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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB $0 / $299 Upfront on Telstra $99/$69 P/M 12M Contract (New / Port-In Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


No free buds but now 5G model instead.

Sure you can still do telstra ETC of $594 on $99 plan

I think $414 ETC on $69 plan but pay $299 upfront so no point going $69 plan if you going to ETC.

However cancelling plans and pay ETC fee might show up on your credit history.

Another JB offer to stack on top with 20% off buds live or watch (can get Active2 watch down from $499 to $279)

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  • I think the point if these deals is to port a dummy number, and cancel, thus phone cost is etc.

  • Got the phone but the store isn't letting me exchange for another. I'll try at another store but does anyone have any advice?

    • Are you trying to change colour or to a different phone? If different phone, then very unlikley if the sale store said no, others stores tell you go back to that store

    • They didn't have the blue I wanted so I asked them to get a blue one transferred from another store. It'll be here on Monday. So atm I've got my old phone with the new sim (and contract) installed.

    • I phone 5 stores and asked they all said no.
      If you go to a smaller store maybe don't know they might exchange as the phone will simply look like it was bought on a voucher.
      Just say you got this for your partner and it's not right they want the xxx phone, can I swap.
      Good luck

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    Please do not choose this if you want to use eSIM in Australia.

  • Please note eSIM not supported on any variant of S20 FE in Australia.

    • Any headphone or dongle in box?

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        no headphones/dongle in the box

    • It's annoying. If you read the quick start guide there is a dual Sim varient. Wonder if you can but the dual Sim tray and it works or do you think the phone itself has the dual Sim function switched off.

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    Are we able to get both this deal and the current offer of $400GC for $69(-$10) per month signup bonus?
    Would love to be able to put the gift card towards the outright cost of the phone.

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    In case anyone is interested, the way this was invoiced was to get a $999 gift card for signing up that they use to apply to the phone, so you get an invoice for $999 for the phone.

    • Thanks for sharing - this is just what I need for salary packaging where I need to show the cost of upfront. I'm guessing the net invoice comes out to zero though hey. Wonder if it's possible to get them to split it into two invoices. Think that's wishful thinking.

      Shame the stores are closed in Melbourne - would be able to resolve on the spot.

  • Got 1 today. Can someone recommend any good cover and usb c to 3.5 dongle as I want to use my headphones . Thanks

    • I bought the original Samsung clear case which has a stand, but I got it as the stand is a kick out metal thing looks kinda cool.
      No screen yet.

      • How do you like the cover mate? I like the idea. Does the stand feel like it'll last well? Since the phone is so new there aren't many case options. The other that I'm considering is the Spiegen Ultra Hybrid.

    • I bought a dongle from JB for $20

    • Don't get the clear case with the stand, the stand snaps off under the phone's weight and it's thick. I've got the Samsung Silicone Case from Harvey Norman for $39. It collects dust in my pocket but looks and feels really nice. The blue matches the phone colour, and the white version matches the other colours well.

      • Agree, such a waste of $39 for the case. I found it big and chunky. I'm more of a clear case guy and have always been going for the Spigen or ROCK bumper cases. For some reason there was a lack of stock this time round during S20 FE release date so had to get the official big and chunky case

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    Cannot create telstra id account. Gets this error

    • Don't bother making a Telstra ID account, skip that and go straight to the live chat on the app.

    • I had the same issue. What finally worked for me was when I went to create an ID at: https://id.telstra.com.au/register (single form) instead of the standard form that uses 4 tabs

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    I got FE 5g yesterday, tried to get the buds too but no lock. They gave $10 credit per month for 12 months. Went to live chat and changed to $115 plan withoout any ETC and the planis $65 atm , and telstra gave $10 credit on that one so $55 a month. I am assuming as I am on month to month plan now so can I cancel that service altogether?

    • How did they change it to month to month plan?

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        I think people are blowing some wind here. There are protocols that they need to follow at Telstra, anyone claiming ETC discounts or moves to plans outside of ETC are just yanking your chain.

        • Just finished the cancellation process. The person I was chatting to told me he cannot switch my account to another plan (still have to pay ETC) but in the end he gave me $100 discount on ETC for cancellation of the service (remains to be seen).

  • I'm getting jittery issues on my S20 FE while on ozb lol

    When I tap the arrow to go to next new comment, it stutters as it moves up and down. Anyone else get the same issue? Like it's regressed to 60hz

    • If you're talking about the ghost touch issue, I am as well, it's widely reported in articles, Samsung Community and Reddit. Also, the very left side of my touchscreen doesn't work. Waiting on a software fix and sent in a support request after registering my device with Samsung.

      • On a white S20 FE 5g, so far it seems problem free after a couple of days of fairly heavy use by the missus. I tried doing the quick flick and pinches in various apps like firefox, image gallery and maps and it didn't have the random touches/swipes like I saw in a the demonstration video someone put up. Fingers crossed it stays good.

        • On the red S20 FE 5g, my only issue so far is the not so sensitive fingerprint scanner - but maybe that's just due to it positioned much lower compared to the S20 Plus. Will see once I get a few weeks on the phone.

          • @Zackyis: Well, I installed the touch screen test app and it's doing the same thing as everyone else's who recorded it, but it only seems to happen while swiping fast with 2 fingers. So far it's fine in general use and doesn't seem as bad as other reports. Hoping Samsung can fix this with software.

            • @flagger: It's ok for me. I did the same test and it's pretty bad and disappointing that they overlooked the touchscreen.

    • Return it as dead on arrival whilst you still can maybe?

  • Quick question… can I sign up for a new number to get this phone, cancel and then simply put in my existing sim to continue my current plan??

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      Yes you can

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      Yes, I have my FE right now on Boost. Plan cancelled.

    • yes, just did that.

  • so melbourne metro jbhifi are still closed down?

  • Did anybody got bill for cancelling JB plan for s20 fe or moved to $115 plan?

    • I just got a bill for $3.15 for a day, yet. I think the ETC will come in the next month.

      I am not sure.

      • I got bill today for $6 credit. I changed my plan from Jb to $115, the chat person said no ETC took screenshots in case.

    • I got a bill for a few dollars after cancelling but no ETC bill yet…

  • Hi
    I just got my device today and when i called Telstra to cancel my contract they said i have to pay 594$ and return the device to jb hifi.

    • return the device to jb hifi?? hmm, does not sound right.

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      Tell them for paying $594 and getting nothing in return they should come collect it from you

    • do it via chat. seems to be call centers overseas so not aware of deals locally.

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      Thanks guys
      Got it soughted over chat

      Thanks for the time

  • I am in melb, how do I pull this one? Also, will ETC effect my credit history? Any cons?

  • If I cancel plan on 1st day,

    Do I only pay OTC and 1 day pro rata?

    How about minimum pay $1188?

    Can I ignore it?

    • small print, thats if you keep the contract.
      if you cancel it then the etc fee is 594 on the 99 a month contract.

  • Does anyone know the return policy for JBHIFI due to having a faulty unit?

    And how would it work with a cancelled contact?

    I'll call them later today

    • There shouldn't be any issues. You have the receipt for the phone, right?

    • Please update us. Did you get it with the free buds?

      I also would wanna return it if Samsung doesn't fix the touchscreen issue but I've already sold off the buds.

      • then you need to buy back the buds

        • And if on the $99 telstra deal? How will it all work with the cancelled plan? What would they refund you?

    • Did you proceed with your refund. I am also planning to proceed with refund as it is affecting my gaming experience and some webpages scrolls crazy and also touch issues while in pockets. So many faults for a >$1000 phone.

      Would visit JB HiFi this weekend but would like to hear from someone who has successfully refunded because of these screen issues.

      • I've used my s20 fe 5g for over a week. No screen issues but not overall impressed with the phone. Apart from good battery , fast processor and higher refresh rate, my old s10 5g has good camera , headphone jack, better screen, ultrasonic fingerprint instead of optical etc. Is it possible to return to jb?

        • I am pretty sure you can.
          You just have to convince them as a faulty unit and there are many news online to prove the screen issues. You can also use the screen test app to support your claim.

          I am not really a fan of this phone. Screen issues and my camera is also struggling with auto focus.

          • @4kbargain: Let me know how you go.

            • @Modesty: This is how bad it is.
              Huge affect while gaming. Should be fine for normal use but unacceptable for this price point.

              • @4kbargain: Have you tried software update? There was an Oct update that came out recently which minimised the issue on my phone.

                • @CodeXD: Yeah mate this is after software update. ATJ3

            • @Modesty: I did return for a refund but the girl was like we sell 100 of these and noone got problem how only yours. She was cranky and took the buds aswell as some mentioned they got to keep the buds.
              But at the end got the refund.

              • @4kbargain: I went to return today, they checked and it was working fine infront of them . They said they cannot refund or replace until they found the fault, they said to send it to samsung for assessment so I agreed. I just don't like that phone. Using my old s10 5g , much better.
                I don't know how to make them agree to refund

                • @Modesty: You could have opened the screen test app and performed the test infront of them I even carried mate 20 pro to compare but she didn't even care. She was more interested to take buds back.

  • I haven't open my s20 fe 5g yet , many people having issues with device?

  • i heard there will be google pixel 5 deal on jbhifi and telstra just like this one, coming soon - is this true?

  • Well there is a strange outcome starting tomorrow with another JB catalouge.

    The current catalogue with this deal is still applicable till next week, however tomorrow another catalogue also commences and applies during the same period BUT with an upfront payment of $249

    So unless they cancel this deal and replace now with an upfront $249 payment (not likely as its in the printed catalouge) or they keep both going. But who would pay $249 instead of $0?

    See new $249 offer here:

    • Clearly… they're complete idiots lol

    • VIC is going to miss out on this deal god damn it

      • +1

        When will VIC JB Hi-Fi open up?

        • most likely VIC JB HIFI will reopen on the 1st Nov.

          • @tgame: that is just rumour.. could be 1st of january

    • Do we know when the original deal (the $0 upfront) expires ?

      • Ends 28/10 (tomorrow).

        • Thank you.

          I called up JBhifi and they mention the new catalogue deals as you had mention which is $249 upfront on a $99/m for the 5G version.

          This online catalogue - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/pages/mobile-madness is showing $299 upfront on a $69/m for the 5G version.

          I am trying to find where I am able to obtain the $0 upfront on the $99/m for the 5G version if any in case i had trouble with the store obtaining it tomorrow (the screenshot provided did not mentioned end date).
          Any advise will be much appreciated.


  • Are there Many people having screen issues?

  • Called up JB Hi-Fi re these phone deals. They said that the mobiles department has been inundated with calls since these deals came out and they took my details now for a callback and said they will honour the deals available today as they'll likely call back between 1 to 5 days. So best to call up and get on the list I guess!

    So I've been told in order to salary package, I need to show the full price of the phone on the receipt. Is there some hack way to do that whilst putting it on the $99 plan (with $0 cash upfront)?

    • You will get a tax invoice for $999 as mentioned above
      Then monthly mobile plan bill from Telstra

      • Thanks mate - I knew I had heard it somewhere.

  • Not sure if it's mentioned but I signed up to this ($299 upfront on the $69 plan for 12 months) last week, and it was actually $59 a month after they applied a $10/month credit.

    Was in the market for a new plan/phone so this was a great deal to jump at. Plus the time it took instore with JB staff was super quick. They were too busy to bother with small talk or trying to sell me anything else. In and out in 30 minutes.

    • How did you get the $10 credit?

  • just got 2 connections.. do i need to activate the sim cards before i msg them for cancellation?? telstra account creation required??

    • No need. I cancelled even without putting the SIM in the phone

      • Thanks mate.. I haven't created an account and unable to find/approch chat team for cancellation.. can u guide please 🤓

        • +1

          Use the Telstra app on the phone, register with your phone number (get it from the paperwork)

  • Can anyone confirm that the $69 deal can be obtained for $59 currently?

    • can you try and let us know?

    • Yes

      • Thanks sorry I missed this - have you done this recently?

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