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$50/Mth Credit for 12 Months on $115 XL 180GB 5G Plan (Was $115/Mth, Now $65/Mth for 12 Months) @ Telstra


Available when buying a phone or as a SIM only plan on it's own. As with all other Telstra plans, it's month to month so you can leave (paying out any device repayments if you bought a phone from Telstra) or change plans once a month at any time without penalty

Extra Large
Was $115 per month.
Now $65 per month.
$50/mth credit for 12 months.

Save up to $600
Get $50/mth bill credit for 12 months. Offer ends 16/11/20.
Credit applies each month you stay connected for 12 months.

Offer extended to 23/11/20

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  • Does this have 5G?

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    Would it be possible to upgrade a prepaid plan?

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      Yes, you can upgrade from prepaid to postpaid

      • You're right! thank you.

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    I was able to upgrade from existing JbHiFi $65/m for 60gb plan to this

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      Is it possible to get this JB deal with the $300 voucher or this one with the 5G S20FE and then switch immediately to this one?
      Asking for a friend…

      • Ask telstra chat.
        There are better value plans than that one from jb

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        I see where you're going with this.. my friend would like to know too.

        • so would….my friend

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      Was there any etc applied on your JB plan or were you out of contract?

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        Spoken to them last night and discussed same. I need to pay 399$ for early termination. I signed up recently for that 500$ voucher. Still a win on my part.

        • Once you got connected to Telstra via JBHIFI, after how many days did you get the $500 voucher?

          • @Bargain85hunter: Took about 5-10minutes for the whole process including the 500$ voucher. Used it straightaway to buy ipad for my toddler

      • Would like to know this as well

      • I just did this & had about 5 months to go on my plan - didn't see any ETC costs whatsoever so looks safe to do.

    • I was also able to convert from a $65 jbhifi 12 month 80gb contract to this, what a deal. Edit: hope I dont get slugged ETC

      • Were you still in contract? No ETC?

      • If you're "upgrading" plans on Telstra, it should not incur the ETC.

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        They said because I was moving to a more expensive plan they would waive the etc. A free out of my contract and 2x the data, thanks Telstra

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          Did you do this via chat?

        • the chat is telling me there's ETC right now.

    • +3

      Sweet just upgraded by plan from the $199 S20 plus deal $99pm to the XL.

      Awesome saving and no ETC as it is upgraded -

      • Did you do this via Telstra or JB?

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          Just on the app - selected my account - clicked manage upgrade - selected the XL plan.
          If they try and argue about the ETC, I'll state that it showed no ETC when changing and it is an upgrade.
          If they want to charge it, I'll just ask them to change it back,
          See how we go

          • @tnarg: Cool if you could post an update on how this goes for you that’d be great

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              @turkz1: Just checked again and it specifically says $0 to switch

              • @tnarg: Thanks for sharing. Just did the same. Believe it’s a manual process before the actual plan change takes effect so hopefully no issues.

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                @tnarg: I asked Telstra on chat and they said there was an ETC. I then stepped through the upgrade process on the app, and there wasn't any mention of an ETC. So, no idea…

                • @mandelbrot: Also @tnarg - The app shows $0 ETC but you will be charged - I had even tried in store in past but there was no way to move from JB plan to M2M plan without paying ETC. So keep an eye on your next couple of monthly bills.

          • @tnarg: Did you have to do another credit check for this? I have reached this but don't want to go through another credit check..

          • @tnarg: Yeah I did similar, they actually emailed me offering me to upgrade with a $100 bonus, no mention of an ETC, month later ETC, couple of hours on live chat with a really rude employee and got it waived after they raised the TIO number for me, they refused the $100 bonus, at this point I was over it, but hey got out of my contract early.

    • On the same boat, still in contract via JB and paying $65, would they see it as an upgrade (no ETC) if this also cost $65?

  • It is so good!

  • Noiiice OP, done

  • I'm on the$65 80gb month plan could I change to this plan

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      I just did upgrade, it’s an upgrade

      • +1

        Thanks I looked at that but never hit confirm because I never seen anything about 5he $50 discount

      • Did the discount actually appear for you? I can only see the full $115. Cheers

        • Yes same as me I never seen the discount applied
          Just full price

          • +2

            @shane2770: It states it within the “hot offer” under the plan details and then is a “bonus credit” in checkout/order summary before confirming order

            • @JMxoxo: Thanks mate all done

              • @shane2770: Looks like another credit check though?

                • @Jaff: Yes mate had to do all that in the setup

            • @JMxoxo: I'm the same boat as Shane - logged into MyTelstra24/7 - manage plan and allowances - clicked through to change plan to the $115 but nowhere did it mention the offer. I hit next/confirm and now it's done (ie. it says "We are applying your change it may take 4 hours" or something to that effect). I thosuld be okay right?

              • @dan294785: whats the confirmation say? I would ask chat once it is done if it has the $50 credit

              • @dan294785: It shows the discount in the confirmation as JM said I've had emails to say it's all done I'm now on the New allowance plan

      • You possibly did it online? The etc will show on the next bill.

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      Yes. Including on prepaid and Boost…

    • +3

      Yes - it's been free for a few years on postpaid plans, and Telstra has just extended it to prepaid (including Boost) in the last few weeks.

      • how do you activate it ?

        • If it's not 'just working' you might need to jump on live chat/Telstra messaging and ensure that "MessageBank Plus" is active on your account. It's supposed to be automatic but this isn't always the case…

          • @BeauGiles: I've messaged telstra and they are wanting to charge me $5 even though i am using an iPhone.

  • Can you hotspot your phone and use this for home internet?

    • +2

      Yeah, after the 180gb you will be capped to 1.5 megabit

  • Geez it's good value but excessive for me. I wish they'd just drop the 80gb plan to $40 or thereabouts…currently getting 40gb $39 but want 5g

    • +11

      If it's an option for you to head into a Telstra owned store (ie, not a franchise, and not available via live chat), you can ask to be moved to the Telstra mobile starter plan? 80GB for $45, including 5G access https://www.telstra.com.au/help/critical-information-summari...

      (It's the first trial plan in Salesforce, Telstra's new billing system so it's not quite at feature parity with the standard Telstra plans yet, eg no One Number if you have an Apple Watch, and no eSIM support. Hence the ~$20 discount on the equivalent Medium plan)

      • Damn, that plan looks good. I'm paying $49/month for 60GB with no 5G atm…

      • That'd be perfect if I could use it with my Apple Watch.

      • Couldn't you add the $5 apple watch option to this plan to share the number?

        EDIT: oh sorry, just read comment properly about OneNumber being excluded… damn :(

      • A new billing system, again? Feels like just last year they moved to Siebel.

      • Thank you. I'll sign up tomorrow in store. Is it possible add student discount?

    • Try your luck on chat and be super nice.

      Got the 80gb plan on 5g and paying 40 bucks… They added reoccuring credit for me for 12 months

      • What did you say to get this deal?

        • Told them my circumstances and was super nice. Tried a few times to different reps

          Give it a go! 😊

      • I just signed up on the JB deal for $69 pm less $10, would i be eligible for this offer?

  • Odd question; How do you know that you have been approved? they did a credit check and i received my order number via email.

    • +1

      Give it a day or so and you’ll start getting texts from Telstra about it along with your usage resetting

      • Perfect. Thank you.

        • I’ll let you know when mine goes through, I did it around 11:30am

          • @JMxoxo: I would appreciate that. my service is still on prepaid. Hopefully the plan does go through.

            • @DisabledUser312221: Hey mate, mine just ticked over so now I have that plan.

              • @JMxoxo: Thanks for letting me know. Apparently, i have to wait for the case manager to contact me about what's going on. I don't think they approved me.

                • @DisabledUser312221: They should, tried live chat?

                  • @JMxoxo: Yes,I was on there for two hours. I should hear something back in 24-48 hours.

  • Silly question but if you're in a 5G area could you use this as day to day for internet? Could you get a secondary sim and use a router that has that capability?

    • How do you link 2 sims with the one service? And Telstra does not do data sharing plans

    • Curious about this as well.

      So, the first sim would just stick in your phone and be used as normal and the second sim would go into the router and you'd use it as a wifi/hotspot modem.

      However to do this, you need data sharing? Does this mean it's possible to do on a business plan? Would this be cheaper than signing up to say an NBN plan along with a mobile phone plan?

      • This plan is also available for Small Business.

  • +1

    I signed up for JB $500 deal for $59 80GB a month. Can I "upgrade" to this?

    • What deal was this!?!?!

      • The one on ozbargain few weeks ago

    • also interested to know this

  • +3

    Does anyone actually use this much data? I'm barely breaking a GB or 2 per month these days when home wifi is unlimited 100/20.

    $30 prepaid ftw

    • I use my phone for home internet so I could definitely use this, for downloading games etc

    • Maybe check out the boost deals - I paid $160 for 100gb data and unlimited calls/texts (12 month expiry), will work out cheaper for you by $200 a year!

  • I'm getting this message when I try to "upgrade".

    You can only upgrade to a new phone after your outstanding balance has been paid. If you have already paid this balance, please try again later.

    Edit: Nevermind forgot my bill was overdue and my payment hasn't gone through the system yet.

  • I am currently in a $65 lock in contract with 6 months left. The new plan says no lock in contract. If i upgrade do i have to pay the ETC ?

    • It'll treat it as an "upgrade", since it's a higher tier plan, so I think you won't incur a penalty.

    • +1

      You’ll be going from a $65 plan to $115 with $50 bonus credit off, so it’ll be an upgrade

  • +4

    sigh, extra $10 if you want international calls , for a $115 plan , really?

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