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Sony 75" X9000H 4K UHD Android Bravia LED TV $2995 (RRP $3495) @ The Good Guys


Been searching for a good deal for the Sony X9000H 75, found this from the Good Guys.
The whole X900H range looks to be discounted 20%.
Free delivery at time of purchase.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • cheaper with discounted gc

    • Where those at?

      • Not OP but if you insure with AAMI, they give you access to a portal managed by Suncorp where you can buy various gc at a discount. TGG GC is 5% off. Others can share where they get theirs probably.

    • I would like to know as well please.

      • Sunsuper gives access to TGG Commercial portal

  • 85" X9000H does look like its discounted at all.

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    RRP $3495 X0.8 (20%off) =2796 ???
    misleading ,, complain to accc

    • Its a typo. Probably meant to be $3595 RRP

      • +1

        3595X0.8= 2876

      • RRP would have to be $3743.75 to get this price after 20% off

    • Fixed the title up. Copied the % from the good guys site without checking. Could probably haggled lower with this error. Cheers.

    • +3

      JB lists the ticket price as 3495 too, so no typo here, I think if they really mean 20% off then they need to be selling these at $2796.

      • Reckon its worth buying this then complaining about the discrepency?

        • They already changed the wording on the website to remove the 20% so no chance

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    LCD panel (with LED backlight), to be accurate.

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    checked 65inch, 2295*0.8=1995?
    TGG must think I’m 3 years old…

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    dang this is cheap, kinda regret settling with 85g series when 9h series can be this cheap

  • Think i'll hold out until the next wave of tvs, things will have to improve due to improvement in consoles

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      This TV is like a revolutionary leap over last years model. Sony havent changed much in the last 5 years until this very TV. And thank god its not an IPS display

      • +3

        HDMI 2.1 will probably be the norm in the next wave though

    • +1

      Not so much. Most of hype about latest gen consoles being 4k/120hz has fizzed out. Reality is most will be pushing it to do [email protected] or 60fps. And HDMI 2.1 is largely unnecessary. To go higher than 60fps they will be dropping res to 1080p and 1440p. So that opens up a lot of TVs being great options. This 9000H is also getting a feature update soon for consoles that will make it a very attractive option.

      • Why does everyone assume HDMI 2.1 is pointless.
        There will be games that do 120hz at 4k
        There will be games that give variable resolution to give 120hz
        There will be people who connect a PC and can get 4k 120hz
        There will possibly be streaming services that could use this.

        What if there is variable resolution which seems the most likely for a modern AAA title to reach 120hz, in guessing fps or racer, guess what, no HDMI 2.1 no 120hz, even if it isnt running 4k, I'd rather the variable resolution and 120hz if it's a fast paced game.

        HDMI 2.1 isn't pointless. If you're on the market for a tv today get one with it to future proof your purchase. The console are not even out yet how does anyone know what the console market will do, but there is more then just the consoles and a lot more than just [email protected]

        • +1

          For PC yes. However I specifically mentioned console, and did not say pointless. I advocated this tv as a good option! But there is a lot of information out in recent weeks even from console game developers that has put a big dampener/reality check on expectations. Sure i get the argument about future proofing i do it myself, and VRR in particular is a big consideration. But the point is for this coming version of consoles at least the hype of 4k/120 and reality appear quite a distance apart and with that broadens options, especially value/performance.

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    I got the 65" through JB Online/Direct for $1995. Couldn't get 3 other JB stores or TGG to match that because it was apparently below cost… then here we are a day later…

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    Interesting Math at the Good Guys. No staff discount on calculators?

  • Great price, I've been following this TV for a few weeks now and this is one of the best prices yet.

    I caved and bought a Q70T 75" for $2499 today but this would have tempted me. Only went Samsung over Sony due to FreeSync (and G Sync compatible) for my PC. For consoles the X9000H is absolutely the TV I'd go for!

    • Where did you grab a 75 q70t for $2499?

      • Buy Smarte had an open box one that I picked up (just had 2 small marks on it). They have a Q80T 75" for $2999 now too.

    • How do you think the Sony would handle PC gaming?

  • +3

    The 65" is $1995 delivered (Brisbane).

    I'm holding out & hoping for a better price in the Black Friday deals.

    • +1

      Managed to get a 'box damaged' one direct from Sony (eBay) yesterday, for $1655.68 delivered ($1755.68 -$100 eBay voucher). Should be delivered by Monday!! :D

      • +1


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    You can get better than this price, i was offered it for $2800 at good guys a few weeks back

  • Is this TV worth getting if your not a gamer? I want to get a 75" TV thats mostly used for watching FTA tv (yes im lame) so thinking sony has good upscaling. Is it worth getting this over say a hisense Q8 or similar price Samsung? Also anyone know if this will work with edifer wireless headphones? I think i read somewhere about sony tv's only working with sony headphones?

    • +1

      When FTA is your priority this TV will support 4k free to air with DVB-T2. Ensure any TV you get supports this for future proofing. Australia doesnt have it yet but its in the pipeline.

      • Thanks was not aware of DVB-T2, i will look into it, defintiely want something that will keep for a long time, still have my original 42" Panasonic plasma from 14 years ago.

    • +1

      I have the 55"

      HD free to air looks pretty good on this TV.

      SD looks terrible.

      Should work with any bluetooth headphones. If your wireless headphones have a base station it obviously has a 3.5mm jack so you can just plug that in.

      I did have to install a bluetooth pairing app from the play store to pair my Sony headphones (which is a bit ridiculous) but once it's paired you can then use the standard bluetooth interface to connect/disconnect. Would be nice if it connected automatically when I turn on the headphones but it's a minor gripe, you can move the bluetooth settings to the quick settings menu for easy access.

      The OS is very snappy and fairly intuitive.

      • Thanks for the feedback. With a 75" it will likely be worse.

  • Interesting… TGG have removed the "Price Displayed Inclusive of 20% Discount" banner above the ticket price. Looks like someone busted out a calculator.

    I took a screenshot last night… muhuhahahahaha…

    • What can you do with the screenshot?

  • GREAT NEWS: Sony is rolling out a software update to its X900H series televisions starting today which will give 2.1 support & Apple TV+ app.

    • No confirmation yet though of any Australians receiving the update yet, I've only seen confirmations across the US and Europe so far.

    • Can I get a link to the article? I found this but it only mentions the apple TV part. Previously they announced the [email protected] firmware update would be releasing 'this winter' which is Dec-Mar. Would be incredible if it dropped early!

      EDIT: Found it Great news!

      EDIT 2: Interesting tidbit from the article:

      It’s also important to note that this new update does not additionally bring support for variable refresh rates to the X900H/XH90 models … the hdmi.org hasn’t quite yet formally ‘signed off’ those parts of its HDMI 2.1 standard. Apparently this final bit of ratification is imminent, and Sony hopes to be able to roll out further updates to the X900H series very quickly thereafter. No exact dates can currently be confirmed.

  • STOP EVERYONE! BEST TV DEAL OF THE YEAR RIGHT HERE!!!!!.. I just got the 65" X9000H for $1795 by calling up Good Guys Melbourne DFO I called in and said the 10% Code didnt wortk for this TV and he said that TV is not on the list for futher reductions as its already massively discounted. But he will discount further for me anyway. Call 93745100 and ask for Ankip. I paid $55 for melbourne postage. IMO this TV is the best value on the market. HDMI 2.1 etc etc. Image quality on par with Samsung QLED.

    • It's free delivery via the website. With gift cards discounts not much of a difference in price (~$50) considering you paid postage.

    • They can't offer the same price anymore. Both tgg melb dfo and my local one refuse to give me that price. Best offer is 1896 pick up or plus 50 delivery.

      I may buy the tv from jb instead since i have gift cards from phone plan. Jb lowest price is 1960 pick up

  • Called the store up and ask for 10%, they were happy to honour it. Comes down to $2695.5 - this would be a good price I presume? Thinking of committing at this price.

    • Please share the receipt . its a great price

      • Sure, I've crossed out the personal details: https://ibb.co/kKr1GKP

        • thanks. Did they give you free delivery or are you picking up? The store i called said i could either get the 10% addtional discount and pay $55 delivery or pay $2,995 and no delivery even though website says free delivery from warehouse…

          • @scoobydoobydu: I'm picking it up from store, and if I wanted delivery I would need to pay the $55 delivery unfortunately.

        • I was calling with them around the same time, $2750 was the best they could do.I should have refreshed ozbargain while I was calling.
          Let me know where I have to hand in my ozbargain badge … $54.50 :-(
          Edit: to be correct TGG was only offering $2840 - best they could do, asked a few times. It was HN that offered $2750 (pickup).

        • +1

          Tried to get JBHIFI to price match. They said they cant see the store name (in short they couldnt see the good guys( :( Can you please reshare the receipt with the store.

    • I got the same price but had to pay for delivery, still worth it.

  • Would also like shared receipt to see if can be done in QLD.

  • Just pulled the trigger, $2750 from TGG incl delivery. Thanks OP. Now just got to figure out why my payment isnt going through, not sure if its an AMEX issue

    • How did you bring it down to 2750?

      • +1

        Call them and say you can get it cheaper from somewhere else like JB HiFi.
        See also a few posts above

        I only managed $2750 from HN (pickup). Maybe refer to offical Sony site where RRP is only $2995.

  • +6

    Just checked the official sony australia store - https://www.sony.com.au/electronics/televisions/x90h-series/...

    they list the 75" x9000h as $2,995 - this seems to be the new RRP? If so then it is pretty dishonest of TGG and other retailers to be advertising a discount if this is the new base price instead of $3,495? If so, then shouldn't be too hard to get at least another 10% off like i did, although i did have to pay for delivery.

    • You're killing me .. I wish I wouldn't have read this .. can't un-see this anymore.
      (upvoting comment, although I didn't like what I read, but hope other people do read before buying.)

    • It doesn't specify that it is RRP on the Sony site. Are they running a promo too perhaps. I thought you had one RRP at launch and that stay as the RRP…

      Theres no fluid RRP that keeps on changing right?

      • my guess is this is the new RRP

  • Haggled down to 2800 with free delivery at Campbelltown NSW. The guy had to check with the manager.

  • +1

    2694 with delivery included.. not bad.. 5% gift cards on top makes it just over 2500. wearing my OZB badge proud.
    now to find a 2.1 compatible cable… :-(

    I think the price from sony website is a sale leading into xmas period, i know I have seen these TVS at 3500 (for 75).

    either way very good price for a 5 star non OLED TV.

    • Hi could you share a receipt please :)

    • Wow $2500 is a great price for Sony! This TV has gone down almost $500 since OP posting yesterday. It just keeps on going down

    • How were you able to pay with gift cards?
      I got quotes from JB / TGG bit didn't have any option to pay with gift cards.
      HN didn't want to send quote , I had to immediately pay deposit with CC.

      • TGG sent me a link with the price and when you follow the link you can only pay with cc. I told them i have a gift card for the full amount - they said you can either come into the store and pay by gift card or do it over the phone - they just need you to provide the gift card number and pin.

        • thanks havnt paid for mine yet, how do i get TGG gift cards?

    • Where can you buy goods guys gift card worth $2500? I checked on suncorp and they have a monthly limit of $1000.

  • Can't even call their sales line, so much for 9am - 9pm sales hours. :(

  • +2

    HI all
    I rang the JB and TGG and they both priced matched $2695, I went TGG as I got free delivery and next day delivery for this price

  • Merged from Sony Bravia KD75X9000H 75 Inch TV $2995 @ TheGoodGuys
    Go to Deal

    Talked with sales in store to get a negotiated price of $2846 - see receipt

    Further 10% off if purchase by The Home egift card from AGL rewards. Better price than Ebay damage box deal.

    • too bad the limit to purchase the Home GC is only $250 via AGL Rewards.

      • It is $1000 per account per month.

        • not if you buy it from AGL Rewards.

          • @PissLUR: That's sad, it was $1000 last weekend, and I already placed the order.
            Maybe due to too many orders for Chrismas.

            • @billhan: Yeah they dropped it yesterday. Thankfully I got $4k worth in before the change (though haven’t received second batch yet so hope
              They don’t cancel!)

              • @digitalane: I placed 2*$1000 and call AGLrewards today, they said if place before change, they will send gift cards.

  • Is 12 month warranty alright for this TV?
    Id be more comfortable if it were longer considering how much it is.

    • Buy from TGG or JBhifi, will automatic got 2.5 years warranty for over $2000 value product.

  • $2700 delivered from TGG, they didn't even ask for a receipt.. Maybe I should have gone lower :D

    • Invoice price or include gift card discount?

      • Invoice price. Getting delivered tomorrow. Victoria

        • Seems current Vic always got better price, I did review the new car price in carsales, VIC dealer alway cheaper.

  • Excuse my ignorance.. HDMI 2.1 does it incorporate eARC?
    I have the Sonos Arc and my current Sony (that is a couple of years old) only has ARC meaning I can get Dolby Atmos from Netflix native app only on the TV.
    I cannot get Atmos from the likes of Apple TV when I plug it into a HDMI port. An eARC port I believe solves this issue for me, but the X900H according to Sony's website does not have eARC rather 2.1.
    Anyone able to advise?

    • +1

      HDMI 3 and 4 are 2.1, which incorporates eARC in port 3.

      Don't forget to change the HDMI setting on port 3 to enhanced.

  • Just bought the Sony X9500h 75inch for $3250 including delivery from the good guys.

    Not Behhddd!

    • How?

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