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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB $0 / $299 Upfront on Telstra $99/$69 P/M 12M Contract (New / Port-In Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


No free buds but now 5G model instead.

Sure you can still do telstra ETC of $594 on $99 plan

I think $414 ETC on $69 plan but pay $299 upfront so no point going $69 plan if you going to ETC.

However cancelling plans and pay ETC fee might show up on your credit history.

Another JB offer to stack on top with 20% off buds live or watch (can get Active2 watch down from $499 to $279)

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  • Have waited in JB Hifi store for an hour, the staff tried to login to the Telstra system and the system died LOL

    Gave up eventually.

  • I have tried this before with Oppo 10X zoom, can I do it again for this?

  • -2

    So Dictator Dan is depriving Victorians? Heh

  • Has anyone signed up as a new customer? Deal title indicates it's for new or port but the JB website is saying it's only for port in customers.

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      Signed up as a new Telstra customer this morning, cancelled the plan when I got home. They give you a new sim card and number. Never touched it and put my Belong sim in the phone

      • Great to hear. Thanks for the info!

      • May i know was it 4g or 5g you signed up for a device? Also as u have cancelled on same day how much they asked you to pay as an ETC & pro rata for first month?


        • 5g, ETC is as per contract 594, didn't mention pro rata but it could only be a few dollars

    • Got a new sim 30 mins ago. On live chat support now, to cancel it

      • Did you keep the Samsung or do a swapsaroo for a Pixel or something else?

    • +1

      I've found the easiest thing to do is stock up on Kogan Sim cards, usually free or $1.
      On the Kogan website you can buy their cheapest voucher which is $4 and change. Then when you want to do a port activate the Sim and load the voucher.
      Vouchers tens to have a short expiry so guy the sins, then when your ready to bite the bullet on a deal buy a voucher and activate the Sim, the voucher comes through within 5 mins.
      I've done this loads of times, they used to give away 2 sims with each voucher purchase I have loads at home to the point I ended up throwing them… Then needing them at a later date lol

  • Hi, I'm with boost mobile. Is there a way I can get this?
    When I went to jb hifi they said I have to port out for a month then port back after a month. By then the deals over.

    Has anyone using boost able to do a deal like this? If so, can you you please tell how.

    Thank you so much

    • I'm also with boost. Signed up to the $99 deal + $149 for the 5G under a new number and then cancelled on the same day. Still waiting for ETC but no issues with the boost sim card in S20 FE 5G.

      Unfortunately, you will not be able to use the boost number to port to telstra (sounds like you actually want to stay with telstra on the $99 plan?)

      • I am with Boost & signed for 5g and Paid $149 upfront. Did u get your final bill from Telstra? What ETC they have asked you to.pay & any final charges ?

        • I cancelled the plan on the same day I got the deal on Friday, but still don't have the ETC bill. I hit up live chat and they said it should be on my next billing period which ends on 8th, and I should get the invoice around 12th/13th Nov.

    • +1

      How ever do the Kogan trick I mentioned above and then pop your boost Sim card in.
      Now if you actually want a Telstra deal and keep the boost number you can do it but it's a few steps
      Get the Telstra deal you want, either by porting a random number in via kogan deal for example. Or new number if it's allowed.
      Then after you have an account port your boost number to a blank Telstra simcard, can be done via chat but confirmed in store they can do this too.
      Once you are ported over you can then consolidate your account, cancel the new Telstra number but keep the deal by doing a change of number.
      Original boost number and Telstra deal
      I have this with the last 59 dollar Telstra deal 80gb and 5g

  • Hi codexd,

    Thank you so much for your help. No I don't want to stay on the Telstra plan. I just want the phone.

    Thank you.👍🙂

  • Is it still available? Did anybody signed up today? Any chance for wireless buds?

    • Just got it. Wireless buds are 20% off

      • Are they any good?

    • yup

  • Can't decide between the s20fe or the pixel 5, help plz

    • +5

      Simple. More camera options , bigger battery, better processor and graphic capability, more software options than stock android. better screen refresh rate. Easily the S20 FE

      • when you say more software options do you mean custom roms etc?
        key things for me is;
        nice screen
        better battery
        seems like the fe is a better buy, was hoping the pixel would pull it out the bag.

        NOW price wise, this or the iPhone 12, price per value lol, is it even worth asking, the iPhone is 1000 more, is it worthit?

      • I would love to get this phone except I need dual SIM or e-sim for work purposes, anyone know a good substitute deal? :(

  • I have been with oneplus for multiple devices with 2-3 years on each but with the increase in prices for the newer ones, as funny as it sounds but the Samsung phone seems like the better + cheaper option.

    The only reason I am holding off is one UI vs oxygenos, is it worth it for this deal?

    NOTE: I have a oneplus 5T atm and have been looking to upgrade for a few months, I was thinking the Nord or stretch for the oneplus 8 when the 8t comes out and the price gets lower.

    • Want to know people's comments on this one.

      I have a OnePlus 6 and the trend of price hikes is pretty crappy - I would rather the OnePlus 8 Pro then the 8 tbh.

      Had a Galaxy S7 years ago but got burned by it having woeful battery before crapping itself while I was on holiday so I'm a bit scarred with Samsung.

      • I would rather the 8 pro too but that one is over 1k which is crazy high for me.

        To Samsung's credit, they have a fancy new power tech they are advertising with this phone so I'm guessing it's at least as good as any other 4500mah phone.

  • Is anyone able to confirm please whether this has E-sim capabilities? So I could have my personal number as e-sim and work number as physical Sim?

    • It does not

      • so this s20fe 5G phones, they are dual sim slot share with micro sd (ie one sim and one card OR 2 sims)
        or single sim?

        • Everyone is saying they're single SIM but if the memory is expandable via sd card, surely that will be a hybrid port so can run sd card or second sim? I didn't think any/many phones ran just a dedicated sd slot anymore?

          • @whitelie: There's only one imei number, not sure if this is software restricted then if you're saying the hardware is capable.

  • Hi all,

    I purchased the Samsung S20 FE 5G on the Telstra 12-month $99 plan, and also purchased the Samsung Watch 3 45mm with a 20% discount (~$680). My original intention was to cancel the plan (as per the original post), so I opted for a new number rather than porting my existing number. However, I'm unsure if I'm making the correct decision. If I cancel the plan, will it adversely affect JB Hi-Fi at all? The staff were generous with their time and very helpful, so I don't want to screw them over for my own personal gain. Additionally, it looks like Boost has no intention of supporting 5G, so I wouldn't be unlocking the full potential of the phone (even if coverage is limited). Finally, I'm presuming both the phone and watch would be carrier unlocked, so there shouldn't be any complications from this perspective?

    Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • +2

      The staff at jbhifi aren't selling the phone out of their own pocket so it isn't going to hurt them and the telstra plan is very expensive, you could go with another company with 5g for cheaper, if you even need 5g, I would rather the 4g phone if it had snapdragon.

  • I got offered the 99/month for 89/month at the store today, same deal. Any idea if it might decrease the ETC?

    also, anyone ever paid ETC using credit card, is there any additional fee?

    • +1

      they should provide you with the contract before you sign it, read it and find out (good general advice for any contract)

  • The telstra live chat page is not working, any one has a working link?

    • +1

      When I tried to use live chat on their website, it asked me to download the my telstra app. Don't think it works without it?

      • ok thanks, will try that now.

      • it worked. Thx

  • I would love to get this phone except I need dual SIM or e-sim for work purposes, anyone know a good substitute deal? :(

  • So I just cancelled the plan, i got charged 594 plus $3.odd (for using for a day).

    Live chat told me that I don't need to pay anything now, but in 1-2 billing cycles.. Is this correct? So that will be in 1-2 months

    Has anyone already paid their ETC?

  • Sad and strange it doesn't come with dual sim.

  • Experienced ozbargainers: do you think a similar deal will happen to Pixel 5?

    I really want a Pixel 5 instead, but this deal (S20 FE for $594) is too good to pass up. However seems pointless to buy my second choice just because it's on sale. It IS great value though

    • Me too struggling b/w both. Always bought samsung never owned pixel before. Any specific reason you want to go to pixel over this?

      • just the stock android. Anyway I went to JB Hifi to look at both phones and pulled the trigger on the S20 FE, it's nice.

        • I'm also very tempted by pixel phones. I have been using samsung notes series since first gen. Since you have been looking into pixels as well, I just wonder if you know the alternatives to the following samsung exclusive features we can use on pixel phones: private apps/folders, Samsung notes with password protections, scheduled text messages, pulled down screen and samsung theme.

          Until very recently, I didn't realise how many samsung features I use. People rave about pixels but other than frequent software updates and vanilla android experience, do you know any other features worth switching for?

          • @posttomark: On samsung I use dex, secure folder, multiapps, good lock is very good app for samsung to customise the phone, bixby routines, always on display, side bar etc.

            • @Modesty: @Modesty
              I know. I use so many samsung exclusive stuff. I love good lock too, and one hand plus app! I just wonder what pixels got to offer other than great photography and vanilla experience.

          • @posttomark: well those features arent built in, i just find the default pixel OS very clean, no clutter/bloat and yes quick updates.
            i downgraded in android (v11 to v10) for the fe but whtaver. after a little bit of tweaking it's close to what I want. I'm liking it more than I thought it would- it's awespme.

            don't switch for the pixel 5. its too meh and the s20 fe is way better for the same price

  • +1

    Anything I can do living in Victoria?

    • you can comments here and help others if they have questions

      • +1

        I just called JB & TGG asking if I can get this plan with the S20 5g or the $800 GC deal with TGG and buy a phone - both said you can't because of restrictions.

        • -3

          Update: ended up going regional Victoria to get one. Whoop whoop!

  • +3

    Signed the $99 contract yesterday morning at JB Blacktown - plenty of stock was available. Cancelled successfully today. Contacting Telstra CS was bit painful process. Had to install the Telstra SIM card, and initiate chat using My Testra App. Once got hold of the CS, it was quite easy process. Have to pay ETC $595.6.

    • Can you do this online without using the My Telstra APP? Or can you call instead? Or going into a store to do?

  • What phone plan is everyone using who is getting this phone outright? I haven’t bought a phone for a long time and have always just gone on contract. Must be Telstra for where I live.


    • telstra it is!

    • +1

      Boost (on telstra network) is very popular on ozb

    • This one is excellent value

  • Has anyone with a phone that has the touch screen issues tried returning it to JB?

    Did they send the phone away for repair or just issue a refund/replacement?

    I want to get this phone for my dad but wondering if it's worth the gamble getting a bad unit - would suck having to be sent away and then being without the phone for however long it takes.

    Only some people are having the issue so I would guess a hardware issue in some batches.

  • So you basically paying $600 for this phone?

      • +3

        I have and I came to the same conclusion, $1188 half which is $$594, if I cancel it on the first day it maybe add a few dollars to $594 so I get the phone outright with no plan for around $590, no?

    • +1

      Yeah pretty much, ignore chimot he's the kind of naysayer who tells Victorians they aren't deserving of this deal because of Covid lol

  • +2

    Got the phone today.
    Negotiated a free paid of buds too.
    Spoke to Telstra chat, etc is 594 but after a few nice exchanges negotiated a 30% reduction in the etc resulting in a $400 etc.
    All while cooking dinner and was done by the time good was ready.

    • lol wot?!

    • Have you received the ETC bill? I'm not aware that live chat could overwrite the telstra ETC contract like that to provide discounts

    • How did you get the buds? I am going in tomorrow.

    • Lol how did you manage that ya legend? For both ear buds and discount ETC?

      • +1

        The buds I phoned up and asked if it was still on the deal, the guy said yeah and gave me his details to chat to him in store. They then honoured the offer even though it expired.

        As for the discount on the etc I just asked.
        She offered 20% off first and asked if it was ok, to which i said of course but if there's any further I wouldn't object, a little chat back and forth then she came back with the final offer of that.

        Havnt got the final bill but saved the chat and she gave me the record number so I'm sure it will be legit.

        Tbh it was just a friendly chat and me asking nicely if they could reduce it.

        • Nicely done!

        • Lucky, which jb store was it?

          • @Modesty: Nice, which dish were you cooking for dinner? Must be one that takes a while if you were able to grab a mobile phone in the middle of it

    • Wow! So you got the 5g version and the free buds? I thought the buds were free with the 4g version from the previous deal.

      • I didn't even know it was the 4g version I just asked and was told sure on the phone.
        As mentioned in the previous post they gave me the buds+
        I went back yesterday as it was meant to be the buds live, they swapped it.
        So yes, if the Telstra chat lady is correct I got the Samsung fe for 400 etc plus buds live for free.

        Not sure if you would call it a deal, more a result of lucky haggling and JB honouring the buds deal when they didn't have to.

        • Ah so you got the 4g version? That changes things a bit, but still an amazing deal.

        • +1

          I got FE 5g yesterday, tried to get the buds too but no lock. They gave $10 credit per month for 12 months. Went to live chat and changed to $115 plan withoout any ETC and the planis $65 atm , and telstra gave $10 credit on that one so $55 a month. I am assuming as I am on month to month plan now so can I cancel that service altogether?

    • +1

      I'd like to see evidence of this, sounds too good to be true.

      • Not sure how to do that. But I wouldn't make this up 🤣

        • Your invoice will show the buds (can block out sensitive info, store details etc)

          And you said you saved the chat.

          • @JDKC: Yes I have all of that but do you really want me 5o to to the extent of sensing for what? To prove I'm not lying? I've saved an extra fee hundy, it's not some magic millionaire secret.

            • @Benni85: Just replying because your said you didn't know how to do that (which is ironic)

            • @Benni85: to clarify.

              considering I already said I have screenshots and a receipt obviously I know how to get the evidence, just not an obvious button to attach photos, so short of emailing you proof for the sake of satisfying some fantasy that I have time to make up bs i really don't know what to tell you.

              also if you read the post, there is now another guy who asked for a discount and negotiated 100 off his etc too, hopefully because he saw my message and thought he would give it a crack, hence the whole point of me sharing it in the first place, to help save money for people seeing this site

        • When you log on to your my telstra account, does it still show the service for the $99 plan?

  • What are most people porting out to? There doesn't seem much point - unless of course you use barely any data and can move to a very cheap pre-paid plan.

    Staying with Telstra @ $99 x 12 = $1188
    Porting out to Belong @$45 x 12 + ETC of $600 = $1140

    Have I've missed something completely?

    • +1

      Valid point, 150gb per month for $99 vs say the $65 for 180gb thru Telstra but no handset so in this case you're essentially paying $408 and 30gb/month for the handset…plus being locked in for 12 months.

      I think the issue for a lot of people (including myself) is that it's new/port in only. So I'd have to have a new number on that plan as I'm already with Telstra and can't port out/back in in time.

      • Thanks mate. I guess I was lucky that I was out of contract with Telstra (well, technically I was still in "contract" with them, but 38 months into a 24 month contract wtf I know). So there was no issue in me leaving Telstra for Vodafone and then back into Telstra.

        • I'm technically still on the same plan as probably 3-4 years ago as well (maybe more to be honest!). But in that time I've stacked a couple of 10gb/month, plus $10 off/month and 10% off/month so my original $49 for 20gb plan is now $34 for 40gb. Suits my needs so I just buy a phone outright when I upgrade but would like to go to 5G…cheapest option seems like the JB deals as it's a rip going with the Telstra "bundle". I'd rather go with a 12 month contract to save $10-20/month as I need Telstra's coverage…been with them for probably 12-13 years

          • @whitelie: It makes it tricky if you want to keep your existing (modded) plan. Impossible in fact? Which is a bummer…

            $34 for 40gb per month sounds like perfection. I can see why you wouldn't want to give that up.

    • It really depends what you mean by "barely any data". 240GB (over 12 months / average 20GB per month) for $270 on Boost would be $600 + $270 = $870.

      • Thanks mate, that's useful to know and I'd imagine that 20GB p/m would work very nicely for some (most) people.

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