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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB $0 / $299 Upfront on Telstra $99/$69 P/M 12M Contract (New / Port-In Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


No free buds but now 5G model instead.

Sure you can still do telstra ETC of $594 on $99 plan

I think $414 ETC on $69 plan but pay $299 upfront so no point going $69 plan if you going to ETC.

However cancelling plans and pay ETC fee might show up on your credit history.

Another JB offer to stack on top with 20% off buds live or watch (can get Active2 watch down from $499 to $279)

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          Early termination charge (ETC) is $594 on the $99 plan. So get that and then cancel day 1 and you should get a bill for $594 + maybe 1 day access charge.

        • That's the ETC (Early Temination Charge) for cancelling the contract.

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          99*6= $594. If you cancel in the first days or so they pro rate the monthly charge.

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            @PlaneProof: Why is it *6 only for ETC? Shouldn't it be *12 for 12 months?

            • @bestbarginever: They only charge 6 months if you cancel early.

            • @bestbarginever: That's how they calculate it. ETC maximum of 6 months change for porting out/changing plan. So if the plan was lets say 69 per month, then it would be a max 6 months change (69*6=414) for breaking the plan.

          • @PlaneProof: What's meaning of first days??
            And how do they pro rate monthly charge?

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              @USER DC: To clarify the on ETC - yes it's simple to think as 6 months ETC charge for a 12 month contract - it's actually 50% of your monthly bill as ETC charge. The amount keeps on reducing every single day - so if you use for 1 day you are charged 1 day equivalent of monthly fee + 50 % of 11 months, 29 days (or 30 days for 31 day month) monthly fee. Similarly if you use for 2 days then you get charged 2 days of monthly fee (pro-rated) plus 50% of 11 months 28 days .. and so and so forth.
              Best way to check is in Telstra app as it shows you how much $$ you owe if you cancel on any particular day (though at times it may show $0 when you try to change plans from JB plans to M2M plans - don't get fooled by that - they will charge you even if the app shows $ 0 for moving from JB to M2M plans).

              • @bajirao: So for the first month does it matter how much data you use on the first day? Or you still gonna be charged same amount.
                If same amount charged may be go and test the real 5g speeds of first before cancelling plan

                • @USER DC: Telstra don't pro-rate the data (Unless they have changed this policy recently) - so yes you can use up all the 150 GB in 1 day and cancel and still pay only for 1 day and nothing extra :)

              • @bajirao: Is it possible to buy fe 5g at 99 a month use for 1 day,
                Then Change to some cheaper Telstra plan?? And that possible reduces the ETC ?? Since you'll be on lower monthly price??

                • @USER DC: Telstra usually only let you move up in plans when you're on a fixed term.
                  As mentioned, switching from JB's 12 month contract to Telstra's M2M would also likely incur a charge - even if you went to a $99/month Telstra "plan" as it's not locked in for 12 minths.

                  End of the day, I don't think you can get it cheaper than $594

                  • @whitelie: According to the above comment by bajirao

                    Telstra charges for

                    First month (days used/31) (so 1 day is 99/31 = $3.2 )

                    • Half of 11 months @$99/month

                    ( $544.5 )

                    So shouldn't it be only $547.77??? (If you cancel on same day you buy the phone.)

                    Rather than $594

                    Is this correct??

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                      @USER DC: The T&C's are here
                      The maximum ETC is $594, given you're cancelling the phone right at the beginning of the contract, I'd imagine you'll be paying the maximum.

                      Re-read the comment above, they said if you cancel on Day 1, you'll be charged for 11 months and 29 days (or however many are left in the month) at 50% as well as 1 day at full price.

                      With your question about data, it won't matter how much you use as long as you don't go over the monthly quota (and there isn't a charge for excess data. If there isn't one, it wouldn't matter how much you use at all, it will just speed reduce).

                      • @whitelie: Max ETC is mentioned in terms and Conditions clearly but i am wondering if there is any ,minimum ETC too and in what case that apply?

                        • @Sunny10: The actual ETC will decrease every month you're on the contract, so cancelling at the 6 month mark will have a lower ETC than straight away…but you've obviously already paid $99/month for the other 6 months.

                    • @USER DC: You forgot to add the ETC ($47.9) for the remaining 30 days of first month

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    Now a similar deal on the S20 non fe please 🙏

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      That is what I am waiting for.

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      Non FE is Exynos - wife has that and it performs worse than my FE 5g…

      • Is tha s20/s20+ camera better/same than s20 fe?

        • IMO - The wide and ultra wide seem about the same.
          Telephoto is better on normal S20.
          Selfie is better on the FE.
          But both very fast autofocus and shooting.

          (Based on about 10 initial comparison shots)

          • @cheaptech20: I read s20 fe selfie camera over exposes shots and they look real. Can any owner comment upon s20 fe camera quality?

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        Non fe is a decent size like phones still should be and not a house brick.

  • This or Note 10+ for a fan of Note series? Wish similar deal comes for Note10+ (not hoping for a similar deal for Note20+ so am ok with Note10+)

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      Do you need the s-pen? if not then this one.

      • Yes s-pen is preferable. Does the benefits of S20 FE outweigh Note10+? (don't care about snapdragon processor - exynos is just fine for the usage)

        • +1

          Hard to give up the s-pen. I'm a Note user since the Note 8 is out. The S20 FE is poor for productivity. Unless social media and selfie pics is your main thing. Zooming with the telephoto lens and faster screen refresh rate. I would just wait for Note 20 FE and give the FE a miss. I'm using a Note 10+ 5G.

  • What happens to credit history when i cancel thsi plan does it goes down ?

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      for sure i know, wont go up

  • Can anyone confirm Victorians can order these ETC deals over the phone ? Whats the go ? Post / contactless pick up ??? Or NADA haha.

    • Call them tomorrow and ask the question.
      Say you were told about it by a family member living interstate or something and see if they'll offer the same deal as I'm sure it won't be on the website.

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        Over the phone you can't get the deal, I have called couple of days age, only the gift card deals you can. Also don't say anything like ETC deals to them.

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      Zero chance if in Vic. Tried everything. Got a family member to sign up in Adelaide for me then sent phone over. Then cancel.

      • Catalogue says "instore only "

  • So when should we cancel the Telstra plan ETC ? For best value??

    The day after buying phone?
    Or same day?

    • I got the deal this morning and requested to cancel it just 20 Min ago via Live chat. unfortunately their system was down so she couldn't pulled my account for termination fees purpose and told me to she will cancel it tomorrow now. Not sure if i gonna be charged more on Pro rata basis or what?

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        Any update? I struggling to understand how this comes out to be $590 odd dollars for early cancellation and not the full $1188. Too scared to try it myself haha

        • you will be too scared to hear the answer. just skip it then

        • Read the terms and conditions - early termination fee is half the remaining contract term times the monthly fee.

          12/2 × 99 = $594

          Plus prorata for one day =
          99/30 = $3.30

          Total cost = $597.30.

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    I do not have the issues and love the phone but just for anyone looking be aware of this


    • No issues with mine. Everything works well and the battery life is great (compared to my Pixel 4 ;).

      Only things I miss is the swipe right for navigating back and the better face unlock I had on Pixel 4. Wondering if I could have 2 daily drivers in my pocket from now on :P

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        Try 'Good Lock' app in Galaxy Store - You'll get that swipe back function bank and more….
        Enjoy :)

        • Thanks, I will definitely have a look at that :)

        • wow i didnt know…
          but only for samsung devices?

          • @ChiMot: To my knowledge, yes. But not sure if you can sideload to other brand phones.

            I personally use it on my Samsung Note and Tab S7, Lots of customisation available.

    • I have experienced some touchscreen issues with mine. Waiting to see if the next update sorts it out…

    • I have this issue, got phone on Tuesday 13 Oct, kinda annoyed. Hopefully it's just a software issue.

      • I read on mobile sam - since it only affects some handsets - they are guessing it could be a hardware issue not a software issue. IDK though just quoting what I read. Maybe return it within the timeframe that you get a refund/replacement rather than a repair.

  • If I port my number to Telstra for this deal and then do ETC will get to keep my number?

    • I think you would need to port the number back to another provider which would terminate the contract anyway and bill you the ETC

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      If you are planning on doing ETC, just sign up for a new number in store and then cancel it. Therefore, your number you won't won't have to double port back and forth

  • I've got a Kogan yearly plan. Can I sign up as a new customer and then cancel and continue using my Kogan SIM?

    • Yes

  • Good for those who missed previous deal.

    Last one was still slightly better with paying $150 upfront fee for the same $594 ETC but got $300 worth of earbuds (that can be sold at $250 in market)

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      250 yeah most likely 200 see how everyone selling them now

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        Not if you got the black one ;)

        • Can you clarify? Are there more in demand driving up gumtree prices?

      • you can get them new from tobydeals for $190, I suspect $200 sounds reasonable as long as you do't open them and you can keep the phone for $550 which is peanutes for what the phone has to offer, it is far better than Aussie S20 Ultra just because it has a 865.

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    Do JB have dual Sim or are all 128GB single SIM?

  • Is this one dual SIM and if so is it two cards or an eSIM and card? Thanks in advance.

  • Can we perhaps change the 99 month plan to a cheaper one to reduce the ETC cost??

    • No - changing from JB plans to M2M plans will be treated as contract cancellation and you will need to bear the ETC costs

  • No dual sim in this model?

    • When I google it, it says it has dual Sim? Not sure why people are saying this

  • Picked up one yestersay on the deal with the buds. JB guy said that Telstra will hit you up for the $1000 to cover the gift card as well as the ETC.

    Will test that out later today.

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      As it's not mentioned anywhere on the contract there is no way they have grounds to ask for it. The voucher is supplied by JB and contract by Telstra.

    • If U straight up asked him then they might have said that to keep the sale in play till it counts towards commision. They are naughty for saying that to scare u though

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      Yea JB guy is a scumbag and a liar. Tried a similiar one on me. Saying I would have to pay out the whole plan cost or something if I cancelled early and that if people keep cancelling it it "we won't have nice things anymore". Funny thing was he was the one that brought up cancelling it - if I didn't know about the cancellation trick I would have learnt it through him ha.

  • Hmm I'm with optus on a $69 plan for phone and sim which just ended. This looks like a good deal to sign up to and complete the 12 month contract. So should I go ahead with this plan?

    • So should I go ahead with this plan?

      only you can answer….

    • +3

      I'll answer.


    • If you are (1) Planning to retain the plan for 12 months; AND (2) Don't need 150 GB data - then pay upfront $299 (try to get discounted JB gift cards) and get on the $69 plan. The annual cost will be lower than the $99 plan.

  • JB Hifi Hornsby doesn't appear to have any S20 FE 5G in stock

  • Are people sure you get charged only half the contract? It literally says min cost 1188 in that picture so I feel that telstra would have grounds to not charge half the fee.

    • +2

      Min fee is assuming you keep Telstra subscription (complete the contract). Once the 12 months are done, you can cancel or move on to other provider without any fees hence the minimum cost is of 1 year $99 plan ($1188).
      If someone is planning to continue for 1 year and don't need that much monthly data, then the $69 plan works out better over 1 year (less min cost but you need to pay a little upfront for the phone which you might be able to subsidise if you can find discounted JB gift cards).
      All contracts have a cancellation provision - for Telstra you need to pay 50% charges of remaining duration as penalty (ETC) to get out of contract.

  • Hopefully they'll have some deals on 256gb version. It's sad it doesn't have headphone jack and dual sim

    • What do you mean? If you google it, it says the are 2 Sim card slots as well as e-sim?

      • No dual sim, confirmed from telstra.

  • I've been tempted by these FE deals but using note 10+ I miss 3.5mm headphones jack. I'm waiting for Sony xperia 5 II price to come down a bit.

    • I used to buy samsung flagship every year but skipped 20 series. Currently using S10 5G, great phone. I used galaxy buds and apple airpods but still not ready to give up on headphone jack also, I want to try snapdragon and higher refresh rate.
      I believe google pixel 4a (5g) has headphone jack but that's not a flagship phone? Sony is terrible with their naming scheme, is that flagship of 2020 from sony which you are looking to buy?

      • Flagship is xperia 1 ii, xperia 5 ii is the little brother but newer. There's another xperia 10 ii which is cheap n based on reviews, sux! Xperia 5 ii is still new so still pricey, around $1300.

        • Difference b/w xperia1 and 5? Is xperia 5 worth buying? Both have headphone jack?

          • @Modesty: I haven't look closely to xperia 1. 5 is smaller. Mind you that it may not be compatible with all OZ 5g bands.

  • Can anyone confirm if the S20 FE 5G, for the Hotspot function, you can customise it to use 5Ghz frequency? Or is it locked to 2.4Hgz (like every other Samsung phone in Australia for the last several years….) I'm hoping because it's got SD rather than Exynos, that 5Ghz Hotspot is possible.

    • Hey man, i can confirm S20 FE 5G, S7+ or any Samsung with SnapDragon will likely have 5GHz option for XSA* firmware. Otherwise bad Exynos has to be on an European AP firmware for 5GHz option.

  • Excluding the 5G, would this be a noticeable upgrade from a Samsung Galaxy S8+ 64GB? I'm presuming based on the model number alone, it must be 2.5x better! :)

    • Snapdragon alone is 10x better, mark my word.

    • The main question is whether your S8+ is fulfilling everything you need or do you definitely need an upgrade? These deals with newer phones will keep on popping so upgrade when you are ready.
      In this specific case you can compare the features (example 120 Hz refresh, SD processor, better cameras etc) and decide.

    • I had the s8.. there is a marked difference in user experience and camera..at this price its a no brainer

  • I currently have a number with Telstra. Can I sign up for a new number to get the deal then cancel my old plan and transfer that number over to the new contract?

    • That's referred as number spinning so I'm pretty sure they won't let you. Safest way is to port out then port back in.

    • Might be easier to cancel your current plan, port over to Optus/Voda. Then port back into Telstra

      • Thought there was a 30 day period where you can't port back into Telstra to claim this deal though

        • There is. I just finished running through options at JB and the offer ends before you'll get the chance to switch back to Telstra

    • Best option would be to cancel the new number then change your current number to the $85 120gb Telstra plan (assuming you need to change plans?). They don't do one exactly the same as JB's $99 for 150gb plan…but you can change month to month