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[Prime] Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory, 2x16GB (32GB Kit) DDR4 3200 $140.07 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU


Seems like a good deal
Prime day sale, found it buried
Ships from US so expect a wait
Be kind my first post

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • Nice find!

  • No chance to place an order.

  • Seen it there hours ago.. didn't buy any as I don't need ram :) now I'm sad cause it's sold out.

  • Pretty sure this is just someone cancelling an order and it popping back up. I'd be keen to have this instead of the 4 x 8 3600 i picked up though…

  • What's the difference between say a CL16 v a CL19? My current laptop has a 16gb single DDR4 CL 19 SODIMM - I would assume getting the same stick is best? Any help is appreciated :)

    • This is not laptop ram.

    • Doesn't work like that mate. What do you need more RAM for anyway? Most gaming setups only have 16GB, are you using your laptop for productivity?

    • As other user mentioned, this is the wrong form factor for a laptop. It physically won't fit.

      But more generally for RAM, as per Wikipedia, CAS Latency is "the delay time between the READ command and the moment data is available" in clock cycles. You're waiting 19 clock cycles for that data to be available. A cl16 stick can get that data in only 16clock cycles. A clock cycle is 1 second / speed of the ram in Hz.

      If you get another stick, your system will need to run them at the same speed - the slower one. Like if an athlete was travelling on foot with a geriatric, if the geriatric is forced to travel as fast as the athlete they're just going to fall over in a hot mess. So, slow and steady as she goes… or you start with two athletes instead.

      Since you've gotten only a single stick, you will be opening up dual channel mode by buying another 16gb stick. Think of a single lane road vs dual lane road, with the same speed limits. More total throughput but not more outright speed. You don't get dual channel mode if the 2nd stick is a different size though, so you can't cheap out and buy a 2gb stick and expect to get dual channel mode.

      But basically… why do you want to buy RAM? Cos its cheap or cos you need it?

      • Thanks for your replies. I am an absolute noob. No idea what the difference between laptop/desktop Ram is.
        Thanks for explaining the CL clock cycle. So less clock cycles is better.
        What is the difference between 2400 v 2666?
        I have no idea why I want to buy RAM, only because I've been told having 2 sticks is better than 1, because more RAM is always better, and because it's a bargain = I'm looking to buy :D

        My laptop atm has possibility to insert 2 sticks, I have one in atm which is DDR4-2666 16Gb SODIMM CL19.

        • If you already have one, and don't want to completely replace it, then you only have one choice: DDR4-2666 16Gb SODIMM CL19.

          If you want anything other than that, then you'll need to buy two sticks, and replace the existing one you have.

          Theoretically you can pair two different non-matching sticks together, but it's not advisable, especially across vendors.

  • Soon free the way the prices keep dropping.

  • How this compare to G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB (2x16GB) 3200MHz CL16 DDR4

    • It does if you use more then 16GB

      • …like what for example?

        • ESXI or other virtualisation for a start….

        • Running VMs, content creation, Chrome etc. 16GB is probably fine for an average gaming machine, but for a higher end gaming machine you might as well just chuck 32GB in anyway. It is cheap enough and then you never have to worry about having too many tabs open.

        • I've run 16gb of ram for years, no game has needed more.

          But for my job, running multiple browser windows, virtual machines, etc on my workstation quickly maxes it out.

          Video rendering/encoding, photo editing etc can also chew through ram, esp when dealing with high resolution content.

          • @Planky: what about game console emulation?

            • @9hundred: I'm not overly familiar with emulation, but I assume you would need the same amount of ram free after OS memory usage (plus some for the emulator itself) as the console you are emulating.

              A PS3 came with 256mb of RAM for the system and 256Mb for video. A computer with 8gb ram running Windows 10 (which would use around 2gb of ram at minimum) and a gfx card isn't going to have an issue with that - 512MB is nothing.

              16gb would be overkill if all you are doing is emulating older consoles, 8gb or even 4gb would get you by (though I wouldnt recommend 4).

        • It can reduce stutters and frame drops when flying over dense cities in Flight Simulator on Ultra settings.

        • I'm constantly running out of memory due to open browser tabs. I have 24GB of RAM.
          It makes no difference which browser I use. They all eat up RAM in the same manner.

          And yes it is normal for me to have over 100 tabs open at a time.

          • @michal: Is it normal to have less than 100 tabs?

            Firefox with tree style tabs is going okay for me lately. 118 tabs at 3.5gb ram, some aren't loaded from previous sessions.

            • @Caped Baldy: Meanwhile I freak my shit out if the tabs get so short I can't work out which one I want next at a glance.

              I bookmark tabs I need long term, and close out tabs I don't need anymore.

              If I need to find it again, pull up history and search for a keyword to find it again.

              Am I doing it wrong?

    • I'm easily going over 16GB with content creation like Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere.

  • …ahh ok, so for running another virtual operating system, but not needed for game emulation i think

  • +1 vote

    was back in stock this morning. i ordered but was cancelled by amazon soon after