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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD 21:9 FreeSync Gaming Monitor [Au Stock] $479.18 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


Original [eBay Plus] 20% off Eligible Items (Min Spend $120) @ eBay deal

Excellent price on this monitor finally hitting the $4XX price point.

Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD FreeSync 4ms Ultrawide Gaming Monitor - A gaming monitor with a big 34" ultrawide WQHD screen, high 144Hz refresh rate & Freesync to allow you to take gaming to the next level.

* 21:9 wide panoramic view - With a 21:9 ratio that is 30% wider than the average 16:9 ratio, get extremely wide field of view to provide you with the extra peripheral vision
* High Resolution Images and Detail - Get a spectacular gaming experience with its large 34" 3440 x 1440 display
* High brightness, contrast & vivid picture quality - Up to 300nits display brightness and contrast ratio of 3000:1 ensures that the viewing is accurate and vivid
* 144Hz refresh rate, 4ms Response Time - Get fast response times and smoother actions and transitions to get the edge over your opponents.
* 1500R Curve - The 1500R curved design gives you an immersive experience, enhancing your sense of depth
* AMD FreeSync - Reduces tearing to ensure fluent frames output, optimised for fast and lag free performance
* Multiple port options - Has HDMI x2, DP x2, Audio x1
* Aspect Ratio: 21:9
* Contrast: 3000:1
* Definition 3440 x 1440
* Panel 34" VA
* Highest Refresh Rate 144Hz
* Curvature (lower of this value provide larger perceived images ) 1500R
* Color Spectrum 121% RGB
* Response Time 4ms
* Ports "HDMI x2 DP x2 Audio x1"
* AMD Free Sync

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  • +1

    inb4 uncle jack

    • inb4 it's not an "eligible item"

    • who is uncle jack

    • uncle jack did not come

  • That's s very good price. It will go quickly.

  • +7

    How do you know that they won't bump up the price to $650 or 700 by 8 PM? And there are other eBayPlus supplies too

  • +13

    I have no need or desire for this monitor… but I share the collective ozbargain excitement for this milestone!

    • +8

      Sooo we’re buying one still right?

      • +2

        Wouldn't want to have to hand in the licence, would we?

  • Great monitor and I got it for $499 last ebay deal. It's replaced my triple 27 setup for gaming due to convenience. I do still have 2x 27s on the edges of the 34 though for work purposes.

    Hope that price jacking doesn't occur so others can indeed get this sub $500.

    • +2

      2x 27's and a 34", isn't that out of your FOV by that point!?

      • He said the 2 side monitors aren't for gaming so it doesn't matter.

        • Even for office usage, that does not sound friendly for your neck.

          • @JSONBourne: just for stuff that you don't need to look at quite often. Chart monitoring, stock, spotify playlist, etc.

          • @JSONBourne: It is ok when you put the 27s in Portrait mode

            • @flickr: Damn… You're making me want to upgrade my setup…
              There we go, ima jump upon the Hype train for the deal!

          • +1

            @JSONBourne: Even when I was gaming with 3x 27, the side is about perspective/peripheral rather than direct viewing.

            The monitors are far enough back from me to work as the setup above. You're right that it's not ideal for work, BUT, it's the best outcome to manage both work and play at the desk.

            • @Porker: what games are you playing on 3x27?
              sim racing?
              flight sim?

              there is not much game genres that needs 3 monitors..

              got a pic of your setup + desk?

      • FOV has a different meaning in the context of gaming (it refers to the angle the user sees out of the monitor).

        Assuming they are the same height (can't recall if 34" ultrawide is) it would be great for gaming such as driving because you can glance at corners and mirrors as well as having a better sense of immersion. ultra wide is not as wide as 3 x 16:9 monitors.

    • How does it feel to be surrounded by monitors? Are they all the same monitors too? I'm about to have a serious mismatch in brightness and resolutions :S

      • I ended up getting the Dell 2721D and put on VESA mounts/arms simply because the monitors extend past the edge of my desk now. I haven't tried it with gaming yet and will need to somehow trick NVIDIA (their software doesn't like the mismatch of screens).

        However, I'm finding that the 34 is sufficient to tick that box for gaming in terms of a better perspective of the side/peripheral information.

        Work production is the same - I work on my 34 and just drag in information from the sides when i need to work on it, then drag it out.

        • how does the neck feel?

          I am considering doing this but with 2 x 24 (already owned) and 1 x 34" xiaomi

          Based on some rough measurements, I can already tell the 2 x 24" monitors will be out of peripheral vision, so will need to turn the neck more..

          mismatch size monitors for gaming is not going to be good

          I think something like odyssey G9 would be good replacement for 3 monitors
          though it will probably be less productive

      • Awesome. Having different monitors isn't good for gaming although it's still nice having a second screen if you want.

        • depends on the games

          For sim racing and sim flight games
          then 3 monitors is pretty good

          but it does have the black bezels which is not nice

          something like odyssey G9 would be better I think cos it doesn't have the black bezels..

          For productivity, I think 3 separate monitors is better than 1 ultra wide
          just cos you can easily full screen the windows
          and snap it to a monitor etc..

          You can also game on one monitor while the separate monitor could be used for other software..

    • can you post a pic of your current monitors setup now?

      • i am in the jealous mode but i want to see too… ….so much $…..

  • +7

    Below $500 now
    Dreams come true
    Okay I got no need for this model
    Just share the joyness

  • Nice price!

    Anyone here who is using this monitor with a Flight Sim 2020 setup? Does the 4ms resp time cause any noticeable flicker/jitter etc? Hoping to hook this up with a 3080 when I eventually get it.

    • you still getting the 3080 despite the recent issues?

      I am waiting till they fix this..

      • it's practically already fixed via a driver update that lowers the max boost clock slightly

        • +1

          I don't consider that a true fix

          more like a workaround solution which limits the cards true capabilities
          due manufacturers cheapening out on the parts rather than following nvidia's design.

          True fix is when they start following the nvidia's design
          and put in the same parts….

          I still think it is better to wait to see what is the status of this cards problems..
          who knows what other issues can prop up
          and whether the driver update has stop causing the problems.

          The strange thing is
          manufacturers probably also did it for previous gen cards e.g. 10xx cards
          yet we didn't see these problems occur till now.

    • No noticeable flicker/jitter, using a 2070 on med-high settings

  • does this have the standard monitor mount?

    • Vesa compatible

  • +2

    Where did it say this is an eligible item?

  • +3

    How do things look if you run games in 2560x1080p (ie. 21:9 1080p) mode? I only have a RX480 and I'm not looking to upgrade anytime soon…
    Currently running a 34" 21:9 2560x1080 LG 68um-p… but would appreciate the extra resolution when it comes to work tasks.

    • bought this monitor recently and have an rx 570 (waiting for a good deal to pop up for an upgrade). Ive just played a couple of basic fps' so far (valorant & csgo) and ive been hitting 120 - 144 fps on 2560x1080 and it feels really smooth and crisp.

      I also had a 34" 1080p panel(some discontinued kogan model) before and noticed a huge difference switching to this resolution. Loving the 144hz as well but cant wait to pair it with a better gpu to play some more graphics intensive games

  • This will sell out in 479.18 milliseconds

  • VA or IPS for work?

    • VA has better contrast and black making it look "dynamic", IPS has more lifelike colours though. I would choose IPS.

      • better contrast might cause more strain on the eyes, in my experience. So I'm in IPS camp as well.

  • +1

    Combine with ShopBack cash back brings it down to $469.18

    • Coupons work with ShopBack?

      • There's a $10 bonus that will.

  • How's this for productivity compared to a say a 27 dell?

    • I'm in the same situation - I guess, we can have multiple windows, and when compared to 27", which isn't huge enough to have two proper windows.

    • +1

      You could easily run two parallel windows on a 34". They would be quite squished on a 27".
      I've had a ultra wide and a 27". For work the ultrawide is quite good for productivity. For gaming it depends what you are playing.

      Third-person open world games look great, especially if you sit back a bit and take it in. First person shooters you are at a bit of a disadvantage as your screen is so large you kind of have to be scanning the whole screen. A smaller monitor means you can focus in the middle and your peripheral vision helps with the edges.

      I much prefer my 27" dell over my previous ultra wide 34" for gaming. That being said my 34" wasn't 165hz nor IPS so that does contribute a bit.

      • Productivity is my preference - so might be worth when i don't have space for 2 monitors. .

    • I use this and a 27 inch monitor. So far its been great for productivity as well as gaming. I initially hesitated on getting this item when I watched Flat vs Curve monitors YouTube videos, but I haven't had any complain on it so far.
      Additionally, my setup is this 34 (horizontal pos) and 27 (vertical pos); I found having the 27 vertically is much comfortable for me.

  • -1

    Code not working! Ebay default message: Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again.

    • +2

      You need to wait till 8pm

      • +2

        You need to wait till 8pm

        And it may sold out within 5 mins.

        • +2

          More like 5 to 10 seconds. You underestimate ozbargain :P

      • 8pm which timezone?

    • Whoaaa there Nelly

  • Do I need this extra 10 inches worth of screen? Already have a 24 inch monitor for work. Painnnn.

    I usually have couple of excels open, PDFs, and some software system for work going on.

    • yes

    • Go for it, without a doubt. That is a huge huge upgrade for productivity. Well for example I went from 24" to 28" 4k and then finally to this and the difference was huge everytime.

  • Hows the colour calibration on this ? or if anyone has calibrated it after receiving, how would you rate it?

  • Do I need a second one?

    • if you get a total of 3, would it make it a half circle?

      or how many do you need to make a half circle?

      • I believe 3 and a half, I should buy 3 more and cut one of them in half to achieve full front immersion

  • Will this work ok with the new Xbox? I think it does more resolutions than the older models

    • no..

      get a proper 16:9 4k TV etc..

  • I currently have 2 x 24", if I got this would like to keep them but in portrait mode - Probs with the F80 stands in the other deal. Just built a new, humble, PC not long ago with a Ryzen 3600 and GTX1660ti and 32gb ram. You think I'd have enough grunt to run all 3? Purely for work purposes, or maybe a driving game with my Xbox wheel, but not too fussed on high end graphics.. Thanks

    • +1

      more than enough for forza

    • +1

      i think for work/desktop it should be fine..

      if you gaming, then you only going to use 1 x 34"..

      not sure if this gpu would be good for gaming at this native resolution 3440x1440p though..
      it will probably okay at 1080p though

    • +2

      You'd be fine. I've run a rx 480 on this resolution and currently in my HTPC. Runs FH4 at 4k @ 60fps at medium/high with similar results with UWQHD. That being said, forza is very well optimised. And with freesync, you should have a pretty good experience. I recommend watching some optimisation guides as well as some settings are demanding but don't net anything much visually.

      Edit: the 1660ti looks to be 30% give or take faster than the rx 480 so yeah, just get it xD

      • +1

        Thanks for all that all, and all that info Justcuz and taking the time to compare that's really good to know. Definitely wouldn't worry about going further with graphics than those of what you said. So seems a great option for work and a bit of driving games, definitely going to keep my wheel now! Have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate so pretty sure that's good for PC too! But appreciate it, now to try get one at that price!

  • This sucks i have paid $545 on Friday via Catch

  • Tempered but not sure my old gtx 1060 3gb will be able to handle this monitor?, let alone my old amd ryzen 3 1200 cpu 🙃

  • code doesn't work or what time it starts since tag says "Later Today" ?

    • +1

      This offer is available from 8:00pm (AEDT) until 9:00pm (AEDT) on 13th October 2020.

      You'll find the start times at the bottom of the OP.

      • stupid me, thanks!

  • +1

    While on paper specs say 144 hz, expect ghosting and smearing with fast paced motion due to low VA pixel response time.

  • +1

    Just found out my ebay plus membership has run out. My understanding is that you can only have 1 coupon per checkout with eBay, is that right? I'm taking the $50 coupon for rejoining won't stack with this?

  • +1

    Spending $500 in total, would you guys recommend this 1 x 34" Xiaomi monitor for $479.18, or 2 x 27" Dell S2721D IPS Monitor for $247.20 each (

    Mainly using it for work, youtube, multiple windows, excel, and some light gaming.

    Keen to hear from people who has 2 x 27" vs. a single 34" monitor for managing multiple windows and excel sheets, or from people looking at similar options??

    • +1

      well might need to get this…the Dell 27" sold out in instantly lol

      • 6mins for the dell to go OOS. I do hope you get this mate! Fingers crossed for you.

      • this will also sell out instantly

  • I wonder how many units they have?

    • I just got an email from ebay saying "there are 18 watchers but only 5 left"

      • my bad, that was from another seller

  • This is weird. close to 200+ but no one buy? Am I missing something?

    • +9

      yeh the fact that the deal doesn't start for another 3 hours 38 minutes

  • Did anyone else get the notification saying "Don't lose out on this - there are 18 watchers but only 5 left." for the monitor?

    • sorry, that was from another seller

  • +1

    Got one - thank you OP

  • +1

    Out of stock, but this one is still available

    • Yep got one of those. Gearbite had them a little cheaper but wouldn't let me add it to my cart.

  • +1

    They have stock but won't allow to use code?

  • +1

    Hi Guys

    monitor Back in stock

    • -1

      Hi AHUANG,

      Do you know how heavy this monitor is? I need to find a monitor mount / arm and I can't find the weight of this monitor anywhere.

  • I think PLUSFLASH isn't working anymore?

  • +1

    Soooo any one gotten the shipping notification? Not sure if it will come tomorrow as expected if it hasn't shipped yet.

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