov to 31st Dec, I am away for the first two weeks of Jan so I would not be around for delivery anyway. I also quoted the ACCC on delivery times, https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/sales-delivery/non-deliver....

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