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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB $0 / $299 Upfront on Telstra $99/$69 P/M 12M Contract (New / Port-In Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


No free buds but now 5G model instead.

Sure you can still do telstra ETC of $594 on $99 plan

I think $414 ETC on $69 plan but pay $299 upfront so no point going $69 plan if you going to ETC.

However cancelling plans and pay ETC fee might show up on your credit history.

Another JB offer to stack on top with 20% off buds live or watch (can get Active2 watch down from $499 to $279)

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          Yes. Signed up over the weekend for the $59 plan. $299 upfront.

          • @bensl: How do you obtain the extra $10 off?

  • Anyone in Victoria reckon we can snag this deal on the 28th when the shops open? 😂

    • I will get this a try, fingers crossed!

      • This deal is still visible on the following page:

        I'm hoping I can get it also :) Spoke to a guy on the phone who mentioned that Vic specific deals will be probably coming out on the 1st of November but couldn't tell me much more, he just raised it as so any victorians called to try and get that deal on the phone.

        Fingers and toes crossed for us all.

        • omg melb out from lockdown????

  • My local said this deal has finished last week. Was anyone able to get it today?

  • Hi folks, do you have to port your new number?

    I saw the ad said you do but i just want to ETC and keep my current provider?

    I want to get the S20 FE 5G for 594 (I am in Victoria)

    Did anyone else get the buds as well ?

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      You can get this deal with a new number, so don't have to port at all.

  • With this deal can you sign up for stay connected (insurance) that you can get via Telstra when signing up ? TIA !!

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    Just confirming that I was able to sort out the $99 / 12 months deal (with $10 credit) and the 5G S20 FE this morning (28/10) at JB Hi-Fi Camberwell. Fairly straightforward process but the guys and systems were a bit rusty so took a little bit of time. Can confirm as others have done that the invoice says $999 and shows that it was paid for using a gift card. This obviously makes it perfect for salary packaging and tax deductions / tax back as well - JB Hi-Fi are well across this! They actually issue you a piece of paper where you can write exactly what you want them to put on the invoice (e.g. putting it in your wife's name).

    What was funny/sad was a couple of boomers came in and bought the same phone but outright instead of on the same plan because:
    1. They were already on Telstra and so couldn't port in (and didn't do the maths on a throwaway numbers plus say a $150 per year prepaid which would make it something like $1,218 for the whole year ($89*12 + $150) vs $999 + whatever their monthly Telstra plan is)
    2. Balked at the $99 per month offer without really doing the maths on the value you get overall

    Store wasn't super busy and the guys were easy to deal with so recommend giving Dan/Jessie/Lucas a go at JB Hi-Fi in Camberwell.

  • Picked up the FE 5G $0 / $99m yesterday arvo, took about 20mins for signup as new telstra customer. Used the app today to terminate the service, it was quite a slow process with the agent, around 4hrs back/forth over the course of the day with the usual attempts at keeping me on as a pre-paid SIM for emergency use.
    Received the disconnect email from Telstra, estimated total bill of $595.28 including the early termination of $592.40.

  • How people are getting Telstra to waive ETC when upgrading to Extra Large plan. Just tried on Telstra All and they refused to waive the fee.

    • because you cant…..

    • That loophole was already closed since March this year, now you need to pay ETC.

  • I just purchased at JB Springvale. I'm on Boost so no deal with porting in, plus the rep said something about must be a non-Telstra customer for 30 days. In the end I tried live chat and they are going to move my Boost number over to the new plan.

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      Why not get new number…..

  • Is it possible to install gcam into this? Is it worth it?

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    Hi Guys, is the deal actually expired did anyone tried today?

  • FYI

    Posting here as well as 59 deal since this deal hype.

    I got the s20 fe for 0 upfront on 99 plan.

    Cancelled with 594 ETC

    Returned to swap for pixel 5 but sold out so got refund for 999 as a gift card

    Signed up for the 59 plan and got the 500 gc.

    Not too shabby

    • Which store let you refund?

    • Interesting….

      So the receipt shows you "paid" 999$?

      No mention of the 99$ plan?

      • Paid with gc $999 but no idea how they let you return it…

    • Which store ? Looking to swap with pixel 5 too

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    They should redo this for Vic now that our shops are open…

    One can dream, right?

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      extended until the 4th nov

      • how did you know it was extended? did you ask the store or is there a link?

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    I signed up yesterday in VIC,
    Apparently this deal is still going

    edit - Got the 128gb 5g version for $0
    Going to cancel the plan and pay out the ETC

    • Thanks! How was the stock at your store?

      • i got the last white
        they were out of navy
        and had all the rest

        • which store in vic did u sign up

  • Just got this $0 upfront at Highpoint. There is still stock, just no demo to try out.

    • hey mate, r u sure they still running $0 upfront for $99 plan? is it for s20 FE 5G? thx

    • is this the 5G version?

    • Yes it's the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB, $0 upfront on the $99/month plan, just like in the title of the deal.
      Walked out of JB Hi-Fi without paying anything. Cancelled on the Telstra app the next day (could have done it same day but I was busy). Will get a bill for the early termination charge of $594. Still haven't paid anything yet.

  • Ok have taken off the expiry notice as it appears to be still avaliable, which is strange as the catalogue currently saying its a $250 upfront payment and not $0

    • Tag says promo ends on 4 November 2020.

      • hey mate, which Tag you are referring? on the catalogue, it says end 28/10 and some stores told me it has finished.

        • Tag I saw in a VIC store today

          • @Divado1: icic, which store in Vic? i tried Doncaster and camberwell, no luck

            • @mapletian: Hoppers Crossing, maybe try calling up a few stores?

              • @Divado1: alright, i will try again tomorrow :) thx mate

      • Yeap i saw that too
        but the $0 upfront is for the 4g version. The 5g version is $299 upfront. I took a picture of it. Not sure how to share it.

  • Received the usual promotional email from JB this morning. This deal is back and on till 4th Nov.
    $0 upfront for S20 FE 5G variant (128gb)

    Does look like a sweet deal.

  • Sorry to sound like a noob but I am unable to navigate to uploading images. Can any of you please guide me? Thanks

    • My account > folders > view > files > upload

    • Thanks! Can you please enable messages I would like to send a message

  • Got an email today, valid till nov 4th

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      My question is:
      As there is no stock in store can you buy abs pick up when it arrives?

  • With these types of deals, what happens if device has major fault and you need a refund?

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      I don't think there would be any issue. You get a receipt from JB with the full amount for the phone ($999) paid by gift card.

    • I asked JB HiFi this exact question. They said I could return a faulty device to any JB HiFi store within 90 days.

      • 90 days? not the 2 year warranty?

        • 3 months for JB HiFi/store warranty.
          24 months for Samsung/manufacturer warranty.

  • I'm really keen for this phone, but I'm not going near it until the significant touch screen issues have been resolved.

    • After using it nonstop for almost 3 weeks (purchased 13 October from JB, $149 upfront with Buds), having 6.5 hours average daily screen time the past week, including some games, I can tell you it's not as bad as you think and not a deal-breaker. See my comment below - Samsung is working on a software update to fix it.

      • Any touch screen issue is significant on a high end device such as this. I'm not paying $900+ (for a 256gb/8gb) for the touch screen to not be perfect. Hopefully the software update does fix it completely, but I'm staying away until that's confirmed.

        • The software update arrived yesterday. Completely fixed everything for me. No ghost touches, jitters, or issues with scrolling or pinching to zoom. Buy it!

  • Just making sure, Telstra is still honouring the cancel ETC for $594?
    I'm just skeptical they are still allowing this full knowing people are cancelling on day 1 regardless if you call this exploit lol
    I'm quite pedantic so just wanted to make sure before committing haha.

    Also after ETC cancel, is the phone consider unlocked or still locked to Telstra.
    Still works with new customer/phone number and no port ins?


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      You’ll see the contract when you sign up with max ETC stated. Don’t cancel at a Telstra store, go online as their offshore team don’t care and just follow the contract

      Phones unlocked

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    I went instore today
    They current deal is $0 for 4G S20FE $99 plan
    OR $149 UPFRONT for 5G S20FE $99 plan

    You must pay $149 for 5G model. Deal ends 4/11

    Photo of the current two deals here

    The original deal is better, but given low stock in certain colours the $149 upfront isn't too bad

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      hope you didn't pay, they extended the original deal, see above screenshot of today's jb email

      • Is it targeted deal ? I didnt received one from JB Hifi.
        Is it anywhere on their website ? Thanks for sharing :)

        • no not targeted

  • Only lavender left at JB Parramatta

  • Just so I get this right and don't stuff this up.

    If I go to my local JB Hifi and get my phone number ported to Telstra and get the $99 plan with the Samsung s20 FE 5G and no upfront fee. I then cancel the deal later on that day I will get myself a Samsung s20 FE 5F for only $592.40???


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      Yes and just get new number (this deal is for both new and porting)

      • When cancelling what do you say the reason for cancelling is

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          They never asked me for a reason. I just asked "can you please cancel my service - 04xx xxx xxx"

  • I've been using my FE 5G for almost 3 weeks now. Very happy with it, especially with the battery life and performance with the Snapdragon 865 processor in the 5G version.

    I thought I'd let current/future owners know about the current status of the widely reported ghost touch issue, which causes scrolling and pinch-to-zoom to not work properly sometimes. This is especially noticeable if you pinch to zoom in on an Instagram photo - it will jitter around randomly. That issue is seen here - https://youtu.be/zpHZsz3RHJY

    I sent in support requests to Samsung Australia and on the Samsung Members app. Samsung AU will tell you the phone needs to be sent in for inspection. However, Hamza from the Samsung Members Team says Samsung is aware of the issue and is working on a software update which will fix the issue - http://imgur.com/a/D2DcoU5

    • I got an update for it today and has reduced the frequency of the pinch to zoom issue. The trick is to start zooming in when your fingers are about 1 finger size apart, which works every time.

      • Oh yes, I see it now, thanks for letting me know

        I never have pinched to zoom with my fingers close together - they are on opposite sides of the screen yet I have still had issues. Seems the digitiser has issues sensing where fingers are when two are in contact and held still.

    • What type of usage are you getting from the battery?

      • 9 hours screen on time with charge to spare, 120Hz turned on. I slow charge my phone overnight through a USB port.

        • nice

          I max out at 6hrs which is annoying

          • +1

            @dsta: Try slow charging (works wonders), 120Hz off, and change the Power mode.

            • @Techie4066: Really, wasn't aware slow charging makes a difference at all. I'll look into it further.

              • @dsta: Yes it does I tried it on my old phone too - I'm on 26% after 7 hours 15 mins of screen time with a mixture of video streaming, web browsing and gaming. Also remember to turn off Bluetooth when not in use, turn on dark mode, and most importantly, turn off Always on Display. I have "power mode" on optimised, "adaptive power saving" off, "adaptive battery" on and "put unused apps to sleep" off (because this can result in notifications not coming through). I haven't, but you can select sleeping apps and deep sleeping apps for those that you rarely use and don't get notifications from.

                So charge overnight slowly (for example from a table clock) or turn off "Fast charging" and "Fast wireless charging" in Device care settings, either will do. It will also mean you won't need a battery replacement down the track by extending its longevity.

  • Good luck finding a colour that isn't mint. :P

    • Stock is super low everywhere so if you're on the fence, decide now. It took me hours but they managed to order one in from another store. Couldn't get a navy, but got a white. Seems to be more stock of mint and orange.

  • Ozbargainer does the good guys offer the same? Thanks

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      Check with them and let us know?