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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB $0 / $299 Upfront on Telstra $99/$69 P/M 12M Contract (New / Port-In Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


No free buds but now 5G model instead.

Sure you can still do telstra ETC of $594 on $99 plan

I think $414 ETC on $69 plan but pay $299 upfront so no point going $69 plan if you going to ETC.

However cancelling plans and pay ETC fee might show up on your credit history.

Another JB offer to stack on top with 20% off buds live or watch (can get Active2 watch down from $499 to $279)

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    Just signed up for $99 + $0 upfront plan for the FE 5G 128GB at JB Northland. Took around an hour since they weren't very familiar with plan sign ups after being out of the game for 6 months, but it was still an easy process.

    It looks like the $0 upfront is an error for the 5G phone, as there is suppose to be a $149 upfront fee for the 5G.

    Head office have kept the $0 5G offer active, so they will still honour $0 upfront for the 5G phone if you show them the advertisement posted above: https://ibb.co/JQq2WMk

    Only mint, orange and red in stock at Northland.

  • Any good case/protector, usb c dongle/ headphone recommendations at reasonable price? Thanks

    • For the USB C headphone dongle, the Tempotec Sonata HD Pro seems to be a good deal off Aliexpress. Not the slickest looking thing, though.

  • hey guys, 2 questions:

    1: if i want to cancel this plan, isvthe Telstra App online chat the best way to do , rather than call?

    2: i found this plan gas added to my existing Telstra Mobile broadband plan, so they share the same Acc number, so can i just cancel the $99 plan service Itself? thanks

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    picked one up today at jb hifi broadmeadows vic. Got the last red one. Went to Jb hifi in epping vic the day before and asked if they are still honoring the $0 upfront for the 5g model, showed them the ad and the woman didnt really want any of it. So went to jb hifi broadmeadows the next day. At first they wanted 150 for the 5g model but after showing the ad they said theyll do it for $0. Took quite a while as the guy didnt really know what he was doing, but got there in the end.

  • ok, so here is what happened today:

    the stuff honored $0 up front fee for $99 plan S20 FE 5g.

    the Tx invoice is is paid by GC, for $1149.

    Just cancelled the plan in Telstra App, ETC is $594, but they give me $100 discount, so ETC is $494.

    now need to find a way to return S20 FE for giftcard or exchange it with something else

    • You know why telstra gave you $100 ETC discount?

      As for returning, they will likely ask if it was part of the telstra plan offer then its up to store manager to accept or not. You might be lucky but got to say phone is pretty good.

      • not sure, as i have another service just done with telstra ,$59 plan with $500 card. so they might just been nice to me.

        so basically the phone is $500, but i got Oppo find x2 pro, so i wanna get iphone 12 pro max.

        so either return this to repurchase iphone or sell oppo to fund ip12.

    • Hi,
      Which telstra app did you use to cancel the plan? MyTelstra or just Telstra ?
      Was it live chat?
      Sorry for the noob question.

    • Nice one with the $100 discount on the ETC.
      I had similiar discount too on the ETC

      Update us if you are able to return the s20 FE and exchange for something else.

      • yes, returned S20 fe 5g for pixel 5, but not in stock, so they give me GC for a total of $1149.

        • Nice one.
          $1149 GC is good. Which store was this if i may ask ?

        • Can I ask why you opted for the Pixel 5? I was considering it but the specs seem very sub-par for the price.

  • Anyone upgraded from s10/ s10 5g to this?
    Apart from higher refresh rate, I think my s10 5g screen and colours are better.

    • I don't think there's any doubt that the S10 screen is better. The main way costs were kept down with the S20FE was the screen. Apart from the refresh rate, it's not even as good as my S9 screen.

    • Yep I did. Love it no regrets.

  • My girlfriend got the 128gb 5g version for $0 on the $89 plan.

    The guy was initially saying that the cost would be $129 upfront with $89 per month. however when it was processed the gift card it spat out was for $1,149 which made it $0

    • Dang. Wish i tried to push for the 89 plan

  • ok, returned s20 FE 5g for $1149 gift card.

    paid out $494 ETC , SUPER NICE

    • what did you tell them to get a refund? and did you open the box?

      • sealed,

        just asked them if i can return it as i wanna pixel 5. 5 is not in stock, so gift card. some one here post the same thing. so….

        • Isn't this better than pixel 5?

          • @Modesty: i prefer s20 fe, but it has screen issues , if u google it , u will know what i mean.

            so pixel 5 is the only phone close to s20 fe in both software and price

    • How did you pay $494 fee?

      Isn't it $594?

      • they just offered 100 credit. someone mentioned in here before they got 100 too.

        • Lucky you, my receipt shows $999 and they didn't give any discount on ETC.

          • @Ash-Say: ic, u must got it when jb sell s20fe 5g on special, from 1149 to 999, thats why.

            so how u find s20fe so far?

            • @mapletian: It's with JB hi-fi lol

              I also returned it. That's why saying you are lucky to get $1149 :)

              • @Ash-Say: Did you return it and swap it with another phone or get a $999 GC back?

              • @Ash-Say: lol, what did u say when u returned it? my tax invoice dod not mention aboit the Telstra deal, so i think thats why it was ok. hahahha

                • @mapletian: I simply said change of mind. The manager just thought for few seconds and approved the refund.

                  Yes there was no mention of Telstra on my receipt either.

                  • @Ash-Say: Which store was this if you may share :) THank you

    • How do you pay $494 ETC?

      • Haggle with them on chat, see if they'll give you a credit.

        • Tried… they said they don't have a current promo allowing 100 credit. /sadpanda

          • @jkim: Got to play the sympathy card I think…."Oh! I really wasn't expecting such a high fee, is there any chance we can reduce it? I'm not sure I'll be able to pay that back and put food on the table for my kids…."

            • @whitelie: I said - I read somewhere that it was 494 so signed up to cancel… :S

  • I went to get this deal today, they said it's expired. Can you check it please.

  • Has this expired? Called two stores today saying now $149 up front and $99 p.m.

  • Used s20 fe 5g for over a week. Battety and higher refresh rate is good. But overall , my old s10 5g , is better in camera, screen, etc. Went back to s10 5g.

  • Went to both Glen Waverley and Knox, staff saying its 150 upfront for 5g model. 4g is 0 upfront.

    • heya!
      get them to process it. Staff told me that too (today!) but once they processed it, it says the GC voucher is for 1149 which means the phone is free :)
      I was willing to pay the 149 but got surprised :)

      • +1

        Thank you! Went back and got it sorted :)

      • Confirmed that it is still valid today in WA for $0 on the 5G version. Got super lucky and got the Navy which came with the white buds live bundled for free. I signed up at Myaree and picked up from Booragoon, your results may vary

  • Just wondering if anyone has received his/her final bill with ETC?

    • yup $598 including couple days charges

      • When did you get it relative to buying/cancelling ?

        Was it via email?

        • 1 day via email. It was an email estimate, not an actual bill.

          • @yellowfever: Interesting

            I don't have anything, it's been about 3 weeks since I signed up/cancelled

            • @dsta: I am existing customer with an account number. I signed up a new plan linked to existing account. Perhaps that's why I got it faster I'm not too sure

        • Same, existing customer on Boost. Received email estimate day after cancellation of $595.

  • Can you set to 4g only in settings and save battery life? ie is the phone wasting battery searching for 5 g?

    • Yes you can set it to 4g only to save battery.

      Settings, connections, mobile networks

    • the battery is awesome. my girlfriend used it on and off yesterday and still had 60% left in the bank

  • Has anyone experienced the notorious touch-screen issue plaguing this model? Has the recent software update helped?

  • Confirmed that it is still valid today in WA for $0 on the 5G version. Got super lucky and got the Navy which came with the white buds live bundled for free. I signed up at Myaree and picked up from Booragoon, your results may vary


    • Just got the deal. Hard to argue with them a bit, then showed them the screenshot that showed ended today and they honored it….

      Deal def mentions 594 ETC as the figure.

      • I don't think it's so much of them honoring it rather that is showing up in their dropdown menu as $0 when they go to process it. The first store I went to didn't try processing it at that stage and said they could reduce it to $119, second store actually tried processing it and said, I guess it's still on.

    • You are so lucky. I ordered from Booragoon, didn't want the navy, so waiting for white from Claremont store.

      • +1

        Yeah very lucky it seems, no one else has mentioned that they've gotten the buds free with this deal. White was my first choice, and it so happened that Myaree called Claremont and they said no stock. I said that I didn't mind navy and Myaree store just so happened to try Booragoon.

  • I've been using s20 fe for over a week, as many said it has screen issues and my camera stopped working now, even if I restared few times not working. I also prefer my old s10 5g over this, I have already cancelled my service for telstra as I signed up to new number to get the phone for free from jbhifi. Is it possible to return the phone and get something else or they will just replace this phone with another s20 fe?

    • I returned my phone to JB today, got it on launch and didnt have any issues getting refund in gift cards. Make sure you've backed up everything, and bring the box and accessories with you.

      I wanted a replacement unit but they didnt have any in stock until next week.

      • Thanks for that.

  • Did anybody bought pixel 5 by returning s20 fe?
    Likes/dislikes of pixel. I am thinking to return s20 fe and don't know which phone to get

  • I cancelled on day 1, but I still haven't received a bill yet. Is this normal? How long did it take for you guys?

    • +1

      Same, still waiting for the final bill

      • Still waiting… I signed up and cancelled on the 1st November. I assume we'll get the bill early December.

        • At the bottom of the cancellation letter (pdf file) you can see when you will receive the bill.

          • @KBshark: Have not received a cancellation letter. :( They just confirmed in the Telstra 24/7 app chat

            • @trippyskippy: How do you know they have actually cancelled your service?
              They usually send out an email within 24h.
              Email subject is: "Important information about your disconnection"

              • @KBshark: Good point! I just put the sim card into my phone to test it out.

                The service is disconnected, but it's very odd that I haven't received any email confirmation regarding it…

        • Logged in to my Telstra account on the app and the bill had been sitting there the whole time, never got an email or letter with the bill.

  • I returned mine today

    Poor battery and touch/scrolling issues.

    • What kind of refund did you get? Cash, gift cards?

      • Credit voucher, I'm going to get a pixel 5, just waiting for Black Friday to see if I can get it on sale

    • How did you make them agree? I tried to convince them , they said it needs to be assessed first , phone is with JB still waiting for response.

      • I had some screen recordings on the dodgy screen issues I was experiencing. They were quite good tbh.

        Asked if I wanted to swap it over for a new one, pick another phone or get the credit

        • My store must suck, went through a lot of people who were very insistant that I could not swap/refund as it was a promo deal. Escalated to two different managers and no luck. They said they would swap it if Samsung found a fault but Samsung said the phone is fine. Kind of gave up after that. phone is much better after latest update.

      • yeah when I went they were very firm that because it's a promo I can't refund/swap for another phone, send the phone to be assessed and Samsung said it's fine, no issues.

        Kinda just gave up and living with the phone (much better after latest update)

    • I want to return as well, but for cash instead :(
      Was money given as an option at all?

      edit: mine is also the screen issues - unusable.

      • These screen issues on the S20FE are very real then…
        I was pretty much sold on that as a replacement to my S10e.

  • +1

    Just went on telstra chat to enquire about the final bill


    Rep: Hello CodeXD, thanks for messaging us and we appreciate your patience.
    I understand that you would like a copy of the final bill for 0412 345 678. From what I can see the the mobile was put on your account on 09/10/20 and it was disconnected on the same day. Since the plan on the mobile is not on a contact, there is no final bill for the mobile. You don't don't have to anything for it

    Me: I was told there would be ETC "early termination charges"?

    Rep:From the looks of it you will not be charged anything. The account did not generate a bill and it account is already closed since Oct

    • Lucky you. I disconnection after 2 days.

    • No ETC
      That's a bloody good score!!

    • I also don't have a bill. One rep couldn't find any details on the account number.

      I tried again today. They can't access the account but say the bill will be sent on 3 December 2020.

      • Did you get your bill? Still nothing on my end lol

        • Nothing on my end either

          • @dsta: Nope. Nothing on my end. Will wait till mid next week before contacting them again.

            • @Divado1: Curious why you would bring attention to what is most likely a billing error on their end? Shouldn't you just ignore it and hope it never comes?

              • @Drpepper666: You can get blacklisted from getting anymore JB Hi-Fi deals if you don't pay out the ETC.

                A friend of mine never received any ETC invoice for his two JB Telstra deals cancellations over a span of 3 months, but when he went to subscribe 3rd time (Note 20 deal) his credit check failed. So apparently blacklisted by Telstra in their system, as his credit profile hadn’t change otherwise. So thats what one needs to consider.

                • @CodeXD: It's a known "issue" that this ETC loophole affects your credit, even if you do pay out the ETC correctly. This is because applying for the contract triggers a credit check. Applying for 3 phone contracts in as many months (lmao!!) is a known red flag for your credit. He would have issues regardless of whether he paid the ETC or not.

                  Cancelling a contract does not effect your credit. However if you are issued a bill and don't pay it, obviously that is bad for your credit so I understand where you're coming from.

                  • @Drpepper666: You're correct. The damage has been done once you apply for credit.

                    Doesn't matter whether you cancel or not, unless you don't pay a bill/ETC

    • I asked them about it on the app and got a very similar response, was told I would not be charged an ETC. Just curious did you cancel on the app or in store?

  • I just got my $592 Bill after 1.5 months

    • Just curious, after how long did you cancel? Was it the same day or after a few days?

      Been 1+ month for me still no bill.