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[Prime] OnePlus 8 5G Black 8GB/128GB $645.78 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


Not as good as a Oneplus 8 Pro but for a similar price to the Oneplus Nord, can't go wrong with a SD865.

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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    ah, they are done with the pop up camera crap, nice!

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      I have the 8 pro and would have personally liked to see them keep the pop up camera! An uninterrupted display on the 7 just felt more premium and it seems like the pop up was actually pretty mechanically resilient. To each their own though!

    • +5

      Pop up is king

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    Not a compelling option anymore now that OnePlus jacked the prices …

    • +6

      still one of the cheapest sd865 offering with a clean os. but yea im with ya, they are losing the cost effective edge that brought them to what they are these days.

      • That's one of the reasons I'm still using my 5T. The used to be "flagship killer" now only kills its own flagship.

        • They stopped selling themselves as a flagship killer around the OnePlus 3 era iirc. Unfortunately that phrase has stuck and people keep using it incorrectly.

      • Clean OS + Facebook

  • +4

    FYI I think there have been some issues with Amazon UK shipping. I ordered a Nord from early Sept, by late Sept they informed me that the package is likely lost. I think a few others on here have mentioned the same experience.

    • Ordered a Nord from there early last week and still no update on shipping even though the expected date was this week…

      • You might end up disappointed. Contact their customer service and ask them for an update.

        I did the same and was told "My parcel was lost in transit".

        • Lost is probably not a big thing as long as you get a full refund but did you?

          • @davidl820: I did get a refund.

            But the thing is I ordered it as a gift. And ended up waiting for more than a month as Amazon kept on changing their expected delivery dates.

        • Their response was that there weren't many 'slots' for shipping from the UK right now, and gave me an expected delivery date which is the same date as if I were to have ordered today. Not ideal

    • Same. Ordered OP Nord on Sep 1. Did not receive anything up to Oct 5. They said "My parcel was lost in transit".

      Had to cancel my order and ask for a refund.

    • yup, 2 orders of 2 different items from the UK never arrived. Got a refund on both but frustrating as it takes 1 month before you they inform you it is likely lost….

    • Same experience. Doubt they even shipped anything at this point

  • How does this compare with the OnePlus 7t Pro that I missed out on in the Kogan deal?

    • This one has a faster processor and bigger battery.
      7T Pro has a better screen and cameras.
      Pop up camera vs cut out is probably personal preference.

      • given that the price is similar, do you think it is good value?

        • +1

          Wouldn't post it here if I didn't think it was!

      • Not exactly better camera, just that OP8 swap zoom lens for macro (cheapo). Otherwise main and ultrawide are identical.

        This also gets update faster as it is newer. Android 11 stable is now available whereas OP7T Pro will need to wait a bit.

        • Good point about OS updates.
          A zoom lens imo is better than a macro camera put in to make up the camera count.

      • also 5g forward compatibility

  • Would this UK version work in AU with 5G?

    • Should do. Only n78 band being used at present, which this phone has (IN2013 oneplus 8 euro model). Will miss out on future 5g bands (n40, n5 from optus and telstra) planned over the next couple of years. Should be OK for Vodafone 5g as covers n28

      • Do you believe I will be able to use it on my boost prepaide (telstra network)? :) (probably still use 4g atm idk)

  • Yes it should perfectly work. Great price.

  • Handy deal now that Amex offered me 10 points per dollar spent

    • Does that still apply if sold/shipped by amazon uk?

      • I am hoping it does, given it is on the amazon Australia website who will be taking the payment

  • Is it possible to get an AU plug that works for Warp Charging for this phone? I am currently using a OnePlus 3T, but when I was looking you could buy the OPPO charger which worked with Warp Charging (But I was lazy and never did…)

    • I could be wrong but from memory Oppo and OnePlus's fast charging system don't work with each other even though they are somewhat the same company…

      • VOOC = Dash Charge. Source: I bought an aus plug VOOC charger off mobileciti and it dash charges my 5t with the OP 5t cable.
        Unsure whether SuperVOOC = Warp Charge tho.

  • I got two emails from Gearbest for "email only" sale.

    The price was around $580 and for black only, but they force you to use DHL which cost like $46 ship from HK, plus the 10% tax all up is about the same price as this one.

    But I didn't take it thinking it could be a spam and it would be hard to deal someone from China… Now I feel they are dumping OnePlus 8 Black… Is there a reason why?

    • The 8T launches tomorrow, so that could be a factor.

    • This would likely be the chinese model too which doesnt have LTE Band 28. I think the amazon deal is the better one.

  • I feel this is the better deal than any of the recent S20 FE offers.

    Some downsides (e.g 90hz, no IP68, worse camera), but also better in some areas (e.g. Gorilla glass 5, glass back, OxygenOS, cheaper!).

    Upcoming 8T looks like mostly iterative upgrade, so this is still a good phone I reckon.

    • The US variants of the oneplus 8 (not the pro) are actually rated at IP68. I can't see them having hugely different lines making the EU variant, so this is likely to be good for an IP rating, but they just couldn't be bothered paying for the extra certification. I reckon you could probably rely on it for IP6x being dust tight, and probably good for use in the rain, but just don't try and take extended videos of your junk underwater in the pool.

    • bro i have a oneplus 6t that i dropped and dont know anyone in Melbourne who can fix so i switched over to a samsung a71, and honestly i understand why apple fans hate androids, Samsung's ui is a joke oxygen os is so much smoother and easier to use, and the way u use each feature makes sense

  • Do you get charged foreign transaction fee if its sold by amazon uk?
    Also do we need to arrange shipping to uk in the event of warranty claim?

  • I put it on my amex and it is showing as pending for Amazon (not UK) for $645.78 so far, so good

  • AND, just got the email from amex saying I used the bonus offer so I'm getting the 5000 points as well.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, purchased a OP8 for myself. Now keeping my fingers crossed that Amazon will be able to deliver them.

    • It's a bit of a worry, they aren't giving any estimated delivery date. I hope they don't decide to cancel the order.

      • Had a chat with a customer rep from Amazon and was advised that item is being shipped and the status will be updated within 2-3 days. ETA was before 30 Oct

        • Have you got any further update on this order?

          • @danawys: Got a DHL tracking number 2 days ago. ETA is 9/11/20

            • @nadn1: Thank you for letting me know. I've already canceled this Amazon order last week..and purchased Oneplus 8T

  • Thanks for letting me know.

  • I had a chat with Amazon also and they have been unable to give me any information or update and it has been 6 days since I placed the order. Amazon is pathetic. Customer service is the worst

    • Same here, no further shipping info so far. Still showing:"order received. We will email you when we have an estimated delivery date."

  • Are we just supposed to wait forever with no updates? I've never had this happen with any retailer before.

  • I'm in the same boat, been waiting for the OnePlus 8 to be shipped… I have contacted customer support 3 days ago and they said the same thing. That the item will be shipped soon.. I noticed that the amount withdrawn has been reverted however back to my card…

    I had the same issue ordering the OnePlus nord. Item was marked ' shipped' but never arrived. And after investigating with auspost global. It seems that the item was never shipped but was only given a consignment number…

    • Have you got the OnePlus nord last time?

      • Nope, got a refund in the end.

  • Did anyone get any further update from amazon?

    • Nope..

  • Same here. Amazon have been incapable of shipping a Oneplus Nord and now the Oneplus 8. Ridiculous.

  • How long will you wait before cancelling your order?

  • If there was one available for the same price I'd cancel but meanwhile I'll wait but very unimpressed.

  • Any updates from Amazon?

  • Just got an email from Amazon, it says that the phone has shipped and will be delivered on 11/11. The tracking number with DHL is showing shipment info received rather than it having been shipped. Either way, it looks like we will be getting the phone. Good thing my old Oneplus 5 is still going strong.

    • I am still trying to figure out if i nick this from the mrs or just stick with my oneplus 5. Still going strong.

  • Just got a shipping notice as well. Let's see if it actually arrives this time.

  • +1

    Got delivered today morning :D

  • Mine delivered as well. Played with it for a bit but it didn't feel much different from my OnePlus 5 from a software point of view. Also my 5 is still smooth so will stick with that.

  • Delivered on Monday 2/11/20

  • Mine arrived yesterday. Longer but narrower than the oneplus 5. Still transferring things across. Shame about the UK charger, much bulkier than the US one. Can we use the old charger without issue, I realise it may be a bit slower?

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